Career Advice and Ask Me Anything: Live Office Hours with Andrew LaCivita

Career Advice and Ask Me Anything: Live Office Hours with Andrew LaCivita

Hey everybody its Andy it’s Thursday
we’re live and you’re at my live office hours show noon Eastern 11:00 central
this is my favorite part of the week where I get to help you build a career
you love and today I am full of energy because I didn’t prepare anything for
you I came just to answer your questions just to answer your question so today
we’re gonna do a full hour on QA now if you’ve never been to live office hours
before I hold these every Thursday at noon Eastern it’s my way of sharing with
the community the expertise that I have is a career expert normally I teach for
20 minutes or so and then I take questions for the rest of the hour today
for the first time in actually a couple of months we’re gonna do an all-out Q&A
so get your questions in here I love to know where you’re from what you do what
you need and just put some question marks in front of the question because
I’m gonna do about a minute or two a housekeeping here just to let you know
about a few things and then I’m diving right in and I’m diving right in now I
am I am I really pumped this week I just had a I just rolled over another year on
Monday and I love birthdays but yesterday yes actually between let’s see
it’s 11 central time now between like 1:00 1:30 p.m. yesterday and today and
now just a little while ago not one of my job search boot campers but four of
them have emailed me that they all got job offers or accepted jobs so I’m just
I’m so thrilled it totally pumps me these these these four so can grant
congratulations here’s to you Jen mark Stephanie and Jeff cheers to you I know
we you know we wrapped up the session August 2nd so 28 days you guys I won’t
call you slackers that’s all hot but pretty good congratulations to all you I
love having you and I will be calling you soon for your testimonials and by
the way this episode brought to you by the leadership podcast and polo clothing
what you guys see that frequently where all right so I also
want to let you know I know you guys have heard me mention the interview
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was something fun I I I always like to give things away on my birthday week and
one other thing one last housekeeping I thought I’m going right into questions
if you haven’t stopped by my youtube channel lately I mean I know that you
are here with me now but I’m trying to I’m always trying to make it easier for
you to find the things that you enjoy more easily and I want my youtube
channel to to improve and look better it’ll be easier for you to find stuff so
I started categorizing the different types of videos that I have because I
have weekly recorded videos I also have the live show which we do which is
recorded and I leave the live stream up I also cut out little vignettes like the
question that you asked me each week and I make
little to two three four minute videos it’s the QA videos and then I also have
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what I did is we we were rebranding I’m in the process I should be wrapped up
within the next week the recorded weekly career videos the ones that are packaged
that are say seven to twenty minutes those are yellow the QA the little
vignettes out of these sessions are red the live office hours are blue and the
motivational stuff is orange so you should be able to find it in the
playlist I hope you like that the thumbnails look a little better than
what I had and so I’m always trying to improve that so let’s get into let’s get
into your questions I I’m really really excited because we’re now we’re gonna
spend 55 minutes at least on your stuff here so let’s let’s see who’s here and
let’s go to the phones sadistically sharp is he or she came right out of the
gate with a question so let’s go right to it so the question is I interviewed with a
company and got the job but they are still waiting for openings to become
available is it common for companies to begin the hiring process before actual
positions open so statistically sharpen I wish I knew what your name is while I
would not use the word common I would say that some companies do this very
frequently and I’ll explain what types of companies those tend to be and some
companies the really great companies are constantly interviewing so I I wanted Al
generis eyes this I’ll put this into two different types of companies now I wish
I would have known and maybe you can clarify for me while I’m still answering
you if you you go to the bottom of the chat and let me know the type of company
that you interviewed for I could add even additional color to this answer and
then Cara will just send it to me privately here but here’s here’s what
happens often Consulting companies generally that are
they use a practice some some of these by the way they use a practice called
just-in-time hiring so I can think of lots of organizations consultancies that
hire any type of consultant business analyst project managers program
managers technologists whatever it might be what a lot of times what they will do
is they will interview people constantly put out what they call conditional
offers to these consultants whatever they may be and then what will happen is
when that consulting firm actually makes a sale with one of its clients a client
company that is hiring its services then what that consulting company that
consulting company has confidence that they can reach to the person who’s
accepted the offer already and can go and be deployed on this particular
consulting assignment that way you are a full-time employee of that consulting
firm but the consulting firm is not expending any cost on you until it knows
that you would generate revenue that’s one type of model I don’t know if that’s
what you just went through that is very common for consulting firms who hire in
what we call this just-in-time hiring mode now there are other
organizations that are non consulting companies that still do this not as
frequently but but what I would say is more common with non consulting
companies is that they’re interviewing continually throughout the year because
they never know when you know it’s kind of like I always tell people your dream
job rarely comes along when you’re desperately looking for it unless you’re
incredibly patient it’s always better to have your eyes and ears open while
you’re currently happy and working because it’s a little bit easier to feel
the opportunities and you’re not so rushed or desperate it’s the same kind
of thing for companies though your dream candidate doesn’t always come along when
you’re looking for him or her which means you need to be in a constant state
of recruitment that’s why organizations that
very effective at hiring have internal recruiters that reach out to passive
candidates or they’re continually contracting with third-party recruiters
like like my firm mile walk but what a lot of those companies will do is they
will continually interview but often they don’t extend the offer until
they’re ready to pull you into the company so I’d be interested to know if
if that was a consulting firm or not and it would have been nice to know that and
just I guess for so I hope that that helps you and for everybody else you
know try to put in as much context as you can on your questions even if you
need to use a couple in a row I can usually find them as long as you have
question marks in front of them so I hope I hope that helps a bit I I really
would be interested to know though either way what what the company type
was because it always helps me coach you better alright
Ammar how are you following me all the way from Saudi Arabia I love it by the
way folks let me know where you live I love you know I recently discovered over
the summer that 38% of my community is international we started to notice that
because of because of the interview intervention book this this book
giveaway we’re getting to see where we’re shipping the books and so so every
inhabited continent is represented I love that so let me know where you’re
from and even if you’re from down the block which I know some of you are I
want to know that too alright let’s go
mark Peck me boot camper earlier in the year he nailed it with a 44 thousand
dollar pay increase and Martin helping it embarrass you there but I’m really
proud of you and you should be proud of yourself great to have you and Wendy D
when did these a job search boot camp or Wendy I want to thank you Cara forwarded
me that wonderful picture of you now I can now I know who you are
and I’m so glad you are back at it again and great to see you Charles dare
another boot camper and a question okay Charles this is a great question so
Charles asks how do you respond to a closed-ended yes or no enter
you question for example do you have XYZ experience or skill where any answer
other than yes is viewed negatively a knockout trap question Charles great
question alright so a couple things let’s cover both sides of the coin here
let’s start with yes I have the experience if you have the experience
that’s much easier yes I have it I you know I’d be happy to share this story
with you that’s relevant based on what you just asked and what you would do in
that case is before you tell your story because you you want to do a yes and and
then give them the story I would choose a story that most closely aligns to the
job description or what it is that they’re looking for in in the employee
so you want to make sure because you might have multiple stories that you
could articulate that represent you and how you have that experience but I would
pick the one that most closely aligns to the job description because the most
important element of you nailing the the job interview is showing how you’re fit
and value and skills maps to what it is that the employer needs at the moment
that’s the first part second part is when you do not have the experience
usually I recommend a three three part answer so first thing you want to do we
end by the way and those of you that follow me you know this I always
recommend honesty so you never try to fudge it but what I do want you to do is
I want you to rip the band-aid off as quickly as you can so say say you know
in in your response to articulating that you do not have the skill I would rather
you not say I don’t have the skill I actually would prefer those words never
come out of your mouth I would rather you say I have yet to
have the opportunity to do that don’t use negative words in this case it
sounds better I know it’s silly but it’s it’s believe me psychologically it is
better for you to tee up what you’re about to say using
that phrase I’ve yet to have the opportunity to work on that so that’s
your no part then what you do is you want to reach into your bag of stories
where hopefully you have some experience you can draw from that’s analogous to
that particular skill product/service function or whatever it is I have yet to
have the opportunity to work on that but in my background I’ve actually done this
which maps to that effectively because that’s one way if you have analogous
experience and then if you don’t have analogous experience then you have to go
down one level and you have to identify the capabilities that you have that you
can draw from that suit that skill well or that function well so if you’ve never
sold you know if you’re a salesperson I know you’re in you’re in data but but
this is one that comes to mind quickly if you’re a salesperson and they say
have you ever sold this type of product before and you haven’t instead of saying
you know I’ve yet to sell that type of product before and if you have not sold
a product before you could say well but I’ve developed the organizational skills
the follow-up skills and organizational skills and the influential skills and
leadership skills and communication skills and so forth that would suit me
well to be able to do that that’s what I mean by capabilities so that’s the
second part of the answer and the third part of the answer is you always want to
make sure that you articulate for them how you educate yourself when you
encounter a situation that you’ve never done before so what you now say is and
and anytime I’m faced with as we all are faced without with situations that we’ve
never done before whenever I’m faced with that situation
here’s what I do to get up to speed so first I do this and then I do that and
then I do that and then I do that so it’s a three-part answer when when your
answer is no I’ve yet to have the opportunity but I’ve done this which is
analogous because and whenever I’m faced with a situation that I’ve never that
I’ve not before here’s how I get up to speed
here’s why this works you spent two seconds telling them eat it you didn’t
have it and then you spent the rest of the time explaining to them why they
don’t need to worry that you don’t have it and you’re giving them positive
information you’re showing you got a great attitude and you’re showing them
you have an approach to solving that when you even when you’ve encountered
something that you’ve never done before they’re thinking well I’m not gonna
worry about it he can draw on his experience from that and he’ll get up to
speed by the way one more book book advertisement here in interview
intervention there is my Silver Bullet interview chapter in the chapter it’s
the sixth chapter there is the 14 most effective job interview questions that
they can ask you there’s forty three variations why the employer asks them
what the employer is looking for and the very best responses Charles question
number ten how do you educate yourself is the answer it’s the analogous answer
whenever you encounter something that you have not done before it for
everybody else grab the book you get the book in a couple of weeks and you get
the e-book right away so if you don’t have it get it and if you if you do have
it you can go there for more color on that so I hope that helped all right
love that question Debbie Fraser good to see you got your
resume I will be getting back to you next week on that great to have you in
the boot camp Danny how are you Steve Smith’s got a question he actually Steve
Smith’s got two questions two questions if I may you sure May was laid off of my
dream job in interview will referring to that dream job be detrimental to a new
job that is not a dream job so I’m looking for your other question okay
let’s take these one at a time okay so Steve and anybody else if you are laid
off it is okay to say I enjoyed my job I liked it there it was unfortunate and so
you don’t need you don’t need to I would you know necessarily refer to it as my
dream job I would say I loved what I did because and here’s what I liked about it
and it’s good that you share that with your potential employer and the most
important thing about literally Steve the most important thing about what you
just asked there for everybody else if you are laid off them and I understand
that it stinks and if you especially if you enjoyed your company and you did not
want to leave the one thing that you need to make sure that you do in
situations where you are let go hopefully hopefully you were let go as
part of a reduction in force and were not the only one that was surgically let
go if you were let go as part of a reduction in force what you want to make
sure of is when they ask you why are you looking for work or why did you leave
your last company or what happened or whatever okay anytime they ask you that
you want to make sure that you are positive about being let go
I am talking I’m not saying you need to be happy about it I’m saying in an
interview you want to make sure that you convey that hey you know what I loved my
company and I loved my job I was part of a reduction in force which I understand
was necessary for the company it was not personal to me it was it was business
for them and I appreciate that they did whatever they could they when they gave
us advance notice they gave us some kind of separate whatever it was just be
upbeat about it that will score you points in fact so if you were surgically
let go that’s a little bit more touchy and I would try not to go into too much
detail I know they might they might try to push you a little bit but if you were
surgically let go you want to make sure that you can do something along the same
lines where speak positively about it and recognize that you know what I did I
learned from it I recognized the company’s position and so forth so
that’s the first part to your question number one then your your next question
Steve’s next question is work-life balance is of great importance to him
how can i express that in an interview without sounding like someone not
willing to put in the hours and thank you for everything and you’re welcome so
here’s here’s my my view on work-life balance so I get that it should be
important to everybody and if you are interviewing with a good employer they
will recognize that as well I would never this is me
Annie last Veda interview guy I would never use the words work-life balance
ever in an interview never ever ever under any circumstance would I ever use
that phrase because that’s code for and Steve worries I don’t work too hard I’m
not saying it’s not important and I’m not saying you shouldn’t care about it
you should don’t use the words people don’t please do not because most
employers that’s what they’ll hear and for those of you that have seen my three
keys to ace any job interview free webinar or those of you that have read
the book the interview intervention book or those of you that have taken the
interview intervention course or any of the stuff that I teach related to this
interviewing success is about communication exchange the actual
exchange of sentiment the accurate exchange you run the risk of them
misconstruing how you are what you think how you feel about this I would rather
say okay I’m just gonna leave you there what I would rather you do is ask multi
questions to try to get at is there a balance and so you know you can you can
dissect this differently without asking you know does the company have good
work-life balance well one person’s good work like balances and another person’s
good work-life balance so you know how I would be looking for signs of how the
company supports its employees and their outside life and so I would try to get
at you know what are the normal you know what’s the normal work hours what are
the expect Haitians but I would just I would be an
investigator I wouldn’t ask about you know the
work-life balance I would but I would try to determine that based on different
questions that I would ask so what’s expected you know how do what are this
deadlines like what’s the schedule like what’s the response times you know
preferred and those kind of things but often often if if an employer is
effective at selling its company it will articulate a lot of these things for you
and it will bring up the part about work-life balance and caring about
employees in most cases in 80% of the cases employers will bring it up and
when they bring it up that’s much a much better situation for you to say oh
that’s great I’d love to hear more about that how does the company demonstrate
its support for its employees and they’re outside family lives and and all
the other things that they that they want to do in their lives and and and
then get them talking but I would I would never use them I would never use
the phrase work-life balance in an interview I just wouldn’t I just
wouldn’t that’s it’s just it’s just too easy for them to misconstrue what it is
that you that you’re looking for or well how it is that you are to work with so I
hope that I hope that helps all right wait back up – hey Jill Jill’s another
boot camp for hope you are doing well all right Debbie Debbie after being out
of the work okay Debbie Frazier after being out of the work force for a lot of
years getting my degree last year in paralegal studies I’m still having a
hard time figuring out where I ooh Debbie what happened there oh where
I’d like to work and really what I’d like to do I’m stuck okay so let me read
that again cuz this is a fantastic question and Debbie you’re gonna be
happy with what I have to tell you okay so Debbie saying after being out of
the workforce for a lot of years getting my degree last year in paralegal studies
I’m still having a hard time figuring out where I’d like to work or really
what I’d like to do I’m stuck help okay great question this is these these are
multiple issues that you have to overcome and the
first part is if you’ve been out of the workforce for any of you that were out
of the workforce maybe you’re a stay-at-home mom or a stay-at-home dad
maybe you’re taking care of a sick family member maybe you had to take a
part-time job doing something while you cared for your family whatever it might
be maybe you you moved cities or states and you were the spouse of somebody who
moved and you didn’t have a job for a long time
anything can happen whenever that’s the case I always recommend you kind of
recalibrate yourself and your interests you did a great thing by going back to
school for something that you could accomplish in a reasonable amount of
time so you have to take four years full time to go and get a degree in something
but you took a multi-year program in paralegal studies there are loads of
paralegal opportunities if that’s something you’re interested in what I
would do well Debbie you’re in you’re in the boot camp so session one the
starting session of the boot camp is the place that I would direct YouTube to
figuring out what it is that you want to do for those of you who are not in the
boot camp I also have a free video series called the first five steps to
career success oh I forgot to mention the video series those will be green
thumbnails but those are those are out there on my youtube channel and there’s
a there’s a playlist of them you can also access that from the mile walk
ketamine where it helps you surface the things that you are interested in and
the things that are helpful for you to understand and investigate about
potential employers careers opportunities and so forth so the first
thing that I would do is I would go through those exercises then what I
would do is if you are having a difficult time figuring out where you
want to work you’re going to need to target the types of companies that you
think lend themselves well to what it is you want to do if you want to continue
down the paralegal route then it’s picking the types of law firms that you
want to apply to and network into and which is the way I would go about it and
I would look at I don’t know if you want smaller boutique firms if you have a
certain type of law that you want to focus on
family copyright whatever it might be and then I would target those according
for you to session three of the bootcamp which is the job searching tactics and
for those of you that are not in the mood camp I would check out why your job
search is taking so long it was a live office hours that I did earlier in the
year I break down how I would how I would target the the organizations and
how much time I would spend doing each of the different job search activities
based on your your demographic your age your income level and those kind of
things so Debbie that’s what I would do and one other thing Debbie that I don’t
know if you hopefully you are going to attend next Wednesday is our monthly
private coaching for people in the mile walk Academy membership for the my
monthly coaching and we’re gonna cover we’re gonna be covering one of the
topics that we’re covering is gaps in employment and how to address them and
so so hopefully you’ll be there next Wednesday for that so I hope I hope that
helped all right see and let’s see Jill’s got a question oh I
love this one Jill and and here again your your boot camper and you get a
year’s worth of membership in the coaching so hopefully I’ll see you next
Wednesday too but Jill asks I’ve been out of work for a year left for personal
reasons and I’m now looking how much should I reveal about my employment gap
well I’m assuming Jill the question is is not okay I’ve been out a year that’s
fine you’ve been out of year you’ve been out of here
I think I’m assuming your question is about what the personal reasons are and
should you share the personal reasons so I certainly I always I always tend to
lean toward honesty so I tend to lean toward honesty what I would recommend
depending on what those reasons are is I might share them if if it’s not some you
know something you feel comfortable Duvall
I was taking care of a sick parent I you know our house was damaged and I was
repairing it my my child was sick whatever it might be and usually usually
folks I know it couldn’t be a touchy situation and you need to be careful
about what you share about your personal life but oftentimes when somebody is
very clear and crisp about why they were out of work and it’s a sensitive
situation usually the interviewer will immediately
shut down and move on to the next thing so if you said to me and Jill I don’t
know what your personal reasons were but if you said to me I was out because you
know my wife was sick my husband was sick my you know parents were ill I
would I would stop I move on to the next thing and I would I would I would just
be done with it so in many cases usually when it’s
personal reasons its life that just happens and people recognize that so I
hope that helps and if you know if it’s more detailed than that you can go into
the mile walk atomy because you remember or you can shoot me a private email if
you want to share that and you don’t want anybody to see it so I hope I hope
that helps and hope to see you next Wednesday
rahmel how are you Rick pearl a key is back in a boot camp or how are you doing
buddy Ammar all right Omar’s got a question
okay I love this one how to answer the question are you sure you can handle all
these responsibilities when I’m a fresh grad and don’t have experience I want to
work as a site electrical engineer Ammar a man after my own heart I was an
electrical engineering I have a bachelor’s of science and electrical
engineering from Iowa State University and I loved it and did nothing with it I
went into something completely different but but the question remains how you
know are you sure you can handle all these responsibilities the answer is yes
I’m sure you can and then you just say yes and I can handle
then because then what I would do is think back to what I just mentioned to
Charles about that part about identifying the capabilities that have
readied you to handle those responsibilities so capabilities folks
here again when we’re talking about hard skills the being able to do that
specific job function is a hard skill it’s a skill you walk in on you walk
into work on day one with that skill I know how to develop in their software
language I know how to tinker with that semiconductor whatever you know whatever
it is that’s a hard skill the capabilities are the foundational
abilities that make a good electrical engineer a good electrical engineer so
you probably have good analytical and mathematical skills you probably
understand electrical engineering concepts you might have had a specialty
in electrical engineering in frequencies or communication or whatever it might be
whatever that it is that you’ve done from from developing those foundational
capabilities I would I would the second part of my
answer after yes I’m sure I can is I’m sure I’m ready because I’ve developed
these foundational skills throughout my college years and my internships perhaps
you’ve had those and so on so that’s what I would do yes I can here’s why
because I have these capabilities that I have developed through these activities
and these experiences and these observations that’s what I would do any
time any of you so it doesn’t you don’t have to be a fresh graduate to have to
have that situation arise but amara that’s a great that’s a great question I
hope that helped Carolyn Williams good morning to you all right ooh all right
let me see here where are we my hand only slips boy sorry folks
Hey for the first for the late comers while I while I get back to my spot for
the late comers orange book today get this hey Kara can you me favor
cuz you know I’m a mess in the chat there because I’m at the rocks
but can carat will drop this in again if you joined us late I am giving away
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loving what we’re doing folks give me hit the thumbs up button and share we
still got another half an hour of of stuff let me see where am I alright here
we go I think I found my spot sunny day how are you sunny day alright how do I
explain in my cover letter why I’m applying for a lower-level job than what
I have in my experience I’m interested in some non management accountant
positions I think I just answered this question last week but sunny day and
anybody else the general question is how do I explain in my cover letter why I’m
applying for a lower-level job than what I have in my experience fact of the
matter is every time that any of you are applying for a position that’s a lateral
move or is is what appears to be a step down in in responsibilities your primary
focal point is I want to join your company because your company is awesome
and I’m a big believer that I join a company I don’t join a job and I want to
join your company because and then sunny day you got to have a rationale for why
you want to join that company and as part of that I am open to opportunities
that you would find suitable for that you think would be suitable for me even
if they appear to be a lower level than what I can what I’m able to do the most
important thing for me is that I want to join your organization so I am willing
to be flexible and you can articulate that in the cover letter but that’s the
premise of the argument and every single one of you just that’s it that’s the one
to go with you don’t you don’t don’t want to say things like well I’m I’m I’m
really tired of all these heavy-duty responsibilities don’t say that if
perhaps if you are you know that’s a bad one another one that might be okay is I
want to join your company and I’m open to it and then what you also can do when
you get the interview is you know maybe you’re traveling a lot or maybe there’s
something about your job that doesn’t suit your life or your lifestyle or the
fact that you have eight kids at home and you you know you’re on the road and
your husband can’t manage them all by himself
and because you’re traveling all the time so you’re willing to move over for
a lateral position or what even appears to be a step down and you still have
great confidence you want to join that company and it also addresses that
lifestyle issue that’s okay but don’t I would not get into a whole lot of
reasons if you don’t need to and I definitely wouldn’t say the thing about
travel in the cover letter I would just focus on in the cover letter I want to
join your company because it’s awesome and here’s why I know it’s awesome could
based on my research this is what I have discovered and so sunny day what which
could do if you’re looking for a template is I have a no job opening
template and it’s my seven sentence cover letter it’s my favorite cover
letter I know lots of people watch the four sentence cover letter video which
is awesome if you were doing just a change of companies meaning I’m a sales
person in this company and I just want to be a sales person in that company the
four sentence cover letter is great for that short sweet quality over quantity
but if you are dialing up something like this or a situation where you’re
applying to a company that you don’t know if it has an opening the seven
sentence cover letter is the is the best one to use and what I just articulated
to you Sonny you can frame that inside the seven sentence cover letter the
shell is in there for you and the language is in there for you and you
could just plop in you know kind of what I what I mentioned all right hope that
hope that helped Kevin asks good to see you Jill Jill Jill here we go is it okay
to tell them that I am looking for hmm okay Jill Jill’s got a good one here we
get this one a lot is it okay to tell that I am looking for something close to
home I don’t mind coming in earlier staying late but with the Houston
traffic I can’t stand to spend over an hour each way I don’t blame you what I
would what I would say is I would I would not necessarily mention that in in
anything Jim there’s no there’s no need for you to mention that in an interview
you can select where you interview based on its location you also also could
extend that range so mileage wise you could expand it if the organization
allows you to work from home a few days maybe three days a week at home two days
in the office might be manageable so I don’t think there’s any reason that you
need to mention it it doesn’t it doesn’t buy you any of anything it doesn’t help
sell you it’s something that you know you can elicit information and
information without even having to mention that just you know the location
then you just need to find out you know I mean you know where it is and so
you’ll know if it’s close to home and then if it’s a situation where it’s
maybe a little outside the boundary that you’re comfortable with then what I
would do is just see if there’s a work from home policy and and I would go
about it that way so I hope I hope that helped hey mom good to see you looking
forward to seeing you and my brother on Saturday apparently you guys are coming
over and I turned about that okay Gabby marbre hi Andy ATS has gotten me nowhere
I actually did some networking in person do you think that is appropriate to put
a face in personality with the person on paper or stick with your cover letter so
Gabby and everybody else I love this question and I love this question as
much as I hate applicant tracking system so the dumbest systems out there and
I’ve said this before I’ll say it again even when they’re teed up correctly
they’re still stubborn and they mess up a lot and they don’t always let the most
the most qualified people through so that aside and by the way I have I have
videos galore on how to overcome the 80s trap I have a
video on three free tools for your resume to beat the applicant tracking
system I would highly recommend that and the other thing is for all of you and
and and I know you know you’ve heard me talk about demographics before the in
Gabby I don’t know what your demographic is but regardless of your demographic
everybody in their job search approach in their job search approach should have
a huge and heavy dosage of networking so I don’t necessarily recommend walking in
the door and putting your face live face in front of somebody unannounced but I
would try to network my way into an interview using my network and my resume
cover letter or whatever other assets or marketing collateral I needed to do that
LinkedIn profile and so on so so to answer your question number one I’m not
surprised you don’t get anywhere with the ATS you have about a two to four
percent chance of getting through the ATS no matter who you are and networking
is a much better route to go everyone for everyone and the younger you are the
greater the likelihood that you are gonna find your job by applying online
but you still have more than 25 percent actually 27% chance of getting a job
through somebody you know and the older you are that number approaches 50 and if
you are interested I just happen to have this I don’t know if you guys saw this I
have a three part free video series called my job search master class it is
my new little signature free giveaway it’s fantastic it’s got the three most
important factors in finding your dream job quickly and it has three videos the
lessons themselves are about 30 to 35 minutes each you get this wonderful 11
page workbook and the reason I mention it gabi and everybody else is inside in
the middle video so there’s three videos the first one is about
taking down yourself in your self-awareness and your needs and all
that good stuff the middle video is about once you know the the right
factors in in finding the right job how do you find it quickly and part of
finding it quickly is understanding based on your demographic what your
probability and odds are of finding that job and then aligning your job search
activities based on those statistics so if you’re over 50 under 50 if you earn
more than a hundred thousand or between sixty and a hundred thousand or less
than sixty and so on all the work plans are in the booklet and they’re free
they’re in the video and then the third video just to kind of cap it off here is
about once you surface it then how do you nail it in the interview so it’s a
wonderful three-part series you watch knock down the whole thing in an hour
and a half you get the booklet as well you can sign up for that that link is in
the description of this livestream and Kara perhaps maybe add it into the chat
role that’s a beauty and a lot of people go through that every day and I get tons
and tons of feedback on that they love it so it’s be and it’s effective it’s
effective and it’s old its deep coaching it is very very prescriptive I give you
I give you the material there’s no hidden cells here I give it to you and
serve it right up so it’s it’s really a wonderful thing so I hope I hope that
helped all right Erica great to see you Rory the zombie review is here good to
see you my friend and Rory is a boot camp or love that oh love this Alex I’m gonna for a little
commercial break here Alex Freeman says hi everyone my 2nd
time attending this I listed or I listed or maybe listened to the interview
questions and you’re listed the interview questions andrew recommended
and got some really good use out of them in my interviews check them out if you
haven’t yet so I highly recommend you know grabbing the interview intervention
book and you know check out three keys to ace any jam interview it’s free and I
talked not only about how to tell your stories and and also about how
to ask your questions but there’s also a nice little giveaway in there and that
that will certainly help you with those interview questions all right Leah Kelly
from Austin oh goodness man you guys are getting pummeled with
that weather Danni great to see you again sue from Arizona is here champion
great to see you New Yorker Jeff skipper another Austin Texas hey Panzi how are
you got your email thanks for that glad things are moving along Radice say
you’re welcome your whoa here there’s a question folks make sure put the
question marks in front of your question so I can see them all right
Madusa asks thanks for helping us if a candidate is missing some skills from
the job description should one apply please advise how to decide whether to
apply fantastic question should I apply for the job
all right so Radice then everybody else here’s here’s some guidelines by the way
I’m gonna give you general guidelines here because I don’t know every one of
you is different every one of you has different levels of experience but
here’s how I generally consider job descriptions first thing don’t assume
anything that’s number one number two as you read it the employer is likely
listing everything that they want that’s their perfect dream candidate that’s not
an assumption that’s pretty much effect so what employers generally do is they
over they over require in a job description okay it’s a way to give you
a guideline but it also they also have the feeling incorrectly that by putting
all these hard skills and soft skills and educational degrees and all the
stuff that’s required that they’re actually going to reduce the number of
people who apply to get it down to a more manageable number of qualified
candidates nothing could be further from the truth that’s in insider’s view so I
want you to know that as you look at the Job Description it’s okay to apply if
you meet all the credentials now let’s talk
about reasonableness though if they ask for let’s say ten years of experience I
don’t know how experienced you are or what they’re asking for but if they
asked for ten years of work experience and you had seven or eight I would apply
if they asked for five years of experience using this particular
software product or understanding this particular accounting procedure or
whatever you’ll cost based accounting method or whatever it might be and they
asked for five years and you had three I’d apply I would apply but I would look
at the requirements and I would try to I would try to determine whether based on
your experience and knowing what it is that you’ve done and where you’ve been
successful whether what they’re asking for the responsibilities relative to
what they’re requiring and experience is truly necessary so for somebody to do
these five responsibilities do they really need seven years of experience or
five or ten or whatever it might be they might they might not so you’ve got to
kind of look at the relationship between what’s being asked for and what’s being
required however I would rather you err on the more aggressive side and put your
resume in there the first thing I would recommend is you always want to try to
network your way in but if you can’t network your way in and you just you
have to apply cold meaning coal we call cold traffic you don’t know anybody you
just shot your resume in the applicant rating system I would try to make sure
that you are mapping up the experience that you have inside your resume to
match closely to what the job description is asking for so that the
keywords line up the the tool I recommend is job scan we can put a link
in the description if it’s not already or Cara maybe put the job scan link in
the chat and what you can do is when you look at the job description you can look
at your resume you can run both of those into job scan a jab scan will run some
analytics for you and give you some suggestions to format reformat your
resume it’s not perfect but it’s a good tool to use as a guideline it’s not the
be-all end-all but it’s a very very good program and it’s free for the first
thirty days or something like that so you can you
can get a lot of mileage out of it but I would I would apply if I was close and
then the other thing is are the soft skills that they’re asking for or the
capabilities kind of some of those things that I was referring to earlier
in the session do you feel you have those good organizational skills good
leadership skills good customer service skills whatever the the foundational
abilities might be for everybody who does that role and and here’s one other
thing and I know somebody so many people disagree with me on this but I have no
idea I have no idea why because they see this every day of my life and I’ve seen
it for 15 years as a is a high velocity recruiting recruiter just because an
employer puts educational degree BSBA BBA whatever on the Job Description does
not mean you cannot apply if you don’t have it if you are a recent college
graduate and they’re asking you to have your degree you likely need one if
you’ve been working for 10 or 20 or 30 years and they have you know want 10
years of work experience in this thing and that thing and you have it don’t
worry about the fact that you don’t have your college degree most companies don’t
care and statistically if you don’t believe me we’ve recruited mile walk my
firm has recruited for over 200 companies in the last 15 years one of
those companies was a stickler about the educational degree one one out of two
hundred and some-odd I would take those ads all day long so
if you’re somebody who doesn’t have the degree but you have the work experience
go go in going on your experience believe me and if you can network your
way in you really don’t need to worry about the education so I know I went on
a little rant there but that’s how I feel about that and so many of you
because your good nature humans assume that you have to have all the
requirements when you just don’t when you just don’t so I hope that helped yeah I love that one okay champion champions got a question I
have an informational interview scheduled with the VP of the company
what are musk ask questions okay so everybody let’s let’s get this straight
and champion and everybody else there is no such thing
not not to not to beat up on you champion there’s no such thing as an
informational interview none whatsoever if you are talking to
somebody who can give you a job or recommend that you get a job it’s an
interview treat it that way treat it that way okay be is prepared so
of all the things I’ve told you and all the more than hundred videos on the
YouTube channel on the blog and the 400 posts and all the stuff in the books and
everything I’ve given you do all that just like it was a regular old interview
now the must ask questions are I’m gonna tell you two that I’m gonna give you two
things remember this little red guy that I just held up the job search master
class the first thing I want to tell all of you about asking your questions is
you’re every time you ask any question any question the question is designed
for you to find out two things is this a good company and is this a good company
for me in order to do the latter the second part is it a good company for me
you have to what it is that you need to be happy the part of the reason that
master class is important is the first video in the master class teaches you
how to come up with that information the reason you need that information is
because that’s the starting point for the questions that you’re gonna ask the
organization’s so whatever whoever you’re interviewing with you need to ask
them questions that are important for you to know yes there are general
questions that you want to ask all companies like about their financial
stability and their culture and all you want to ask all companies that but there
are certain questions that you need to know for yourself that I would consider
all must ask questions but but to cut to the I guess the long route to get to
your answer about the must ask questions first thing is you need to do your
homework about your needs then you need to spawn your questions in relation to
your needs and but the other thing that you need to do is you also very quickly
want to know and assess whether this is a good company for you to continue the
process so there are certain things that I would want to know from an
informational perspective but more importantly there’s some things that I
would want to know so that I could better sell myself initially and if
you’re meeting with the vice president of a company he or she he or she likely
can help set a good table for the subsequent interviews that you’re gonna
need to go through meaning I really liked champion this is really this is
really a good person you know they’re they’re close to what it is that we we
need so I tend to like questions related to information that will allow me to
sell myself so things like you know you know if I was to you know based on what
it is that you you know what is it that you need you know what type of person
would add the most value to what it is that would help your company move
forward what type of people are successful in your company one of those
characteristics if if if you have an informational interview and it’s for a
particular role or a particular role not just generally with the company but it
could be for a group it could be just for the company it could be for a
particular role I would try to get at what success looks like specifically
like what they need the person to do and then I would spend some time
articulating how I would make that happen
so one thing I will point you to for more information is I have a video it’s
actually a pretty popular video about my top five questions I would ask in a job
interview I give those to you and everybody else those are my five faves I
would go watch that video for more for more on that but I but I want you to
think in terms of what you need then generate your questions then look at
good general questions to ask the company by the way in here is
r39 great questions to ask the company and when you take me up on this free
book ebook and audiobook offer you also get at least at this moment an e-book
called how to interview the employer 75 great questions to ask before you take
any job so I wrote that ebook after I wrote this book so we were able to
double the number of almost double the number of questions it’s really really
effective and people love that ebook and you will never run out of questions ever
ever so for seven bucks and that’s a twenty-seven Valarie book but I throw it
in there because work I’m like promotion happy right now so I hope I hope that
hope that helps hey Larry how are you Emma
good to see you from the Netherlands alright Cecilia from London great Erika
Erika has a question what should I do when I’ve outgrown my role so that’s a
very broad question and there are many factors but let’s just take what I’m
assuming is the most common scenario here for all of you that are you know
you’ve been doing your role you know it pretty well right you you got you got it
you got it down you’re a little bored it is incumbent upon you to seek out growth
opportunities do not none of you and I don’t ever want to hear this
but it is not your employer’s job to make sure you grow yes it’s better to
work for a company who’s constantly challenging its folks and helping them
grow that’s a great company but it is your responsibility to make sure that
you are growing I know a lot of people they call it the business so on and all
that stuff but you get the expression you are your own company and your growth
is your responsibility is your responsibility so what I would do is I
would identify the areas that interest me inside and outside the company and I
would look for reference material training material
everything that I could get my hands on on growing that and I would be proactive
in going to my boss or the management team or whoever it is and letting them
know that you would like to take on more responsibilities now if you are in a
role where you work from 8 to 5 and it requires you to to be there 8:00 to 5:00
and you have to you know you need those 8 hours or nine hours to crank out what
you need to crank out and they say well we need you to keep doing what you’re
doing then what I would do is I would say well what can you pile on top of
that and I would I would just I’ll spend additional time of my own trying to come
up to speed on these other things because I’m looking for more challenging
growth opportunities so I would just be very aggressive about it and I would go
and I would seek those opportunities even if you have to spend some of your
own time to develop those skills because that kind of stuff is the kind of stuff
that’s gonna help you grow through the ranks it really it really is but the
Erica that’s what I would do I would real I’d get in there and I would take
responsibility for education whether you’re doing it through YouTube videos
books you’re buying training you’re investing in for yourself or training
you can get your company to invest in or additional opportunities that your
company could give you even if you need to do them outside your regular day
that’s what I would do that’s what I would do hope that helped all right ok
this is a great one Jill I have 24 years of diversified professional experience
and I’m losing out to people with 15 years of concentrated experience how to
address so Jill I’m assuming you mean you are losing out in the interviewing
process because there’s two problems there’s two problems there’s a resume
problem for I mean I’m guessing this is not Jill’s issue but there could be a
resume problem where you’re not packaging the requisite experience you
know maybe maybe 15 years of your 24 years is concentrated in the area that
the employer is looking for but you might not be highlighting it you can do
things in your career profile and the career highlights that pull that stuff
forward that’s one way and but I don’t actually think that that’s what you mean
I think you’re you’re missing out in interviewing process because I know
you’re getting a lot of interviews so I don’t think your resumes is the issue
what I would do is I think I would focus on the one thing okay so so say it this
way people who transform this world people who transform companies people
who lead cities people who can move the needle forward okay are the ones who can
get the other party or company or whoever to imagine a better future with
them okay so and I Jill I know you follow a lot my stuff and for a lot of
you I always talk about the more you shift the interview into the future
their future not your past that is the person who will get the job so what do I
mean by this well if Jill and anybody else if you’re
in an interview and the employer is spending a lot of time asking you about
how you did something well tell me about that project walk me through this walk
me through resume what did you do in that situation how did you handle it all
that stuff that’s all about your past a lot of you call them and a lot it’s very
commonly called behavioral interviewing questions if you are answering a lot of
behavioral interviewing questions oftentimes that means that the employer
is not convinced that you will move the needle going forward because they’re
trying to understand your background and whether they think you have the
experience and they’re in evaluation mode because you’re constantly telling
your story about your past so they’re evaluating your credentials that’s the
past the more you can shift the discussion into the future then what you
start to do is you you move from their evaluation to their imagination so if
you can get them to imagine what it will be like for you to work there and how
their lives will change how their projects will change and how their
company will change it’s much easier for them to envision
you as part of the team they get more clarity on how you will perform certain
functions and that you can actually do the job in their environment and the
more you can talk about their future and the more you can talk about how this
will transform them the better you will do in interviews and I don’t care how
many years of experience those other people have you’ll win out so think
about this if you are spending a lot of time answering questions about your past
the fix is and this is really really important for those of you who are
getting a lot of behavioral interviewing questions the more time you spend in
your past the less good the interview is going the more time you spend in the
future the better the interview is going so if you’re getting questions about
your past I want you to answer the question quickly tell your story as I
advise you in the book and and all the other stuff I give you then what I would
do is I would say that’s how I’ve handled it in my past do you have a
scenario in your environment that’s similar in would you like to know how I
would handle it or how I could handle that in your environment would you like
me to discuss that with you and you just shifted it into the future because now
they’re gonna give you a scenario about what you’ll really be doing there and
it’s very important that you do that because number one you’re taking control
the interview number two you’re moving it into the future and there’s not an
interviewer out there who doesn’t want to be guided and make sure they’re
getting the right information so just because you’ve done this in your other
environment does not necessarily mean in their mind that you can do it in their
environment it’s silly but interviewers are sloppy
and they don’t ask you questions about how you’d handle it in their environment
as much as they should because if they ask you about about their future they
would know that you had the experience to handle it by the way you walk them
through exactly how you would do it in their environment so you want to make
sure Jill that you are continually moving the discussion into the future
their future and what it would be like and the best question for you to ask the
number one and and and who is just asking me here about champion was just
asking me about like a must ask question what I always advise you to do is
especially if you are interviewing for a specific job and you know and there’s a
job description there I would ask the employer if I was to take this job or
whoever to take this job one year from now what would success look like
specifically that means what would I have accomplished what would have
changed what would have you know we grown reduced whatever it might be and
get them to tell you specifically what success looks like twelve months from
now that immediately puts you in a position to walk them through how you
would accomplish that oh so you would want to implement this
project this way in 12 months here’s what I would do I would do this and then
this and then this and then this and now they’re seeing you in the role that is
the most powerful interviewing technique if I only had to give you one tip that’d
be the tip I’d give you is make sure that you’re not talking about your past
get into the future ask that question and then talk because now you transform
them they can see it they can feel a better future and they know exactly what
it would be like for you to work there and how you would approach it
that’s how politicians win elections that’s how CEOs approach the market and
the shareholders ever its guests are the best salespeople sell their products
that’s why customers buy it it’s because they see their life better in the future
right I want you to take my boot camp because you’re gonna have a better job
it’s all about what your what their future is gonna look like that Jill and
everybody else is what will win you the interview is what will win you the
interview do not be afraid to take control of the interview believe me most
interviewers they’re bad at that and that’s okay it’s not a Mack on them
they’re trained to do something else they get paid to do something else so
take control talk about the future and in Jill I would make sure that I was
studying those job descriptions and I would not just hear some bonus tip here
I would not just study the job description I would study the job
description the next the next role in that career development line
would be the next role likely in the company and I would make sure I was
telling my stories like you were you were meeting that so I hope that helps
I hope that helps very very important very important emma is in london going
to Amsterdam oh that’s awesome that’s awesome say hi to Cecilia while you’re
there okay Jeff skipper job searcher do you recommend paying for a professional
resume Jeff if you are asking me if I recommend you hire a resume writer the
answer is a resounding no it is in no offense to all the resume writers out
there but I am telling you the dissatisfaction rate of somebody who
gets their resume professionally written by somebody else is like over 90 percent
of the people are unhappy survey says survey says why is that I’ll tell you
why because nobody cares about your career more than you and nobody and I
mean nobody me included is gonna sit there on the phone with you or on a zoom
call or whatever for fifteen minutes and ask you to give me whatever resume you
have and to tell me about yourself and to take some notes and be able to
craft a resume that’s going to work and you’re gonna go back and then you’re
gonna have to pay it you can pay for rush charges you’re gonna pay for
additional iterations and so on what I do recommend whether you want to do it
with me or anybody else that offers this kind of program is somebody should teach
you how to write the resume I have a great program to build the open your
ultimate professional resume workshop and I also it’s part of the boot camp –
where you I teach you exactly how to write your resume from actually you know
what wait let’s back up let’s back up I got my workbooks here I was looking
always here see this thing right here it’s a resume content builder I give it
to you free this is what’s in here and I also have a course for this but let’s
talk about the free stuff if you watch my free resume webinar called three key
as three secrets to get your resume noticed I
walk you through how somebody looks at your resume and and what the content is
that you need to have in there then what I do this is free this resume this
resume builder is a free gift it’s the content and the Builder itself so you
get instructions here of how to build your resume I tell you how to use the
workbook then there’s a template all you got to do Jeff take this template there
it is one page formatted and I have it all shelled out for you then what what I
do is I go through every single section here’s the career profile here’s what
the career profile does here are the topics that you should include in your
career profile literally the six things that you need to include in your career
profile then I take you through the career highlights and so on and so forth
and if you are at a loss if you are at a loss for what to include or write about
or recollect on your on your work history there’s an achievements journal
in the back there’s 14 points through this thing that tell you the 14 pieces
of information you should capture on every project that you’ve ever been on
and while I would love for you to use this on an ongoing basis while
everything’s fresh in your mind it will be it will help stimulate your ideas of
the things to think about then what I would do is just watch the webinar take
the free booklet and go to town and then and then what I offer as a service if
you’re in the job search bootcamp or in your my if you’re in my resume course is
then after you do all that then you can send me your resume and I will edit it
and I will use the track changes and all that good stuff but before you even pay
me to do that why don’t you why don’t you go through
that process and do it on your own spend a couple of hours and I promise you that
you’re gonna come up with a better resume and and I really and I know this
sounds horrible you have no idea how many resumes that I fix from people
who’ve spent four to eight hundred dollars on a resume writer go through my
program and have me fix it so I
really would recommend that you watch the free webinar three secrets to get
your resume noticed take the resume content builder and write your own and
then and then try it out and see if you’re getting hits I’m guessing it’s
good I’m guessing you well I’m guessing you will so that’s my answer to hell no
I wouldn’t pay a resume writer to go from scratch alright I hope that well
okay it’s 12:11 all right how we doing here all right folks get this free okay
get this free it’s just for you for life people people right now here with me and
get this seven dollars shipping and handling get this you get the ebook the
audiobook and in the hardbound seven dollars anywhere in the world London
Amsterdam Perth Australia makes no difference San Diego where ever
Germany I’m gonna take a couple more questions if you are loving this hit
give me the thumbs up remember the YouTube channel now it’s got five
different categories yellows weekly recorded blue is live office hours red
is the cue A’s orange is the inspirational stuff and green I forgot
green is the video series so when you start to look at them they’re almost I’m
about halfway through but but we’re getting there
we’re getting there alright let’s see let me let me try to get another one in
here Kevin you’re welcome oh I’ve got somebody from Orlando alright Alex
thanks for the shout out I want to get your question in before we wrap up all
right Alex Freeman I tend to apply with many recruiters but have an extremely
hard time getting any feedback or status updates from them most never respond any
suggestions to get feedback Alex no I have no suggestions to get feedback and
let me tell you why if you are applying with many recruiters my guess is you are
applying to third party recruiters third party recruiters work on behalf of
companies they don’t work on behalf of people and they find people for jobs
they do not find jobs for people unless you are by some miracle act match for a search that the
recruiters are working on they are not going to call you back
it should not be irritating to you it does not it has nothing to do with you
they are focused on filling the needs of their clients based on what their
clients needed so we worked very hard on HR search on a sales search on a project
management search on or whatever so if I’ve got accountants and Finance people
calling me I can’t spend any time getting back to them because otherwise I
can’t get the people that I need for the clients that we represent so I would not
spend any time reaching out to third-party recruiters now if you are
applying to recruiters who are corporate recruiters meaning they work at the
organization that has the opening then what I would say is I would highly
recommend you go and you watch three keys sorry three secrets to get your
resume notice get the resume content builder 4-minute this way and apply
using those techniques and I think you’re gonna have a lot better luck and
I know this stuff works I’ve reviewed more than a half a million resumes in my
life I’ve curated a great template it is very 80s friendly you can go through
those processes and then run it through jobs can run your resume through jams
game matched up with the job description trust me when I tell you you will
substantially exponentially increase your number of responses but I would
that’s what I would do that’s what I would you don’t be don’t you know you
don’t need to be irritated or frustrated because recruiters aren’t calling you
back has nothing to do with you nothing whatsoever nothing so I hope that helped
all right let me see if I can get one more here oh wait can I just say this
Jill that’s like awesome I just want to remind you how awesome you and Cara are
Thank You Jill it’s great having you as part of these programs man I love it I
love it alright Emma Emma Emma Emma let’s get em in here I’m boarding I’m in
a new job yes she is in a new job because she’s a mile walk Adam II member
where I work remotely how can I adapt your first 90 day plans to this where I
have no office okay so Emma you asked a question that nobody
can see but you meaning meaning folks I have I have a monthly coaching program
which is very modest it’s $19 a month and every four weeks we meet and the one
we did in the beginning of August was one of the topics was my first 90 days I
went through 12 points of the things that you’re supposed to do so that’s a
little advertisement and next week we’re gonna be talking about career
development progressions promotions and how to be ready for your reviews so that
you get promoted and we’re also be talking about gaps in employment some of
the job search related stuff but em I’ll tell you what let lets you and I lets
you and I get out of here and go over that cuz you’re a paying student and
this is something that that you have access to and and it’s a little bit
lengthier of a discussion and I’m happy to help you in in the Academy on this
stuff and I can I can kind of draw the parallels of the 12 points and what I
would do and how I would adapt that but for everybody else’s benefit hey
Renaissance man oh my god that’s so good Benny boy I’m proud of you got a new job
he’s also a boot camper all moved to a new place for a new job I used many of
your tips in my first pre job conversation with the new bot boss after
the job offer been is that’s Renaissance man he’s in the boot camp I love it
thanks sue for the birthday wishes Dianna okay how do I explain a year’s
gap in work I am taking care of an elder so as I was mentioning before Diana you
just did that’s perfect I so whenever you have a gap like that
for that reason just say I had to take a year off to take care of my dad my mom
my aunt whoever might have been it’s totally okay it’s totally okay let me
see if we can get one more in here Bev Carter how are you boot camper Sam great to see you commies here how
are you another boot camper pammi great to have you I love this ok pammi we’re
gonna this is a great great question pammi says hi Andrea I recently started
watching your videos and found it very interesting do you think the tips you
give are applicable for academia as well so there is absolutely no question and I
have tons of evidence of the fact as a matter of fact one of the eye I have a
one-on-one coaching service as well one of the women who is in the one-on-one
coaching service with me is a PhD MD and works for a university and she’s in an
interviewing process with all these other universities all of the same
principles apply that I’ve taught and so all the videos and all that great stuff
about interviewing job search tactics and all that great stuff all of that
applies the one major exception to academia is most active people in in in
in universities or in high schools or whatever it is their resume needs to be
more CV style than the professional resume template that I distribute or
promote as part of my free videos and in paid services so you know you’re gonna
have more about your research activities your publications your projects and
those kind of things and as matter of fact Charlotte who the woman I was
mentioning who’s in my one-on-one who’s at my when I’m on program she’s a 34
page resume 34 pages it’s insane it’s insane do we I mean I couldn’t stop
laughing when we you know when we got together and she’s awesome and I’ve also
noticed for the educational institutions at the university level the interview
process that she goes through compared to what most professionals goes through
is a bit different the days or tenth they are longer they’re like multi-day
sessions and there are more people that they actually interview concurrently and
the process takes a bit longer that’s universities high schools are a little
different grade schools are a little different
those tend to be very accelerated my wife is a third grade teacher she when
they interview teachers for their schools they consolidate the days and
they usually have a have group interviews and what they do is they
actually have them come in all in one day and then they try to make a decision
very quickly that’s a little bit different because you’re gonna you’re
gonna be doing a lot of group interviews rarely are you meeting individually with
people in when you’re in the lower grade educational institutions so there are
some changes but but the tactics and the techniques as far as the inner the
search the interviewing and the applications and all that stuff totally
the same so I hope that helps and with that 80 minutes on 81 minutes folks
I hope you’ll love this if you did click the thumbs up share it I will be out
next week back the following week so when everybody in the US have a good
Labor Day and everybody else to have a great weekend and for those of you that
are celebrating the holiday next Monday have a great one for those of you
watching this on the recording so long to you too hope everything’s great and
and then I will be back the following week with more live office hours right
up until we run into the boot camp in October so so hope that helps you know
where to find me hope to see you around the blog hope to see you at the live
show soon then in a couple of weeks until then everybody have a great one


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