Buying IPTV on eBay or Facebook – What to look for when buying IPTV services IPTV Review

Buying IPTV on eBay or Facebook - What to look for when buying IPTV services IPTV Review

guys welcome to the channel today we're gonna talk about some warning some risks about buying IPTV on eBay or any other where else let's talk about that guys hey first off if you're new huge favor hit that subscribe button make sure you're subscribed I appreciate all the support I get from you guys all I ask is why you're here you're subscribed so alright guys buying IPTV on eBay is it a risk buying IPTV anywhere is a risk right I mean its IPTV it's kind of shady what's going on I don't know is it legal oh I don't know we're not gonna talk about that but we're gonna talk about guys where to buy how to pay for your services this goes with eBay this goes with Facebook we're gonna talk about both that today I'm going to show you some examples of where to go and what to look for so hang with me for a few minutes here guys let's talk about this okay let's jump in and we're gonna look at eBay right now and see what's going on on eBay what people are trying to sell there okay let's jump into it alright guys here we are we're just in the eBay app on my phone and you can see there's a bunch of stuff for IPTV services you know USA some of these are different countries twelve months twelve months twelve months I just put IPTV subscription you can't find monthly ones on here there's one for $5.99 not a bad deal right I mean one month try it out so the one thing I want to bring up here guys and this is why I want to make this video is be careful how you're paying for this okay so a lot of these guys are wanting to you know offer you a free trial and then when they say okay it's time to buy pay with friends and family that way you can't ask for a refund if there's a problem so or if you go out and spend $32 or $60.00 you know whatever the cost is and if you pay friends and family you can't get a refund okay so if they're asking for that there's two reasons for that one Pay Pal doesn't like IPTV services there's been a lot of IPTV services that have gotten shut down from with their PayPal accounts because they're a high risk they you know it's kind of a gray area of is it legal is it not so if PayPal knows that they're selling IPTV they're gonna flag the account they're gonna turn them off so by paying with friends and family that gives these guys an opportunity to take your money and there's maybe providing good service don't get me wrong I'm not trying to say that they're gonna screw you guys out of that but be careful with what you're purchasing okay so just keep that in mind what I suggest doing is looking at you know history on this may be the review is what people are saying just check it out so yes you can buy good services here people have had it and I've got a lot of comments saying oh I bought something on eBay and it worked for a day and then it turned off and I couldn't get my money back so that pay to friends and family so lots of different stories like that guys where people are just taking money just like any product on on eBay or anywhere on the web you know take that with risk so what I suggest guys is going into looking at possibly Facebook they're gonna ask the same things but finding some groups that are on there and finding other services are on there that are verified groups are on there most of Facebook if people have a Facebook group they're good company they've they've been building it they have other people that are commenting reviews things like that coming to my channel other channels like this finding a good service and and good recommendations let's jump guys quickly into Facebook I want to show you guys so the group that I like to follow okay let's jump into that alright guys here we are on Facebook I've got a group here I like to follow it's called IPTV providers tested so this is buying and selling these guys have been you know verified by this person who runs this group as a good service to have as you can see they just got a bunch of different options here to look at I'm not promoting any of these today I'm just saying there are groups out there that you can go to you can find to talk about different services what the costs are so and you know mostly it's been verified people are using them or if we find a service here you can see trying to find the area where it shows it let's see yeah maybe it's not showing here it's usually the suggested groups there'll be other groups right here this is it so you can see these groups here so as you can find other discussions trip tips and tricks things like that so if you're really trying to get set up with some some good IPTV services look for some other groups that are on on Facebook that you can find they have a good history a good balance to go with things like that guys so do some searches I'll put links in the description where I found some good Facebook groups to find out and like I said I'm trying to recommend services that I would use myself for this so just want to kind of give you a public announcement to really watch what you're doing where you're spending your money you know I would definitely recommend companies websites if they don't make sure we've got a good Facebook following a good group their to go with and try to talk to people directly and see what their service is all about before you just go in you know sending money anywhere you want so anyway just wanna make a quick video public announcement here guys be careful I've had a lot of people say in the comments that they've been screwed out of a bay from friends and family buying some services there so I just want to make sure you guys understand that you know just like with anything on the web be careful with what you're doing and find a good group to go with so hope this helps you guys out appreciate all your time thanks guys


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