Adapt your speed automatically to speed limits – BMW How-To

Adapt your speed automatically to speed limits – BMW How-To

In vehicles with Operating System 7, the Speed Limit Info and Active Cruise Control work even better together. The settings regarding the Speed Limit Assistant can be found when following “CAR”, “Settings”, “Driver Assistance”, “Driving”, “Speed Assistant” and “Notes on speed limits”. Please select “Adjust automatically”. In this automatic mode, a detected speed limit is automatically adopted for Cruise Control. When available, also map data is used to detect upcoming changes in speed limits. You can press the SET button to switch back to the last value set. If the system and the Cruise Control are switched on, a green symbol is displayed in the instrument cluster. Continue watching our How-To Series to get the most out of your BMW.


  • Mirolimov M says:

    BMW 🖤

  • Manakuski says:

    This is otherwise a great system, but in Finland we have this area speedlimit sign (it is a square sign instead of being round) that this system does not recognize as a separate type of sign. For example when i go to Oulu city, the whole city centre has an area speedlimit of 40km/h, but after making a turn, the car thinks the speedlimit is 50km/h, which you wouldn't want to drive. Also same applies to my hometown, there is an area speedlimit of 30km/h, but for some reason the car thinks it's 40km/h. I believe it is also because sometimes the camera misses a speedlimit sign when they're placed right after 90-degree turns, i guess this is a limitation of the system.

    Therefore i do not trust such systems at all and keep my own eyes open, luckily though this system is just an assistant and i know the limitations of it. I'm driving a G20 320d xDrive Launch Edition.

  • Momin Nz says:

    works very well. ive been testing it and no doubt its brilliant.

  • pratishray says:

    I always wondered why this is so late and why other OEMs cannot provide this. Everyone has Adaptive Cruise Control and Most have Traffic Sign Recognition. Why don't they just combine the functions. This is a very easy and obvious thing to do.

  • Nico Anker says:

    I love BMW.

  • Zaki Numan says:

    zaki was here!!

  • Shees Qadir says:

    Informative video

  • Muhammed Butt says:

    Me: searches up beauty on google
    Google: Did you mean BMW?

  • Lapsis Azurite says:

    Dear bmw. As a 10 year long lease consumer, this year will be the last. The new Digital cockpit is enough to never lease or purchase another bmw again. it's horrendous, hard to read and unnecessary use of permanent navigation in the center.

  • Lapsis Azurite says:

    If BMW can provide authentic journalist reviews of anyone who likes the new digital cockpit I would appreciate it because I cannot find any in writing or otherwise.

  • Big Mac says:

    Ever seen a random Map in a Video and be like: i know exactly where this is 😂

  • 가난한꿈 says:

    zz이거 현대차에서 몇십년 전에 나온기술일걸?

  • Ss Yogasri says:

    BMW is my Life!!

  • T S says:


  • Soroush Nik Housh says:

    Why automatic adjustment option is not available for Australian models?

  • voll d Bruddler says:

    Ich mach das so, MEIN Fuss steuert die Geschwindigkeit in Meinem ersten BMW, E32 750 IL. UND außer MIR selbst steuert das Auto. BMW den E32 750IL habt ihr damal hin bekommen. Mein lob. Aber eure Digitalisierung in den Folgemodellen, die könnt Ihr behalten. Die nehme Ich für KEIN Geld der Welt.
    KEIN Auto nach Baujahr 1992!
    KEINE entmündigende abzockende abhängig machende Digitalisierung, werder auf Mein Grundstück, nich in meinem Haus, und in meinen Autos schon gleich drei mal nicht.

  • Thomas Crown says:


  • Nv P says:

    Your Info Screen is way to small for such an expensive car it Looks like an old car from the past

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