24 Reasons Better Off Dead & Ralph Breaks The Internet Are The Same Movie

24 Reasons Better Off Dead & Ralph Breaks The Internet Are The Same Movie

1. This story’s about how people tend to take
the most important people in their lives for granted. 2. Those same people ever realize their mistake
until it’s way too late. 3. It’s said that a wise man keeps his enemies
close and his friends, away from his enemies. 4. The main character is obsessed with this girl
in the movie. They do everything together. 5. This h#e ain’t even loyal because she abandons
her buddy to make friends with the cool kids. 6. Their friendship is thrown out like the first
and last piece of the bread nobody ever wants to make a sandwich with. 7. The young lady gets into a convertible with
someone way more mature. The two lovebirds are so deep into their conversation
that they never even notice the peeping Tom spying on them the whole time. 8. If it were me, I’d move on. For one the girl is too young and the relationship
seems creepy and for two, there are plenty of other fish in the sea. 9. The beef between friends couldn’t have come
at a worse time because he literally can’t afford losing his best friend. The main character owes a massive debt and
if he doesn’t pay it soon, I won’t be surprised if he starts walking around with
missing fingers (audio). 10. Instead of getting a regular 9 to 5 to pay
back his debt, the main character gets his money the best way he knows how, behind the
wheel. 11. He sucks. A lot of accidents occur in the movie
12. So most of the movie’s budget went towards
marketing and auto insurance premiums. 13. The women in the movie are way better racers
than the men in the film. 14. So much so, the foreign lady is arguably the
best racer in the film 15. and she spends most of her free time teaching
her tricks to the main characters. 16. Instead of driving around in broken down vehicles,
the main guy has to order expensive foreign parts to fix up piece of junk vehicle that
collects dust in the garage. 17. The guy thinks he deserves a pat on the back
for all the hardwork he’s doing to fix his situation. However, when random people who can’t mind
their own business starts throwing 2 pennies at the guy to give their 2 cents, his world
is turned upside. 18. It gets so bad that I’m pretty sure he tried
to take his own life at different points in the film (audio). Whoever said sticks and stones blah blah blah,
but words could never hurt you is an idiot and probably never got hit upside the head
with an adjective. 19. Since life is so horrible, the characters
in the movie escape to their dreams which is supposed to be a more peaceful place. 20. Their dreams are probably more scarier than
the ones on Nightmare on Elm Street, so sleeping isn’t an option. 21. The movie takes a dark turn when a group of
deadly clones chase down the good guys. 22. While running away from the clones, the main
character, who isn’t even paying attention, tumbles down an icy slope. 23. Everyone lives happily ever afterwards
24. Except the character that probably lost his
or her voice from screaming too loud during the mid-credit scene. Those are 24 reasons these movies are the
same. You agree? Yes, no, maybe so? If not, politely share your thoughts int he
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  • Couch T. says:

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  • Couch T. says:

    Which movie did it better?

  • Couch T. says:

    Who's the best Disney princess? List them below!

  • Fiction Fanboy says:

    I love Ralph Breaks the Internet and it isn't like the Emoji Movie. Anyone who does think it's like the Emoji Movie can fight me!

  • Nicolas Galactico says:

    Do ghidorah the three headed monster & Godzilla king of the monsters are the same / Godzilla final wars & endgame

  • SmashLiXs says:

    so this is what better off ted is a joke on

  • Benjamin Abramowitz says:

    24 Reasons Game of Thrones Season 8 & IT Chapter Two
    Are The Same

    1. WB-owned properties (HBO, New Line)

    2. Epic conclusion to a book saga whose previous installment was in 2017

    3. Guy who contains all knowledge of the area ends up in charge

    4. Reluctant hero getting over the death of a family member (Jon Snow, Billy)

    5. Supernatural figure raises an army of the undead

    6. Villain who used to torment the main characters goes out after one stab at the midway point

    7. Dark magic ritual used in climactic stand-off

    8. Main female character returns to beat-up home after leaving over 20 years ago

    9. One side character who acts like he's in a completely different movie (Euron, Richie)

    10. Townspeople getting caught up in main evil's fervor (Peasants burnt in KL, Derry residents)

    11. Characters getting buried in rubble

    12. One character cries over the people buried on rubble

    13. Final death is a weak "Gotcha!" moment (Jon stabbing Dany, Losers bullying Pennywise and crushing It's soul)

    14. Ends with a character writing a book about the unfolding events (Brienne, Bill)

    15. All the characters go their own separate ways at the end
    16. Blatant references to the work it's adapting (ASOIAF title grab, King cameo & Shining callback)

    17-24: ???

  • SencneS says:

    WOW that's remarkable how much things they have in common!

  • Alex Chipagua says:

    Please do Jumanji welcome to the jungle and Ralph breaks the internet

  • Lonestarr357 says:

    This was genius. Love Better Off Dead and Ralph Breaks the Internet was very good.

  • Ty Nao says:

    Better Off Dead is a classic, good to see they remade it for the younger generation

  • carlitos puruncajas says:

    Do The Irishman and The Godfather Trilogy are the same.

  • Kelzarquence says:

    I never even knew Better Off Dead had a mid-credits scene

  • GristlyKnave says:

    Funny that how I feel about Ralph Breaks the Internet Better of dead

  • The Jazz King says:

    End Of Days and Constantine.

  • The Jazz King says:

    Judge Dredd and The Demolition Man.

  • Durrty Jerzee says:

    I want my 2 dollars

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