5 Tips For Cruise Ship Internet And WiFi

5 Tips For Cruise Ship Internet And WiFi

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your sailing and start your review hey cruisers when we first started cruising
one of the things we looked forward to the most was unplugging no email no
texts no phone calls I was so nice nowadays that's not really feasible our
jobs our hobbies and even our son's education all demand seemingly constant
connectivity with that in mind we say unplug if you can but if you can't well
then you're in the right place because we've got five tips for better internet
on your cruise if you only need to check in once in a while you know check with
work make sure your family is okay things like that then perhaps the best
option is to wait until you're in port there are often many places to get free
Wi-Fi in port and in some cases it's much better than what the ship is
offering here's what we recommend talk to the crew the night before you dock in
each port they often have the inside scoop on where the best free Wi-Fi can
be found oh and another tip look into a VPN app
before your cruise public Wi-Fi should never be considered safe we use Nord VPN
but there are many to choose from next tip look for internet package discounts
well before your cruise cruise lines offer internet packages in the same way
they offer drink packages but like drink packages you really need to look at the
big picture and make sure the deal makes sense for your specific needs and while
we're talking about Cruise Line offers the first place to start your research
is at your Cruise Lines website some lines will offer discounts for Internet
packages bought in advance when we recorded this video celebrity's website
was offering unlimited Wi-Fi as one of their package
Royal Caribbean was offering 30% off their voom Internet and Norwegian was
offering a 15% discount for booking online before your cruise of course
these deals will always be changing but it's never a bad idea to check out the
website before you sail cruise line Internet has come a long way since we
started cruising but while you're actually at sea it can still be
painfully slow cruise ships don't have the benefit of cell towers once they're
out in the open sea and instead they rely on satellites which all just means
it's slow if you don't really need or want to connect at sea don't just wait
until your import or at least close to land now if you must connect be aware of
apps on your device that may try to connect in the background and greedily
gulp bandwidth shut down any processes you don't need if you're looking for the
fastest and least frustrating connection it's best to be selective about when you
connect try connecting at times when other passengers are more likely out to
be doing something else the more people online sharing the
precious bandwidth the worse your experience will be late at night dinner
show times and of course port days will likely get you the best connection of
course if your import don't forget to consider free Wi-Fi options at local
shops and restaurants alrighty that about wraps this one up be
sure to leave your shipboard Internet tips in the comments below come
on we know you have them one final thing if you find yourself surfing the
internet on your next cruise surf on by our Instagram page it's total low
commitment and we have lots of fun stuff there until next time we'll see you on
the high seas


  • One of my favorite things about cruising is disconnecting! Didn’t miss social media one bit! IF i happened to find free WiFi, the only thing I did was let family know I was ok.


  • Twixieshores says:

    Thank you for mentioning a VPN. I hear so many horror stories of people having their identities stolen while on vacation. Yes, they cost a few dollars. Yes, they will almost certainly slow your internet speed down slightly. But at least you can surf knowing that you're safe from prying eyes who want a piece of that bank account.

  • Hollie Ayres says:

    We like to book the social media package only. It saves us money and helps us to stay disconnected from things, but we are still able to check in on our kids through Facebook Messenger.

  • Do you think one cruise line stands above the rest when it comes to on-ship Wi-Fi or are there just so many differences between the ships within each cruise line to make a blanket statement on which is the "best"?

  • Coral Princess in Alaska is offering WiFi for $60 for one device or $108 for 4 devices on 7 day trip Whittier – Vancouver one way. Must book & pay online before cruise.

  • Mary B says:

    I forgot that there is a slow connection, when not in port. Use to drive me crazy just to get a bar or any signal at all. 😂

  • Betty Li says:

    I remember being in Grand Cayman a few years back and while everyone was doing an excursion of some sort; hubby & I were at the grocery store buying things we couldn't get in Cozumel (where we live) and using their free WiFi the whole time.

  • Thanks for the tips, especially about the VPN!

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