Avov TVOnline N, 4K, iPTV Set-top Box – Full Unboxing and Review

Avov TVOnline N, 4K, iPTV Set-top Box - Full Unboxing and Review

hey what's going on everybody this is Shawn here and this video is pretty much going to be unscripted and we're just gonna go through just some of the features and some of the highlights of the brand-new evolve TV online and and as you can see on the screen I've got the Box in front of me and it's bearing a valves new logo they recently changed it I think it was late last year that they went ahead and swapped it and so they came out with this brand new box a valve TV online and I believe as a replacement to the previous box that they had called a valve TV online Nova Edition the Silver Edition version which carried which was able to manage Nova but at that time we didn't really go anywhere and from my understanding this box here the TV online and specifically is built for their brand new Nova middleware which we're gonna take a look at in a bit as well too but I guess first things first we'll just take a look at the the box here and as like I said they recently changed their logo to this brand new logo I'm not necessarily a fan of it but I guess it's a valves way of saying that they're moving boldly forward and making some some well-needed changes and as you can see here it says ultra-high definition media player and this is because with this particular box ava has decided to go the 4k model so this is a android-powered IPTV box and don't get it twisted or mixed up between an actual Android box this is a true 100% IPTV box but it's just powered by Android and as you can see it says 4k Ultra HD and it's HDMI powered and it bears the Nova – logo signifying that this is indeed a box built for Nova – now one of the things I could actually say about this box is it is quite compact and it does look better than in my opinion at least than than the previous box which was the Silver Edition which was more for turquoise color this one has more of a black matte finish which is to me a lot more cool a lot more I guess futuristic and modern in that sense and we're gonna take a look at you know it's included in the box we're gonna take a look at the actual set-top box itself I'm gonna do a quick review of the remote control and we're gonna take a look at some of the other things on the inside off this box and once we do that then we're gonna take a look at how it actually plays on television and what it is that you could actually expect as far as apps and functionality once you get the set top box rolling on your television alright so next is we're pretty much gonna be opening up the box and we're gonna see what's on the inside alright so this is what it looks like now that the box is opened as you can see like I said it's got that cool match finished with the AVO of black somewhat reflective logo on the on the front I'm gonna take a look at that and see what it looks like alright and this is it this is really all it is as you could see it could fit nice and comfortable in my hand according to the specs is probably about 4 maybe 5 inches by 5 inches which is not bad and as far as um you know depth and stuff like that we're probably looking at about an inch or so so let's take a look at this box and you know take a look at some of the things that you could you know input inside of it and and attach to it so again you know on the front it bears the the TV online and symbol and at the top we got the a valve logo with the reflective yeah like I said with reflective logo on it and take a look at the back alright so we got your standard AV Ethernet port HDMI port 2 USBS and we got the power cable port there at the side here we've got the micro SD I'm not entirely sure what that's smaller alright right right so that's smaller port there I believe it's for an infrared extender how exactly do they plan on using that I'm not entirely sure but that's what that is I remember reading up some stuff on that so that's an infrared extender that's small port right there right beside the micro SD port area there all right so that's what the unit itself looks like all right so you guys to get a better look at it there and as we open up this packaging here comes with triple-a batteries for your remote control you've got your standard HDMI cables we've also got your power cord here that looks like got your power cord and the last thing to take out here is the remote control all right so let's take a look at all what it is that we have here in the box and this is pretty much yeah all what it is that we have in the box here so we have a set-top box it's got the HDMI we've got the batteries we've got the power cable and we've got the remote all right yes so let's take a look at you know what a valve has in store with this box when it comes to specs now according to their website this is a quad core system it does have one gig ram and a nice feature is that it does have you know eight gigs of internal memory which is cool plus it also has the micro SD slot for you to expand that that memory so you could add more pictures or videos or music or whatever it is that you want to throw on the unit it is Wi-Fi ready which means that it does have the capabilities of connecting to your Wi-Fi so you don't have to worry about plugging in the ethernet now I'm cable especially for those individuals that have their their internet box somewhere else that on the other side of the house you can pick up you know great signals through Wi-Fi again it is Android based now keep in mind that it is not an Android box but a true IPTV box just it's just powered by Android so it's currently running android 5.1 it is 4k Ultra HD but of course it also has a capability of running full HD which is 1080p 60 frames per second so if you have a 4k television or a full HD TV this unit is more than capable of outputting in those at those qualities as well too so it's got some pretty cool features in an in itself so so first let's take a look at the remote and what it is that it has to offer and my thoughts on it and in my personal opinion I don't feel as if this remote control is as good as one of a Valve's previous control you could notice as well – this is a valves older logo which I prefer over their newer logo but again that's just that's just my opinion it has no effect whatsoever on how this system operates and functions but um but yeah let's take a look at this remote so we got the power button we've got the swap – mouse where essentially you could use your remote control as a mouse by using the directional pad and moving the pointer around your screen we've got the digital number pad this aspect button I'm not entirely sure if that ever really worked with the a valve box and I'm assuming that this really was supposed to you know affect the aspect ratio of how the video appears on your screen the video-on-demand of course if you have IPTV services you can click on that then it balances directly to your video on demand services with the older unit as well as if you have IPTV service you can just click on IV TV then it bounces over to those services there you've got your Guide feature I know with the new TV online and they've got a pretty cool guide feature which I'm not certain if that's fully complete yet but they do have that TV Guide feature the info button you've got the Return button you've also got the list button and of course your basic directional pad here with the play and pause button and we'll talk about that in a second you've got your volume controls here and you've got some alternate controls here you got the history button the favorites button the recall button and the home button this bounces you back from bounce to you out of any screen that it is a Terron all the way right back to the home screen now one of the things that it is that I notice here is that it doesn't have dedicated media control buttons area and the way how it is that a valve compensated for that for this particular remote is just by using the basic directional pad for example when you go into your video on-demand movies you fast forward with the right directional pad and you rewind with the left directional pattern of course the middle button is for both play and pause and okay so it's multifunctional there and for some users that may be a little bit confusing and you know I know the first time that I open up this box and didn't see those media control buttons I definitely got a little bit confused and figured out how it is you know to try to figure out how it is to you know control my my video on-screen and then afterwards of course I figured hey you know use the the back button and forward button to rewind and fast-forward and the play and pause button in the in the center there so I know for some individuals it may get a little bit confusing now the remote control that I do prefer and if you guys do get this a box and you guys are okay with the remote that's that's totally fine but for other individuals that want just a little bit more flexibility you guys could also purchase this older version which i think is a lot more complete as far as feature sets from top to bottom we've got several different things here that is just in my opinion a lot better as far as functions and features then the new model that it has as you can see down here it actually has the dedicated media buttons which you know for most individuals it's it's not confusing you know it's you could get it right away but at the same time it has many of the same features as a new as a new remote control you've got your menu you've got your exit or return you've got your OK button there in the middle you've got your guide and you got your info and of course you have your basic directional pad your volume controls and channel controls here in my opinion as well too it's just a whole lot better laid out on this remote control because it's very clear there's no second guessing as to what each button is as opposed to let's say the new button there really is no channel pour down you'd have to use your directional pad here in order to make that happen once you're in your ITV IPTV space so again in my opinion not too much of a big fan of the new remote much more a fan of the older remote control and again you could probably pick this up for 10 bucks somewhere online if you search evolve TV online I think this came out for the TV online plus I think it was so if you're looking for an alternate to this new remote control then you guys could definitely go ahead and take a look at that but that's enough for the remote control right now again got your basic pirate cables HDMI got your triple-a batteries now I've already have already have the system set up and playing right now so we're going to go ahead and switch over to that so you can take a look at what this box looks like active alright so this is my unit setup here you could see the parallettes wrong the the blue and the green not sure how that translates in the camera but you could see those lights on there signifying that the unit is turned on and I've got the power cable plugged in I've got also an ear mouse so I've got that that attachment here that Wireless attachment I'm not going to talk about the ear mouse but it's a cool feature for you guys who you know don't like to use the the directional pad to select your your your letters when you're typing through the system so you can just get a pretty cool air mouse with the keyboard on it and use that that's what I use it for so I got your power cable and we got the HDMI cable plugged in at the back there that's what the unit looks like for this demonstration I'm pretty much going to be using a valves all the remote control and again that's just preference I've had a valves before and I find that this is probably the best remote control that it is that they they came out with so far it's responsive it has all the features that would that it is that I've come to expect from a media remote control and yeah so that's what it is are going to be using for this this demonstration alright so when you first load up your you're a vivillon line and you got to come to this screen here and as you can notice it's a brand new layout this represents what it is that a valve is really wanting to do with their Nova two systems so it's a little bit more modern a little bit more futuristic and in my opinion it's just it's really simple there's no real second guessing with any of this stuff so I'm scrolling through some of the options right now heading over to settings so you guys can see what's available with this box for those individuals who are familiar with IPTV you could set up those server URLs there under service settings now again this this particular system evolve TV online and is running a valves new middleware called Nova middleware Nova to actually to be more fit to be more specific so only servers that are compatible with Nova two would be able to run directly through of this setting system so we got your Wi-Fi options your language options you got your display options as well to where you could go ahead and set your screen mode resolution and things like that miracast to – I guess cast from multiple different devices System Info ethernet settings time zone airplay parental controls of course Wi-Fi hotspot that's another cool thing about this this unit as well – is that you could actually use it as a Wi-Fi hotspot and of course we've got your audio settings so those are just some of the basic settings that it is that you get with this system alright so from the settings we're just gonna take a look at the apps that this box has wait for it to load alright so here we go now to keep in mind this is not like the regular app store this is actually something that comes built in with the AVA of TV online and so the only apps that you have access to are the ones are that are available here in this app section so it's not like the app store where you could go and basically download unlimited amount of apps you've just got you're basically restricted to whatever it is that that this box has available in its apps section but as far as our movie apps though it has you know a few things that I think is worth talking about and one of them is crackle which is a free movie app you can get that on your computer or you can download that on your tablet or your phone and in this case you could get it on this box as well – you've got Hulu you've got of course this is one of the biggest apps that they recently added was Netflix I don't know why it took them so long but they actually have Netflix on this box I think before they had it on under Vixia fuse as well – but they didn't really have it up for their other boxes so I'm glad that they actually chose to introduce it here on the eve of TV online and because you know a lot of users or users were requesting Netflix and of course they have Cody and to get the typical stuff like dailymotion and YouTube available but one of the cool things that I want to show you guys though is this app here TeamViewer and I think this is just a step forward for Ava to really take up the customer service when it comes to their set-top boxes so for example if you do sell these boxes or if you're an IPTV provider you could basically have your customer give you access to their box so you could then troubleshoot their box remotely which i think is cool so that could be anything from installing new apps or maybe configuring server URLs or whatever it may be you now have access to control their system remotely once they give you access to that and down in this second down in this section here they give you a decent selection of games as well – so I know that one of the aiviq boxes was built specifically for games so it looks like in this one they decided to keep the fun factor and include some games there as well – so that's just a quick overview of what it is that you'll get in the apps section now I'm going to go underneath my apps and show you what's there so by default of course I installed Kodi to take care of whatever it is that I feel necessary in the Kodi section but here's a familiar app that many of you guys might remember from the older versions of a valve and that's the TV online app so here they included it by default and under the my apps section and to kind of give you guys give you guys an idea of how that works so you got the apps section where you could you don't find your apps and then you have the my apps so once you install one of the apps it shows up in the my apps section so TV online is compatible with the stock or middleware platform so if anybody has AI PTV services with stalker and they don't quite have nova set up just yet they could obviously revert back to the TV online section and watch their IPTV services through TV online which is part by the stalker middleware so I think that's a pretty cool feature along it to become uh somewhat backwards compatible that evolve decided to include so I do find that feature to be quite handy now let's bounce out of that right now so let's take a look at the areas that I know that many of you guys are probably waiting for and that's the movie and live TV section so we're gonna first explore the movie section and then take a look at the TV the live TV section so keep in mind that Nova two is just a middleware so if you're looking for IPTV services you're gonna have to find somebody that has servers configured for the Nova 2 middleware so in our case we were fortunate enough to have access to that so I'm going to show you some of the movies that are available here and just kind of how that loads up and functions so let's take a look at that I've got a bunch of different categories and keep in mind that this is a very new server so as far as the movie categories and movie selection goes it's not a massive amount I think here you probably have maybe about four or five hundred movies loaded where some of the more are popular and prominent servers have you know thousands of movies loaded in there so this demonstration is just to kind of show you what the interface looks like how that loads up and what to expect from a nova 2 type server when it comes to loading movies and and and functions and features and things like that so let's take a look here right in this particular server we got the action category adventure animation comedy crime drama they did a pretty good job at categorizing these but let's take a look at one of the one of the action movies let's take a look at age of Ultron alright I really love how it is that they laid the screen out it's it's a lot better than I think how it is that stalker has it and it's using more of the Google style of layout which I which I really enjoy so let's take a look at that age of Ultron and again a very Google like interface here similar to the YouTube app that that Google has with their Sarah with their Android platform now if you notice things took a little while to load up now I know that some people have been complaining saying that the movies don't load up but my suggestion is giving it maybe about you know 10 to 15 seconds for things to fully kick in or if you're on a Wi-Fi connection which sometimes happens to be a little bit slower than if you're wired in I suggest for sure waiting for about up to 30 seconds now the reason why we have to wait that long my assumption is because they're probably pre loading the movie ahead of time so it gets rid of all the lag and the slowdowns but I feel like a vodka do a much better job at getting the movies to load a bit faster otherwise some people may think that either the movie doesn't exist or they may just close out of it and just get another box that loads faster so I'm just gonna fast forward here a little bit so you guys could see a little bit more of the quality of the movie alright and that's um that's pretty much it let's let's bounce back out and take a look at the live TV section alright so and again I love how it is that they've laid out this particular live TV as opposed to some of the older versions of that you might see from stalker so this is you know very bright very clear it's very straightforward if I want to get Fox I just click on Fox I don't have to worry about you know you know trying to find a specific channel number but let's explore that for a little bit let's take a look at what it is that they have here if you notice underneath each channel they actually have the channel number so ABC Weis is number two Fox HD is number three Fox West is number four and you could actually punch in to your remote control the actual channel number and will be bounced directly to that channel so let's take for example we're on CNN here I'll show you how that loads up I mean want let's say channel 19 which F I'm not mistaken is a CP 24 we notice that it actually changes the channel no no the cool feature is especially with the remote that it is that I have it has a recall feature which will bounce the channel back to its previous channel which I was on which was CNN so I think that's a pretty cool feature as well – I'm not sure of any other IPTV service that currently has that feature there and they also have this cool quick search channel selection feature as well – so you could kind of bounce back and forth between channels instead of going back to the main channel selection menu to choose your channel so for example let's say I want to choose BBC America which is also channel 22 I'm able to use a quick channel selection and select that and get bounced to BBC America it seems like for some reason this is a little bit slow let's try BBC world to see if that works all right so it bounces me directly to BBC World I'm able to catch that there too so that's a another cool feature that I think that this this unit has over some of the other units because I remember using stalker and we're trying to use that feature for some reason it just wasn't active so I think that this features is a good feature let's bounce over to maybe some kids channels let's take a look at tree house television here in Canada this is a pretty big kids channel right so it loads up quite well it goes from channel to channel quite smoothly and the visuals are quite good so with this particular server you will get anywhere from standard definition all the way up to high-definition 1080p so let me kind of show you some of what it is that we have here under a south-asian so if you're living in the Toronto area the GTA we know what there's a you know a large concentration of you know the South Asian community which i think is great because we have all these channels to a to cater to them through this particular server so let's take a look at that real quick this is Z TV HD and this one is actually broadcasting at HD quality and not sure if you guys can see that or pick it up quite well from the camera here but this one is definitely not Chris sharp HD quality it plays well and goes from channel to channel quite nicely so for you guys aren't really looking to you know step things up a little bit with your with your IPTV I definitely recommend the evolve TV online and again it's not a perfect box but it has many things that that just works really well and one of them is like I said the new interface I think that that that's really great if your IPTV subscriber it does have that TeamViewer option which I again I think is really great for troubleshooting so you don't have to leave your house and you know you know bring your box to whoever it is that you bought it from for them to troubleshoot it and just some of the cool apps that it is that it has for example like it's got Netflix on it it's got the games on it you've got a Hulu and and and crackle and those really just take care of a lot of your movie needs there and overall I mean it's it's it's a in my opinion it's a tight unit it is a little bit slow though when it comes to certain things and because it's a new box I know that they're kind of working out some of the kinks and bugs and stuff like that so I'm not expecting it to be perfect over a period of time though I do expect some improvements but overall a pretty solid box if I suppose to give it a rating out of five I'd probably give it a three and a half and the reason for that is because I feel that their previous box which was the Innova Edition the Silver Edition version is a overall better box than this current unit but like I said over time I do believe that they will improve the middleware as well as they will make certain improvements on the box itself so so yeah so that's pretty much what it is that I have for you guys as far as how it goes when you guys load up the system what to expect and how it looks and things like that so standard features like the browser is still there of course live TV got the guide view got the movies TV shows which right now I know that they're building but they've got quite a bit of TV shows here to start and you know what let me just show you that really quick how it is that they've arranged that I think it's pretty cool and neat how it is that they have that stuff let's take a look at the Big Bang Theory right so they categorize it of course by seasons and then once they click on a season it loads it in the area below and once yeah it's got the cool background as well too so once that pops up in loads then we're actually able to load up the episode itself and we're able to see how that works all right all right so let's jump back again and let's take a look at the unit again directly before we wrap up all right so we're right back where we started reviewing the a valve TV on line N which is a 4k box powered by android 5.1 and again because it's powered by android doesn't necessarily mean it's an android box this is 100% a true IPTV box and it's just powered by Android and again within the unit itself you do get the the set-top box here we've got the remote control here earlier on I I spoke a little bit about how it is that I felt about the remote control you got your HDMI cord we've got the triple-a batteries for your remote control we've got the power cord and the box itself is is pretty tight as far as its packaging and it's um overall like I said is it's pretty good I'm not a big fan of the logo like I mentioned earlier but I mean whatever that's just personal preference there that that's a look at they're uh they're all logo I prefer a much before the older logo but overall like I said earlier I gave it a 3.5 out of 5 this is not the perfect IPTV box it does have some quirks like I spoke about a little bit earlier but I think it is a solid IP TV box for you to get some of some of the new features going as well as a real good way to have you be introduced to the nova 2 platform developed by a love so that's pretty much it if you guys have any questions or any other inputs that it is that you guys want to throw at me leave those comments in the comment section below and we'll go ahead and discuss it if you guys are interested in purchasing one of these boxes I've got the links to that in the description box below as well as if you guys are looking for a server connection to get your live TV services you could also see the links in the description box below as well too to give you a couple good options for free guys to be able to try out either this box with with stalker or with the new a valve Nolen middleware Nova – middleware platform which i think is so so much better than than stalker there aren't a lot of servers forward as of yet but I assume that with time many individuals will be transferring their their services over to Nova and really supporting this platform because it just has so many great features as a middleware itself so I probably make a video in the future going over some of the cool features about the middleware but like I said this box here the AVA off TV on line end does a really good job at introducing people to Nova – as well as a nice neat little box to just really get you know some of the new get a feel for what a valve is really trying to do and see how it is they're trying to push the industry forward to give customers more of what it is that they want so so that's pretty much it give this box a 3.5 out of 5 and that again was the review of the evolve TV online and so stay tuned and I'll guess I'll catch you guys in the next video


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