Before Usain Bolt – The First Jamaican Sprint Star Arthur Wint – London 1948 Olympics

Before Usain Bolt – The First Jamaican Sprint Star Arthur Wint – London 1948 Olympics

The 400m metres final. A British Commonwealth and United States battle
with McKenley and Wint of Jamaica and Whitfield of the USA. They’re off. World record holder McKenley dashes into the
lead and at the half way mark is almost 10 yards up on the rest of the field. Coming into the home stretch it’s Wint who
challenges the leader. 50 yards from the tape it seemed impossible
that he could do it. But he comes through with a magnificent effort to equal the Olympic
record time of 46.2 seconds. Slow motion emphasises his perfect action
at the end of a brilliant race. This outstanding 6ft 4in athlete credits Jamaica
with their first Olympic victory ever.


  • Kristian Wheeler says:


  • Alex S. says:

    I think Bolt said Wint and McKenley were idols of his.

  • WaveboardingOltenCH says:

    why englisch nationalamthem at the end lol

  • AlwaysRightMike says:

    jamaica was part of the united kingdom and only gained independence in 1962. as you can see this was recorded in 1948.

  • Yaw Edusei says:

    Video. Not opening

  • Jefferson Benavides says:

    opened for me

  • Patrick Smith says:

    Jamaicans are the best!

  • MrGamingLegendHD says:

    At sprinting

  • danni toni says:

    is nt yesterday or last week we've been at d pinnacle of sprinting so all the doubters can just go dive off #proudjamaican

  • Andrew Wint says:

    The Gentle Giant, they used to call him. He was a RAF fighter pilot in WWII, Doctor and Ambassador. He also played Hockey while in Canada during flight school.

  • tw10513 says:

    Three of top6 runner came from the U.S.A..I can see how powerful the U.S.A. used to be just after the World War2.
    Comparing with Bolt , Wint acted much humbler.Nice!!!

  • LadyChic10 says:

    I was listening to a podcast about Arthur Wint and decided to Google him to see what pictures I could find and was surprised to see a link to this video. This is amazing footage that I've never seen this before. I never even knew this existed. That was great to watch the legendary Wint claim JA's first ever Gold. It's great to see McKenley taking the silver for the 1-2. Fantastic! With the sounds and sights, I got a vivid sense of the atmosphere. Chills!

  • dunns river says:

    I remember reading about these guys in grade 4/5.

  • g97erry says:

    His efforts are an inspiration to others!!!!!!!!!

  • g97erry says:

    Those are some great achievements!!!!!!

  • dallo wallo says:

    This was probably the biggest upset of this olympics as Mckenley came in as a can't miss. He was the wr holder and was ranked #1 in the 100, 200 & 400 that same year, the only athlete up to now to have ever achieved that. Herb was the first to go sub 46 in the event.

    Arthur Wint was also 2nd in 800 this same olympics, a feat he repeated in '52, along with gold in the wr smashing 4×400 relay.

  • broadjumper1 says:

    Too bad Bolt lacks the class of Wint or McKenley

  • patricio sanmartin says:

    Bolt is the best, maybe Wint or McKenley have class but… they run SSSLOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWW

  • patricio sanmartin says:

    Bolt is the king … United States does not accept it because it is always the winner JAMAICA and Bolt no videos on youtube, USA is a bad loser

  • carlos james says:

    So it's goes to show that is a long time Jamaica dominating the track

  • Michael Fortunato says:

    Arthur Wint was also a world class half miler and went on to become an important doctor.  We shouldn't forget that.

  • Bob Snow says:

    Wint was a fantastic sprinter and had his own personality and style. Bolt is a fantastic sprinter and has his own personality and style. They are both wonderful adornments of the sport of Athletics. So sad to see people denigrating either of them. Celebrate how great they are/were. We look forward to the Jamaican stars of the future. I am looking forward to travelling to Beijing in August to see Usain in action once again.  I am from Australia.

  • audley mclean says:

    I just hope all those who think we just recently got recognition in Athletics better think twice after viewing this footage, in addition we won the mile relay creating a World record at this same Olympic game in Stockholm 1952, we HAVE ONE OF THE GREATEST SCHOOL  ATHLETICS PROGRAM IN THE WORLD FOR GOODNESS SAKE, SO I SAY TO THE IGNORANT STOP BEING PERVERSE THUS CEASE THE HATING.

  • riptack heigberns says:

    Obviously, the poster never heard of the great Herb McKenley. He was also there with Wint and just as great, holding a world record and world leader in three events.

  • Raquel Cowan says:

    please respect my great-grandfather he made a difference. he was also a pilot in the world war 2 and a doctor.

  • gerryraak says:

    This video helps to highlight and emphasised the point that Jamaica,s success in Track and Field did not start with Usain Bolt. Herb McKinley was the actual World Recorder holder for this event in the 1940s.

  • CSHFurniture says:

    people should just be proud of our country and what we achieve as a small island. you guys want to compare the pass to the future remember if we never have those wonderful people to represent Jamaica and keep our country's name in people mouth world wide we wouldn't have the future we have now from then till now our country is known for putting out some of the best runners and sprinters the world get to see so be proud and stop trying to brake down the pass we should embrace both pass and future thanks!!

  • R.E. Lopez says:

    McKenley was also a great champion!!!

  • Fleurette Van Gulden says:

    Here there are two. Gold for Wint, silver to McKinley . Jamaicans. British anthem plays on. Jamaica was Commonwealth then. The commentator overlooked McKinley.

  • Yahira Yahuda says:

    wow big up to JA

  • cicely b says:

    I love how the record was over 46 seconds then

  • Justanotherhuman2 says:
    Let's not forget that long before Bolt and Powell, there were Olympian, Jamaican sprinters Donald Quarrie and Lenox Miller who won gold and silver on the track in the 1970s.

  • Ryder Washington says:

    Before Bolt, there was Asafa Powell, arguably the greatest sprinter of all time. He mastered sprinting.

  • Arya's Kill List says:

    For a split second there I was wondering if you'd mixed up the anthems. LOL. Thanks for posting. It gets so tiring to keep hearing how Jamaica had no records or domination in any event prior to 2008. Hopefully this will help Carl Lewis and the other naysayers. It's also great for me to be reminded that we have had and therefore can again attain 400m superiority.

  • Herbert Daly says:

    Nobody seem to make much of the fact the Arthur Wint was also a Doctor of medicine and flew a Spitfire during the WWII

  • Jon Doe says:

    I was wondering why they were playing "God Save the King" as Jamaica's national anthem but then I remembered that this was 1948 and we were still a British colony at the time. lol

  • Perkie Perf says:

    love it…..💗💗

  • Rahul Bisht says:

    Really heart

  • Wurst Eh says:

    Asafa Powell was the Jamaican star sprinter whose title was succeeded by Usain Bolt, not this athlete

  • Reviews To The Point says:

    The Anthem sounded like the United States. Is the Jamacian Anthem similar to the United States? P.S.  Usain Bolt THE BEST!!!!!!  Those guys in 1948 should be watching their man come across the finish line like they did in 2008, 2012 & 2016 with a 100 Foot Outside Wide TV Screen. Go Jamaica!  (And I say that as a United States Citizen) Jamaica will always produce the best runners EVER! Amen Brother! Amen.

  • Michelle Smith says:

    Arthur Wint was my Doctor in Linstead, St. Catherine. He was the best.

  • Ayani Green says:

    what is the date for the race and the name for the winer

  • nelliebpink13 says:

    Look at those strides!

  • Andrew Carl Elliott says:

    I wonder what happened to Keith Boyce and Byron Dyce.

  • Ajagba B says:

    This was when America decided to put blacks in track and field!

  • poppop artist says:

    Put them long LEVERS on em.

  • G says:

    And unlike Bolt, he would have done it honestly. Enough of Bolt!

  • Jonny Woodburn says:

    Jamaica Land We Love.

  • OblivionExecutionerplutowasp says:

    Just imagine how much faster he would be if he ran on a real track instead of dirt

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