#CareersAndCoffee with Andrew LaCivita | Changing Careers Fast!

#CareersAndCoffee with Andrew LaCivita | Changing Careers Fast!

Hey Everybody! It’s Andy! Welcome to my
careers and coffee Tuesday morning show where we talk about you guessed it
careers great to have you wait great to have you hanging out my screens going
haywire hey I hope everybody’s doing great this morning love to be here in
this time slot it actually you know now that we did this the last couple weeks
at 7:00 a.m. actually gives me a chance to sleep in a little bit believe it or
not because I don’t even try to do all my exercises and all my crazy stuff in
the morning I just get to get up have some coffee in bed with my wife and my
dogs and then the first thing I actually get to do is serve you with just awesome
awesome so get in say hi let me know where you’re from let me
know what you need I’m gonna reference the video that we that I released this
morning called the fastest way to successfully change careers I want to
talk for a few minutes about that really about a little more about mindset
as it results to or as it relates to changing careers and also really just
about anything in your life kind of how I think about these changes that we can
that we can make so get in say hi looks everything looks pretty good good
morning to you if you are in my programs let me know give me a hash tag in your
in your program let me know where you’re from and let me know what you need and
if I said that already forgive me because it’s too talking this early in
the morning all right so the video the the intent of my little Tuesday morning
shows talk a little bit about the video that I just released this morning’s was
a was a was a lot longer than last week’s last week’s was only three
minutes and 11 seconds today I think it was about 20 minutes so I don’t know if
everybody had a chance to actually watch it but I do want and if you didn’t
that’s totally okay I about how I’ve made a couple of career changes in my
life I went from information technology executive where I was in the IT
consulting space and I changed to become an executive recruiter I also changed
from becoming an executive recruiter and a search firm
owner ultimately two to becoming a career coach and a trainer and and
spending more time with doing my blogging my vlogging my book writing and
those kinds of things but for a lot of you who are in corporations who are
going to remain in corporations who enjoy working with corporations but want
to do something a little bit different differently you know career changes
don’t have to be drastic they don’t have to happen overnight although they can
depending on your situation but I was really trying to draw your attention to
the fact that there are three really smart ways to make what are a little bit
more or can be considered a little bit more incremental changes so if you can
change roles inside your company or if you can change perhaps keep your market
or your solution line intact but perhaps change companies or if you can really
leverage people that you used to work with to make that change and what what I
hope a lot of you understand is what’s really important and although we don’t
always think this at the time but your trajectory in life is far more important
than where you are at any one moment any one moment is fleeting any one moment
can be positive it could be negative but but but more than anything where you end
up in in your life in your career has a lot more to do with what you do each day
and the trajectory that you’re on so you are far better off taking that first
step to get in motion to toward where you want to be and spending time each
day on your in your calendar somewhere carving that time out to grow those
skills meet more people that can help and influence your ability to get to
where you want to go but that trajectory matters more and when when when I broke
down I’m not gonna spend a lot of time going into my changes they’re in there
in the video the video is all about the how-to but the one thing that you might
notice is although I went from an information technology executive to
search from owner and recruiter the change I needed to make even though that
change sounded drastic was rather incremental I only needed to learn a
small portion of what I was about to do in my new venture and the difference
between that and as I wanted to go from an executive recruiter a business to
business consultant and us and a search services provider to organizations to
become a trainer and a coach to you all and it to coach at individuals there
were there were about a hundred incremental steps that I needed to take
over for years but the trajectory that I was on is I was always honing skills
building things that I could circulate sell and so forth and grow them over
time incrementally so that an any given day it was almost imperceptible
unnoticeable of what the change was but as you accumulate these changes over
time you’ll you you will you will achieve a lot and that’s a big part
about a career change it does not have to happen overnight so there are a lot
of ways to skin it there’s a lot of different things that you can do to get
yourself on those paths but I would focus more on what am i doing day in and
day out to make the changes that I want to make to work toward what it is that I
want to work toward so think about that and and the same thing goes for you know
I know a lot of you know I’m gonna be having a goal-setting master class that
you can attend product and I’m going to build that I’m gonna sell but that you
can attend for free as we go through this and and a big part of that is if
you want to achieve anything in life the day in and day out matters for those of
you that have read out of reach but in sight my goals motivational goals book I
talk about those processes and systems that you build that will change your
habits and change the things that you do day in and day out it’s the same kind of
thing with the career change so I hope you get that from the video I hope if
you haven’t seen the video that you take time to watch it
but I think you’ll really enjoy it it’s a subject I love speaking about I’ve
done it twice I’ve got a lot of experience with it but I know how
daunting it can huh nervous it can make people who
really want that change but I guess my best piece of advice is don’t try to get
it all at once just those incremental changes get on the trajectory you want
to get on and and just keep keep working toward it and it will it will happen it
will happen alright let me I believe that’s everything I wanted to
say on that I want to get to your questions right now I guess what one
thing I do want to say because I mentioned the bull setting master class
Kara and I we had a we had a scheduling issue we thought we were gonna do the
the sessions on August 20th 21st and 22nd but we have we have something we
cannot move it came up a little bit more recently and it’s not something that
that we can move so we we needed to move the dates that we’re going to conduct
that to September 2nd 3rd and 4th care at me I believe that September 2nd 3rd
and 4th it’s the Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday
of the Labor Day week just just confirm that if you if you can so let’s see
let’s let me go to the the chat John Bailey hey good morning to you Adam
start hey to you Adam stars got a question and I think this is a pretty
good one I think I caught this one as I oh man wait fully loaded again French
Roast today when we were at 6:59 and 30 seconds I had to get up because I
realized I only had a half you did a little bit more oh I’m wearing my
Gordy’s can you see this my Gordy shirt I got this from at Gordy’s in Lake
Geneva my wife and I had a date Thursday that’s what live office hours was pushed
to Wednesday last week I want to give Gordy’s a shout out and Cassie the
manager in in Gordy said if anybody needs they got a lot of cool beach wear
and stuff and t-shirts and and all that good stuff Gordy’s gear calm and or you
can call there and ask for the manager Cassie and tell her Andy sent you but
kind of fun for all you you folks in Wisconsin it’s a great little joint well
it’s not so little but a lot of fun mm-hmm all right Adam start I’m
unfamiliar with all the types of work cultures environments as I only as I’ve
only freelanced and work typical retail jobs
any advice to figure out the different types in which would suit my needs so
Adam so here’s what I here’s what I would say to you in anybody else and it
does not matter where you’ve worked you’ve obviously worked a culture is
more about who you are so yes there is a corporate culture and there no two
cultures are the same no two environments are the same companies
corporations they could do the same thing they could produce the same
products they could offer the same services and no two will be exactly
alike it’s just like you they’re unique as your as your thumb
prints or your finger prints so what I would suggest to you and actually anyone
else culture is made up of a number of different behaviors that the corporation
tries to get consistent among its people and operating rhythm so to speak and
ultimately the personality of the organization the more in line you are
and your personal personality is with the personality of the organization the
better the cultural fit you will have the less adept at adapting that you’ll
have to do which is a good thing don’t think being super flexible is a positive
in fact you are far better off trying to align your personality to the
personality of the organization because the less adapting you have to do on a
daily basis the less stress you will be under the less energy you will exude and
less thinking you have to do and it’s all good that you are more in alignment
the best way to figure out if you’re going to enjoy the culture is to
identify the types of things that you enjoy about operating behavior so I
recognize that you only have so much experience but does the culture move
quickly are they open and welcoming are they friendly do they give people
opportunities to grow all and you could list this on and on you can list it on
and and if you want a little bit more help
understanding what I think the 20 most important or common cultural traits are
there’s a couple of places you can go we have an e-book that I’m sure a lot of
you probably are not familiar with that’s on the mile walk Academy website
it’s called hire for the corporate culture you want and in that booklet I
don’t know actually I don’t it’s a it’s a paid booklet but it’s not a lot of
money in that booklet I break down the 20 cultural characteristics and I also
highlight 167 I think it is questions that employers should ask you to see if
you have a particular cultural trait so that they can ultimately write higher
higher right but what you could do is you can either grab that ebook or or you
could get the hiring prophecies my my hiring book and I’ve outlined the 20
traits in the hiring prophecies I haven’t gone in all the interviewing
questions that I would ask on every single single characteristic but it
might get you more familiar with the areas that you ought to investigate and
I know this like the third week in a row I’m going to mention this to you that
video on how to choose the right job I show you how to set up the requirements
I know you’ve watched it because you refer to it in that listing in the
culture section you should have what those adjectives are and then you want
to investigate them so you want to ask questions about whether the organization
is like that or get them talking about how the organization is that so that’s
what I would do you don’t have a ton of corporate experience to draw on I know
it’s it’s it’s more of a retail type or retail positions that you’ve had but
still those those aids that I just cited would would would would really help so I
would I would try that Akshay how you doing hello Andy how are you I hope
you’re well hope you’re how was your run today actually I’m gonna do that a
little later today pile up some miles had a question in
your cover letter temperate when there is an opening you have said based on my
research I would like to join your company insert your rationale could you
please give an example of rationale thank you as always very grateful you
are welcome and I will give you an example so I have some different
templates that are out there that you can get in the public domain and in one
of them or two of them that you have I probably these would be like the seven
sentence cover letter where there’s no job opening or a boss hunting cover
letter where you don’t know if there’s a job opening if you are not sure what I’m
speaking about all you need to do is go to my channel and search for what I just
said and you will come up with some videos that will have some download
boxes where you can you can grab these templates and and by the way I never say
I don’t know that I’ve ever said this but but I get we get questions from
people on whether it’s YouTube or the Maha kami or whatever you click the
thing a pop-up box comes you put your name in there and then what happens is
if you re if you’re with me and you’re a first timer we we send you two emails
one is a welcome email to my community and the second one is a separate email
that gives you the gift whatever it is so you click the download button and
download it to your computer two emails if you’ve been with me for a while and
you’re in our system and you’re getting my weekly email that says hey it’s
Tuesday I got a new video and so on you’re just gonna get one email it’s
gonna come to you and it’s gonna have a button in it for you to download
whatever it is you requested but you got to check your junk filter you got to
check your spam folder or whatever it is to make sure that you’re getting the
email to actually get the gift I can you’ll not be you would not believe how
many emails we get a day that say I don’t I didn’t never got the gift and
it’s because the emails in their junk folder alright so so to answer your
question so there’s a couple of those cover letters now what you’re what
you’re trying to explain when you don’t know if there’s a job opening because in
a lot of these cover letters when you know there’s a job
but in your same rather shoot I’d like you know the reason I’m inquiring is
because I want me I’m interested in this particular position but in some of the
cover letters you know you don’t you can’t say that because you don’t know
that if there’s a position available so I like to lead off with you know the
reason I’m inquiring is that you know I’ve chosen your company because and
then explain your reasons why so your rationale is your rationale but it can
be things like you know I you know I’m very very interested in you as a leader
in your space I’ve used your products and I love them based on my research it
looks like you are a leader you’re a best place to work you know and so on
what what you know I’ve talked to people and they told me how much they love
working there anything that has caused you to want to reach into them that
that’s attractive to you so your rationale can be any of those things
but you wanna you want to let them know why they reached out why you reached out
to them in the boss hunting cover letter same thing goes one of the early parts
of the boss hunting cover letters you know it was I was attracted to your
background or I was tracked it to your accomplishments or what you did which is
why I’m reaching out to you that’s the rationale there so really any anything
that you feel is a you know attractive to you can be irrational but that’s what
I was getting it there Jonny Stevens hey cat Harrison Petersen looking forward to
seeing you tomorrow I just I just messaged you with my time slot all right
Evelyn Oh from New York my bootcamp or how you doing cats a boot camp or
Johnny’s the leader I love this stuff oh this is fantastic giant Steve’s I love this one
all right so Johnny Steven says now that I’m settled in my career change thanks
to me thanks to Andy I want to help other people I love that what is the
best way to refer promote others into open positions both in and out of my
company so Johnny one thing that I love doing
and then a lot of this stuff naturally happens but hmm if you have not
my business networking video about how to build professional relationships it’s
it’s it’s a good tactic for you to not only grow your network which is
important for you to have a healthy one but it also is a way for you to give out
to others and one of the one of the things that’s a big component of
networking is you know and I know a lot of you are in job search networking mode
which is why we talk a lot about the difference between job search and
networking and your need for something which is attaining a job and how to
leverage your network or route yourself into places but a lot of you should also
be just networking on an ongoing basis and one of the big parts of networking
on an ongoing basis and helping others is to expand their network so and in
expanding their network could be to pushing them out and introducing them to
people so that the chain doesn’t die with you right so if you’re meeting
somebody new you want to try to refer them to somebody else who’s new to them
as well that that’s what exponentially expands their network and what one of
the things that you can give them but same goes for people who are looking for
opportunities within your organization so if you know I would I would share I
mean you could you would be amazed if you put a LinkedIn post out there that
says I’m working at this organization and I love it and anybody who is
considering a career in whatever or working for a company like this and so
on you are welcome to inbox me and let me know how I can help you
you’d be pretty darn popular people don’t think to do stuff like this but
this is an amazing way to grow your your network and also help people in the
process and if somebody reaches out to you they don’t necessarily fit your
organization then send them outside the organization to other places that you
think that they might be good fits based on companies you know
or individuals you know who can help them hey you know what I looked at your
background I’m happy to circulate this internally but I don’t I don’t know that
there’s a great fit here but you know what I have I have these other friends
who work at these types of companies work or in your location or whatever if
nothing else at a minimum you can get connected to that person and share
networks I mean it’s just you know it’s something like that is you know people
just don’t think to do this stuff imagine if you did that once a week on a
Friday and that was just a you know something you did something you
circulated you know that’s obviously a way to do it online and that’s a way to
help people you don’t know you certainly can can do that with people that you do
know I know a lot of people who have new jobs and they what they do right away so
I I changed jobs after ten years at one one company I was at Anderson consulting
it’s now Accenture and I went to another company in the company that I went to
was a hundred people same kind of work different size obviously and the first
thing that I did when I got there was I started calling all the people that I
knew at my other company or people clients and everybody that I’d met and
we started pulling people into my new company and referring them in and you
know I think we pull I pulled in like 20 people or something like that 19 or 20
people and you know that was a that was a great way to go
and it’s certainly something that you can do you know we’re reaching out to
your network and and you know being a little recruiter so to speak so you know
those are some things that I think you can do and you know sir you’ve been
phenomenal on LinkedIn sharing my stuff which is great that does help people
right it gives them assets that that they can that they can use the other
thing it does is it gets more eyeballs on your profile and you likely will get
connections as a matter of fact I know some of you saw Kathleen Phillips and if
you don’t know Kathleen she’s an absolute doll such a sweetheart
she’s a boot camper who got a job recently she’s in my leadership role
and she publicized her success story she went from 400 connections to well
over a thousand connections on LinkedIn within a matter of a couple of days and
actually I’m sure she’s probably over 2,000 now like but lots and lots of
things like that and now what she was doing is now she in turn was you know
circulating her network to them she was sharing my stuff with them and all these
people who were who were reacting and commenting on her post these are great
ways to you know to build up relationships and think about it isn’t
it way easier to do that then trying to email somebody who you’re asking for
help right so so this is this is great stuff
I would I would consider that too but you’re you’re great buddy Steve gee hey and Johnny that’s a good point your
rationale can should stem from your research that’s wonderful
DJ how are ya Brendan Sweeney good to see you John Bailey hey afternoon
Bologna it Dali I am 100% Italian and drinking coffee wonderful what time is
it by you I’m just zipping through here actually
yeah I knew you were an international student I knew you were in in Mumbai and
I are you yeah you’re in New York okay and you’ve said that that’s awesome and
a Goldmann how are you at 1:00 p.m. okay since that’s yeah so you’re six hours
cuz we’re on bail I think Daylight Time right so II Dubbs hey ooh let me see
just zipping through here love to say how you guys are awesome
Carrie Freeman how are you Don my bootcamp for Julio mabu contra yes it’s
always sunny in Portugal and Julio I think we’re gonna get some
today Billy Collins you are awesome dude but I’m here you yes you are you are a
bhoot camper through and through my friend thank you for that well you guys
are really chit-chatting all right Angela Sofia I just want to thank you
Steve G from the bottom of my heart for for being wait I want to thank you for
you being you from the bottom of my heart I have been depressed not finding
work but your positivity always helps put me in a fantastic mood and motivates
me actually you know what aye aye Steve I want I want to take a picture that I
want to tell you I you are welcome and you guys know if you do not know this I
would be surprised but but I’m guessing a lot of you do know that I have written
a lot of lines quotes and a number of years ago back in like 2011 2012 I
started writing daily lines I call them today’s line to live by and
it’s copy written so I have a little trademark service mark on it and and and
we put one out every morning at 7:00 although today Kara told me she put it
out at 8:00 so we don’t collide with our careers in coffee and I I got one in my
Facebook feed yesterday in fact five years ago I published online a quote
that said something like and probably I’m pretty sure this is the exact quote
but the best gift that anybody can give me is to tell me that they are a better
person for having met me so while I know attention is I think the greatest give
anybody at any moment in time you know the fact that I make you feel better
that to me is you know it really keeps me going and don’t minimize the impact
that Steve yours and everybody else’s nice feedback does for me that you know
there’s a lot of people out there that I’ve helped that I’ve I don’t know that
I’ve helped I’ve never heard from that’s totally okay but when it when you guys
closed the loop with me so to speak or at least let me know
how I’ve helped you that really helps me and keeps me going everybody means fuel
now I’m pretty damn self driven but everybody needs it so I appreciate that
I want to thank you for that I love it when you guys share it and you know the
other thing too is the best thing you can do then is pay it forward and and
introduce other people to me and help them and all that or or however you can
all right Joe winner grape see ya wink monster Joyce
Sam how are you good to see you venice’ how you doing
let’s see Shawna Leeds okay joe-joe you didn’t tell me if it’s lust luster or
lust ray yeah tell me four positions out of my region that I’m qualified for how
do I approach employers unlinked about about working remotely thanks from
Pittsburgh so Joseph I do not recommend I do not
recommend opening up with that so if you want to reach out to employers
I would I would make it a multi-step process to determine that so I would
reach out perhaps use a boss hunting cover letter or use the techniques I
outline in how to get an out-of-state job and there are also other sites that
you can go directly to with remote jobs that where the jobs are remote and
there’s a number of those out there all you got to do is google them you’ll
you’ll have a whole list and then what I would do is I would reach out to them
about working with them so if you’re in Pittsburgh and you reached out to
somebody in Chicago don’t even mention the fact that you are
in Pittsburgh and you want to stay in Pittsburgh and you want to work remotely
and see if there’s an opportunity to do that
so depending on what it is that you do and the skills that you have and how
desired and sought-after they are or how in demand they are I should say oh and a
lot of these things can be done jobs these days can be done remotely and
some of them cannot but you know sales marketing customer service a lot of
these things can be done remotely so I would I would not I I would then just I
would get in I would get engaged with them and then see if it’s a possibility
if they say are you open to relocating say I would prefer to to stay in in in
Pittsburgh but I you know I want to know if there’s possibility that this job
could be remote we had a woman Laura she was six she 60 and she was in media and
she’s it happens to be in Chicago got in my boot camp same kind of thing and was
open to different types of jobs ended up getting one that was based in New York
and they told her you don’t have to move we will you can run it from Chicago and
in fact not only did she get that job but then they expanded the scope of her
responsibilities to include the entire US and they said to her hey stay in
Chicago if you’d like no problem you want can you come visit us maybe a
couple times a month you know just for some meetings and with your team and
that kind of stuff and it worked out so I don’t I don’t know your specific
background but but but that’s how I would go about that Latin groove hey
Peter Torres how are you cram ‘nor 54th those are some newer names to me good
morning to you guys I don’t know if you guys are first-timers all your
first-timers let me know your first-timer
DJ Thompson how to respond to the overqualified excuse DJ I got a whole
video on it it’s a short video check that out
Dancy I hope you’re doing well hey Howie I’m wondering how I don’t know if you
sent me a message hi your interview went on Friday
let me know Shawna Leeds big interview tomorrow got interview intervention
yesterday awesome any suggestions on what chapter to
concentrate on yes chapters one through eleven okay we all can decide I’m just
just joking okay so here’s here’s a funny so when I
wrote interview intervention okay little little story then I’m gonna
give you the specifics so I wrote intervention and before I wrote the book
it was my first book I oh I always asked myself before I undertake anything than
like of this magnitude undertake it in my life I always ask myself this
question if my life is the only life that’s changed as a result of me doing
this is that am I good with that is that okay with me and if it is if the answer
is yes then I do it and if the answer’s no that I don’t do it so in this case I
wanted to write a book and I thought I’m preparing candidates every single day to
to I could literally I talked interview intervention to every candidate before
they went in for each other so imagine what those prep prep sessions were like
you know we’d we’d prep for an hour for a 30 minutes phone screen that kind of
stuff so then I wrote interview intervention and I thought well if the
book you know when the book gets published even if nobody buys the book
then I can at least give the e-book to all my job search my job candidates that
we were recruiting and have them read it and here’s what I would tell them if you
read the whole thing if you don’t have time to read the whole thing read
chapters 1 2 5 6 7 & 8 if you don’t have time to read that read chapters 5 6 & 7
& 8 if you can’t do that read chapters 5 6 &
7 if you can’t do that make sure you read chapters 5 & 6 now and here’s what
else I would tell them so you can loop this back you can you can swipe the DVR
cursor and/or record it so you’ll know exactly at 7:30 3 a.m. that that’s what
I said but here’s the thing if you do that if you cut the corners and you go
to the middle of the book and you read the storytelling chapter and you read
the tech the tactics I’m answering the most popular and effective interviewing
questions you will know what to say but you will not know why you’re saying it
it’s kind of like you come into me saying I’m feeling sick I go hey take
this pill but you don’t know what the pills gonna do you be just gets gonna
carry you don’t know how but if we need to alter your medication you’re not
gonna know how to do the by yourself kind of thing so that’s why I want and I
want you to make good decisions and I want you to develop the right kind of
questions to ask if you skip some of the early stuff you’re not gonna be able to
do that so if you are pressed for time and you can only do a little chapters 5
6 & 7 that’s what I would do Michael McDevitt I got your second text this
morning I will call you when we hang up but I’m going to pour me some coffee
oh good can everybody wish Michael a good luck on his interview tomorrow it’s
a big one and I will call you for a 5-minute prep talk okay
Steve gee hey Annie my first computer was a Commodore 64 and I built my own PC
since age 15 considered starting an IT consulting company I don’t know why you
didn’t do you have any suggestions for me I would figure out a way to get an
entry-level IT job and I believe that you can do it and if you are that
inclined and you are also I believe investing in yourself and taking some
training and to do you know to do that but my my suggestion would be go get
your training polish up your resume I have a video out there on how career
changers should can create their new brand I would watch that I would do that
because that will start remembering remember wait it says right here
increments okay what trajectory are you putting yourself on in that’s and that’s
what you need to you need to start doing and then I would be searching for
entry-level jobs NIT that I mean I know you’ve got I believe you’ve got a
customer service a professional background but
dude I mean this how I think like you you know customer service right you do
all that stuff can you not be an IT support person internally for a
internally for a corporation to help desk support and those kinds of things I
mean like that’s how I sets how my brain works actually other ways my brain works
you know when I give you guys talk to you see this card
I don’t script anything so I just have little pieces and then I call them like
their line’ like little memory hotels in my head and I say boom bah boom I gotta
tell them this that’s how I do that so for all of you that have to give a
presentation that’s the best way to do it
all right Brendan Sweeney I am u.s. structural structural engineer
trying to find work in the UK or Ireland how do I ease their minds that I can
deal with the change in building codes Brendan I while I am NOT a cross borders
expert I’m guessing that there is some institution whatever they’re called and
I’m guessing all the UK friends in here could help you with this I would figure
out what that is I would figure out how to get access to it I would start
studying it I would mention in my cover letters and in my emails and in my
LinkedIn messages and all that good stuff that I am I am becoming familiar
with the analogies and the codes and and all that good stuff and it’s it’s it’s
what what do you what are you doing to to prepare so that’s what I would do and
hey I’m I’m moving or I’m I’m trying to work you know we’re moving I don’t know
if your cuz it family reasons or whatever or you know so that’s what I
would do Oh Mataura welcome to the bootcamp my friend great
to have you I know you just Warren Coyle great to see you hope mama Coyle enjoyed
the uh enjoyed the session on Friday glad she could make it that was just
awesome wait plug for
boot camp can I say this we got another session this Friday if you if you missed
the special on the two things I’m not gonna go sell you the boot camp this
morning but we got another session on Friday if you want to get in the boot
camp and you want to get the promotion we just offered because that’s now gone
email me at support at mile walk comm and we will give you a price break if
you love my stuff and you cannot afford the boot camp but you love my stuff and
you want some more detailed coaching around resume writing and interviewing
email us at support at mile walk comm we’ve got a super budget package that we
can give you privately that is awesome and you will it’s
awesome email us at support at mile walk comm
ask Kara for the package we’re creating this and we want to you know be when
when the when the session ends on Friday and the boot camp
next week or two we want to try to offer this to the public for those that just
couldn’t swing the because we get lots of emails that they just people just
can’t afford the boot camp it’s totally ok so we’re trying we’re designing a
package for you that is a lot less money and a lot of really good stuff so
support at mal whoa calm and Kara’s like oh crap now I’m gonna put that together
but she’s quick on her feet Brandon hey Jenny ankle hey I Scott man hey 8 is it
8 how are you hi Andy what should I say on LinkedIn profile if I quit the job
and looking for another should I change my current position you know so Nick
mixed thoughts here and first thing is I wouldn’t stress too much about this no
one is gonna beat you up if your LinkedIn profile says you know 2015 to
present and then you send a message and then they get in for a job interview and
you say hey I recently left my job that’s okay I don’t we don’t really care
I didn’t update my LinkedIn profile it’s totally ok recruiters get it nobody gets
hell bent out of shape if you feel as though you want to end it you know I
ended at February 2019 or March or April whatever you can do that
I’m gonna profit that either one thing I would not do is so I don’t know practice
I’m okay you go either way okay you don’t become any more attractive or less
attractive to me if that’s the case although some employers say that it’s
it’s just not my thing what I would not do what i would
recommend none of you do is do not put looking for new opportunities in your
headline or open for new positions or any of that stuff the reason you don’t
want to do that is that is one of the most prime pieces of real estate on your
linkedin profile and it’s one of the most important items for the search
engine so when when recruiters are out there looking for people and they’re
typing in project manager account executive and other things of that
nature are people with these skills your title is not helping you because though
no one searches in LinkedIn for I’m looking for people to open the new
opportunities you’re wasting that real estate it’s not
a good thing to do so take that I mean I now not that you’re doing that but for
any of you that have that remove it the other thing is if you do come up in the
search results then what happens is as I’m screen is I’m screaming down the the
page the first thing I see is your picture the next thing I see next to it
is open for new opportunities I would I would I would be generally more inclined
moat sorry most people are generally more kind inclined to look at the people
who don’t have that in fact so just be careful it’s I wouldn’t do it you can
always let if you are actually open to new opportunities and you are that open
about it you’ve got that recruiter box you can check and let the recruiters
know that all right Peter Torres I can understand the incremental philosophy
but wonder about the length of time four years seems like a longer time than what
a person may have given financial factors and otherwise just wondering
well so so Peter there is so I spent four years changing this second time
I could have just shut my recruitment firm down and went all in and maybe
gotten there a bit faster however a number of the things that I had to build
and in the community that I had to that I had to create in order to engage with
you so that you could become familiar with me and all these other things for
the career I chose even if I shut everything down there is a balance
between how fast will people find me how fast will I figure it out how fast will
I be able to get return on my daily investment and so I chose to do that now
some people you don’t you know you could pick you could pick how you want to
become a product development owner and you’re a business analyst well your
your-your-your change doesn’t have to be right to a product development owner
where you’re having difficulty trying to change overnight because you don’t
understand what it’s like to maintain a product and interact with vendors and
all these others the integrators and other all these other things that you
might have to do for say a software product but could you go from a business
analyst to a project manager to you know I mean like there’s incremental steps so
this might take four years but you get on a trajectory that gets you there
still getting paid you know what I mean so if you if you give if you gave me
that I’m starting here and I want to get here I could give you a better route if
you want but I was willing to put the time in cuz I I feel like when you think
in the long term you make better short-term decisions and if you can
focus on your end goal you will make better I mean sorry if you will focus on
building a system that will ultimately get you to where you want to go you’re
gonna you’re gonna be less likely to fall off the track so that that’s you
know that’s my that’s my thoughts on that and and you know I decided it was
worth it to keep my recruitment firm open and and continue to generate
revenue and then learn incremental ii about all these things I had to learn to
become a trainer and that’s the route that I wanted to
take now somebody who’s you know didn’t want to do that that’s okay – Vlad hey
Andy what is the best way to follow up if you’ve got a if you get little
response after sending letters so what I like to do is if I send a boss hunting
since you use that one if I send a by signing letter I like to send them via
email that’s my preference for a number of reasons because email to me is more
effective getting directly in somebody’s inbox is more effective I could easily
find their name their email address and so on I can use rege notifying to track
whether they opened it what they did with it
all that data is gonna help me determine how I want to follow up that’s the first
route I take I watch what’s happening and then I give them seven days if and
if they have opened my email and they you know are seven days later then what
I might do is now I know they opened it so I might go back at them via email if
I didn’t have that tracking or they did not open the email I might send them a
LinkedIn in mail seven days later and so on so I do things like that I generally
like to email people nowadays I didn’t used to like to do that in 2004 I never
emailed anybody I just picked up the phone and called them and who as a
recruiter in 2005 and the linkdin started to become more more popular and
you got to remember in 2005 there was nobody on LinkedIn still so we didn’t
have those abilities so I would I would call people but today that’s not the way
the world works so I would I would email them I would use LinkedIn if you like
LinkedIn and you like to send the messages via LinkedIn that’s okay but
now you’re not gonna know if they opened them you’re not gonna know what happened
and then what I would do is I would email them seven days later hey I tried
to reach out to you via LinkedIn so I thought I might send you an email we do
that when we recruit people so and we notice like we’ll send somebody a
LinkedIn message they won’t respond and said
days later we’ll send them an email and they respond within minutes you know
didn’t get your Linkedin email or whatever so I would do that
dancy 103 had a great phone interview for the Director position the next step
would be to have an on-site visit to meet the hiring manager awesome thanks
to my prep work I had learned enough about the role to know I did not want to
pursue it oh okay do you have any advice for turning down
a position but leaving the door open yes call them do not Dan repeat do not email
that call them and say I loved the you know I loved the session it’s a really
it you need to say these things okay like in this sequence
I love the individual I love the company right I I just recognize that this
particular position is probably not for me because that word needs to be in
there because and then you list out what what it is but that’s next but I want
you to know I’m very interested in your company and would love to speak with you
about any other opportunities that you feel are more aligned to what I just
shared because because after the because you’re gonna tell them specifically why
that’s not for you get that seat while you could loop it back 7:48 you loop
that back that is the exact way to turn down I should care cool you know what
can we uh can you make a notation can I get a book can make a video out of that
but so here so just to recap you know I want I want I want to discuss the next
steps because I wanna let you know I love the person I really love the
company as well I just based on what we discussed about
this position I recognize this is not exactly for me because give the
rationale then say but I want to make sure that you know I’m open to
discussing other opportunities that you feel might be more in alignment with
what I just shared because they in font of your company that’s how you
leave the door open okay so so that’s what I would do there okay great great
question Brian diesel love having you on the
channel my friend support from DC I love it okay okay
DC analogy here so you know what I was talking about anchor mints and
trajectory okay if you got an airplane and you took off from say LA and you
were like 1 or 2 degree couple degrees off on your route and you were heading
in New York but you were just a couple degrees off to react you know 5 hours
later or whatever it is you’d be in DC so that’s what I’m talking about about
incremental changes they’re almost imperceptible at any moment in time but
if you are staying on the path you will get to where you want to go so that’s my
DC thing you guys I don’t think I remember last week I told you there you
know they trim in the hedges they’re mowing the lawn I don’t know if anybody
can hear that but Ricardo is standing about 10 feet away from me with a
chainsaw got stuck down my god all right Artie how you doing buddy
where you been Brandon Corbin 13 year military last three years in college I
used your resume template have an upcoming interview you are welcome
Brandon I’ll go you one better and for all the military vets I have a booklet
that’s free it’s called how to go from military veteran to civilian
professional it is tailored to help you guys and gals overcome the obstacles you
have going out of these military or whatever professions they are inside the
government and going to the commercial space you have built-in challenges that
other people do not have that booklet addresses them go grab it
on the mile walk Academy website if you if you go to my blog in the search bar
type military or veteran and it will come up and download it and it’s free
shy I guess that shine any advice for a
presentation interview presentation for a business case I’m trying to think if
we did so that is a pretty big deal I don’t know what the presentation is on
the one thing that I’m gonna give you one quick piece of advice because that’s
a that is a really wide open question and I could talk for an hour and that
one alone whenever you all anybody who’s got to give a presentation it’s best to
tell the story in a number of steps right here’s what we’re dressing here’s
the here’s the business problem here’s why we’re doing this here’s context
around what I’m gonna tell you here’s how many steps I’m gonna go through
here’s what we do and here’s the you know here’s the benefit of why we’re
doing it this way here’s how we do it here’s some case studies of places that
have done it or where I have done it and so on all that stuff needs to be in
there one thing you all ought to remember is electronics break video
projectors break computers break things can’t get turned on the Internet’s not
up it’s down for the day make sure that when you go and give a presentation you
physically bring hardcopies with you in the event that anything goes wrong so
you will look like a genius if if if if that happens and something actually
breaks so just just make make sure of that so that’s my tip oh sorry master
class yes we have a goal-setting master class that is a deep dive to the
concepts in out of reach but in site using goals to achieve your impossible
I’m creating a course I’m offering the creation of the course and your
visibility to it for free September 3 4 & 5 this Evelyn another Andi story this
coffee mug my wife and I were in a mall once few years back and you know how it
was an outdoor mall and in the middle of the mall inside the store you know
there’s the stores and the outside stores in the inside and inside the mall
there was a guy sitting there and he had created these custom-made cups he only
had one like this and another one my wife and I we bought the two cups
because we thought they were cool and I like supporting people who do stuff like
that I love the cup so much and I love this
size I loved the way it is to how it feels too easy how easy it is to clean I
got I went back to the place I got in touch with the guy and actually it’s
sorry I take that back I I got his card I emailed them and I said would you make
me an entire set of these cups an entire set of these cups for my wife for for
her for for me and just you know make them so the family goes together and he
did and so now we have 10 of those so yeah it’s pretty pretty neat stuff
again if the world doesn’t fit you make it fit if the clothes don’t fit you get
them tailored ha okay Vincent hey morning you brian diesel how early
before moving should I start looking in for employment for another state so
Brian I don’t think it’s ever too early okay now if you know you’re gonna move
at the end of the year and here we are in August then yeah you want to be a
little careful but I would start looking and I would start making contacts and I
would start investigating and then as I got closer I probably would really put
the pedal to the metal say three months out because you don’t know how long some
of these interview processes are gonna take if you are flexible on your move
date then I would get going right away so you know what I mean like if you
could accelerate your move or decelerate your you know I would I know that’s not
an exact number but there’s also many many factors
I don’t know if you have a family kids are in school or any of that good stuff
what your support system it from a family perspective is like you know
could you could you could you fly back and forth for a short period of time
until the house got you know packaged up and sold you know all that good stuff so
all those things factored into that all right
Vlad you said agencies are not the best route for the search do you maintain
relationship do you maintain relationship with agents sending them or
minors you are still looking even if you don’t have any updates or monthly checks
you could let I don’t have a problem with leveraging agencies to help you
I think agencies can be great vehicles to find a new job I don’t want you
spending a ton of time chasing agencies when they’re not getting back to you
and they likely will not get back to you unless you fit what they are looking for
at that moment so I don’t have a problem with you know every you know so often
you’re reaching in I love you will be amazed to like people who I have
relationships with and in job candidates and job seekers or just people I’ve met
through my professional life that I have relationships with that I haven’t talked
to in a while six months could be a year and then all of a sudden they reach into
me right when I’m doing a search one guy we placed is a salesperson we had just
started a search for a company they needed a Senior Account Executive like
we hadn’t even started the search I didn’t like care and I’d taken it the
day or two before I’m driving one day to a meeting and I get my phone rings and
it’s the guy it’s the guy who I hadn’t talked to in like four years
and he’s like auntie hey I don’t know if you remember me is like yeah I remember
you it’s like hey we got this position and bang we filled it with him I mean
like that stuff happens to so I don’t mind that you’re reaching in I just
don’t want you to get bent out of shape if they’re not getting right back to you
that’s all I just want you to recognize how that stuff works and Kara did share
the higher for the corporate culture Warren Coyle wanted to working in the
same company I worked position a for a few years and Oh too
thousand fourteen to sixteen and eighteen to nineteen and another partner
from 2016 to 2018 instead of having multiple dates since I have the complete
time with the company listed near the company profile can I just say with
exceptions of dates below you sure you sure can I would that’s what I would do
you take construction well you good good good going there perfect I hope that
chainsaw in the hedge clippers uh can you hear that uh he just turned
it off he’s hedging now I think all right now he’s banging my window can you
hear that John how are you DJ in the recruiting and hiring process what do I
can’t hear okay in the recruiting and hiring process what do a company mean by
you are overqualified I usually what that and I think you
asked about this I do have an overqualified video that you guys should
watch all you need to do is search overqualified on my on my channel and
usually what that means is you know you got too many years of experience doing
what we’re looking for the position is a lower level that’s usually what it means
but I would check that video out I’ll answer your questions
Porcia Pope hey from North Carolina deepak how are you if you got a question
just let me know I’ve completed diploma in computer engineering of seven years
of experience in Linux but don’t have a degree will I get a job in any country
in this world you will you will yes that’s my answer
Adam you’re welcome Steve G Andy my first computer oh wait what am i are you
guys just repeating this stuff Julio it is you do not so everybody everything I
do more or less unless I say I will not release the recording is is available to
you and also and cuz I know you guys are avid people you come to these when you
get an email that says hey here’s where I am or here’s my live office hours
Thursday or whatever and we give you a thumbnail and a link to the page like
this if you miss the session or you want to go back to the session you just click
that thumbnail it takes you directly to the recording it’s the same URL that we
do when we do the live stream where the recording keeps the URL so that’s the
link we have embedded in the thumbnail in your in your in your email that I
send you okay let’s try to get one or two more of these hanging gaza me sorry hold on one second all right whoo
yeah yes yes John Bailey Peter Torres hey guys just going just sipping through
here Christie hey sent my bootcamp for Christie Bianca how are you from Romania
if he from Nigeria 123 all right Salome Kenley hi Andy how would you answer that
why we hire you among other candidates ken I don’t have them a book here my
books way over there an interview intervention there is a chapter on it’s
my Silver Bullet interview get the book or get the e-book or get the audiobook
it is in those questions and the question is what makes you unique and
then it shows you on the variations of why would we hire you versus anybody
else it’s in there I give you the exact reason why they’re asking it what
they’re looking for and how to respond ken is in Australia Chan Chan I was
wondering what the best way to approach a job announcement that seeks X amount
of years of experience when you don’t have those years if you are within
shouting distance of those years you go if it’s asking for 10 and you have seven
you go if you have six I’d probably go if you have five I’d probably go if it’s
asking for three and you have one you go so it went in doubt you go for sure now
there are other things that I could say there about you know there’s a there’s a
there’s a little more science behind it but not every job descript so every
responsibility or requirement on the job description is not actually a
requirement look at the Job Description and consider it to be the company’s
absolute dream person and they rarely are gonna get their exact dream person
so if you based on what it is that you do you are likely to know what the
real requirements are what you could learn on the job and on the fly and what
absolutely is required for the person to have walking in on the first day to be
successful in that job based on your assessment of that I would basically
look who’s here I would be is he is he hardly look that
is his best bed up wait there she comes she’s always bringing up the rear I
would make I would I would make an educated guess and that that to me is
how you need to assess whether you are going to going to apply or not if you
are in doubt apply that’s all hey wait wait Lynn wait you want to say hi to the
troops come on wait can you wish come on lip come on you got a wish get over here
say hi this is my lovely wife length cameras up here we know now she’s
watching this off because we’re on a delay this is what happens when you
don’t know how to work the camera right okay right here don’t worry about that
worry about this is you that’s them is that complicated this is I mean we
should make an entire careers and job searches wish him luck good luck all
right gotta go all right I know this does
tricky okay that’s my wife Linda with a why hey we’re gonna do Andy trivia yeah
make sure that’s Harley I don’t think it’s you Harley is that’s Harley closer
to me and that’s ginger and that’s the bear blankie behind them so that’s gonna
be in the Andy trivia I already told you what the first song I knew how to play
on the guitar was so that’s in the trivia test too all right Peter first
time coffee careers and coffee great to have you Brendan Sweeney first timer to
Denise white look at that Bianca all you first-timers I love it
you know can you guys do me a favor and actually just put this in the chat
anywhere in the bottom how did you find me
so you know you see me on Facebook just see me on LinkedIn just see me on
YouTube where you just I know you weren’t looking for me specifically but
because no one looks for me they look for their problem right I need to write
a resume I need to go to a job interview or whatever you know let me know how you
find me he doesn’t need to be a laborer just funny on YouTube but searching for
whatever Dan you’re welcome Luke everything hi Andy my workplace has
had a few hires not work out recently do you have tips for the best questions to
understand the applicants thanks first timer Alice love it okay wait Oh Alice
Springs Australia or wait I’m not sure if you’re well name is Alice or your
name is Luke or or Alice Springs is a spot in Australia but either which way
we’re gonna answer your question okay if your your workplace has that a few hires
not work out do you do you have tips for the best questions to understand the
applicants I’m assuming you’re talking about the hiring process what I would
say is usually when you have applicants that do not work out in this order in
this order this is why things go south they were not a cultural fit so you got
to assess the culture components as a mere fact that link that Cara put in
there that booklet will help you because the first thing that you have to do is
you have to define what your culture is and you have to make sure that all the
interviewers are on the same page about how to interview for it so that’s
usually problem number one somebody is not a cultural fit second thing is that
you miss evaluated their skills but more likely but more likely you are probably
miss aligning the role meaning the the role itself was not
effectively suited for that candidate so you were either trying to stretch the
candidate too much or ask the candidate to do the
or the Hut or the employee to do things that the employee was not inclined to do
didn’t have the requisite skills and if the fact manner was that the employee
had some skills related to what you wanted them to do if there’s a level of
impatience that can contribute if there’s a level of well poor onboarding
or anything that does not enable the employee to to do the role effectively
is also a big a big issue i I don’t know if you can hear the underlying current
of what I am saying but it’s always it’s always the employers fault okay
it’s always the employers fault in the assessment if the hires don’t work out
very quickly okay in in early parts because that’s just a complete miss Reid
if if over time something doesn’t work out then it can be either zip right
remember you deploy in the employer are getting married in order to get married
the marriage isn’t right like you got the honeymoon you’re all excited and
gaga over each other it takes a lot of hard work on both parties sides in order
to make that relationship work over time but if it flames out immediately it
usually is a Mis evaluation by the employer usually like dare I say 99% of
the time so I would look at the book I would get the hiring prophecies which is
my hiring book the Gaitskell gold award hire hiring book it for tooth got best
business careers and sales book of 2016 I came out in 15 but grab that Oh Michael look at all that love you’re
getting let me see where’s the next question you are welcome Shani you’re
welcome yes Wanaka right Vanessa it’s memory hotels yes that’s what I do Tiffany Sims should I mention that I was
a stay-at-home mom in my cover letter sure or will that scare employers away
no sears what I recommend to people who have left the workforce for whatever
reason in your resume if you know the auntie last vida career profile and what
that looks like you know I recommend two paragraphs at
this at the end of the second paragraph Tiffany I would write or anybody that is
has a gap whatever your rationale is that you’re returning return to the
workforce after being a stay-at-home parent between 2015 and 2018 419
whatever or you know after four you know returning to workforce after four year
four years of being a stay-at-home parent that’s it that’s all you need to
explain okay so now somebody’s said why do you have a gap there well I was a
stay-at-home parent why did I get there I wasn’t travelled the world
I went fed my starving children I went on an excursion
I went whatever it is taking care of an ailing parent whatever it is you can
just put it right right up it on the resume yeah almost you almost don’t even
need to put it in the cover letter if you don’t want to you could say that in
the cover letter if you feel it’s necessary but if you have it on your
resume they’ll figure it out they’re likely gonna look at the resume first
anyway Isis how are you yes you are a leader can I leave out in the resume
that I’m looking in long-term position and saying in the interview can I leave
out I’m assuming of the resume that I’m in a long-term position and ice I’m not
sure what you’re asking me there I’m not actually I said I’m not actually sure
what you’re asking so if you just clarify that for me
or you can go and ask me out in the system if you want to and you’re welcome TJ Sims 8 hi Andy should I list
freelance on my resume if that’s my only experience or does freelance equal
unemployment no no you are TJ Sims sole proprietor or Inc or LLC or whatever and
then that’s your company name then underneath that performed you don’t need
to say don’t use the word freelance just say performed web development services
consulting and implementation services for small to medium businesses in the
u.s. internationally whatever that’s what you did
sample projects include and then you can list out you can use company names if
you want and then what you did and that’s how I would go about it that’s
how I go about that but don’t use the word freelance it’s des bad connotations
even though I know what that means and I can neutralize it but a lot of people
don’t that are not hiring every day GM do you have any advice to ask for
references from people who regularly attend meetings outside of the meeting
I’m not sure what you’re asking me there Kirsti be my bootcamp or how you doing I
had a final interview today not sure how it went but please send me some good
vibes the CEO loved your what big decision did you make question wait did
you split up here on me where’d you go dang hang on my hand slipped shoot there
we are what bit decision did you make ok sendin
you good vibes my dear mark loper Andy I keep getting LinkedIn notifications that
people are looking at my profile but no one is counting me what does that mean
mark it means nothing you have no idea why they’re looking at your profile and
you have no idea why they’re passing I would everybody mark you included do not
give one iota of thought to who looked at your LinkedIn profile don’t even look
at that photo it makes no difference I’ve told this story so many times I
when we do searches we have different boolean set up sometimes we do searches
inside LinkedIn sometimes we use Google boolean and do what’s called LinkedIn
x-ray and I got all these people I’m looking through and I might be looking
for something very specific I open up I open a profile I shut it I open it I
look at it for three seconds I shut it I open it there’s nothing wrong with any
of those people they’re just not fitting what I’m looking for I have no idea why
somebody’s looking at your profile or not it makes no difference where they’re
from it makes no difference don’t worry about any of that stuff and
you have no idea what’s going on in their world so don’t don’t I can’t tell
you what that is and I but I can tell you I would not lose any sleep or mental
thought over that Christie when send in boss hunting cover letters does having
an old resume in their database have any impact know Todd Lawrence hey Paul
DeCosta hey Vanessa the hedge clipper is summer luck
no me either Sean Lowe Sean Laroy any wisdom on LinkedIn looking at companies
out of state best to connect reject Sean check my video on how to get an out of
state job Paul Andy completed my interview yesterday and your tips worked
I would hope they do question is what if they offer me the job and I can’t start
at the time they would like me to start then
negotiate the date you can start companies are a lot more forgiving when
they love you right so if I extend an offer to you it means I want you to
accept it and I want you to come here and so if it’s a week or two out I’m not
too too concerned if you’re way far out then I would have a question about why
you’re way far out so and I don’t know your particular situation but you just
ask them hey I can’t start we have a candidate she’s starting a I don’t like
three four five days later than the company wanted her to start it’s alright
no big deal they gave her an offer we just had her scratch out the date
initial it send it back so it’s not a not a big deal our t doing great Andy
I’m going back to into the javelin should I go through the new format at
boot camp series yes Artie if you are rien gauging I would
start at module one again and I would go through the boot camp in sequence and
get the extras that I have now since added since the last time you went
through it because I’m constantly adding additional things
so there’s specialty stuff within the modules that you want to look at and
then there’s also additional coaching sessions at the in the bottom section
those are all recorded and packaged open those up look at what the content is for
those there might be some some things related but I would focus on just the
the teaching portions of the main modules plus the supplemental
specialties by the way Artie I actually created a
video in the system that discusses and shows you how I would go through the
stuff I would actually watch that it’s worth the 10 minutes it’s not a demo of
how to use the system it’s how to go through the system and email Sofia any
questions Steve gee do you believe that account ta a plus certification is still
important for landing having a better chance of getting an entry-level job I
think any certifications are helpful if you if you have them
what moves you now hey Annie how do you find the keywords in a job descriptions
that is confusing to discern what I probably would do is I would let job
scan tell me use job skin alright buzzing through yes venice’ they are
with me and my lovely Linda is it’s it’s Linda ly n da who’s OMA hey awakened
mind hey Thank You pittypat hey there you go Linda you got it Steve got it
thank you we are you know what this is about the
friendliest damn household ever and except my dogs are the most loving
creatures boy dogs a little bark e girl dog she’s indifferent but yeah we are a
laugh a minute Liz Eastlake hey Andy thanks for going over how to keep the
door open with an organization if you love the boss love the company but the
role may not be great that you are going right through that I’m sending your good
juju Liz I really am I was I was surprised by your email and you know
that happened you know that crap happens sometimes pittypat first time are great
to see you Warren found me and the resume tips
sherry YouTube whose oh ma I saw in LinkedIn I think you were tagging so oh
that probably was Kathleen’s julio found me okay I believe I was researching on
there yeah we always love to know this stuff thank you for that James hey James
Palmer hey oh this is a good one so Vanessa says I picked up your book at
the Toronto reference library in the career stacks the rest is yep thank you
and you’ve been a great supporter ever since my boot camper we just love having
you yes Christie thank you for that Kathy
how are you first-timer live but been watching you for four months and I don’t
recall I find you you were so encouraging posi thank you you
welcome I you know a big part of helping is being positive and encouraging but
genuinely positive and encouraging lordy hey searching for a career change I
think YouTube a Bianca changing careers and in the self learning process very
insecure before I found your channel regarding your resume such great advice
thank you for that I love to hear it neural adequate I found Andy becomes my
boss expert watches we’re a vendor for our state’s vocational rape awesome you know LaHaye found me on youtube tell
me about yourself yeah that’s a popular one write a resume Anna hey Steve Sicard
hawk colleague recommended you Paul first time our live awesome
read mark Andy been following you since moved back to America awesome just
completed a 12 week internship awesome five second resume yeah that one random
ersten Peter Torres LinkedIn okay so LinkedIn is you know Barbara hey
first-timer life yeah we give you guys all first time or first time or love I
mean I that’s awesome and Alzheimer love to just buzzing through looking for the
question LinkedIn name I mean YouTube bar being a 5-second yeah that’s a so
wait can I uh cuz a lot of you find me cuz that five-second resume thing don’t
don’t so when I say you know how to get your
resume noticed in five seconds or that people decide in six seconds they don’t
know one can possibly do that in six seconds what they’re doing is you are
you are you are getting those first few seconds to make an impression on the
person who’s reviewing it and what they’re trying to determine is does this
look like the right profile that I need to spend more time with so no one does
no one just works on a resume and looks at it for six seconds that’s the portion
you have to make the impression and what you need to be able to do in those first
few set seconds is say oh my god this is somebody I got to talk to this is
somebody that’s got it going on I need to invest
some time in looking at this that’s the important thing about about that video
it’s not that you know hiring officials and recruiters and HR people are all a
bunch of idiots and don’t want to spend the time they a lot of times they have
so many resumes that they’re looking through that they can only afford to
spend a few seconds and then it kind of put in the good pile but I’m not sure
pile or the definitely out pile that’s what they’re doing Cheryl hey Andrew how
are things can you tell me if the recruiter is if the recruiter has done
her part and says the district manager will contact me is that it for the
communication with her no you should be I’m assuming a wait I’m not sure if
that’s a third party recruiter or a corporate recruiter but regardless of
which one that is that recruiter should be with you the whole every step of the way
every step of the way so know you meet if it’s an external recruiter you need
to keep in touch with her if it’s a corporate recruiter you need to keep in
touch with her Charlene Crocker first time I watch her
good great to have you I use your technique I’m not saying what my
requested salary is he has to multiple times but I held my ground and he
laughed I’m hoping this is a good sign it is and mom lasts Savita I think that
was mom la subida so that could be a trivia question
Amelia la subida love you too mom that’s mom la subida know you met Linda la
subida that’s Harley and ginger la Savita oh my god love love love love shy
hey Vanessa I owe you one right since that minica face hat you do all right
Evelyn oh wait what happened Jim you got the book awesome
Oh for any of you that do not have the interview intervention book it’s I have
paid to have it manufactured for you it’s in a warehouse actually
coincidentally the warehouse is like 25 minutes from my house and that’s just
like that’s the place that a lot of the most popular authors use to stash their
books it’s ridiculous but it happens to be 25
minutes from my house they’re all there when you order interview intervention
you pay seven dollars so that I can get the guys in the warehouse to pick it the
envelopes cost money and the the postage is really expensive if you live outside
the u.s. it’s like you know 25 bucks to send it wherever and it’s 16 bucks to
send it to Canada and it’s 30 bucks to send it to Austria you know I mean like
so I pay for all that but you chip in seven bucks that’s just
what I thought I would charge and you get the e-book in the audiobook right
away you also get an e-book called how to interview the employer 75 great
questions to ask before you take job but you get that immediately so if you’ve
got an interview coming up don’t it’s not like you’re waiting for the book and
the whole package to get to you it usually comes within a week in the US
and then it could be a little longer you know anywhere between five and 20
workdays depending on where you live in the world but it’s a great it’s a great
it’s a great source and I really you know I really hope you grab it or gift
it to somebody see Bianca was a recruiter and she knows that she scanned
him I love that sherry how are you i freelance in print journalism for a
while but left I’m interested in returning to journalism but in
broadcasting what should I put on my resume I’ve been a teaching assistant
for years just I I your resume may chronologically go with it and your
cover letters just say I love journalism and I’m returning to it you you could
even put that in your career profile returning to the to journalism after you
know performing teaching assistant roles between 4 X years or however you want to
lay that down Carla Marino thank you Andy
you’re very very helpful just a chance to find your videos 30 minutes ago
Carla great to have you my dear hopefully you’re still here 8:23
I’m guessing yeah I’m trying to catch out like I’m trying to get through
everything Steve G best I’ve got Melissa I have a
technical on-site interview with a company for customer support role I have
a lot of technical skills but don’t claim expertise in any party particular
area should I make a list Melissa always have will list always
always have that in your back pocket so you know what to run through mentally
all right Vanessa to all the first-timers yes it’s just sort of the
book you she’s a boot camper yes Kay NYX good morning Carla Marino I am I got it
one hour 26 minutes 35 seconds all right folks
you guys all have a great day I’m calling Michael McDevitt to give him
some good Antti vibes and some juju to make sure
he sees his interview tomorrow Alma boot campers almond leaders all the
people in two mile walk enemy all my eye tumors everybody who shows up for me
every week I love you all everybody in the community you make my life worth
living I see a Thursday 11:00 central noon eastern and if you want to get in
the boot camp email us at support at mile walk comm will give you a hundred
bucks off if you can’t swing the boot camp and you want this budget package we
can get you all the resume stuff and the interviewing stuff for like a buck and a
half like like 150 or something like that’s
like it’s a it’s a steal so let me know support em I’ll walk comm
any questions support Melba calm otherwise I’ll see you Thursday you guys
be cool thanks mom love you Peter tours to have a great one Steve love you too
brother everybody have a great day


  • Andrew LaCivita says:

    Folks! Thanks to everyone who stopped by this morning!!! Loved the session! Lemme know what you need and also I hope to see you Thursday for Live Office Hours!

  • Master says:

    Sorry I miss it. I do have a couple of questions for you. First, How do I contact the people on my company's list without sounding desperate? Also, I want to relocate,.do I have to have a Google number for that location?

  • Cola IsCola says:

    Andy, what would you do with a internal interview panel member trying to sabotage your chances of getting a job by >falsely < saying they had a conversation with you, in which you disclosed you were not interested in a job??

  • Peter Torres says:

    Just a quick note of thanks again for the info and insight Andy. I appreciated the personal touch as well. Several points reverberated with me with positive impact. Not two hours later, after reflecting and reviewing notes, I got a call from a company target for an interview on Thursday! Speaking on the book earlier, you’ll see my receipt for today’s purchase :). I’m listening again to get those key chapters of note :). Bravo and I appreciate the boost today.

  • P R says:

    I found you on YouTube. Looking at how to find a job. Stuck around because you are so positive and honest.

  • Tonter Alley says:

    Hi Andrew! I listen to you as often as I can and love listening to your advise. You give so much of it! Thanks so much!

  • Jie Chen says:

    Hi Andrew, I love your videos, which are really helpful. I have subscribed your Chanel for more than one year. I am an international student and I graduated from college last year. I am wondering could you film a video about some job hunting tips for international students? I mean it’s really hard for us, since we don’t have a work visa, we need a work sponsor visa. Thank you.

  • A. C. says:

    Great Video. 🙂

  • Cola IsCola says:

    Thanks again for the great advice, Andy. If I received another management offer and turned it down at another competitor organization, do you recommend me bringing that up in a follow-up interview to stress my loyalty to the company? Is that a good selling point?

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