Aquaman: James Wan Extended Interview

Aquaman: James Wan Extended Interview

[Applause] so just to start again so this is James Wan he made this movie called Aquaman he's also made a few other things you've probably seen kind of a smart filmmakers scare into a few times and once or twice so it's just I was just saying that you one of the things I think people are really responding to with this movie is the fact it's bright it's colorful it's fun and it's unlike some of the other DC films that have been out there you sort of talk about that aspect of the film I think I think people are responding to to just you know the to the fact that this movie you know really embraces those comic booths just really go for it you know but the fact that the Aquaman comic book you know has been around for a long time and as they had lots of stories and it truly is a treasure trove of amazing source material all from and and so when I made it when I went into it I really wanted to be respectful to to the source material and I just wanted to capture you know all the weed and wonderful stuff about this character and the world that is in right and and so uh so you know so for me you know what's he think I capture this of the vibrancy of Atlantis was important and and then all the so quick ease of creatures there that Aquaman himself interacts with was something that I do love it I want to create a world that was very complete but then it's it's own thing and I think that's what people are enjoying about it I'm very curious how much debate was there in giving Vinnie chase a cameo that joke is so old it still works it sounds great like maybe three years ago listen I mean he's the thing going into this film for me you know like everyone else I'm well aware of all the jokes surrounding this character from Super Friends to entourage it's not stuff and always great means that we all love to sit any gentleman come riding hood's flying fish it's you know it's goofy and silly and and coming to this project I got you know I was very aware of it and I realized I didn't want to shy away from it I went to the embrace that the nature of that but trying now trying to do it in a cool way sure like not joking about it but I actually think that his that that thing on Entourage actually brought Aquaman a little bit into the limelight in a way that maybe haven't done before sure I think got nothing else puts in you know on the ocean radio that's for sure um so we are here at IMAX headquarters and I have to give a huge before we go any further a huge shout out imax for letting a screen the movie here also in the Warner Brothers for letting us movie early thank you so much for being here so I think URIs do you have a preference for fans to see it in 2d or 3d oh um I mean this is my first 3d movie but see now I thought I've made mine mine feature phone so not Memphis barbecue he's saying but but literally all of them have been in just normal to II even am I gonna superior said it was was just traditional 2d and this is the first one I'm you know like most people cuz I wait glasses I hate the idea of having the wave glasses on top of my bosses and that's really annoying and so because of that I'm not necessarily the biggest fan of 3d but I think it's awesome this film in 3d I think I just really kind capture the world and just you know give it the kind of dimension that the Oliv underwater Kingdom and a look and just takes a whole different mo I am curious if we can go back in time when you first went to Warner Brothers how did it first happen you landing this project was one of these things where you went in for a general meeting was one of these things you heard through an agent that hey good looking to make well I mean we don't you know we're trying to think you know because just because he's just asleep but I guess but the biggest of DC universes in is an integral character in that Wow and so yes I knew that's how that they you know they were obviously doing Batman Superman Wonder Woman flash and Aquaman and you know eventually obviously getting out to the Justice League film and and so I spoke with you know like they had supportive brothers but I think was cheering out maybe conjuring one to the premiere country one I said hey you know big fan of superhero movies in LA I love superhero comic books so comic books in general when I was growing up and then you know we just kind of started talking and and they asked me to come into the Z and I have a chat with Evan yeah I'm curious so you sit down and you start thinking about the movie you're developing the script from when you first thought about the film to what people are gonna see on screen how much changed along the way and is there any of those original ideas for when you first sat down they're still in the movie well the move the final movie is pretty much like pitch you know why are you going to this because he's a brand-new character really you know he hasn't had you know like decades sort of filmography behind him like let's say you know Batman or Superman and and you know the more popular cinematic characters that have been done a fair bit extreme and so going to that I knew that I needed a very simple storyline because they only stuff you oh he's so weird and wonderful characters in that that I knew people were gonna have a hot time just sort of like wrapping their head around these wait a wonderful characters cooking characters that that if I threw on top of that complex story it might be too much might be even more than what's up there and so so you know going into that I won from Geoff Johns closely and I said I really want a very straightforward story and and I wanted to make a quest movie and I and actually a very GetGo I said I actually want to make a superhero movie that isn't a superhero movie I ought least not in the traditional sense and and so you know I said I want to make more of a classic adventure romance romance adventure fantasy film I'm very curious the film really goes for it you've mentioned this already you see the underwater creatures you it does not shy away from being Aquaman did was there ever a point that you had something and the studio was like that might be even too far well actually we'll build or the writer who you know who was instrumental in setting the foundation of how the script the originals open how the layout foundation the film especially heavy flow flowed he really it really kind of really quick he hope they think that it was the studio it was me that said we can help as much as I locally in a sequence and I'll put this out there aware of hope oh man has been apprehended by a king Laura and he's been thrown into like this dungeon like this really like awful prison deep in Atlantis and and he hits up stuck a prisoner on it and I where I although all the gods were shucks it was shot gods like I'll shock him out in 40 and he cute little the shotguns and the shock stops bleeding and then that stuff a feeding frenzy among all the other shotguns we're talking like clouds of like blowing every way to escape like to do it on a PG movie but up but I really I I really love like how we would just you know we weren't afraid to go there and you know just just embrace out you know absolute the wall of my Aquaman is and trying to have fun with it the editing room is the final rewrite I'm curious how the film you get a theater room you have all your footage how did the film change maybe an unexpected way if at all once you started putting it together it did it's a hot movie to sort of change in editorial by that I mean you can't just pick up this one scene and put it over here because everything has some special effects involved every shot in this film so as a freaking visual infection even you know a simple sequence where no sign of data and they in the pub and and what's out the window is this blue street so that's visual effects so I in the simplest form and so it's not like so you know when we have scenes planned we're sort of visual effects and a big sort of animation in the background you kind of pick this up and put it somewhere else and you know and plan and you have to kind of you know Easter eggs are there these drinks that people have not found yet or is there anything that you want to I don't I hope you guys found an easter egg in this we are alive in the general sense are there things in there for the for the die-hard fans to find let me tell you this okay so two years ago Edgar Wright tweeted at me that if you can get stingray in there somewhere I'm gonna give you an Oscar you send that to me and so guess what I did in this film so I'm waiting forever to see the film that's more days to write great part of this film has a very large action scene towards the beginning and it's all one shot and it looks awesome and it's filmed really cool talk about putting that sequence together and the challenges of doing that all in one shot like and any of the action scenes than this any of the visual infections it's such a pain it's such a big undertaking yeah I mean like you know it looks cool in one shot but boy it took tons and tons of you know sort of planning and we're trying to work things out it's one shot so by that definition you know ocean you know I know what happens in camera right but uh but because you know things don't work out the way you know they're supposed to you know that's the timing you know uh you know maybe a stunt boof it's just slightly off my camera isn't at the right place and so we know we will do take up to take up the tape and it took us three days to get that shot how many takes did you have to do I think I think and I think we would average and maybe like close to maybe twenty take in one day and I know that doesn't sound like a lot but it's such a huge set up you know every time you know like you know like my I'm such an amazing amazing stunt team you know a stunt stunt performers and you know I like take to work you're exhausting and and so you know and so you know get the energy back up and every time you know yet that we sit the set so you know if you break something you'll bring you like the new table put the windows back in you know all that kind of stuff it takes time and so uh you know after a while we're like okay next day so was it literally it took three days to the final take to get it where you were happy or you had to they were pretty happy I think what to that I was pretty happy is issue with but the great thing is you know you know is you know I visually thanks came in and something hell yeah just as soon things like if that should if there's a shot that looks really great but then boom like gets in the shot or you catch the shadow off the camera that's flying across the space lots of amazing is you can get visual fix it come in and then clean stuff out and so that you can use that particular take that kind of stuff and just give you guys a concept of what we did for that sequence is you know we built the set it's really a full wall set no ceiling because the whole thing was a program on a spider can so the camera basically was all pre-programmed to sort of sit for one side to another side wrap around the actors fly to this side I'll get back to that side so you can imagine just trying to time the action the right move to where the cameras supposed to be and the camera you know it's supposed to still sort of like inches from your face Oh millimeters from your face and so if the stunt team us just sloppy off wouldn't be good at some point is the producer is saying to you we just need to do two versions no I mean that's what's be incredible that this movie is you know good or bad I couldn't have to make the movie I wanted to make an app the produces the studio you know there were behind me you know 100% you put the it's out there you put the classic Aquaman costume in this movie it's orange what's her ever did anyone ever say this isn't gonna be that cool all right well I mean it was it gold because it's gold uh and uh no I mean like from day one we were like we're gonna go for it we're gonna we're gonna make sure sure you know like this movie because I'm picking it up from from the end off Justice League story West character wise that's it emotionally you know picking up away he was left off and and you know i'm so i talked with Geoff Johns and John earth very early on about you know I know we knew we wanted to be an origin story but the question was is it like a prequel like Wonder Woman and we are possibly that we don't want to do this thing the prequel thing because what a woman ever you done that and so we want it to be in you know in the proper timeline and so the my thought about house construction a story and all that stuff I knew that eventually you know I wanted to be an origin story but it's out that we've seen him already in Justice League and I knew that I wanted the whole movie to build up to him finally becoming the hero is supposed to be live NFL putting on the costume I'm very curious which sequence did you think was gonna be super easy and ended up being a huge yes um like look that was nothing easy about shooting this oh that was nothing easy at all like you know like traditionally if you have a scene of you know two people sitting around standing around talking to one another you know that should be pretty straightforward but two people studying around and the wall of Atlantis meant that the characters had to be in costumes and the costumes had to be cut out so that they could then be honnest into these rigs that you know I helped to create the illusion of that floating or swimming and then we have to put weight on their head but then it's not just the weak you know having the weight floor know like the weeks have to be pulled back and then that we put these cubes on it so their visual effects and come in and and they had to and the reason why we put weight on the hair so that you can get the hairline you know like doing that visually things is really hot so you want the hand line to be actually something real impractical and that so you know they visually fix costumes cape and then the environment like it was nothing easy about in this film you know supposedly two-thirds of the film takes place on the water and so yeah I'm thinking about helping you been working on this film for years I think two or three years yeah yeah I am what are you doing like I'm sorry just to give context I was a casting and working on the script while I was shooting country two and so I remember every you know there were times where only the middle flake do you take on contrary to and then and then you know what a promise cost a poor job in Slovakia we want you to meet this potential rector that we think could be a good mirror baby and so I would mean acted that way that would combine I'll say hi and I'd have like meetings in between setups well it was tough where were you going on vacation and when does that happen I just need to adapt you guys really long for you I really take the trench sequence and it has that the creatures are cool it's shot cool and it has like a flare it looks like something out of your brain and I'm curious how did that sequence come together and talk about designing but look at everything in that scene well you know I've got going to this I knew that I really wanted so signature moments throughout the film I mean I think that quite a few see what you're going to fill there's a lot of crazy stuff in there but but I knew that I went step mode that would really span out and and the trench sequence was something you know that for some reason I just saw that I wanted to create shots when it looked like it was a cross-section of the ocean basically like an ant farm in some way and so I worked closely with this really talented concept of office I mean actually I worked with an army of talented concept artists in this film but uh but you know what closely with the with the office to show to get that look you know to see whether or not the idea of a cross-section of the ocean it would even be possible to look good and I but he did the odd work I'm like this is amazing and I took that particular agua became sort of like kind of a bit of my calling card and a visual signature for for other scenes as well but but in the trench sequence I knew that I wanted it to you know sea of black and when they jump in with the Flint that would be the only thing that's providing the light source and and also in story context you know give them the safety of this little bubble around the light bubble that the creatures would swim around and so you know going into this aesthetically I knew that I wanted to do two things with the ocean I wanted the ocean to be vibrant to be magical to be you know wonderful right but on the other hand I really wanted to be scary as well because I feel like that's how we all feel collectively the ocean is magical it's amazing right but uh but it's also scary as hell so and so I really wanted to you know lean into that aspect of it with the trench I'm curious how you designed the way they were gonna swim and the way that we're going to talk under the water and how much because you know do you mean like the people yeah because Zak you sort of did a little of it and I'm curious how much do you look at that and say I like it but I want to do this and how much is it sort of you're beholden to what other filmmakers have done if you will um well I mean the good thing you know with with this is I can can't take what he had a kind of ruthless of design and you know and because you know the Aquaman portion of that story of his of his story is he not only like a small moment in such a big movie right before the others four characters and so I knew that uh you know like whatever system that they were doing it was just more no it was more for for those few scenes whereas for my movie it's for the entire movie so you know we had to take what they started and improve on it basically and and from that you know like my amazing stunt team just started designing other rinks that uh you know that would create we have we would have rates with different things we would have raised by them characters it is a floating they would we have rights but they characters can swim and a turn and then and and you know and maybe like two is Ed Koch script like tight no spaces and stuff like that so it's pretty amazing stuff that they came up with and if you look at the behind the scenes of the rape it's actually very simple that's what's so cool is like it's a really clever how simple it is so all it is is just you know these cheating Falls that the actors are hooked onto and it's suspended on a why and that's what's gonna give it that's a buoyancy that you know that floating quality to it and then of course what I feel but you know I should on a state he can and it's floating even more I really did Black Manta I know that a lot of other people also take Black Manta what was was your ever debate as to having another character besides Black Manta as like the be villain if you will and why did you decide on black you mean besides as opposed to any black pants and they if you like wizard debate as to you know other another character that could have taken that place take that place no let me tell you look seriously we we made it for the longest spot about only just it be a king arm story you know it really cuz I'm not a fan of having two villains especially for a first movie but I knew that if I made an Aquaman movie and not have Black Manta in there I would be crucified by the fans so like and I knew helble love that this guy is and so it became you know like it became you know that they think he became you know about how do we incorporate this character in there and and actually let his storyline be in sync with the main storyline as well and so that that became something important the fact that without getting too much of it away you know he's you know he his his his goal is the same as king or UM's goal but obviously they have different reasons for once you mad and and also you know the really cool thing as well with Black Manta is I mean people it'll spoil a bit away but what it does is you know it's a bit of an origin story for black man to himself we see how he gets created you know and and how he gets created in the film you know in regards to to author right pays off you know at the end of the movie and and so you know he sort of well tangling Black Manta ends up giving off a his hero's journey haka by the end and so without Black Manta it was happy to get to any author to be there is a crazy amount of the effects in this movie which is the shot or what are some of the shots that made you cry the the reasons you know over two thousand something shots like I said nearly every secret shot in this film is has the effects and in a lot of ways I jumped that I was making an animated film which is fine you know uh you know as long as you go in there thinking you know you're seeing wreck-it Ralph you might be disappointed but uh you know all the underwater stuff were difficult beds up I haven't said that you know you know I'm so lucky to have such great houses like ILM and they you know just really you know like diving in there with me nobody said it but I really get in there designing the whoa and just you know try to find and I'm such a meticulous detail director so you know I would just keep tweaking shots booty shots non-stop you know like all the way to they tell me to put my pants down because but here but you know amazing houses like women great houses like I'll am scanline methods I mean there's so many people that you know we employed like just about every single houses the FX houses on this film when you're having those meetings we're talking about the effects with these houses what does it work in terms of do they keep on doing the shop to your happy is it one of these things where like you get ten revisions or a shot sila like a fifty revisions I mean you know I do I hope just keep tweaking it and and I'm not ready to uh you know take off on it if if something isn't ready but of course you know you get to a certain point where you're like okay I gotta sign up at this shot because they have like two hundred more shots left to do and that is due next week another good week and so we had a good mix weakened so you know you step to kind of you step to sort of peek at battles and and prioritize your shots I believe you said in a previous interview that I don't have judge cabinets the luxury of just look suggests you know take as long as I won't have to make the phone go ahead you released it yeah I mean I hope you means like to be at that level of filmmaking you mentioned it in a previous interview that Zack Snyder is all your director's cut I'm just curious if you don't mind sharing did he was one of these things where you talked to him and like he gives you feedback did you listen to me that or look how yeah I mean I sure Zack my director's cut you know pretty much right after I finished it and you know so it was a really complimentary about it and and basically gave me you know his blessing to me to go finish the movie because he knew how huge amount of taking us to have with a visual effects of what he saw with a lot of blue screen a lot of a lot of three bits and a lot of stray bullets that you know that you you photograph you strable to be cut into the film and so it was very very rough and crude but I think you know the human element is there that plate and I think you know you know he and Jamie were very complimentary I don't have to talk about Jason I was very fortunate and saw him I did a set visit on this and saw him and in real life he I mean it's pretty similar to the fun attitude you don't know him what is it like directing him and maybe if you can share like a memorable story from set I yes when I first met him when I first when I met him for the first time and I've had a cafe you know you came in and like you know cool this guy right and I said they all stop talking I'm like this guy is so charming he's so likable he's so easygoing and and I said to him right there and then I got listen Jason you know we all know you can do the big tough guy role we all know you you can do Khal Drogo times 10 right times 10 so we know you you know you ever what it takes to be badass and tough but what I want to do is bring the other side of you the side of your way you know where you're more vulnerable where you're funny and you know I'm looking to see the he have the potential to be a romantic League and a romantic comedy down the line and I think it was a pretty taken aback but but that was something that I really wanted to do I wanted to bring Jason Momoa right oh I wanted to bring I don't want to bring Jason tomorrow Aquaman I want to bring up him into Jason Momoa and I wanted this character to be him and and I knew if I can do that I can have so much more personality this guy he's not trying to play this other thing necessarily he can just do it and have fun with it and really you know yes such strong personality he just come in just stake it and I think that's what he did he really made this character his own what is it like excuse me what is it like having the conversation where you go up to him and say so I'm thinking of building huge action set piece and I need you to be shirtless I guess I would just tell him hey bad I didn't set this look you said this look at Justice League women tell me the fact is when I jump into conjuring just for a second are you a little bit surprised at the worldwide success at what's happened with the contouring and the spin-offs because this is becoming huge huge enterprise um you know what like anything I go into you know any movie I don't I try not to think about quote-unquote sequels I just think that's a great way to make a film I think it's okay to think about you know to to cannot play with the idea of potential other stories right and in the case of the warrants you know we know that they're you know done thousands of investigation so they have many many stories right and so you know it's fun to sort of look at that from from just a creative standpoint um you know I try not to look at it from the standpoint I mean I'm highly superstitious I don't think about sequels people the first one has even come out it is I will just say congratulations and the whole contouring thing just because it's it's really hard to do what you've done you know thank you so and by the way we just finished shooting Annabelle mas day today and about three [Applause] I'm not just thinking the Warrens are in this Patrick Avera and I am this one yes right just about the very nature that Annabelle comes home comes comes to the Laurens home this next one takes place in the home and yes in the war on Iran I'm just well you're just about a time I can see certain people giving me the evil eye I know that you are obviously gonna take a big break before directing another thing but you're a very busy producer right there's a lot of other projects that you have your fingers in I'm just curious what's coming up and what are you excited about um la Llorona is done so that that's a really exciting one that I'm super excited about that that's a release we put you on the spot yeah oh I mean obviously speaking of contrary contra 3 is coming up and that's definitely something even though I'm not the director on that I I want to make sure I keep a vigilant eye on that one that is the other day my baby and I wanna make sure it's taken care off and I'm a few other projects that are kind of cooking away that yeah I don't want to get you in trouble or you know what I mean but yeah I'm just for everyone to realize I believe you have an engagement to go to from here unless you I'm just gonna stop it there unless you feel like you want to talk I like putting people on the spot I don't know i I've done so much talking about this movie I'm just trying to think what else I haven't said yeah oh I think yeah lots of question the only thing I wanna how what did you you test screen the movie obviously and I'm just curious how when did you learn from the test screenings that impacted the finished film and for fans of the movie are there deleted scenes that will be on the blur okay we we yogya one we have we had a we had a really good test screening you know like we we had a feel of sort of like such small lines but you know you would show kind of like enough friends and and just said if you know feels recruited people but that way we did a big massive test screening it was the highest testing DC film so DC eu4 mother me correct myself a and and so uh so all those that thank you uh you know just you know maybe easier for me to say okay let me wrap up this movie you know uh you know like you know the cut is come what it is and and let me just focus on visual effects focus on the visual to try and make you know the movie is amazing looking as I can as unique as I can and and you know when that happens you know it makes it easier I want to say this test rating has saved my career time and time it truly has you know whenever you know on other projects when you know whether it's the studio the producers like you I mean we should change this change that the test for the audience still don't know that's not the right way to do it and and soul was supposed to go straight to video and the test screen the audience stood up the end and scream at the screen and and they're just main lines that go okay maybe maybe this is another video maybe yes so uh so you know as painful as testing is for directors and I'm not the biggest fan but you learn a lot from it and and you know and especially if you're making a commercial film it's you know it's not a bad thing to put in front of millions and the deleted scenes I do have one or two deleted scenes and and especially one that I was you know a little bit kind of a little bit sad about losing it didn't affect the scoring in a big way but it was one way young author you know on a deer with a critically school kid friends goes swimming down into like a ship wreckage and he ends up getting stuck in there and and basically he drowns and that's where he first finds out that he has the ability to breathe from the water so it's a really cool scene it's a great moment and I think I helped you know fill in any gaps if people have briefed in the water as that and it has a limit of it and then that scene answer because encounter with seeing volcko for the first time Williams character movie was getting a bit too long for me and I did find stuff to cut and that was one of the scenes I let go on that note ladies and gentlemen Oh before I say something I'm just going to say a huge thank you again to IMAX Warner Brothers [Applause] [Applause]


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  • whatever yaw says:

    Fake ass collider lmao. Wheres that crybaby rocha at???! Wish he was the one that interviewed wan so wan can smack the shit outta him

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