Career Advice: Live Office Hours with Andrew LaCivita

Career Advice: Live Office Hours with Andrew LaCivita

oh hey everybody it's Annie welcome back to my weekly show where I help you build a career you love today it's an all-out Q&A for you I got a few announcements and then we're gonna spend the entire hour on you and your questions so one of the first announcements I wanna I want to get the bad news out of the way really really fast actually let me turn my little slack thing on so because I think my partner-in-crime is beeping me and I'm seeing it on the watch that we're all good here's the bad news and I want to I want to give you that right away I'm because of my awful travel schedule and schedule schedule this is the last time you're gonna see me for a regularly scheduled live office hours until June 27th twenty subway it's May 30th June 27th so I mean some of you're gonna see me in the premium programs and some of you might even see me live actually in in person I'm gonna get to that in a second but I just want to let you know one thing that you definitely should do as you know as someone in in my community is we put together a mile walk Academy live events calendar so it has all the free live events like live office hours it has the special live events like some of the the web live webcasts that we do it has some of our premium programs in there like my leadership monthly live and my job search boot camp and all the other live stuff that we do so it's all in there you can access that on the mile walk Academy website up at the top there's a link that says live calendar Kara will probably drop it in the chat here in a in a few minutes but you can access that you can actually even sync it to your to your personal calendar of choice whether it's Outlook or Gmail calendar or iCal or whatever you're using and it would be good although I'm going to be away from live office hours for a few weeks I do have other live events in June and in July I've got a ton of and one of the things I want to and the good side is we do have a three-day live event June July 9th 10th and 11th so that's gonna be a job searching heavy three-day workshop so you know you want to make sure that you you're available for that if or you watch the replay but just make sure that you know that it's coming another thing is for those of you that are interested in my job search boot camp we have another live coaching session tomorrow that one is on salary stuff so if you jump in the job search boot camp you get the whole boot camp I'm not gonna go through it but I just want to let you know it's it's available you can join us tomorrow there's a live session at noon Eastern and then angel in June we have another session where we're actually going to show you how to hunt down specific people using some boolean that you'll put in in your Google search bar will show you how to find people that you want to target will show you how to get their email addresses and all that good stuff so we're gonna go through all that demo demoing in in June and then July and August we have like a five week in a row run of the boot camps there's a lot of live coaching there because you are here with me live if you email me at support at mile walk comm I'm happy to give you $100 off the boot camp to not knock it down 100 bucks so so let me know if you're up for that I did mention the live calendar one thing I do want to mention that where I'm actually live live as in live and in person no camera between us is if you are in the San Francisco Bay Area next Friday so a week from tomorrow June 7th my wife and I are going to be there and would invite you to join us for a drink if you want you could have misses lots of e to tell you all the stories just like about me and that'll be three o'clock local time it starts you don't have to come at 3:00 we'll be there at 3:00 of course and I'm sure we'll stay into the evening it's at the pub into your deli square if you're on my email list you're gonna get an email about it tomorrow with the you know with the information and one other thing I want to mention is if you have not grabbed this little beauty this is the physical copy but we have the online version for you all you need to do is click a button it's the mile walk Academy catalog of offerings it is everything that we have to offer you and how to access it in one spot so you can load that on here you just click a button it downloads it right to your computer you'll have a little letter from me you'll have a table of contents with everything related to the calendar the blog my books the live shows the the recorded webinars the special events write-ups on the premium programs all that good stuff is in there it is a it's a beauty we've been getting typing it in tons of emails from people this week who've grabbed it said they absolutely love it to make their lives easier so so Kara will put that in the chat as well so that's that's what we've got going on and in honor of we sort of have Sun in Chicago I went with the flower flowery coffee mug today with I don't know some get wellness tea because I am feeling a little rundown because I've been working like a dog okay but I'm fresh and frosty and happy to be here with you all right so let's see Lee hey to you Kevin Gomes how are you from Toronto Canada spent the last two years trying to start a business that didn't go anywhere should my resume and Linkedin show me still employed or show that role is over and peer unemployed well Kevin what you didn't tell me is I know the business didn't really go anywhere if you are still you know trying to make it work until you find a job I would leave it as employed I don't think there's anything wrong with trying to start a business and perhaps not getting it to take off there's a million reasons why that can happen I'll tell you the most important thing that goes through my head when somebody gives a business a couple years number one while I'd love to see a give it a a longer bit of effort I also realized that two years can be a blink of an eye or it can be an eternity depending on your personal situation what your business is the market for it where you're located you know where you're located against what it is that you're offering some products sell better in certain geographies and and those kind of things I don't know what your what your business is if it's a product or service but whenever I see somebody who gives it a go and tries to run their own business I don't feel anything but proud for them I really I really do it is a it takes a special type of person to want to do that and especially somebody who gave it two years so I would be proud of that I would not hang my head in least I'm sure there were there are some people on this earth that will you know hold it against you but I would not worry about them I think that it takes a lot of guts and I would rather people try and then recognize you know and whatever your situation was recognize maybe that it either was not for them or it was not for them at this moment right depending on what you mean I know a lot of people who try to start businesses and then the cash flow doesn't come through and you know they have husbands and wives and kids and family families and pets and all that how mortgages and all that good stuff so it it gets a little it gets a little difficult so no if it was me and I was still operating the business or there was some way that I could articulate that I'm still operating the business I would leave it I certainly wouldn't change my LinkedIn profile if you want on your resume to show that you are wrapping up or have wrapped up that's perfectly okay the good thing about that is the positive side employers will know that you are immediately available in a lot of employers like that so I hope that helps Mike Lowrey there is a familiar name face and a beloved mile walk Academy member how you doing okay let me see you probably got one of those it depends questions answers and yes but he's a beloved dude okay how long do you wait when promotion is can be tied to growth even if path is defined company is new to Oregon but been in Michigan for nine years and Mike I am actually but I'm not sure I'm not even I'm not sure what you're specifically asking me so how long do you wait when promotion is tied to growth is that personal growth is it corporate growth and even if the path is defined there could be several career paths for you the fact that the company is new to one of the states in the u.s. you know what bud listen I want to answer your question but I need more insight okay just head to the head to the bottom of the chat give me a little more color go ahead type in a few spots if you need to or or or you because you're a boot camper can email support at Malik comm and Kara will look at it and then she'll slack it to me and then I will go from there let's do that because I want to get I want to get the answer to your question all right Pia Rogers 50 how you doing how do I get my resume past the 80s to get interviews so a couple couple different things here to answer your specific question let's take that first whenever and actually Pia Rogers and everybody else I don't know if if you know this but at this very moment right now and for the last many many months any money who has joined my job sir sorry my mile walk Academy community meaning you've gone to the mile walk Academy site you put your name in your email in you said yes I want to subscribe or you've downloaded a template or a cover letter or resume template or a booklet or you've attended a webinar and you have not unsubscribed in the welcome piece pieces that we give you we we give you a kind of a Welcome Packet then we give you a couple of emails like we wait a day or two we give you an email we wait a day or two we give you another email introducing you to this to this community what the reason I'm going through this is one of those emails is my 4-step it literally the subject line is like my free four step way to beat the Apple a tracking system for your resume and in that email there's some instruction that I go through and here's here's what I would recommend to you number one I want you to optimize your resume that's the first thing so get the ultimate professional resume template of mine that's free in the video build your ultimate professional resume and there's a template there you can grab that and you can grab it on the mile walk Academy the front page but there's a 19 minute video that you can watch to walk through it so I'd start there I have a free webinar it's titled three secrets to get your resume noticed my recorded webinars now as of a couple months now are on-demand you can watch them whenever you want you don't need to just go and hit your email bang we send you a message and we route you to a page where you can watch it at your leisure go and do that that'll give you an idea about how somebody looks at your resume so that when somebody sees your resume it's going to be appealing to them the third thing that I would do is I would make sure that when you look at the job descriptions that you were applying for you are watching the nomenclature in the job description and that the nomenclature in your resume is matching up from a keywords standpoint so I don't know what it is that you do but just as a quick example if you know for somebody who's in in sales there's many different ways to say sales you could say business development business development director Account Executive Account Manager so on and so forth now the company that you're applying to it might have different nomenclature for that just make sure that it matches and make sure that the things that it's calling for and the desired traits and skills and all that other good stuff those words are in your resume so you just need to massage your resume don't do a wholesale new resume just massage the nomenclature and make sure the keywords are in there then what I would do and Cara can probably pop in my specific job scan link there's a tool called job scan it's a job scan back ko and then if you put slash Andrew – laughs Evita that's a link to my referral link they give me a couple of bucks if you end up registering for their tool so it's free for a month where you could take the job description that you're applying to in the applicant tracking system and look and take your resume and you paste it in these boxes and then the tool will tell you how your scoring percentage-wise on whether you're matching what the applicant tracking system is looking for the tool is good it's not perfect but it is a smart thing to do it takes mere minutes it will surface those you know those those things it will tell you some adjustments you can make use your head don't don't just take the systems word for it use your head make sure that it makes sense I massage it and then go now that's how I would do that and if you are if you are not in my community and you you get on my email list you will get that email that I'm talking about with these instructions now if you're already in my community we don't keep sending you this Welcome process if you're already in our and you know it is a member of my community we don't we try not to I mean I know I send a fair number of emails but we try not to overflow you with stuff that you've already seen so that's what I would do there now my recommendation though is never to use the applicant tracking system if you can avoid it and without going into all the different techniques that I would go through there the one place I would suggest that you go to is the mile walk Academy blog if you go to the mile walk Academy and click the blog up at the top and you head to the blog it's on a wordpress site in the search bar I want you to type 80s and an article will come up there will be a number of them and one of them is how to bypass the applicant tracking system there's another article there about how to break the rules when you job search those articles will help you circumvent the applicant tracking system and get around it in different ways that you could submit your resume to companies check those out I hope that helps you alright P Rodgers wish you knew your first name alright Darryl Newman how are you used your suggested cover letter template when there is no job opening the few responses received indicated that I should be submitting my resume to HR into the applicant tracking system no interviews need help okay so first thing is a couple things let's let's really dissect what Darrell is saying here now first thing you said is I'm using your cover letter template where there is no job opening if you are new to my community welcome if you do not know what I have out there there is a video type you know how to apply when there's no job opening in that video I give you a cover letter it's seven sentences it's pretty good if you if you use that and you target HR or hiring officials or whatever that's what Darryl is referring to now the one thing that I would say that I could read into the rest of what he's asking is the few responses so if you only got a few responses that's not really a great sampling of whether the technique is working or not you need to send out a good number of these the second thing is I would use the no job opening cover letter if I was targeting the Human Resources people and the recruiters if I'm targeting somebody other than HR or the the recruiters I would use my boss hunting cover letter go type boss hunting in my youtube channel or in my blog and it will pull up the technique where you're trying to target a hiring official or a potential hiring official or somebody of seniority in the unit or area or division or region or whatever it is that you're trying to get into now if somebody says then go and put it in with HR or the or the applicant tracking system what I would have done in that case if somebody gets back to me and says that then I would say I would be happy to send this to Human Resources is there somebody in particular who's responsible for this role can you give me his or her email address and name that's what I would have done there if they don't say send it to HR and they say put it in the applicant tracking system you swing back and say hey happy to do that thank you for your spots happy to do that is there some in HR or recruiting who I can contact and follow up with once I put it in the applicant tracking system to make sure that they actually receive it you know how these systems are would you mind giving me that and and and have dialogue like that and the one other thing that I always preach to my job search boot campers is every time you send something out the thing that ought to be going through your mind is this is a networking opportunity when that person gets back to you and says you know hey we don't have anything thank you very much then you need to respond back and say okay is there any you know you can see I'm job searching is there any or you know people you know that might be able to use my services is there any organizations you think I should look at anything you can do to keep the dialogue going if you send it to somebody and they say okay send it in to the applicant tracking system or HR or whatever or just simply put it in these you need to swing back and then make sure you're following up to get more data so that as you do put that into the system or however it is you're gonna route it in there you've got more data you can try to go a little more direct and you can follow up if need be so that's what I would do there but for you Darryl so and for everybody to know this the boss hunting technique for many of you so many of my not all but a large percentage of my community our seasoned workers and seasoned doesn't mean old I mean people in their 30s and above we we certainly have demographics where there are a number of individuals who are in college and recent college grads and in their 20s but there's a predominance and that that's just just statistics right there's more people that are in their thirties forties fifties and sixties that are working than there are people in their 20s so most of you are in positions or higher earnings earners or or more tenured or just simply more tenured workers that should be taking advantage of the boss hunting technique and that technique ought to yield more responses from the people you're sending it to because of the specificity and nature of the technique I'm not going to go into the whole thing because you all can go and watch the video it's not very long and you can grab the templates there's two templates with the boss hunting technique there's one template if you if you are able to identify somebody but you don't know if they have an opening on their team and there's another template if you if you can identify somebody and you do know there's an opening on their team so Darryl try that I think that will help you and keep at it keep at it you know the statistics are not really you know if I was trying to sell a product in a hundred people looked at my sales page and the first three bought it and the next 97 didn't that's gonna make me feel differently than if the first 97 who look at it don't buy it and then the next three buy it it's still the same stat still three percent so for you though you should be bat and higher than that I hope that helps caris how are you and Farid how are you hi Andy wait I think I saw as well you're in Asha okay it's 1:15 it's I don't know what time it is right now it's 11:20 here can you please explain how to find one's ability and talent and career change accordingly after age 35 and have many unused degrees yes I'm actually gonna give you a bunch of places to go for that just so everybody knows I made a career change at 38 and 50 49 so you can do this that's the first thing here's what I would watch in the order in which I would do it so first thing is I did a video that I loved doing I think it's a darn fine video better than most that I've made called how to find your gift I just put it out a couple of weeks ago so it's 16 minutes watch that as in like when we're done right now go watch that that's the first thing second thing that I would do is you could check out I have a career changer playlist because once you figure out what to do you need to figure out then how to sell yourself next I got one of those step watch how to find your gift then watch a video that I shot call how to choose the right job that will get you dialed up to identifying the things that are important to you then what I might do is I might go to a site called you science y-o-u science SC IEN C II I think it's dot-com and I would check that out and that will help you based on your interests and your skills and your degrees and all that other stuff because I think you said you know you've got unused degrees that will help guide you and then if that facilitates if those steps those three steps facilitate clarity for you about what it is that you want to do then I have a career changer playlist that gets more tactical with making that happen and I would go check that out and I would watch the whole playlist because there's a number of things from deciding creating your brand so that you look knowledgeable when somebody's evaluating you and then also tactically from a resume standpoint there's a interview video like how career changers can win the interview in 10 steps all that stuff is there by the way folks not to be funny just about every problem you have I've shot a video for it it's out there on my youtube channel however an itchy you think it is just go type that in the search bar stay-at-home mom put type that in your military vet typed at it I mean like career changer typed it in whatever you can imagine go there and check it out there's 175 videos that are public and a whole bunch more than or not yet that that that will help you with that so I hope that helps you I would definitely and by the way you science I am have no affiliation with them I've communicated with them I need to basically follow up to see if there's a partnership there that we can have what I would love is if anybody actually goes and uses the site and I think there might be a small fee to run this test for you and it gives you a lot a lot of data if any of you do that can you please email me at support at mile Oh calm and tell me what happened like did you love it did you not what's it do well what's it missing I will read your email and I will respond to you so let me know because I would love I would love that carrot do how far down is that question can you tell me cuz I can certainly answer that but I want it I want to keep going how just let me know how far down that is okay can you give me a timestamp not the yet sign there you go okay I see and we're still in the tens okay all right let me answer let me answer if you want thank you dis cool sorry Kara and I are just going back and forth here and and we try to mix up the aegyo and by the way if you just joined us it's 11:25 I'm going in order of the chat to ask the questions to answer the questions your chat might be live but you might not see everybody's who I'm reading so I'm not ignoring you I'm just I'm trying to go in order and and that's normally what I do so sunny in case you know cuz we had some people asked like where am I getting these questions they're all in the chat so hope that helps all right Tonto I'm trying to get into HR but my background is in health care how can I prove my worth I know I could take an admin I don't want you to take an admin job and I know it's hard to take a pay cut I'm gonna give you the same advice I just gave to Farid is I would go and I would do that sequence I would go how to find a gift look at how to choose the right job believe me there's it there's a real prescription in the how to choose the right job look at you science perhaps and then even if you don't want to use you science but you know you want to get an HR actually I might go through the you science thing anyway just to confirm and then I would I would look at those career changer videos because that's got the formula in it for you and those career change your videos are quick they're hit they're quick hits and and they're powerful Steve how are you how you been happy Thursday to you and Nita thank you you're welcome for whatever I did you got my dream job awesome medical staff manager fantastic there young lady okay however while under pressure I caved and gave a range 75 to 80 K interview went great should I continue negotiating after I receive the offer so it sounds to me if I read this correctly that you you you gave them a range probably either up front or down the road you know after the interview and then they said because you said I got my dream job so I'm assuming that an offer is imminent if the offer is imminent and assuming that it is so cross my fingers and I hope all goes well and for anybody and and what Anita is referring to by she caved is I have videos out there about salary negotiation and one of the key points in salary negotiation is never to give them a number always defer it tell them you're open when they're ready and they want to give you an offer and they say okay now we're down to the offer stage what do you want you still should have them pitch the offer to you you catch the offer they pitch it to you if you pitch the number like she did now you've given them a range and what's gonna happen is if the first off she might have undercut herself she might have overstated it not knowing she doesn't know what the benefits look like what the price tags are how much vacation bonus she doesn't know the entire all the components to the package that actually is a good thing for you now and Nita because if you've given them to 75 to 80 K when you look at the whole package when you look at everything that comes with it that is your opportunity to make a counteroffer because now you have much more information than you had before so what you can say is while I gave you the range of 75 to 80 and that is pretty you know close to where I'd like to be but now that I've had a chance to look through the details of the offer and I understand I mean what can go into this right you got bonuses we don't know how they're paid quarterly you only semi-annually based on your performance company performance or whatever you've got other things 401k matches you could have profit sharing or phantom stock distributions all that good stuff you've got vacation days you've got dollars allocated for training you've got all kinds of other expenses that are allocated to you who knows your cell phone this and that I mean whatever there's a ton of stuff so you look at it all and then make your counter so the simple answer to your question is yes you should continue negotiating the one thing that I do want you to do is as soon as you get the offer I want you to plant the seed that you are going to come back with a counteroffer and my favorite expression for that one is you know is there any wiggle room and you need to be able to make sure that you plant that in their mind so that they don't assume you are agreeing to the offer and by the way this happens a lot somebody gives you an offer you don't say anything even if you want to think about it and come back and make a counteroffer if you don't plant the seed that you are coming back with a counteroffer a lot of employers assume that silence is compliance and that you are happy with it so what I always like to do is almost no matter what and I say almost no matter what because if they absolutely absolutely destroy your number and they totally blow you away to the point where it would be insulting for you to ask for more money then you might want to think about it but I always liked to plant the seed is there any wiggle room and then every time you ask a question you need to be prepared for every single response I'm not gonna go through the whole dichotomy and and and flowchart of all the different responses they can give you I just want you to make sure that you plant some seeds in in right at that moment that you receive it whether that's on the phone or whether that's in person and when I say receive it I'm not talking about email I don't want you to email back to them is there anyone when you actually speak to somebody just mention is there any wiggle room I'd like to look this through but I want to understand if this is you know massage herbal basically so yes the short decks the short and so the long answer is what I gave you hope that helps great question animal hey to you it's okay buddy whenever you come you come William Collins buddy I want to say thank you for that entirely overly generous remark by the way I was recommending to for read and to toot 'enter about how to find your gift and I believe William if I may I hope this isn't embarrassing you because he's out there on site he says the best video on the internet so I appreciate that you know it's it was pretty damn fun we did it in a live show and then I clipped it out for you it's a shorter version but I hope you all take that in you know throw it on in the car or whatever it's uh it's it's it's it's it's pretty good it's a good thinker so but William great to have you and you know just great to have you on the channel and in the community Sarah how you doing hope to see you tomorrow – Steve gee Steve gee Tina T is it possible to delay an offer if I'm trying to hold out for a potential offer from another company Tina anything's possible so let me give you this is a great question by the way I want to answer Tina's question that I want to do some renouncement for the Newton the new players it's a Tina and everybody else managing multiple offers is a delicate situation obviously we all want to make sure that we are choosing the one that's best for us now I always say I want you the ultimate victory for you in anything that I want to help you with is finding the job you want and is you know a number of you I know this happens because I get emails or I get comments on the YouTube channel every day about this hey I've got multiple interviews going the one I really want is lagging the one that I'm about to get the offer or that's moving ahead or whatever I always believe and in this is proven out over all the organizations that I've worked with the job candidates that we have handled as part of our recruitment firm so I run a recruitment firm I'll walk we have jab candidates some of those job candidates are in situations like you were where they're interviewing with our client their interview with other people so when I always tell everybody my clients then everybody involved always communicate where you are with what situation so if this was me I would say to the company that is behind ok hey I am about to get an offer from another company but I really like your company because that's true I am only sharing this because I want I want to make sure that I don't miss out on the opportunity to continue with you do you have any update as far as what the timing would be for the you know for the rest of the process should it go well are there other candidates about how long do you I'm just trying to get an idea because I would like to be respectful to the other company who is about to give me an offer and I want to let them know that I still am interviewing with you ok you go to the other company the company that's about to give you the offer and you want to make sure that they recognize that you are receptive to the offer you want the offer ok because you want to see it you don't want to delay the offer so you you what you want is you want the offer but you don't want to you want to delay your response to them that's what you want to do so you you let the company who's about to give you an offer hang on I just want to make sure I'm not hanging in here hey Cara is everything ok i'm i think i'm gonna have to refresh my screen and i think i'm gonna lose the chat because my screen is stuck shoot hang on folks i just i don't want to lose the i don't anybody else is heaven having trouble ok Cara can you slack me are you having trouble ok you have to refresh alright so listen I'm gonna have to refresh I'm gonna have to refresh and I'm at I'm at I'm at Tina T at 10:43 ok so you'll have to feed me the chat if I lose it ok all right folks hang on a second and sorry Tina okay I lost it and I did that I have Sam at 11:16 so you got to get me between Tina and Sam okay so Tina so so continue continuing on when you got the company that's leading you just want to say to them I'm receptive to the offer and I I've communicated with the other company that I'm interviewing with I want to you know I would like to finish out with them but I really would like to work through this with you because I'm very fond of the opportunity to work with you can you work with me on the timing now their answer to that is going to be dependent on many many things of which you do not have any control over other than how much they love you okay so so when they if they love you they're gonna want to wait it out but you need to be reasonable – you need to respect their time so you gotta go to them see what they say then you need to go back to the other company and you got to communicate with them hey I've communicated with this other company I've let them know I want to finish out with you here's what they told me or I need to make a response by or whatever it is and you just got to be upfront and you got to go back and forth the absolute worst scenario and this is not a awful scenario it's just the worst case is you get the offer they don't want to wait for you you accept it okay then you make sure you give them some notice before you go there and you keep going and you just try to finish out with the other one I know that's not a great situation but they forced your hand and you don't want to look over your shoulder because if you if you go into that other company and you quit that interview when you could have finished it out and possibly gotten your dream job you're gonna be bummed and you're gonna you're gonna regret it and I would rather you have a little egg on your face and you live with that then you regret the fact that you have liked to work for that company and feel like you made a bad choice so I hope that all made sense sorry about the refresh I don't know what the deal was there but and we're getting your we're getting your chats back so I'm gonna wait kara is is feverishly giving me let's see 10 47 i F is that issah or isa I don't how you approach your name you should let me know that I see you have been very kind to me on LinkedIn and YouTube so thank you and I'm glad you like the catalogue folks I notice all this stuff I read all my comments and I appreciate I appreciate that okay I F when doing a boss hunt on LinkedIn what do I say and do I ask for a connection so go and watch the boss hunting video I give you the exact templates of what to say in the message do not ask for a connection so I as a matter of practice I do not favor sending somebody on LinkedIn a connection request when you do not know them and need something from them so I'm an open okay so I'm an open networker it says you are welcome to connect with me on my LinkedIn profile if you send me a connection request I would prefer that you say hey Andy Oh Andy I'm watching your videos I really like him they're helping me would you mind connecting no connect we're all good okay there's some context or I saw something you posted on LinkedIn I love that quote card I hear you really inspire me would you like to connect sure no problem then I get a bunch of blind ones the blind ones that I get generally means within a day a half a day an hour or a minute I'm gonna get a sales pitch and then I kick them back and I say that's rude don't do that okay so what I don't recommend for job seekers is just blindly trying to connect with people whether it's a boss potential boss or whether it's somebody in the organization that you're trying to net with or whether it's with an HR person or a recruiter or whatever you there's nothing wrong with a little foreplay right so like get out there to them hey whatever it is I admired your background I would love to get connected online with you because I you know I'm in the middle of my job search I'm trying to develop connections with with like-minded people in the you know in the community in the industry in organizations like yours or whatever would you be open to connect do not send them the request send them a message I don't care if you email them directly you send them a LinkedIn in mail or whatever you do but I just I I think it's worth the two steps I think it's worth the two steps so that's what I would suggest on that one I'm that one and that goes for anybody and then Lorena for the last one I used your template and I've applied for a job at a company that checks all the boxes great they have an ATS but I decided to also send my resume via email to the HR no you didn't ruin your chances at all I I don't listen I don't have a problem with you guys put in your resume in an applicant tracking system I want you to know the statistics that even if you are wholly qualified 97% of those resumes actually 96 to 98 percent depending on your level actually in some it's 99 don't get seen by a human even if you're qualified we have way too many case studies in in the bootcamp where people will put the resume in the applicant tracking system and Mike gonna coach Akali stop that don't do that goal you're gonna have to target somebody then they'll then they'll immediately contact somebody and then the HR person the recruiter the whoever says hey this is great you should come in for an interview sure because no one saw the the resume they got a automated bond letter within 5 minutes or an hour and so so it's not ruining your chances I don't have any problem with you going to routes I favor go and direct and emailing somebody and giving them a chance at least a few days to look at it I like a week but that's ok if you send it to the HR person and you put it in the applicant racism that's ok that's totally ok no problem no problem and if somebody the recruit seize it or whoever's looking at there could be a there could be many people looking at the applicant tracking system submissions some companies have a screener that person sole job is to look at resumes that's it that's all they do and maybe they maybe they send emails on behalf of a busy recruiter outbound maybe okay then you got a recruiter some companies might have the recruiter screening the applicant tracking system and be the screener and the recruiter all-in-one that's fine you got other companies where they've got just an HR person no recruiter maybe that HR person we got a client right now that we work with the VP of Operations she's got a VP title she runs all apps and all back-office and admin functions like accounting HR recruitment and so on she has no recruiter none zero just got like an HR person it's a hundred person company so you know they're every company's a little different and you don't know I mean unless you're doing good detective work to see is there a recruiter there does it look like there's somebody I can send that directly to and so on and it's easy to get email addresses very easy and if you're in the boot camp I'm gonna show you how to do that and you actually it's already in the boot camp because this isn't in session three but all right hope that hope that helps so no and then I F again what do I do if someone at my targeted company has looked at my LinkedIn profile you do nothing you do nothing don't one thing I would tell all of you that I would stop doing I know I know I know you're not gonna listen to me by my saying anyway cuz it's gonna make me feel bad it makes no difference who looks at your LinkedIn profile you don't know what they looked at it for you don't know if they liked it didn't like it care don't care we're in the middle of something I gave an example we were talking on one of my monthly coaching sessions about how we're doing a search and then like one afternoon I looked at 800 profiles on LinkedIn open shut open shut open shut open shut because I was looking for something really specific does that mean because I looked at you profile there's nothing wrong with you you just didn't fit what I was looking for so there's nothing or maybe I got a call maybe I got something I got sidetracked and I have to go back to my my mind schematic and my my run through my research there's I would not be spending any time and I would never email somebody and say I saw you looked at my LinkedIn profile may enter you of it are you interested hey I'm doing this and that it it's it's a little it's a little it's not cool it's not good it's not good no good so don't do anything don't do anything all right wait one other thing I want to I want to run back because I know not okay it's 11:45 we can keep going I got my little list here and stuff I want to tell you boot camp tomorrow covering salary and in June we've got another coaching session there are a couple of hours each we're going through finding finding people and email addressing but you get the whole boot camp you get all the modules immediately when you jump in and then in July there's three strings into in August and we run those right in a row I think somebody asked a question about what's the difference between this session and the boot camp the one thing that you have to know about the boot camp and I would check out the boot camp page is it is a highly structured like a-to-z framework of everything that you need to do in the order in which you need to do it in order to identify and secure your dream job it's there's a structure there's strategy to it there's a framework there's a system meaning it's packaged it says do this first I teach it here's all the assets do this next I teach it here's all the assets and so on it goes through self-discovery it goes through marketing yourself and all the assets that you need with the resume the cover letters the LinkedIn profile and so on it it teaches you how to search meaning bringing yourself to the market in a proactive way to target the places that you want to go and get to where you want to go not in a react react shanira mode but literally targeting yourself it's all the networking it's all the networking templates it's all that stuff it's interviewing it's all the salary stuff and then there's some niche things like how to evaluate small companies how to make sure that you know how to you know tee up your you know your return to the workforce hi I mean there's a number of other things that are very very specialized the level of detail that is in the bootcamp is so far beyond anything that I put on the public site that's what you pay for so so there's that the other thing about the bootcamp that this format does not give you is the boot campers have an excessive number of private live coaching with me and and whenever they have a question they can just go put it in the system and I answer it for them so there is a community inside that is communicating and getting my responses you basically have me at your fingertips there's no way I could do that for the the hundreds of thousands and millions of people that see my stuff free I do this as a public service to the community because I love engaging and you all make me a better coach but at the end of the day there's only so much I can give away for free so the level and I actually a couple of weeks ago I even put up an email when we were going right into kind of a long stretch of bootcamp coaching sessions every week for like four or five weeks about one of the individuals Dave and who said he was a little reluctant cuz he watched 80 videos of mine on YouTube he said and then I was a little hesitant but I got into boot camp and I can't believe how much deeper and and it's the organization people pay for the organization they pay for the depth and the system and the framework and they pay for the excess that's a big deal and you also get the career accelerator program and there's a whole bunch of other stuff and you get lifetime coaching in the boot camp meaning you can keep coming back as long as you want there's like 24 live sessions so it's like 50 hours of live coaching a year so it's it's it's different it's it's it's deeper it's and there's a lot more stuff in it so whoever asked that question all right let me go back I want to get the calendar you got the catalog and let me let me just keep going with your questions for now kara can youcan you hit the chat again with the links all right mr. Mobius I think that's where I was mister Mobius my contact sent my resume to the division head but an offer was already extended okay watching for too much but no new openings posted my contact shared their names should I reach out to the boss directly yes so everybody we in our lives have never had an experience that we were not at the absolute center of okay so we walk around on this world and I don't know what it's like to be any of you I can be empathetic I can process the world as best I can and project but I've always experienced this world as me mr. Mobius you're always experiencing this world as you and what often happens is when we go through whatever the experience is and in your case one transaction where you sent the resume the offer was extended you didn't hear back and so on and you assume everything's done but what you don't know what's happening in that world is is that person working out are they considering hiring somebody else what else could be going on there's a video that I have out there about how to get the job after being rejected there are several dozen people who have sent me emails that have said I used that technique and got a job at that company using that exact technique that you gave it was either I got the job I interviewed for or I got a different job at the company that not the one I was interviewing for that's the people who've actually let me know this so I want to give you the same advice that although you didn't get rejected you just didn't get it a swing at the plate so what I would do is I would say I would actually send person and email and say hey well here's what I would have done at that moment when they extended the offer and I knew that my friend or my contact walked in walked my resume to a hiring official and they did not reach out to me because they hired somebody which is totally fine I would have emailed that person and said I'm so bummed out I really would have loved to based on what my friend told me based on my research based on my whatever I really would have loved to work with you I would love just to you know make this connection I wanted to send you this message I want to let you know I'm interested and if anything else changes will you please let me know then I would have said by the way I would love to also take this as an opportunity to just develop a connection with you is there any you know you can see I'm in the middle of my job search is there anybody else that you know either inside your organization or outside your organization that could use my services and would you mind connecting I'm LinkedIn and so on and I would use that as a networking opportunity that's what I would have done I never I always want you guys thinking every transaction every communication every interaction it doesn't matter who the interactions with it doesn't matter who the company is doesn't matter who the person inside the company is that person is now an asset for you they're not a gatekeeper they're not an obstacle they're not a learn asset how do you make them an asset if they say no what can you do to turn them into an asset a networking asset or whatever asset be kind go out with clay whatever but never never give up never give up and the more that you think that way is you head into every interaction you will always be looking at oh I wish I had the card handy I had we I think we talked about this last week or the week it was last week in the bootcamp sessions about every interaction that you go into every email that you go into everything that you do everything that you say every thing that you do what can I do to get a positive outcome out of this no matter how it turns out what can I do positively what can happen positively how can I turn it into a positive so in your case you had a golden opportunity to gain an ass there it's not over you can go back and you can just do give them little I said this 1150 whatever in 1153 go back rewind this and and take my language and send that to that to that to that hiring official for sure don't don't take no for an answer okay if there's silence you can't do anything but if there's a response you can and that's what I would do and it's been two months now and and now you're gonna have to refresh his or her memory about that but always be thinking that way all right Leticia Leticia see God we're not even no 11 o'clock yet alright I had an interview scheduled this week and the interviewer didn't call I had an interview scheduled do I even bother contacting this they never that is just horseshit Leticia I I'm gonna I'm gonna tell you two things I'm gonna give you my opinion which is they're not worthy of you if that's how they behave that's nuts wait life happens anything could have happened if I have an interview with somebody and I'm not dead as but somebody my family died whatever I would have gotten to somebody to communicate to you that we have to reschedule this so I don't care what is going on somebody from that company should know to contact you that's the first thing and I don't care if that was like three hours ago so any time this week the second thing that I would do is I would contact whoever your quarterback is so whether that's the HR person the recruiter or if the small company maybe it's a hiring official or whatever that's what I would that's what I would do I you know it's up to you how you feel about it but the one thing that I would do is I would remember that this was your your interaction with them I don't know if this is your first interaction with them that's really saying something so but no I mean it you know when you s do I even bother I would I would contact them and I would say you know I'm gonna give you a chance to explain this but I'm not gonna forget it right I'm not gonna tell them that but I'm that's what we go to my head I'm with you I totally agree I've just now seen the other thing about I don't listen you know right people crucify candidates for making a mistake in an interview this is not only a mistake it's bad form and bad etiquette and that's even worse in my opinion all right be Mars have freelance bookkeeper for many years how do I present my professional experience chronologically I not if you've been a freelancer what are the I'm trying to think if I have hey Carrie you know what for be Mars can you get her the the video link on contractor I have a video out there folks and be Mars you should check this out how to go from contractor slash self-employed to full-time employee and that's your that's your answer but we do I have a specialty section in the bootcamp for all the unique situations like returning to the workforce employment gaps contractors and self-employed people and freelancers trying to get full-time positions how you lay your resume out for all of these conditions I don't know I'm trying to think if I have one other thing that you might want to check out I have thirty common resume questions I have a video it's one hour and I think one of them might be this situation but you you ultimately just want to put be Myers Inc or B Meyer sole proprietorship you want to have a little summary served as a freelance bookkeeper for you know small to medium sized businesses performing you know and then list some specific functions then what you do is you know company ABC or your large manufacturer or whatever you want to put you put the name of the company out there and then you know what it is that you did then you could put the ears and then the next one and so on you don't have to list every single project what you could do depending on how many years that you've been doing this you said many many could be five many could be twenty five you could have a supplemental document that you don't necessarily circulate until you until they request it but you could ask them if they want that lists all your projects but on your resume I would keep it reasonable but I would just I would just list them whatever they are but I would check that Kirsty B for boot camp I sent a boss hunter email to a company that were advertising okay so you knew there was a position few days later a recruiter called me to put me forward awesome I'm assuming so Kirsty a few days later the recruiter called me okay they want to put me forward again Hannah I'm not I'm not found this you sent the boss hunting email to a company oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh sorry Kirsty Justin okay wait so you're in the boot camp and I don't know if you're gonna be with me tomorrow I know it's late your time but if I if I'm not getting this exactly how you need it going to the boot going to the boot camp and then put it in the quickly ask me the question and then I'll respond right away but I think I got what you're asking so Kirsty sent this is an interesting situation and actually not one that I think I've addressed ever publicly so what she did was she sent a an email directly to a hiring official or who she thinks as a hiring official a few days later an outside recruiter a third party or an executive search firm called her and said hey I want to put you in this company where she had sent the email now Kirsty what you didn't tell me is did the hunted boss respond to you and did he forward your information to the recruiting people or to the HR people or whoever's in charge of this and the only reason that this stuff is important is because there are what's called stimulation of interest clauses in contracts that third party recruitment firms have with companies and so like for example with muck with mile walk we're a search firm we have contracts with companies in our contract it says if we present somebody do you no matter who they are they are ours I don't care what they did I don't care if they submitted their resume to you I don't care if they called you a hundred times I don't care whatever if we're bringing them to you we have recruited them and we were the stimulators of interest therefore the person is ours most recruitment firms don't have that clause they have a clause that says hey if if if we found the person first or the person found us so the stimulation of interest was their applicant tracking system or an inside employee or whoever then the recruitment firm might not be given credit in which case the recruitment firm would not want to bother spending their time with you if they're not gonna get paid okay so what you need to do is you need to know did the boss respond to you and what did the boss do with your stuff the boss might not have ever seen your email or opened it could have ignored it deleted it could afford it it HR maybe not who knows what I would say is here's how I would handle it I'd go to the recruiter and say listen I didn't know you were gonna call me otherwise I had just waited cuz you are better off going through the recruitment firm just so you know because you're gonna get help from the recruiter so I would go to the recruiter I would tell the recruiter I don't office a he or she exactly what you did and say I I sent this to them now I'm happy to give you my resume and you can submit me because I haven't gotten a response if you have gotten a response I would make sure that the recruiter knows this so that if the recruiter submits you and somebody says to her will this you know kirsty sent you know our our guy or gal above this beautiful email that was you know we were gonna call her now that's kind of crappy because they didn't call you yet and the recruiter got to them first but that's a touchy situation I is me I go to the recruiter tell the recruiter what I did let the recruiter take you forward and the Mac Rooter will hash it out with them you're not gonna get penalized I just don't want you to I don't want the recruiter to be embarrassed because the recruiter is your best asset right now because the recruiter knows the company and should be able to coach you prep you handle you and so on that's what I would do I think I got that right all right Pete Olsson what qualities are employers interested in when hiring a manager leader with no previous paid managerial experience Pete every company's a little different and I will tell you this so when I'm hiring someone to lead someone you do not need okay just because somebody has years of managerial experience does not mean that they're a great manager or a great leader so I look for different types of leadership qualities but most the qualities that I look for are you know does the leader build more leaders does the leader inspire people to be their best so I would be looking at you asking you to tell me how you have motivated people in the past I could get a sense from communicating with you if you're articulate if you're energetic if you're influential and a lot of the other things that I would be looking for I can actually pick up on that okay through your direct communication with me but what I would also want to know that you have a history of is getting people to rise to the occasion and so now just because you don't manage them doesn't mean you don't get them right I once had a position where I was a senior staff consultant and it was my job to optimize an entire unit in what is now British Petroleum but it was amico back then about getting a like 40 person unit that purchased all the material internationally for amico and set up all the contracts all the stuff that they bought to set up gas stations and stop and shops and car washes and all stuff and I had to get them to completely change what they did the way they did it and so on now they I was not managing them I was guiding and consulting and then drawn up the strategy and the implementation and so forth if they were able to take that and go and alter it and it led to optimization more profit that's leadership – and that's influence and those kind of those kind of stories need to be told so if you are you know working with customers whether internal external or peers or others those are the kind of stories I would be packaging up the other thing I would do sort of to be funny and sort of not is I have a leadership mentoring program that you should be in and that is we've already gone over the programs like three four months old we've gone through building confidence we've gone through focus we've gone through decision making and how to set the right goals where you're making the right decision where something takes years to do and then coming up in a few weeks is on building trust it's pretty cool and the building trust isn't about silly stuff like you know do what you say you're gonna do follow through always be on time that's crap and nonsense and everybody knows that but how does your internal congruence and the way that you approach the world and how you think and process and all that good stuff how does that affect your ability and your your congruence affect your ability to build trust externally because it all starts this way so that's what that session is gonna be about I mean it's pretty cheap and if you jump in you get the past stuff too and the career accelerator so that's something to consider it's pretty cheap it really I mean the values high are Daniel Mahesh my Asst hi Andrew last Friday had third round interviews they said they wanted to continue discussions with me asked me for three references awesome and I am now waiting okay what is the likelihood they are going to make me an offer I have no idea I literally have no idea because I I'm assuming that asking for references is a good indication however I would have asked when they asked for the references what why they were asking so obviously I know this is a natural course of an interview process and a lot of companies check references does this mean an offer is imminent I would have asked so if I got an offer what would the maximum time to start the new jobs acceptable is one month too much one month is not too much however there are a number of factors that go into that as a statistic the okay the further away your signature date is from your start date the further away this is the less likely you show up and it doesn't mean it was your fault the company can bail out on you find somebody else you might have a change of heart something goes wrong and if I gotta wait 30 days to start there's a whole lot of bad stuff that can happen between this date and this date okay that's okay now you also have to factor in that you want to resign you want to give a two-week notice that's generally customary and then you probably want a couple days to clear up this nugget up here okay so if you said to me well it's Thursday May 30th and I want to start on June 30th and I'm gonna I'm gonna sign today now what I would say is you signed today you resigned tomorrow and you give them two two weeks and then you got a two-week get that's not the end of the world I would try to shrink it to three but you know if it's let's say Monday or Tuesday and you don't want to resign until Friday you want to get your things in order you want to make sure you got your files copy you know moved off you and get your resignation letter you got to do all your stuff sometimes there's a background check you know all that stuff can can occur and for very senior positions sometimes you can't just – out in two weeks so there's a lot that goes along with it and since I don't know all that my answer to your question is one month is not too much if I'm you know in depending on when the data is some companies delay start dates because some are like you know smallish publicly traded companies and to put a senior exec on the bill you know when I could wait till the first of a new quarter and so on manners sometimes it doesn't all kinds of stuff comes into play all right let me see how we doing 12:09 all right I got a I don't know how many more questions there but I think I got a whole bunch here in this slack thing all right Loreena but no but new does the applicant tracking system show all the versions of the resume I've updated or just the last one I might have submitted one with a couple of mistakes Loreena I I don't know um some applicant tracking systems ours for example when we import your resume it retains all the other ones and then we have this little thing that says boat this is her primary resume now and there's a little red thing with a check mark so I think everyone's different I would not worry about that you got a new resume you want to submit just go ahead and submit it Joseph I'm being considered for a consult position at a company where I wasn't hired as a permanent employee previously how can I sell myself during my contract to make them consider me permanently so one of the things that I highly recommend and for any of you that are considering this like Joseph or meaning that you are in a position where you are either starting a new job about to start a new job our a contractor that is looking to try to transition from a con tract to a permanent employee or or temp to perm they call it or whatever of that nature I just got done mentioning my leadership monthly live program which is great for everybody but when you join that leadership monthly live you get my five module career accelerator program the reason I mentioned that's a $400 program that you get and you could jump in for 49 bucks and then you can watch the program the the first module is on your first 90 days and have the twelve things you need to do starting on day one and then continue for the three months and for you Joseph one of the things that I would do that's part of those 12 steps is whether you're a full timer by the way this is whether you're a full timer or whether you're a contractor looking to convert you have got to have clarity on what the success metrics look like that's for anybody but it's especially important for you to say okay the contract set for you know I don't know 90 days could be could be 180 days could be 270 it could be could be could be a whole year what you know I'm interested in working at this organization full time I interviewed for a full-time position that's okay but I loved it so much I want to take this contract could you give me an idea of what I need to accomplish for you to consider me for full time you know what will I have neat what will I need to do and then I would treat your stay there just like you were an employee literally I would get to build the relationships with people I would also as a matter of balancing your portfolio go meet people in other departments make sure that you are getting to know as many people in the organization as possible start building relationships with other people in the company if that's possible I don't know what the size of the company is but I mean and it could be any you know it could be any size that they have mean small hire contractors large hire contractors so I would start to diversify myself just from a relationship standpoint because if there are other opportunities within the organization when your contract ends you might be able to move into another into another unit the other thing that I would is I probably would not stop interviewing and I would I would interview while I was a contractor as best you can I know you need to dedicate yourself to doing a good job at that company but there's no guarantee that and I don't know how long the contract is so if if you do end up getting a full-time position I would go back to the company and say hey I want to work here I got this opportunity for full-time with you know when a good company it's got benefits and all that good stuff you know is there an opportunity for you to convert me do that you've got leverage that's what I would do and I would get in my I would get in my leadership program and grab that career celery all right Caroline or Carolyn I should say blue collar you're a welder do you have any advice I do resume samples for us folks so Carolyn you can use the same resume you might I don't know if you have if you do have a college degree if not that's okay maybe you have an associate's degree if you have a high school diploma that's fine too maybe you don't maybe you don't have a huge highlights section but you could you could talk about the career profile you can I mean I had a buddy he's a welder lives in Florida is a super high school buddy of mine we'd the same thing with his resume he's got us a little story at the top then he's got you know his his the places he's worked and just the professional experience you could use the same template if you don't want to overdo it and you don't want to go super elegant or have all those highlights or maybe you know maybe the educational section isn't you know isn't as robust as somebody with multiple degrees that's okay you could still use the same template I mean it's not you know it's a matter of how much content is in there all right Mike Elliot I mean yep go through interview intervention and working with stories of field stars aren't that great okay what's the question I'm not sure what the question is so what the stories aren't dead great I I'm not sure how to answer that I really am NOT I you know follow the storytelling principles the stories will be good they won't atom start any big fan how you doing buddy I appreciate all the effort you put into the community and the resume profile if you're a sales person and you refer to yourself as such how should a career changer reserve to themselves if they want to do something they've not done before Adam you've got to go to the career change or playlist and I talk about resumes people while they are a history of what you've done they do not serve the purpose of encapsulating your history the purpose of the resume is to get a job interview that's all that's all it does okay the best way to do that for a job interview for a position you want is to think forward not backwards so while you are a salesperson or whatever you all of you who whatever you are if you don't want to be that anymore what is it that are from a capabilities standpoint those traits those characteristics those skills and other things that whatever the position is that you're moving toward what are those and how do you highlight in your resume that you are that and you can genera size the terms if you'd like right if you want to be a marketer you can use business development if you are looking to change to something else where you want to be more creative you can use that nomenclature but you want to accentuate how you have the skills and the capabilities that are required to do the future job not what you did in the past I go into detail on this in the in that career changer stuff and as a matter of fact that three-day live event that I was talking about July 9th through 11th we are still finalizing the agenda of the the different teaching portions of that and we are toying with the career changer for that so you might get some more stuff there too I know it's a month out but it's still it's still will be there Gayle how are you hey Andrew I'm going for a final interview tomorrow and how do I get to say I need to take some time before I would sign the contract Gail I would go back to what I shared who was it I can't remember who that was but but same kind of thing just want to be upfront do you have some other things going here's what I need here's the time I need and so on Brandon do you have any examples of successful career changers that didn't have to sacrifice salary yes as a matter of fact a few weeks ago we had a few boot campers in here and over 50 year olds that changed careers after 50 didn't take a pay cut seems impossible if you are the household breadwinner I will say this about everybody anybody whether it's Brandon or anybody else you're thinking is flawed that's right your thinking is flawed when you are concerned about things you're gonna have to do without pay cut you're gonna have to take people won't want to hire me I'm too young I'm too old I don't have enough this I don't have enough that you guys got to stop that nonsense okay that is those limitations are up here all right when you open yourself up and you have faith that you will be able to do it you will figure out how you need to make that transition so you didn't give me any insight on what you were changing from to what you were changing to there are several dozen people that I've worked with in the boot camp who thought the same thing and they wanted to go from sales to marketing they wanted to go from this to that they wanted someone in the mix like pivots someone to totally change and get out of what they were doing to go somewhere else and it's about looking at it the right way thinking about what you need moving forward you've got to sell yourself there are I have a dozen videos out there on what you need to do to build that brand there are ways that you can start right now working toward getting yourself known as someone who has knowledge in that space don't think that your your job history is the only place that you can have that expertise what about writing articles what about being involved in networking groups what about contributing to those markets in those communities what about volunteering what about all of that other stuff that you can do now it I don't know what you're going from I don't know what you're going to I don't know how much you earn I don't know where you live all these things contribute but there are ways to open up those possibilities you live in a small town we had a guy was an apps guy in rural here's again rural Pennsylvania he was an apps guy for a small cup desert Victor brew camber ops guy for a small company decided there wasn't enough opportunities there thought he was underpaid went to Washington DC we gave we handed him the networking templates we taught him how to drum up meetings in a different place he goes there stays of the friend gets a CFO job at a credit union that's changing crews I mean that like and he got a 25 percent pay increase so this is this can be done this can be done but you got to get rid of that I mean this is tough flow I do love you everybody needs this you need to know that well you were use words like impassable then it's gonna be impossible you don't use words like impossible and like I can instead of I shouldn't I wouldn't I couldn't whatever you're gonna get there you're gonna get there I mean we can go out actually Kelly well I don't know if she's Kelly's here Kelly did the trifecta right over 50 was I don't wait no job over 50 change careers pay increase so it's it's it's it's it's it's it's there it's there okay how am i doing I'm going at 12:30 so wait for those of you guys still here I'm gonna try to jam it as many more of these as I can all right boot camps tomorrow I'm off until the 27th of June check the calendar meet me in San Francisco get the catalog get the catalog get the catalog and don't miss the July 9th through 11th session and and and Brandon I'm sorry if that was hard but you can man come up all right Kathleen I'm gonna do my best it's you know what my family is really jamming me up with stuff but I'm gonna do my best sanchita is that I say it how to inform potential employer that I can work remotely and travel rather than relocating just do it say you know what I am open first thing is employers become fairly flexible when you show them you got the goods so here's what happens I gotta if I got an employee okay I I work care and I a little tiny little mile walk powerful little company if I would prefer that you live in Scotland area if we work together whether you're a contractor with me or whatever if I'm gonna hire you if we've got if you've got the goods and you live somewhere else instead of asking you to relocate I would be okay with doing video calls and whatever if you are really good you're up to speed you know the space and it's worth it because you're that much better but if I need to coach you up and train you and all that good stuff I'm gonna be more reluctant to let you be remote because I need you with me so you know this kind of stuff what I always say is when you go into the process you don't want to start negotiating on the screening call one of the things I can't damn I can't remember the the video I did this but I went and I talked at length about how in the screening process you need to be more concerned about saying something that will screen you out then worrying about what the recruiter sorcerer screener or whoever is asking you tell me about a time when how would you do this whatever you're gonna you'll be fine there in the screening process where most people lose out is because they say something like well I don't want to relocate or I don't want travel I don't wanted this or that right what you need to say is I'm pretty flexible you know my preference would be to stay where I am because I'm rooted and I have family here whatever but I'm really open to doing whatever I can to make sure that we're successful so if I need to relocate we can consider that if I'm you know may need to spend a couple days a week you know here for the first X months I'm open to that working remotely I'm open to that I'm open to traveling wherever I need to be and so you just want to make them feel you're open so you buy yourself time so you can evaluate the opportunity you may love it so much that you might want to relocate I don't know that you will maybe it's not a good thing for you I don't know but one thing I would not do is I would not eliminate possibilities and having discussions with companies because you think there's a hard-and-fast situation we've had hiring officials say this true story many times over I need you to hire me somebody in Chicago we go we start searching and searching can't find him find him we can't convince him to come and talk to you all right let's go to Milwaukee let's go to Ohio you know go to Pennsylvania if you need to you know what heck we got Skype in Canada right like this stuff happens and and sometimes as time goes on so things change so even though people are dead set on something or companies are dead sent something you never know just don't don't knock yourself out don't knock yourself out of the process all right I'm still in the slack thing a B I'm thinking about quitting a $60,000 a year desk job out of I'm assuming you mean boredom to a trade skill job but worrying about regretting it how to choose the right job how to find your gift check those out I would check the you science thing Tim Bissell trying to decide what to do most important to me is my time awesome do I continue to search for a full-time position or contract myself in the traits Tim the freedom you know that freedom ain't free that's really true I have a lot of freedom and a ton of stress I worked all weekend on Memorial weekend from the 6:30 in the morning till the time my head hit the pillow Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday I got freedom I got a lot of freedom so that's not a complaint but these kind of things happen so you have got to be ready this is a reality of it you got to be like I would rather work 24 hours a day for myself than one minute for somebody else that's just me so when you think about freedom free I have to wake up and generate money every day I have to you know what I mean I have to pay people I have to pay the mortgage I had to do all those things so there's something about a steady paycheck where the cost and the pain you know one outweighs the other right the steadiness and the safety are outweighed by your boredom and then you move on so I can't answer that for you but I just as a piece of advice as somebody who's managed multiple successful businesses for the last 15 years it it takes a lot to get that freedom it really it really does it really does and you will you will work a lot more and you will get paid a lot less until you stabilize it so you know I don't know what your situation is if you're Footloose and fancy-free and your expenses are low and you don't have a wife or kids or partner or whatever it is then you know I'm all for you giving it a try I just want you to do with your eyes open that's what I would say boy some of these questions are tough to answer I mean like all right George I left a company I disliked okay and basically took time off for two years seems the market hates this kind of gap it doesn't love it it doesn't love it George check my how to handle an employment gap video Erik Lindbergh at one we can order Sam hi Andy I had a disturbing experience a scream third party recruiter expressed biased against sir oh man how should I let the company know of my concern of this so Erik and just to be I'm not I'm not completely clear okay so you had a disturbing phone screen was the phone screen with the third party recruiter or was the phone screen with the company because you said the third party recruiter expressed biased against certain ethnic groups now I don't know what if that's your ethnic group or other ethnic groups and if what I if it's me if it's if it's me it's I'm a white male and that even is a discriminated group in some cases now I'm not you know crying poopoo or anything I'm just saying we have clients that come to us that say you need to hire me a woman or a minority or this or that like we have all that stuff too so if if I'm being discriminated against that's a different issue then you need to determine you know how you want to handle that and if you want to pursue any action if it's me and I'm interviewing with a company and I am NOT being discriminated against I probably would discuss that with the company after I was hired you know go through the process and say listen as a piece of feedback I want you to know that this recruiter is on and so forth now what you don't know we've had situations where we had one woman client of our CEO that that told me that she would not hire a certain ethnic group from us and it was an ethnic group that we likely would have produced a candidate from I can't control her I can't make she's the boss right she's our client she can run her company how she wants to this stuff is a reality but my view of the world is that this world is a big place and so I don't need to do work with her if she's gonna behave that way and we don't anymore right that's just we just don't and if we're working with companies who are behaving that way where they are discriminating against people that from a set of values perspective doesn't doesn't jive with me okay that's not my that's not my thing but I don't know your personal situation I don't know how badly you need this job I know there's an other factors that go into this but in some way shape or form I would probably communicate this but I would try to figure out when the right time to do that is so and I also don't know if it was you know the recruiter is telling you that the company has biases or the recruiter has biases so I'm not even sure what the entire situation is I don't like that situation I mean I just I think it's awful doesn't nothing do with you I'm just saying that think it's an unfortunate situation all right Julie M hi Andy once an offer has been extended to you how do you negotiate a higher salary with a company that has zero bonus structure so Julie the same way I would negotiate anything and what I want to do for you is I want you to check out I want you to head to my youtube channel I want you to type salary in the search bar and there are a number of salary videos I have a salary playlist as well if you want to look at the playlist and I would check those out and I give you to all the how Tunes there and sorry I'm scooting along folks I got it I got another meeting I got a run to beach girl goodness that you guys are filled okay wait let me I'm trying to get a few of these bootcamp questions so somebody's asking it's oh yeah listen okay I'm the bootcamp stuff here's how the bootcamp works when you get in the bootcamp which it's really good I mean it's we have so many I almost you know it's good it's deep when you get in there I everything is recorded everything is available I don't like wait to give you stuff I hate when people do that you get it all you want to go watch it on one day go ahead buckle up and go ahead and do that there is a comments section in there anytime you have a question you just go in and you ask me it doesn't matter where I am in the world every day I set time aside to go and answer the questions so you know if it's Tuesday and you got a question you ask me and every day I answer questions on Tuesday and Wednesday and Thursday it doesn't matter with them in California or your upper Mexico or wherever makes no difference so Cara supports it I support it system related stuff she handles all the content related stuff what do I do when I handle and I answer stuff every day it makes no difference where I am in the world because I'm here to support you then we have these stretches where we have live sessions usually at the end of the week we've been doing them on Fridays now and so we're wrapping up like a four five week in a row run of questions where you can come to like anybody who signs up today can come tomorrow and spend two hours with me and then in June we have another session a singular session and then in Ghent in July in August we have five weeks in a row of obsession so four times a year there's a cluster like that and those are awesome for asking us questions we've recently reshaped the format but you don't need to worry I'm I'm you should see what I do to answer the question get in there you will have love and support and you don't need to worry about that so anybody who's wondering I think there was a question or two on that let's see beach girl how important is LinkedIn so I think LinkedIn is I'm gonna give you the straight and skinny on LinkedIn it is by far the absolute worst social media platform as far as function goes it is very important notwithstanding for professionals pros this white collar folks if you are in the trades it's much less important that you be there if you are a white collar professional you should have LinkedIn profile our statistics over 15 years shows that if you are a white-collar professional and you have a LinkedIn profile you have an 8% chance of being found for your next job meaning somebody will find you and offer you a job so it is important it depends Beach Grill what your profession is and the my problem with LinkedIn is it's not democratic so the like like Google YouTube you know Twitter and whoever they show you the stuff right if if I want to go live on Facebook or YouTube or Twitter or wherever I can reach you if you're following me even Facebook LinkedIn doesn't allow that LinkedIn has a select group of people that it allows to go live it has a select it is now becoming incredibly restrictive to who's seeing my stuff and so we've we've stopped using it in the format that we used to because of its all of its restrictions as a body of editors that picks and chooses what it wants to share it's very political and I just I just wanna my view of the world is everybody gets to put their content down I want you to choose I do not want them to choose and then there's different ways in which the search engine works and if you beach girl I would also point you to my video on how to get noticed on LinkedIn and I show you the mechanics of what to do to increase your chances but I don't know what your profession is so so if I did I could probably answer that a little bit better alright Gail I'm going for a final interview oh yeah I think I answered that one Suzanna I have several interviews like five and a month phone I'm a Oh are they these are with different companies okay five in a month phone first second but for some reason no offers I have no idea if it's your age if you were over 40 you are still a youngster in my book if you are over 50 that is not nearly a death sentence and if you're over 60 same thing so I don't know so there's always a concatenation too and Suzanna that goes for you and anybody else somebody will email me and say well I'm sending your boss hunting cover letter but it's not working well I don't know sent it to the right people are you is the language the right are you tired right is the resume look good is really just like eight things that have to occur so for you when you when you're not getting offers are you targeting the right companies you obviously are getting interviews so what that what that sort of says is that your resume is decent right you're getting you're getting opportunities if you're getting a job interview the ethically you're qualified otherwise an employer's not going to take their time out to talk to you now I don't know what you're doing in the interview so are you actually the most qualified maybe there's somebody else are you in you know are you going through and responding to the questions effectively do your stories have power and all that good stuff what I would highly recommend if you have not done it yet is watch three keys to a seni job interview that is an incredibly valuable you can watch it's an on-demand webinar the other thing and I didn't even mention this but the interview intervention book is I mean if you chip in seven bucks for shipping and handling I send it anywhere in the world you get the book two ebook the audiobook you get another ebook called how to interview the employer 27 or sorry 75 great questions to ask before you take any job you get all the stuff and I would look through that and I would see what I was doing whenever you enroll and you pay the seven bucks you get the ebook the audiobook the bonus book and all that stuff right away and you can get in you know we have a private LinkedIn group for the mile Locke Academy we have a private Facebook group which you can get in to too as well so I don't know I don't know what the deal is but no my first answer is always that it's not your age it's it's not I we just we see too many of these things where people plow through no matter what age they're we had a woman sixty years old in mania she got in the boot camp she said you know I left my job I'm in dire straits it doesn't look good you know this industry is bad they don't like this they don't like old women they don't like that and so on we got in did her resume I had a coaching session with her she not only got a job they expanded the role before she started to cover the entire u.s. in media in her space she's in Chicago and it was out of New York like this whole thing about like it's my age there's no jobs out there that's just not true it's just not true I'm not saying ageism isn't a thing there are there are some components to that but you can certainly combat that and I've talked about it I've got a video out there about job search advice for over 50 year olds it doesn't matter if you're 40 you can still watch it I've got a video out there on overcoming age discrimination in a job interview I have some others that are related to that I would I would take those in too so I I would I would strongly suggest those William Collins you are well yes awesome buddy great to have you I love that by the way if you are in the boot camp you get a discount a pretty good one on the leadership program and actually pretty soon you guys are all gonna be able to get another discount if you want if coming soon AVO how you doing my friend after three interviews now they have invited me for a panel interview yes I haven't recommendations for everybody I have a video out there about how oh god I'm not gonna remember the name but it's basically you gotta forgive me man there's almost 200 videos out there I bow head to the YouTube channel type panel interview in the in the search bar it'll come up right at the top but how to ace the panel interview or best way to win the panel interviewer something catchy like that all right Todd oh great time Russ loved your book in your course thank you question how do you one best answer what are your weaknesses Todd head to my youtube channel type in weakness there's the video right there I give you the answer for that one it's a you know ten minute five minute video on that one mr. mobi okay wait mister Mobius some say sugars like to reach out and hire people cut yes I was laid off should I leave my linkedin employment okay mister Mobius here's what I would do leave your LinkedIn as you are you know you could leave it to present or you could change it it's entirely up to you but here's what I always tell everybody good stuff happens to those people in motion meaning it's better for you to send a message to a potential hiring official than to wait like three weeks and try to like make it perfect just get it out there if you start sending messages to people and they and they you know you have to present on your LinkedIn profile and you're not getting any responses what do I do I change it to done and then I try sending them again and I see it's it's it's just it you're you all are in those of you that are job searching are in the ultimate marketing exercise and marketing is testing and you got to keep track of what's happening so if you send the boss hunting cover letter out and you're not getting hits where am i sending it who am i sending it to what's the resume I'm sending them what's the exact language right and so on you got to keep track of that stuff make some amendments to it try it again and see what's happening hey this version is testing a little better than the others we do that with you we are psychotic about the way I write the emails the language I use the subject line I use we have we have like emails that we send you guys value emails right doesn't that's it not sales emails I'm talking about we'll put the subject line up you get like 20 percent open rate change the subject line same email 45 percent open rate right it does both say they're telling you the truth of what's inside people just like that one better okay get that we'll use that from now on like I mean we do this all the time you guys are you like it or not you guys are very much like me in what I go through every day running my business just like with you with marketing yourself to two to two companies Jenny Hinkle had a phone interview today had a phone interview yesterday sorry I'm a little boy and now they want a schedule coffee interview sweet do you have any tips on how to handle a coffee interview this will be my first coffee interview versus an in-office Jenny I'm dead serious when I'm saying this just be you and don't spill your coffee on them okay it it's casual right but you still you still want to make sure you're prepped you got your stuff you got your list you know who the people are or the individual is you know their bio you know I'll sing sing just you know try to make sure that it's in a place where you can think and drink and you know at the same time and that you're not in a loud environment you want to just make sure don't don't sweat it don't sweat it okay wait I want to give you yes the the San Francisco meetup anybody who wants to stop on by I'm happy to shake your hand or give you a hug or whatever you do I'm a hugger but we're gonna be at the Linda and I my wife Linda who spells her name with a why is we're gonna be at the pub it's literally called the pub in Ghiradelli square it's on like Beach Street and it's a three o'clock local time that's just you know I need to I need to do some work in the morning and go for my run my wife will probably charge up our credit cards and while I'm working so whoever asked a question about the boot camp and stuff that's what I'll be doing in the morning and then I'll go for my run and we'll grab some lunch and my wife and I all walk around or whatever the shops are that she wants to go and then we're gonna go we'll meet you guys and anybody who wants to come is I would love to say hello I would love to meet you and I would love to introduce you to other people in the community and that would be great and if you a lot of you are gonna be local I would imagine then you get a chance to meet each other and so I just thought it would be a great thing and if you were in Chicago we're gonna be doing one of these too so but I just thought this would kind of be nice and if you were on my email list kara has probably scheduled it you will get an email in the morning if you go to the mile walk Academy calendar on the mile walk page and just click calendar I think the address and everything in the time is in it and so you below the calendar there are instructions on how to sync it to your you're not subscribing for anything you're just you're syncing our calendar with your calendar and so you know your little phone will pop up and it'll say live office hours and there's a link and you can go right to it so it's it's it's kinda neat and then like in my calendar so I have my calendar sync with that and so there's a little purple dot that says free live office hours show up Andy you know I mean and then next week it says the pub at three o'clock on Friday or whatever so it's it's pretty cool we're doing everything we can to make your lives easier so it's um it's pretty and then if you're in the paid programs there's also due dates for those but hey even if you're not in the paid programs you never know you might want to hate this leadership thing looks pretty cool I should check it out hey I'm available that day maybe I'll I'll jump in or whatever I mean so it's it's um you know we're doing whatever we can all right Sarah s who's a boot camper had a phone interview last week was told he would send me a questionnaire still have not received it should I continue to pursue yes Sarah and everybody else and Sarah you know how much I love you because you're in the your Sarah's in there she's asking me the question she comes to the sessions and I like this up it's always a matter of anybody all you you're all look you all good people you all got big hearts you want to do right by you your families and everybody else that you support these companies that behave this way that they don't do what they say they're gonna do they don't get back to you when they're supposed to heck they don't show up right we had one early on they're not showing up for their interviews that's a bad sign but it doesn't mean you gotta quit I want you to keep all that in context it is entirely up to you guys when you get in these situations whether you want to continue to pursue so I get to a point in my life and I know this is you may think it's easier for me to say than it is for you to do but you got to see some of the stuff I turned down like with searches and other things that could be big recruitment frees fees but I get to the point where I say you're not behaving the way that I would really want and as much as I would love and maybe need that revenue need that money need that relationship I've got to stick to what I believe in and I genuinely believe that people will treat you the way you coach them to treat you okay so if you let them step on you then they're gonna step on you and I would not let companies do that to me if I was you and I think you will be surprised I know it's very stressful to search for a job I had to do that once right like I understand what this is like so but but I think you might be surprised that when you stand your ground good things are gonna happen they really will whether it's okay you know Sarah what I would do hey I had a wonderful phone interview with last week I was super excited about this so you know so-and-so or somebody or you said you were gonna send me the questionnaire I just want to follow up since I haven't received it now if this is Friday last week and it's Thursday this week and we had a three you know that you're in the u.s. so you had to you know get a day off um you know it's only three days into this week if it's Friday now if it's Monday last week that's the whole week three days this week you're good that's pretty stretching it so I would say okay send it a message by next Friday if you don't have what they told you you were gonna get say listen I would probably call and say hey I was really interested in the opportunity it just seems like maybe it kind of fizzled out I want you to know I'm still interested you know let me know if it's still available and when they call you or email you they better damn well have an explanation like there better be an apology there's no apology I would just say you know what thanks but I'm moving on and to be honest with you I'll give you some feedback but if this is how you behave in the recruitment process I know that I would not want to work here let's be honest folks right the recruitment process for a lot of these companies is the best it's ever gonna be now that's not true for all companies right the really great companies they know how to pull you in and embrace you and help you grow but you're seeing the signs don't be surprised if that's what it's like inside so and you know me I want the best for you Sarah all right Adam L yeah why don't we get to Sam here geez okay Adam l should my resume focus on work experience or my recent gap which has been spent doing a lot of professional development I feel like my resume is coming off disorganized Adam first thing don't sweat it career profile okay career profile I got for all of you in damps like Adam or anybody who's had a gap somewhere along the way so if you're working cool now everything's going great but you had like a three year gap between 2012 and 2015 or whatever this applies to you so you go through your career profile if you don't know how to write the career profile go to the YouTube channel type career profile I've got a pretty sweet couple of videos and I show you exactly how to run it okay and there's a resume tips one where I show you samples at the last the back half or the last sentence of the second paragraph to paragraph career profile the the last sentence you can just say returning to the workforce after performing professional development doing whatever whatever it was give some context between 2015 so you know whatever return since 2015 so returning to the workforce after concentrating on professional development of what ever since 2015 that covers again now you're gonna have a professional experience section right little below that says something something to 2015 that's okay they know what you're doing now if you want instead of like I don't you know you you've been working six years I probably would have what you could do is independent know what your education looks like but you could have your education or your professional development and education section right underneath the profile if you want to show some continuity there and it's excessive and it's powerful and it's germane to what you're doing like somebody who's gone who took time off to go to paralegal school that's professional development to me it's schooling but who's switching from being an illegal administrator or whatever that matters I would put that up top if your professional development is germane to where you're going put it up top and when I say up top I mean below the career profile and then go into your professional experience that's what I would do and any of you that are in a gap or had a gap in between you can say you know performed family caretaking duties between 2012 to 2015 in your career profile and then you don't need to explain it in the in the resume it's already explained they're not gonna miss it if it's up top and highlight that chewy how do I talk about tasks activities that I did in one company without sounding like a robot I would talk about my accomplishments I would talk about my accomplishments to eat if you have not seen three secrets to get your resume noticed that's your answer Sam finally got do we get wait I got Sam here at 11:16 and Carrie you're giving me some additional so me am I caught up good god all right I'm gonna be late but I want to miss you guys all right listen real quick uh-oh am i if you got a refresh go ahead I hope I'm still going all right Tara I'm not I'm not sure if my thing froze again and I know we're getting to the end and I don't want to refresh it can you just tell me am I still talking you're still going okay I had to refresh culture okay hopefully I'm still going and folks if you need to refresh boot camp tomorrow check the live calendar we got a leadership monthly on the 20th I'm building trust in in July we're off the first week of live off saj because it's a 4th of July I'm sure I'll be working but we're off live office hours and the 9th through the 11th we have a workshop and then we start another all run in the boot camp on July 12th and then it's like July 19 July 26th August 2nd August 9th so check those out grab here grab your catalog so you can find your way around the place grab the interview intervention book it's chip in seven bucks the things free otherwise all right let me see it squeeze one more in here Sam best news each prospect jams screening discussion had you have solid resume awesome love it to here and then crew I had three phone interviews this week they all had salary caps so I passed on the one hand got three interviews coming up Sam don't pass on those don't pass on those don't worry about salary caps I mean unless it's like a government job salary caps are continuously broken money can be created out of lots of different places don't kill it before you get into it okay that just please don't do that ahaab should I apply for a job similar to one I have interviewed and haven't been accepted in the past in the same company if you want if you want you never know and I don't know how long ago it was that you didn't get it things could have changed requirements could have changed the hiring official might be different and so on okay folks I don't know how many more questions there are but I got to run I hope to see a bunch of you in San Francisco next Friday next Tuesday you're gonna get an email the normal digest tomorrow you want to get in the boot camp and if you're here will you know if you if you already bought enrolled in the boot camp will credit you the hundred for for today and then let's see and then in the 20th I got the leadership thing and and well we'll be in touch but check to check the live calendar that's that's where I'll be all right everybody have a great rest of the week and weekend and you'll see me in some former fashion next week not at the live office hours but I'm Tuesday and I will I'll be in touch with you soon take care


  • Andrew LaCivita says:

    Folks! 2 full hours! Thank YOU for stopping by today and the myriad (and non-stop nature) of great questions. I tried to get to as many as possible, but if I didn't get to yours, feel free to drop them in the comments. Also, if you're catching the recording, lemme know what you need! And, make sure to SUB to the channel for new videos weekly and Live Office Hours Thursdays…and, of course, check the milewalk Academy Calendar of LIVE events for everything LIVE, including meeting me in San Francisco next week!!

  • rocky mountain lass says:

    My question revolves around something I have noticed in my career. I rarely get a chance, if I am interviewed if it is a female doing the hiring process. If it is a guy recruiter, mgr, whatever my chances of getting the opportunity is 95%+. I have tried to overcome this for decades and it still rings true. Same scenario in the workplace. I can get GREAT reviews unless it is a female mgr/sup/boss. Somehow no matter what I do my reviews are never as good, even if my productivity has increased. How do I overcome that? I have talked to many successful peers and they ALL prefer to interview with a guy, work for a guy, etc. Women in the workplace in power can be extremely difficult to take. They oust anyone they perceive as a threat or competition, I have seen it played out over and over.

  • Sara M says:

    When applying for job out of state – do you find it odd to drop by the place after applying and introduce yourself – or should you speak by phone first? I’m looking to move out of state – and not sure how to go about this.

    By the way – thank you so much for all of your wonderful information – so helpful and to the point!

  • Sara M says:

    Question – when they tell you to supply a “Discriptive Phrase” about yourself – how do you answer?

  • Issa Forrest says:

    Great session, thank you so much! Andy provided tons of information and referenced videos that cover topics in depth. 100% worth the time!

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