6 Big Questions to Ask the Recruiter in a Job Interview Screen

6 Big Questions to Ask the Recruiter in a Job Interview Screen

Let’s talk about what the recruiter
knows that you don’t know that the recruiter would be happy to share with
you if you asked if you actually just asked so these are some things that I
want all of you to start asking right out of the chute because you’re gonna
have to use this information to make sure that you’re successful in the
process why is the position open how many can I get up
I haven’t engaged the chat yet can I get it can I get a yeah or an a but why open
yes or no do you actually ask this question in the interviewing price let’s
do this for all six of these that I’m gonna take you through all right
why is the position open do you not wanna know did they just can somebody
write is the boss a psycho write it oh wait oh you’re growing oh you don’t even
know you got so much work you don’t have enough people yay okay you know like why
is the position open why is it open do you ask do you ask let me know all right
that’s one have you tried to fill it yet internally
internally is there anyone in your company that you’ve considered or are
considering I want to know if I’m competing with an internal candidate
because you’re gonna have to do some funky stuff that I’m not gonna we’re not
gonna go into now but you’re gonna have to be able to overcome this right so
what what are your what are your assets at the internal candidate or candidates
would not have right so have you considered that how many I got like
three emails last week Andy I just found you cuz I was sailing along in an
interview process I thought everything was going great and bang at the last
minute they took somebody internally and you know I don’t get I don’t get the job
that I thought I was gonna have right that happens what about this one how
long has it been open how long why is this important well on the
surface and most of you can probably digest this without a lot of insider
knowledge the longer it’s open the more desperate they become but let me tell
you what happens the longer something is open so I actually and Kara this is
probably you too this is a good day that we haven’t even gone over yet
less than hours ago I’m on a phone call with one
of my clients her name’s Joanna and she is about one of the most delightful
people I know we’ve been working together for years
just loved her great company small to medium size technology consultancy
beginning in January we started a search for them she’s looking for something
specific had a number of not like crazy but just a number of things that were
really important they have some consulting experience they had to be
good at senior project management they had to understand how to grow up
counselors a couple of things that were not crazy that she really wanted okay
and so we and we recruit for these types of positions so we took this search so
now now we’re in into February right so I don’t know when you’re watching this
but right now five weeks later or so I’m on the phone with her yesterday we we
talk every week kind of go over things and I said Joe this search is kicking
our butt actually I use some different language but you get the you get the
gist and I said look you know I know we started with this many things and we we
immediately made you kind of cut that in half but now now I need to know after
you know I gave her all the data I told her what we were finding we went through
some stuff I said what can you live without she says well you know yesterday
my team they went at to a client they sat down they were meeting with this new
project manager that the company had hired a couple of weeks ago they loved
this woman she’s a super go-getter she’s not a consultant she works internally
and you know I can live without consulting experience I can live without
consulting six words three seconds she didn’t just double the candidate pool
for us she quintupled it so we start a search a month ago we have certain
parameters now what’s happened is in one quick phone call
she changes the parameters she actually did a few other things that will make it
easier for us not easy but easier but here’s why this is important for you to
know what if you were one of those people that put your resume in her
applicant tracking system three weeks ago and you didn’t have consulting
experience now I asked her if she had any candidate
coming in she says oh yeah you know where the you know they’re filling up
the applicant tracking system but I’m really not looking at it I don’t really
know what’s in there that’s what they pay us for right they pay us to go out
and get the people she doesn’t have time to go searching that stuff but if she
did and she passed you over three weeks ago because you put your resume in an
applicant track system and didn’t have the consulting experience now what now
guess what now you’re actually eligible per her new requirements this stuff
changes every single day this is what’s happening that’s why you want to get a
sense of how long it’s been open and why it’s been open that long that long so I
mean that’s another thing how about this one if it’s been open for a while what
has been missing in the other candidates that you interviewed are there any other
candidates currently interviewed by the way I cut up a video the other day about
what to do when there’s multiple candidates in the process be on the
lookout for that I don’t know in the next month or two but what’s been the
issue you need to get this information why so you don’t trip over this so if
somebody was missing a skill or they were not behaving a certain way you make
sure that you highlight how you have that skill or what you would do to build
that skill or you don’t behave that way this matters you’ve got to ask these
questions I’m gonna ask you who are you interviewing with you can ask me what
candidates are in play where am i where am i in the process how are they doing
believe me this stuff will come out if you ask the question how about this one
what’s the actual key to hire so we just got done with this Joanna example all
right think about this let’s have a left how many job descriptions do you see
there like three or four pages long which is totally ridiculous they like
here’s what I’m you must have here’s what would be nice to have here’s what
would be really nice to have and then here’s all the other stuff I
want and here’s all the other stuff I want and so on alright that’s a bunch of
nonsense because not everything that’s listed in the kitchen sink is what they
need and what happens is if you take a look
at the very top requirements up top there’ll be like two or three doozies
maybe three or four or five or whatever of those five only only two or three of
them are really important are really important okay so you need to figure out
what are the most important for those of you who have been through and I’ve done
this in a number of videos and even in some video series in my job search
master class and in the video that we released recently about how to choose
the right job we talked about your criteria and you make a list of your
criteria and you force rank that criteria or you weight it tens fives to
whatever this is the same thing the companies have that in their head this
is the most important I cannot live without that otherwise the person won’t
survive and won’t be able to do the job but these things I can probably build
them over a reasonable amount of time some companies make me laugh they look
for six months for somebody to try to get everything when the fact matter is
if they do hire somebody six months ago the person would already have everything
that they need so but that’s that’s what goes on so you got to know that how
about this one where you getting your people where are
you getting the candidates why is this important so I’m here sitting here with
you and you contacted me or you you responded to my email or you picked my
IMP luck to my resume out of the applicant tracking system what other
sources do you use to find your job candidates well we’ve got the search for
mile walk that we’re using well we use employer referrals we use app contrack
system we actually have an event coming up and so on now they’re gonna do one of
two things you asked that question the recruiters gonna say well here’s what we
use here’s what we do or the recruiters gonna say why do you want to know that
and all you need to say is well as you can see I’m in the middle of my job
search or I’m interviewing and I love your company but if something doesn’t
work out I’m always looking for different avenues that I might be able
to circulate my credentials and possibly surface my job that’s true
right you’d want to know that so just say that all this information gives you
a better understanding and they will in most cases give it to you they will they
will you you you you don’t have it because you haven’t asked for it so I
want you to start asking those six questions among the others that I’ve
given you insight to you


  • Andrew LaCivita says:

    Hey Folks, join me for the video on amping up your interview game! These questions are must-asks in the SCREEN and are tailored so you can get the information up front and use it to your advantage through the entire interview process. And, make sure to SUB so you don't miss my weekly video releases plus Live Office Hours on Thursdays!

  • V Davis says:

    Yes, I ask this question all the time

  • valeska Guzman says:

    HR answered without me asking that the position is open because they are growing

  • Aaron Linson says:

    Andrew, just found you today. How do you let employers know you can do a job when you are blind.

  • B. Sutton-Quaid says:

    After watching the entire video, you might want to revisit certain sections. I know I like to rewatch specific content to study Andy's wisdom on the topic!
    Here are links to the specific sections if you want to revisit them:

    0:23 Why open?

    1:05 Internal candidates?

    1:50 How long?

    5:10 Candidate issues?

    6:07 Keys to hire?

    7:56 Sources?

  • NoShadowOfADoubt says:

    One reason for the position to be open is whistle blowers and employees who are denied the right to work in a fraud free environment, so the boss got his team of puppies who play with him but that one does not follow the game … he is canned!

  • Lalo Martins says:

    When I'm applying as a software developer I never ask why the position is open, because tech companies are basically eternally hiring developers, it's just a thing.

    For other positions yes, though.

  • Rajeev Narayanan says:

    Excellent stuff sir..Can you make a video on resume making..different types considering human capabilities. Excellent, good,average human capabilities resume make

  • terence lopes says:

    High Andrew, hw your doing , I got a call for a job , first they told me you're selected on the first you hv to join , and second day morning again a call , BAAM , your r not married u hv no knowledge about the job , this is India , I hv a bachelor's degree with 9Yrs experience in Procurement & Purchase , here in India they r concernd about the marriage then the job it's insane. unorganised educated has no value here , wrong people r @ the wrong positions !!

  • Makalo Li says:

    Andrew, I want to thank you to make those insightful videos that help many people, including me. Your questions are so on point. I haven't even thought about before. Why open and how long? So simple and effective!

  • Adriana Girdler says:

    Great point to ask how long the position has been open. This may seem like it doesn't matter but you're right! And, the interview is a great time to take advantage of the opportunity to get more information about the company to ensure you really want to work there. Cheers!

  • Cleidson Alves says:

    Really nice video. Extremely useful info. Thanks for sharing this with us, Andrew. Do you have a video about how to proceed when you know there are internal candidates? I'm really curious about the "funky" things you briefly mentioned. I'm quite sure this situation happened to me recently.

  • Aydin Jalilov says:

    Andrew, I enjoy your videos and I think you are doing a great job and I really think that you should have more views. Your content is so great and unique.
    I have received mail from a group leader of the department at the company I have applied for a job. He asked me if I am available Monday for a phone call. He wants to ask me about my background and tell me about the position. I was happy and agreed. The day later one of my co-workers sent me message telling me he got a call from some other person in that company who happens to be a senior engineer with extensive background and asked him about me. And my coworker said only positive things about me and recommended me for that job. I am pretty active on linkedin and couple days before this happened I added a person who works for the same company. And after the e-mail I received I wrote him and he actually told me that he will be on the call as well. I am puzzled and don't know whether to think about this just as a phone screening or an actual job interview. These guys are not recruiters. They are engineers and the people who I will work with if I am hired. Do these tips apply if the interviewers are not the recruiting managers? And how common it is to contact coworkers even though I did not list them as my reference? Thank you.

  • onvduuen2 says:

    Andrew LaCVita – I only have 1 question: where are you from? (Other than originally Italian)

  • Cleidson Alves says:

    Andrew, would you suggest to ask these questions on a cold call? Do you like the idea of a cold call? I've seen some job posts with the telephone number of the hiring manager. What's your thoughts on this?

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