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  • argent2020 says:

    My speed is no more than 780 kbps (AT&T DSL).

  • Dead Meme says:

    Am i the only one here for the free south park?

  • yes350yes says:

    The last few years Ive had att DSL .  Since I watch a lot of youtube plus live access wnba and bigten access Ive been cussing out my computer because of all the freezes, skipped plays and lack of loading .  Cussing out my pc seems to be a common occurance with all the games I try to watch.  Then I switched xfinity internet with its 50 speed  and guess what, no freezes, no skips, no waiting on loading, no skipped plays on games. no blurring of what is supposed to be HD quality.  Its like Ive died and gone to heaven.   Anyway I couldnt be any happier , so now I can actually enjoy watching all the things Ive just mentioned– thank you comcast.

  • Omgitsthechamp Fax says:

    i get 120mb download and 13mb upload comcast t1 speed

  • chaosbolt66 says:

    I've had Comcast and Att uverse. Channel line up with att is so much better. With comcast, the equipment is cheap and had to replace my modem 3 times already and their channel lineup makes no sense. Comcast does have better Internet connection, but it's really expensive… And Comcast customer service is awful.

  • wtfrick says:

    Which internet provider had the 19ms?

  • texasboss89 says:

    As u can see Comcast is faster than at&t. Nobody can compare there speeds with comcast i am a witness & employee. I get tired when customers say they wanna switch to at&t but dont know that they gonna spend more with them

  • Natanel says:

    Yeah Comcast is slow as hell when I have to use it.U-verse runs very smoothly.

  • justinnate82 says:

    It's not much better

  • Bobby J says:

    I had Att for about 3 Yrs, Today I am switching to Comcast. Looks like Comcast is 5 times faster Download speeds.  I will see if that is actually true. 

  • freezeter14 says:

    I feel like the wireless modem has 2 lanes on xfinity. If you have probably get 20mb wireless but wired is 30mb
    Is you use both it doesn't affect it
    For example I was downloading a game on my iphone while I was playing call of duty .what so ever I don't have lag

  • Kimzo says:


  • tyre536 says:

    both connections sucked

  • Computergk91 Gaming says:

    Family guy in the background

  • Reese Lightning says:

    ssssssshhhhhhhh ,,, my favorit episode of Family guy is on

  • houshidar558 says:

    comcast is faster than Uverse fiber optics in my area, the fastest they can get me is 24mbps, i get 40mbps with xfinity.

  • govian1 says:

    What's the use of good speed, if they can not deliver a signal ?

  • alexmun133 says:

    just got this and im getting about 60 down 10 up and could be any happier with it 🙂

  • Review Gadgets says:

    With Comcast I Get 43 and 6. I am getting AT&T with in the week because they out "fiber optic Cables". They say it will be faster. Ill Create A video Response or post one with the new cables and Comcast.

  • XxKarlosxX says:

    true I'm in the same boat we get 2mbps which is ridiculously slow since I have a laptop, ps3. my smartphone. Then my sister's smartphone, my brother's um 3ds xl. Only 2 people can be connected at the same time n sometimes even then pages take forever to load, it's like being stuck w dial up all over again it's ridiculous. We are switching next month

  • XxKarlosxX says:

    damn we get 2mb n I'm sick of it… U verse doesn't come close to Comcast speed now which is 50mbps which is awsum, also At&t has data cap to 250 gb so if u go over that it's $10 per gb. We are switching next month for sure. Paying over $50 for cheap,slow internet hell nah.

  • merciless41582 says:

    I get 35 Mbps download and 8 Mbps upload with Xfinity Comcast they're the best. AT&T only offers 1.5 Mbps DSL in my area.

  • Manny Suarez says:

    Its not a satellite service smh lol

  • Manny Suarez says:

    Rain has no effect on DSL stop sounding like retards its a phone line

  • Manny Suarez says:

    Att is shit Yes I have DSL called Comcast today to switch I'm tired of being ripped off I pay for the ultra service 1.5 and 256kbs upload speed ? Pathetic

  • avtar singh says:

    Oops my download is 25.00 and upload it 0.97

  • avtar singh says:

    My download is 25 and upload is 97 wtf

  • James Demonson says:

    My at&t is doing 1.20 download and .30 uploading… im paying almost $50 every month. i had comcast before an it has never cut off on me and i got at&t now an im fuckin pissed with it…. horrible service. i havent tried U-verse but its best i just get comcast. im better off paying 60 bucks with comcast at a huge speed then at&t. thank you for this video also!

  • fgarcia89 says:

    The only time comcast has ever cutoff on me is when they had a black out in my area. But other than that, I can't complain. I do pay over a hundred dollars for internet and cable but its worth it.

  • dickcheese663 says:

    My AT&T DSL….when actually FUCKING working….is running a max of 0.26 dwnld 0.34 upld

  • fgarcia89 says:

    Both are basic.

  • HarrisonPudding says:

    Are these speeds base on equal rates, or is one a basic and the other a premium bandwidth tier.

  • ever says:

    Yeah I notice when many system use AT&T Internet it goes slow but on Comcast its a diff story be real guys AT&T sucks asss and worst when it rans

  • ivXtreme says:

    Comcast raped At&t. 16 Mbps vs 2 Mbps. Thats 800% faster download times from Comcast. The upload speed from comcast is is about 4000% better that At&t.

    It more expensive, but you get WAY better performance.

  • fgarcia89 says:

    Att was the first test, comcast is the second one.

  • Kevin Chavez says:

    whats better?

  • dirtyrudy says:

    was the second test at&t or comcast?

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