BT broadband Issues upload speed nightmare

BT broadband Issues upload speed nightmare

okay my broadband is terrible. I live out in the countryside is absolutely abysmal I’m with BT British Telecom and they say that they’re giving me ten megabits er ten megabytes download speed and one megabyte upload speed I’m never getting that I get five six at most download speeds and it’s always intermittent it’s always dropping off. I’m going to phone them now and try and get it sorted out they keep telling me excuses like someone’s stolen the cable out of the road or it’s rained. There’s always an excuse but I’m asking for all my money like from the beginning of time and see what happens now the first thing is to try and find who to complain too because it’s all automated the whole thing, the whole system is automated you don’t get to speak to a human for ages but let’s try and find out how to do it. That’s another thing. It never remembers your password never ever remembers your password and it’s so stupid no good got to reset my password I have do this every single time I log into this bloody site luckily Google Chrome remembers my password even though the BT website dosen’t and I’m using Google Chrome to contact this so let’s try it no no and now I’ve been locked out of the site because the BT website doesn’t recognize my password which is being retained by Google Chrome and but the BT website doesn’t get it another thing about the website is the banner strip across the top which says help tech gadgets and all that kind of stuff you click on that and you want to go to help and then you’ll get a topic come up like broadband and when you want to go to it. When you try to go to broadband they will disappear so it’s a crap crap website deliberately so. This is a big tech company. You have to gingerly move across to it to get to it. I’m gonna try their speed tester now. Look at this 5 steps to improve slow broadband speed. So now in this lovely digital economy I’ve got another job description to add to my ever-growing list of skills that I’ve had to acquire to live in this society I’ve become a BT engineer for free so they fire everybody and then they get you to do the work and your paying them. There’s something seriously wrong here…Big time. Okay so this is the first part of the free card trick that they play on you. They give you a terrible service and then they say this how close do you live to the telephone exchange? This will affect your broadband speed. The length and quality of the phone wire into your home this doesn’t apply to fiber optic of course like BT infinity which is what they really want the sell ya! which uses a special data extension kit rather than your existing phone wiring extension which is true but it’s also a crock because existing copper wire will actually run that 40 megabits 40 existing copper wire they don’t tell you that because they want to sell your fiber optic they want to get the copper out of the ground because people keep stealing the copper wire this is understandable so I get that but what they’re trying to really say is. O copper wire is no good that’s a lie that’s an outright lie. Copper wire telephone wires will take 40 megabits of data so if I’m not even getting five that’s because they’re not doing their job What else do they say? Processing speed of your computer, router or modem. I’ve got their latest router a high specification computer so it’s not any of that I’ve also got it hardwired in. So you know none of those problems apply to me. Stage two right so now forty minutes past 4:00 in the afternoon on a Tuesday and I’m going to test my broadband speed test your broadband speed. Let’s see what fiction it comes up with because it is a fiction now the problem I’ve got because it didn’t recognize my password I can’t test the broadband speed because it’s locked me out I’ll try again It says here you’ve had too many unsuccessful attempts to login please try again after 15 minutes What a croc? I understand why they’ve done it they’re trying to make it secure so people don’t hack your account but my passwords correct I don’t get it So now what I’m going to do is I’m going to go back to BT I’m going to reset my password for the fifth time right I’ve managed to get logged in. I think and now it’s frozen it’s saying my password is correct I just wrote login. Hang on we got some action I’m in. Now I’ve been stopping this video every so often because otherwise you you’d be pulling your hair out by now because it’s taken I’ll add it up in a minute it’s taking over 40 minutes to login That’s how long it’s taken so let’s see now help let me show you what’s going on I want to get over to that I want to get to here every time you move off of this. O I’ve got it. fifth attempt. Service status and test it test your broadband speed okay I just thought I’d tested it okay my connection is slow that keeps dropping out well that tells you everything you need to know doesn’t it. If there’s a button on there to test then. Let’s run some tests Are there any lights on your hub? yes It says there is there checking you’re connected to the BT network normally takes between one and two minutes please don’t close or refresh your browser until completed well I must have been gone for over a minute already this thing is a pig right I’m gonna turn you off for a minute because you’re going to get bored with it. This is just so boring I can’t even watch it myself. The live chat is so due to start in 34 seconds. I’ll let you listen in Right after waiting over a minute or so to talk to someone on BT it says thank you for waiting you’ll be connected to an agent shortly we apologize for delay we will assign you an agent as soon as one is available okay so what was the whole point of waiting for a minute and a half why didn’t they stick that up straightaway eight seconds now 11 seconds it’s going longer the hell and now it’s disappeared together speed test is still running okay Sandeep Singh hello I’m Sandeep Singh thanks for that information I’ll check it and get back to you in a moment speed this is still running. That speed test is going like I don’t know what? I just actually pinned it on Pinterest I’ve been diagnosing this for two hours already what’s going on okay now Sandeep I’m really sorry to hear that this in the bot this isn’t even a human okay I haven’t even typed anything but I’m really sorry to hear that you’ll be requeued in approximately I’m lost connection again so Sandeep has disappeared now I’m going to be requeued with somebody else in 360 360 seconds okay communication is being restored. Sandeep surely I will try my best to help you with this Sandeep can you just confirm a few bits of information so I can look into your account please are you account holder yes and I’ve been signed out of BT Oh God this is ridiculous. Got to sign in again See if it works It doesn’t recognize me Bloody hell again I told Sandeep about my password issues and he went. Oh I see. I’ve spent far too long on this already the speed test is still running 25 minutes now. Right I just put in my full name address and phone number because I can’t log back into BT so now Sandeep has said thanks. Have you got another number I can take just in case we need to call you and the chat closes by mistake yes seven minutes now and we haven’t even got to the bloody problem Sandeep says thanks Now it could be that Sandeep is trying his hardest to get it sorted out and he asks. Please let me know how many devices are connected with your broadband at the moment. Two. Just told him there’s 2 devices connected to the internet broadband This laptop and my phone. We’ve lost the connection between you and BT chat please give us a moment to try to connect you again we keep trying to reconnect for the next four hundred eighty seconds okay you don’t need to watch that. And not wanting to cast aspersions on these systems but Sandeep might be off emptying my bank account right now ah the Internet’s dropped again so there we are this is the biggest telecommunication company in britain. It’s a disgrace absolute disgrace what are we paying for this used to be owned by the public and At least then it worked so I lost communication with BT all together all I’ve got now is Sandeep on this little thing trying to see what is the point what is the bloody point? They want to sign up to broadband that’s what it is They want to sign up to fiber. They want everyone signed up to fibre but I can’t get fiber in this area so pointless I’ll carry on talking to Sandeep he’s go through all the things I’ve gone through like I said to you before and he’s just taking me back through the whole help system that I’ve just done for like the last two hours complete waste of time his and mine but I suppose he’s getting paid that’s the difference so he’s gonna now complete the test in my network okay all right I lost the connection with him again and I told him there’s nothing wrong with my network in the house the problems with the BT Network out in the street you need to raise I’ve told you needs to raise or repair and I’ve got cut off again so the back in 480 seconds. Maybe he’s gone for a cup of tea The latest update is Sandeep told me to reset my home hub and set it on to a different channel which I’ve done already in the past and he’s going to reset it at their end and I’ll be offline for about 20 minutes three hours no resolution really. So there you go. That’s BT. Crap!


  • Vicki Warner says:

    Wow. That's pretty shocking. I don't even know what to suggest. Sounds like you're between a rock and a hard place unless you have an alternative provider. But your hair looks cool, anyway, lol. Hope you don't pull too much out!

  • HeyGuysHave121 says:

    Roport it to OFCOM:

  • Tuomas Levoniemi says:

    The service is bad. That is true. However, in copper speed you are partly wrong. Copper can be reached even at a speed of 100Mbit/s but only about 300 meters. In rural areas, there are often several kilometers of distance to the POP (=point of presence) of the operator from home. Copper can reach 30-40Mbit/s in just under 1km on the line (with VLSL). But if the distance to the center is 2-3 km, then the speed will drop 10-16Mbit/s (download) and 1Mbit / s (upload) or even more with ADLS. Poor quality copper can even further weaken these average speeds.If fiber is used (and the fiber is brought home = FTTH).The distance does not actually slow speed. Distance would be 1 or 50 km to the operators "center", but speed is the same.

  • Sean M says:

    I would love 5-6mbps MATE I GET FUCKING 0.7mbps

  • Frank says:

    i switched from sky to BT to save £10 a month.I REGRET IT SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BT IS SHIT

  • Aaron Fraser says:

    A massive problem you could be having could be the BT Router itself. I have replaced my network with a Ubiquiti Enterprise network setup and on BT Infinity 2 which uses the existing copper cable i get 80Mbps down and 20mbps up.

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