A Look Inside: Emerging Technology Careers | AT&T

A Look Inside: Emerging Technology Careers | AT&T

The AT&T Foundry is the expression of our pivot or our changes in technologies as well as our changes in attitudes in how we approach innovation. Innovation’s not something you create. It’s how you do things. AT&T is able to produce many, many products and solutions much faster and still grow our intellectual properties as well as our patents. We have to be really on top of what’s going on in technology and be able to help enable it to accelerate into more current
date deliveries. It’s really cool to be able to be part of a start-up. We don’t have to worry about funding or things like that, because we are
part of a big company. A start-up mentality helps a lot and what that means is flexibility with change, essentially, you know, there’s a lot
of passion associated with the project work that the teams work on. They have a lot of flexibility in their schedule, but they have a great deal
of commitment and delivery to each other, as
well as to the business. Right space for people to be that are innovative. Like getting their hands dirty. May not know the answer to a specific problem,
but are really willing and diligent on figuring
out where there’s opportunities. The way AT&T’s working to attract the best talent out there
is by building things like the Foundry. It’s casual. It’s fairly laid back. We have the bass guitar, acoustic guitar, mandolin, everything over
there. There’s lots of bright colors around. They provide food and snacks here. We, they cater lunch here on Wednesdays. So it’s a totally different environment from what you might find in a
typical corporate America type setting. This is a lot more open. A lot more free. It allows a lot more of an open exchange of ideas. We are heading in the direction of the office of the future where collaboration is being stressed. Really, it’s sort of a marrying place between different age
groups, different workers, different styles. But also a lot of creativity and engineering that’s combined
in the same space, as well. Being able to place yourself in an area that you can learn just by the conversations and the collaborations going on around you
is priceless. We’ve got a diverse workforce and with diverse talents and skill set from PhDs and
Data Scientists, to people who have project management backgrounds, to people who have analytics
backgrounds. They are well rounded people who have a passion
for technology and are willing to work in a fast-paced start-up environment and willing to take risks
for the things they care about. The opportunity to learn and grow, to develop whatever skills
is needed for the career choice that we make
is available here. Big data is definitely a growing industry. I would say we’re in a very fluid organization at this point. The thing that you were hired for may not be the thing that you are doing in two or three months if you
come to a group like this. That’s part of the fun of it. Doing something new every day excites me, because I get to feel like I’m part of something bigger. Is it demanding? Absolutely, because you’re learning something new every
hour. Of course we still have access to all the
the things that AT&T has to offer. AT&T offers a wide range of benefits. Everything from medical, dental, tuition reimbursement, opportunities
for training and development. If you have an idea that can shape the direction of this group going forward, at any level of the organization, you are encouraged to express those ideas. You’re given a forum to express those ideas. Knowing that you have a role in defining the success of this brand new, start-up company
is very rewarding. Not only am I part of a great group of people who are making history, but
also that my team and what we can do is contributing
to our world as a whole. It really is cool.


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    whats the requirements for engineer job as in the video? @AT&T

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    how much more specific and detailed do I need to be…I don't mean "how-to"….blah, blah, blah…
    I mean specifically who, what, when, and why!
    I can also present many hidden opportunities and objectives!

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    Great to have AT&T upgrade the local fiber/broadband infrastructure in my community.The time has come to be more competitive with local rival Comcast that will ultimately drive the cost of cable TV and high speed internet down.

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