#CareersAndCoffee with Andrew LaCivita | Trying to Get Hired Without the Job Experience

#CareersAndCoffee with Andrew LaCivita | Trying to Get Hired Without the Job Experience

Hey Everybody! It’s Andy! Always wanted my own morning talk show so I thought I’d have one for you happy to have you too I
guess our inaugural episode of careers in
coffee so I’m trying something new this is me in the morning rolling out of bed
fresh as a daisy hope you guys are – wherever you are joining me I’m sure
some of you are in the car I’m sure some of you are in the shower I’m sure some
of you’re getting ready to go to bed but it is 7:00 a.m. Central time in the
morning central u.s. it’s Tuesday and I wanted to try this new little show I
thought you know what’s what’s better than going live once a week with my
troops going live twice and we’ve just dropped a new video this morning called
how to answer interview questions when you lack the experience I thought
wouldn’t it be a great idea – shortly after the video gets released just have
a little talk time with the community see how they felt about the video give
them a little bit more on the lesson itself so that’s what this is about very
much like my live office hours Thursdays we’re gonna try to do this in the
morning on Tuesday might have to vary the time a little bit depending on the
length of the video this one was pretty short this morning it was only three
minutes and 11 seconds but very very potent if you have not seen that I hope
you watch it soon and talk a little bit more about that I’m not gonna repeat the
video to you but I want to give you a little bit of a different way to think
about it now if you’re here with me live for all of you that I well you know I
don’t know some of your around the block from me and it’s pretty early but if
you’re here with me get in the chat tell me who you are where you’re from
what you need you can ask me anything this morning but if you got stuff
related to this concept I would always prefer that if if you have it but let’s
talk about you know what what this is we talked up during one of my other shows
about you know how do I answer an interview question when I’m either not
sure what the answer is or I don’t really have the experience haven’t done
those processes haven’t done that use those tools haven’t used that function
or I knew I’m a college student or I knew I’m a career changer you think
about how many really different variations of you there are that fall
into this situation where you’re in a job interview and you just don’t know
how to answer it because you you haven’t done it before and it’s basically just
basically three right you got you got people that are just starting out so
recent college graduates young professionals people in this category
you got people who are changing careers so they’ve got experience they just
don’t have this experience and they’re really trying to fight against people
who do have that experience and then you’ve got other people who are
experienced pros you just are in an interview you get asked a question and
you’re just not quite sure how to answer it so for the latter group I gave you
the answer this morning you’re totally covered if you’re in the interview and
you’re a professional you are likely qualified for the job the employer says
so because on paper they’ve looked at your resume and they say this person’s
qualified let’s get him in here to interview them they gave you a question
you just weren’t quite sure how to answer it I’ve given you the script for
that so for you all it’s not too tough it’s not too tough but I want to talk
about mindset for some of the the folks that fall into the other categories that
are the career changers or the college students I want to I want to open your
mindset and even even you experienced folks about what really the issue is
that you ought to be addressing I say this to a lot of people that I that I
coach you’re fighting the wrong fight but think about this if you’re a college
student you don’t have any work experience other than maybe your
internships that’s totally okay we all got out of college one day we all had to
have our first job and we all had to find that employer that was willing to
take a chance on us and if your career changers and you’re changing careers and
you don’t have that experience that’s ok too the problem comes when you’re trying
to convince an employer who who really doesn’t want to be convinced that they
don’t need a college student or they don’t they don’t want to take a chance
on a career changer so I always say you are better off trying to
someone who is already open to the idea rather than trying to convince somebody
who is not convinced and doesn’t want to hire somebody who doesn’t have
experience or the exact experience that they’re looking for there are a lot of
employers that are out there that are happy to pay less for potential instead
of paying more for experience your job the fight you ought to be fighting your
focus and your energy ought to be allocated in searching for them
what’s the analogy I’ve used you if you know I know a lot of you guys are here
you’re with me weekend and week out you’ve probably heard me use this
analogy but let me you know let me go to my world we’ll talk about how applies to
your world when I think about you know I love doing this I love getting with my
community I recognize that this is what I ultimately love to do which is to
serve but in order for me to be able to serve my message I need to run a
business I have programs that some of you are in
some of you are not you’re just not buyers of those programs you just you
don’t believe in paying for that kind of training maybe you can’t afford it
whatever the reason that’s totally okay so I as a business owner who interview
with you every day to be your career coach if my goal was to try to convince
non buyers to buy my programs that’s not going to be a prudent use of my time
I would rather focus on those individuals who are open to it and are
thinking about which ones they want so same thing goes for you you’re wasting a
lot of time trying to convince employers that they ought to hire you when you
don’t have the experience your time would be better served looking for those
who are open to it so I always say you want to fight the you don’t want to
fight the should you want to fight the witch so don’t try to convince somebody
that they should do something or that they should hire you figure out those
employers who are open to taking a chances on career changers or or younger
professionals or college grad recent college graduates find out which ones
are open to that and then there their question is which it’s
should I hire a couch student am I open to to hiring a career changer it’s which
one do I want to hire that’s the game you need to be in and and your time just
gonna be better served doing that how do you do that you do that through your
networking right you’ve got a you’ve got to try to get those introductions
college students so a lot of those postings will be advertised that say
college students welcome recent college graduates welcome you look for those
postings look for those organizations who welcome inquiries from you so that’s
the big message behind today so I get behind today’s video I gave you the
script for all of you regardless of which category you fall into I gave you
the script for how to answer it in the interview but when you’re in the
interview that assumes that they’re going to be open to you already or that
you’re qualified if you’re professional with experience so think about that
think about that as you watch that video I would play it a few times the other
thing about that video is the script is also written in interview intervention
that’s sitting over my shoulder it’s in it’s in the book in the silver bullet
chapter which is I believe chapter number six it’s question number ten how
do you educate yourself so I hope that helps you I want to take some questions
these these Tuesday morning segments are probably gonna be about 30 minutes 45
minutes so I I just want to do a quick rundown today’s video was short so I’ve
got some time for questions I want to see how you guys are doing just give you
give us a little bit more time together so and I got my coffee too believe me
this is fully let in French Roast this morning
sometimes on Thursdays when it’s a little later in the morning that’s
herbal tea but today it’s it is fully loaded and I want to can we give a big
careers in coffee shout out to I think it’s 2-way I think that’s how you
pronounce your name hey Andrew I got hired on the spot that’s all because of
your methods and strategies to attack an interview I hit them with the ten
reasons I wish I could shake your hand and thank you but we can do the virtual
high five here two way okay I’m so happy you you I don’t know where you live but
if you live in the US that’s up pretty early but but congratulations to you my
friend and Evelyn oh I think I’m I don’t know if you guys saw this in
video but that was a question that video is a short clip out of I don’t know one
of our live office hours sessions a few weeks back where Evelyn asked that
question about how do I answer this when I’m not quite sure but I’m not quite
sure so that was that was for you Evelyn and I know you’re from New York it’s
gotta be 809 where you are right now I hope I got the time zones right and a
beloved boot camper to boot no pun intended
all right let me see John Bailey hey Kara hey thanks for getting up with me
Steve so it’s su it’s early by you what is it
is it are you on daylight timers at 6:09 or is it 509 zero I get my hey Tami hi
Elena how are you what time is it by you tell me what time tell me what time it
is – I always I love to know stuff like
this where are you from what you know what’s the weather like all right let’s
see Nick Nick Fram like how you took first cup first cup E the higher your prophecies are calling
haha dancy how are ya good morning it is that Dan SEMA boot camper my new boot
camper Joe winter hey Diana my boot camper how you doing juicy freak good
morning baby to you I don’t know who you are and it’s a detsen new that’s a new
one on me oink monster Joyce how you doing Joe I
guess I didn’t know you were from Kentucky you’re from Australia so it’s
like 10:10 where you are is it right they had some tough curve called
behavior tough toughy curveball behavior questions your advice help I also forgot
to tack on during my storytelling haha oh man you really know but it’s like
bedtime by you oh man juicy freak I want to know how you tell
you oh yeah wait I forget to tell you guys this is I know it’s early put some
question marks in front of your uh your questions it’s early even I forget to
tell you this ah you know my duck can you guys see my dogs there we got the
wheat the fam is with me we’re a little more casual there’s a whole new routine
for them we don’t like to disturb the sleep time because they follow me into
my office it’s um in Galilee early hour they want to lay in here alright okay
juicy freak when you want to talk about cover letters for career changers first
thing I’d recommend make sure you check out my career changer playlist I have
for all of you anything that you’re looking for in deeper format there’s
always a playlist there’s a cover letter playlist there’s a job interview
playlist there’s a job search playlist there’s a salary negotiation playlist
and so on and so forth the for the career changers keep in mind that I’m
not sure how familiar you are with my cover letter style my preferred style
every cover letter that I distribute whether it’s inside that my programs are
outside in accessible to the public has a backbone in a frame
to it and then it’s tailored depending on the situation whether you know
there’s an opening whether you don’t know there’s an opening who it is you’re
sending the cover letter and so on so first thing is check all that out and
you’ll get the style second thing is if you’re a career changer the thing that
you need to highlight for the person who’s reviewing it is your capabilities
so when you for example and I don’t know what your what your profession is but if
you are trying to become a sales person and you are a marketing person or you
are a project manager or you are in an engineer or something else and you don’t
have the direct sales experience what you need to do is you need to extract
what I call the capabilities which are the underlying foundational abilities
that would make all wherever you’re going those that sales person a great
sales person so in addition to understanding how to sell the product or
service that they are selling they also need good organizational skills good
psychological skills good human interaction and customer service skills
good communication skills whether it’s articulating or whether it’s listening
and so on and then that list goes on in your cover letters you need to highlight
how you’ve gained the capabilities that align to where you want to go because
you don’t have the specific experience so when you’re citing the things that
you’ve accomplished your you really need to justify how you’ve grown those
capabilities and through what other things that you’ve done if you’re a
project manager you’ve obviously gained customer service and interaction skills
you’ve gained organizational skills – planning skills and so on so that’s what
you need to do figure out what the capabilities are of where you want to go
highlight those not only in your cover letter juicy freak but also your your
resume so I hope that helps I go in a lot more of that in the career changer
playlist there’s a bunch of a it’s got to be six eight ten videos in there that
you can check out Andy North Andy Norris how are you yes I I know you’re a boot
camp or great to see and hear from you Sam how are you listening on the way to
the second day on the new job always wonderful joy script I
was hoping I could catch some people in their car what I do when my coaches are
on is I do that I get I get my phone I turn on YouTube or whatever they are if
they’re and then I just plug it in and I listen to it in the media right out
right out of the car speaker so I love it point monster could you tie the lack
of experience and career accelerator together for people who have a career
stretch job oh my so when you say career accelerator I’m
assuming I don’t know that your talk I don’t think you’re talking about my
career accelerator program I think you’re just talking about how how when I
have a lack of experience to career acceleration if I’m either in a career
stretch job or I want to grow into the next job I would lump this all together
this is what I will tell you any time so I in addition to job search coaching
that I do through my programs and through the one-on-one stuff that I do
we also coach individuals to elevate their performance and also elevate their
careers one of the biggest things that we talk about that directly is gonna
answer your question is as is a and I do this for myself I think high achievers
and high performers in general do this and they recognize this if you want to
grow I don’t care what you do I don’t care who you are I don’t care if you are
the college student if you are the career changer if you are the
experienced pro that’s just looking to elevate the single best tip that I can
give you to grow is you need to not only proactively identify what those skills
are that you need to build and I think a lot of us can comprehend that I think
that’s the easy part is okay what what do I need to build to grow we can ask
our friends we can ask our colleagues other entrepreneurs we can ask our
bosses our management team and whoever can help us understand what the gap is
from where we are to where we want to go or even if we’re in the role if there
are certain like as you’re saying a career stretch role even if there are
aspects of the role where we don’t have as much experience when you see those
gaps and you identify what those gaps are that stuff one but step two is you
gotta allocate time on your calendar to actually build those skills so I’ve told
this story many times before when I became a trainer for example I as a
recruiter and my my my my main business for a long time was as an executive
recruiter so I I would help organizations recruit talented
individuals and I understood about employment I understood about job
searching I understood about interviewing and all that other good
stuff so I learned about employment and as I
wanted to become a trainer in this capacity to help you I was very familiar
with my subject matter but what’s just what’s the stretch role for me being
able to communicate it with you in this format well guess what I didn’t know how
to do I didn’t know how to talk through a camera to you to convey my message so
there’s not only what is it that I have to teach you but how do is it that I
have to package it and how is it that I need to make sure that you’re gonna and
so on and so forth but I also had to do this through the camera and so on
there’s a number of other facets that I had to learn so I had to allocate time
on my calendar that says practice talking to the camera but a lot of
people don’t do that because a lot of the people that I coach when they say
well I want to get to this level and I want you to help me get there how do I
do it I say show me your calendar I said well if you want to start speaking at
events where is practice speaking on your calendar it’s not anywhere so how
are you gonna grow so you want a stretch job you want to stretch career identify
the gaps identify the time to do it so you’ve got to have time allocated and
do not tell me ever I don’t have time you got to create the space okay I had
to sacrifice stuff on the weekends I had to sacrifice stuff on the at nights
anybody who’s achieved anything worthy has given up a lot of stuff you can do
it but that’s how I would approach that you want you got lack experience you got
fear how to get it the the advert the junior advertising exec who wants to
make the pitches to the senior you know to the senior leaders in to get the
potential clients or whatever you got a practice practice pitching that stuff
even though you’re not actually pitching it it’s that kind of stuff that you got
do but the simulations help the more the more you can be you know shooting at
real targets the better or I should say maybe them shooting at you
alright hope that helps juicy freak I also did a video on the overqualified
thing check it out I give you all the answers oh no stop that you do not need
to do that Adam stark and I’m stark you’re a little
late this morning I gotta tell you normally you’re up there early alright I
freelance for two years going back to normal employment I don’t know that
normal and employment belong in the same sentence but I do know what you mean okay my earnings were low but I’m
worried interviewers will try and pay me less as a result I want to earn my worth
I totally get it so first thing is I would not get into
the you know this is what I earned and all that stuff try to avoid that and
Adam you’ve seen just about every video I’ve ever put out I’m guessing or near
abouts focus on the salary negotiation playlists all of those answers are in
there you you’ve got to you know there’s ways to handle it handling it properly
throughout the process so that you’re not you’re not giving them information
you’re you’re not giving them an expected salary range you’re not doing
any of that stuff you all my best advice is you focus on proving your value and
what you can do for them they will in turn take that into account as well as
so here’s how employers think right I got an idea in my mind before I hire
somebody maybe it’s a number maybe it’s a range but I’ve got an idea of what I
would like to spend in pay to that person on the position and then what
happens is they start looking at candidates when they start looking at
candidates their view of that comp goes up or down based on what they’re seeing
based on the Intel that they’re gathering but most employers now I just
got done saying that there’s a lot of employers that are out there
that are happy to pay less for potential than more for experience so but there’s
also on the flip side of that companies that are happy to pay more if they’re
going to get more so I think that that’s really important for you to recognize so
if you want to earn your worth it is it is do not think for a second any of you
that get into a negotiation process that you are gonna negotiate your worth at
that moment that is not what the negotiation process is about you have
negotiated your worth throughout the entire process every single thing that
you did every single thing that you said and every single thing that you did not
do and did not say make sure it makes your number your cap go up and down then
at the end it’s a formality of going through the little tug-of-war
but believe me you already you already did all the training along the way you
already ran the race now you just got to step over the finish line and so so so
focus on the interviewing process and in selling yourself and then then you can
watch all the negotiation stuff I have out there but that’s my that’s my
recommendation on that Jim keen how are you I’ve had questions that use company
specific technology I’m unfamiliar with and I’m unsure if I know what they’re
asking how do you approach this without sounding ignorant okay Jim keen great
question totally on point for the video this morning so first thing is if they
are asking questions about specific company specific terminology if it’s
company specific terminology Jim all you need to do is just say can you clarify
that using some general terms right if you are if the company calls something
internally and you are not familiar with that just ask them to define it in
additional terms now it could be company specific jargon that’s known only
internally and I can’t stand when companies do that as if you should know
but there’s also business functions you might have never heard of that are well
known outside you just don’t have the familiarity just ask them to
fight it is not a big deal just ask them to clarify that’s my view I know a lot
about a lot and I’m not afraid to say can you just clarify what do you mean by
that you know what what specifically do you mean I don’t I would not be too too
worried and my guess is you will not it’s okay to ask one or two times I mean
you’re not if you’re repeatedly asking and they are using terminology that you
should know you are not qualified for that job and it’s an error on their part
to even be talking with you at that moment so I I would not be too too
worried about it it’s okay to do this a time or two throughout any interview for
anybody in any level so I hope that helps but I also Jim I don’t know if
you’ve seen the video yet this from this morning about how to answer interview
questions when you lack the experience that will help to and that will give you
some more ideas all right okay let’s see what we got yeah just kara can you do some chat maintenance
for me please okay and not pinaki good morning to you
so I think I’m finally awake now wait for three hours what’s your
suggestion for senior level executive I got a whole host of its senior level
executive stuff out there I’ve got especially as it relates to job
searching so couple of things let’s let’s I’m gonna give you some broad
strokes but I do want you to do this for me if you head to my YouTube channel and
you just type senior level or executive level in the search bar on my channel so
YouTube’s got a search bar at the kind of at the top of your page or the top of
if you’re on the phone it’s at the top or whatever but my page my channel has a
search has it has a little search icon and you can go in there and then you’re
searching only my channel type executive level and senior level and a host of
videos are gonna come up okay there’s gonna be videos on interviewing tips job
searching and so forth so the biggest and and I don’t know that I want to go
in all of those because that’s a pretty broad question but if you are senior
I’ve gone through this many times in a number of videos how I’ve broken down
how I would allocate my time during the job search you should be spending about
half of your time networking and networking is reaching to identifying
companies that you want to work for trying to route yourself through your
network figuring out who you would call how you would target them if you don’t
know somebody sending them a cold email all that stuff’s targeting half your
time should be spent doing that I would check out my job search master class the
first video in the three video series is all on allocation of your time
and whether you’re a senior person a mid-level person a junior person whether
you’re changing careers all that stuff is in there and how I would spread my
time across the job search activities then for you I would also hit my channel
for the senior level stuff and and I think the other thing that you probably
want to do is you definitely definitely want to watch the working with the
recruiters videos I have one on working with corporate recruiters and one that I
have working with executive recruiters there is a host of stuff out there for
very senior people but I would check it out
I mean it’s a generic question but I got a lot of videos out there that’ll focus
you in on all the different aspects of a senior level search you know what hey
it’s – oh my god – wait I see you must be like on the other side Australia Evelyn you’re welcome you inspired that
video Evelyn I don’t know if so okay I don’t know how many of you are on my
email list and if you’re not I would hope that you get on my email list Keira
maybe can you put the link in there so they can register but in the in the
email this morning I don’t know if you read the email closely but I even called
out Evelyn oh and that’s Evelyn oh so maybe we can all get her like in the
email I said it was inspired by Avila no and maybe we can give her a thanks for
being our little Muse on this on this video this morning Mohsen is that how
you pronounce your name Haiti you Mick how are you 509 a.m. so you are so you
must be mountain time and mostly from Germany it’s and then sue it’s 5:00 so
you are you are on you are on a daylight or maybe it kicks over mmm bells fit
it’s a little a little later work by you John Bailey what are the ten reasons
from I don’t well there’s ten reasons why I want to work here so check out
check out the John Bailey check out the my video on when they ask you the
question about why you want to work here alright
eight ten years supposed to be 93 but you know it’s um it’s beautiful so so a
lot of times you guys see at eleven sons Sun’s up overhead my office has windows
all the way around it that’s my son room back there so the Sun comes out on that
side of my of my building the thing about Tuesday morning is I
could never shoot videos because that’s when the homeowners association that I
live in they do my lawn and so we would always have guys on these like tractors
mowers whatever going through doing the lawn and I was trying to shoot videos
one time and then they kept they were all over the place so I just stopped it
so I was a little concerned about this time but it’s not too bad and my dogs
left us I don’t know if anybody saw them leave but at least they’re not barking
because lots of times they’re barking it the guys am stark 13:10 is you send it
in the UK Jenny uncle how are you Carrie Freeman
Carrie I thought you’re you get in the boot camp come on man we need you
Kenneth how you doing from the Philippines 8:00 p.m. so I guess maybe
for some of you guys this isn’t too bad I know the Thursday at 11:00 central
that can that can be rough for some people Cal for salami how are you oh
look Anna Goldman how you doing my friend
London it’s got to be reasonable time in London Mick I’m new to the channel any
recommendations to get caught up some Mick here’s what I would say so
I okay if I’m new to me the first thing that I would do is I would get the
catalog so I don’t know if you guys know this oh god I don’t know that I have it
really cook okay I don’t know if you guys know this but I’m the mile walk
Academy website there’s a couple things that I would do if I was a job seeker
whether I was fully employed or whether I was a full-time job seeker I would go
to the mile walk Academy mile walk academy.com Cara maybe we pop that in
the champ and in the mile walk Academy calm up at the top there are some key
menu items one of them is the live cam I would sink my calendar to that that
has when I’m gonna be live where I’m gonna be so you’re gonna you’re gonna
see the Thursday live office hours although I have to tell you that I’m on
Wednesday this week so I’m actually on tomorrow not Thursday I have the
bootcamp job search boot camp times I have my leadership monthly times I have
all the free events I have all the paid events and all that and all that good
stuff you can sync that with your calendar that’s not a subscription you
just kind of sync it with your Google Calendar your iCal your Outlook or
whatever that doesn’t mean your subscribe to my channel it just means
you’re syncing the calendars and it’ll drop in your calendar
all the times I live and where I am that’s one thing second thing I would do
and make for a net and anybody else we have a catalog it’s about a twenty page
catalog that lists everything that we have available to you with a little
write-up on everything I would go through that and figure out where you
need the most help now if you are just starting a job search cold totally cold
the first thing that I would do is I would go to my job search master class
and I would watch that three-part video series that will dial you in correctly I
would also start with a video called how to choose the right job for you get
started there but all the other assets are on the front page of the Malik Adam
II and they’re also on my blog and then what will happen is as you come to these
you know shows on Thursdays generally Thursdays but Wednesday tomorrow you’ll
start to you’ll start to get more familiar you’ll start to uncover some of
the different steps the other thing is you know they’re on the public site all
my videos are released and they’re packaged as best I can
according to playlists and such inside the programs that I offer the programs
are end-to-end soup-to-nuts do this first do ii do this third but those are
also premium and paid programs keep that in mind the other thing is MIT and
everybody else this book just to put this in perspective if you want an
interview intervention and you went to – Apple – iBooks – the Nook on Barnes &
Noble – the Kindle from Amazon or whatever
it’s 895 okay that’s the e-book this book is about 30 bucks the heart bound I
will ship this book to you anywhere in the world you can have the e-book for
free the audiobook for free another ebook about how to interview the
employer and a you can have access to our LinkedIn private LinkedIn group
private Facebook that’s only $7 for picking packing and shipping but I would
grab this one too if if you’re not if you don’t have one and you get the ebook
in the audiobook immediately and then the hardbound depending on makan where
you live if you’re in the US you get it pretty quick if you’re if you’re in if
you’re outside the US it could take anywhere between five business days and
say 25 business days but it just depends but it’s $7 anywhere and I would grab
that and then you’ll start getting familiar with you know with the with the
different different assets but start with the mile walk Academy that’s where
a lot of stuff is all right Vincent hey how you doing hitting a job fair
tomorrow yes I have a video on job fairs Vincent check how to use my five minutes
at a job fair to get an interview I’ve checked that one out to weigh any
general advice after you receive the job offering Oh
other than thanking them well I first thing I love to do is I like to ask them
in advance is there anything that I can do to get ready for my first day on the
job you know to kind of get my computer early can I sign whatever the paperwork
is early is there anything I could look at is there anything you want to send me
you know hopefully you’ve signed your employment agreements and all you’re not
and non-disclosure agreements and all that good stuff but honestly I just it’s
a simple ask first thing though celebrate and enjoy your time before you
start because rarely do any of us ever get any kind of time like that where we
don’t have anything to do and no matter what kind of job you have you always
seem to have it on your mind so that’s my best my best advice is get
some rest it really is and Wilson I’m wondering if
that’s Maya Wilson how are you thanks for the morning shot in the arm a great
coach you’re welcome Chad McDonald is there a laid-off
playlist no but I would be happy to answer any questions that you want all
right Carrie Freeman Andy I reached out to that employer on Wednesday who
promised to get back to me by Friday I remember the story of the week before
last and it’s still radio silence what do I do
Carrie you move on so so Carrie I don’t know if you were here for my beginning
little opener in the few minutes I spent talking about the concept behind this
and I want to every almost if you guys those that have followed me for a while
you will notice a level of consistency in all the advice that I give you and
everything that has to do with any interaction that requires another party
right you could write your resume on your own okay you could sit at your desk
just like this write the resume but any interaction that you go through send in
a cover letter send in your resume to somebody going in for a job interview
waiting to get feedback from them negotiating all that stuff requires an
interaction with somebody else so Carrie you are in the middle of an interaction
with somebody else my advice to everybody all the time
is control what you can control so when we talked about the episode from this
morning I said to the career changers and the college students what you really
need to be focusing on is not arguing with somebody that you you were the
right fit or they should hire you it’s going and looking for people who are
already open talking somebody with a lack of experience that’s controlling
what you can control you’re better off spending your time looking same thing
with you Carrie if they are not getting back to you you are burning a lot of
energy if you’re thinking about them and I understand that when you get these on
the line you want to try to drive the closure but you are far better off
focusing your if you cannot you did it you went through all the protocols you
contacted on me emailed them you called them or whatever if they are not getting
back to you they’re sending poor messages to you your time is best spent
honestly looking for somebody else so find somebody else who loves you control
what you can control that’s about your outreach so at this but I mean they
weren’t getting back to you they said they were gonna call you they didn’t
call you think about this everybody Kerry and everybody
employers in their recruitment process for 90% of them that’s the best day will
ever treat you and that that audit that ought to say something oh I’m getting a
scroll here Kara do me a favor just let me know I don’t want to refresh my
screen but I’m spinning the stream health looks good but that’s the best
that they are ever going to treat you so think about that think about that so let
me let me know my cohort is every I’m back okay folks if if I’m not gonna
refresh my screen if your skin gets hung just refresh it and you should be okay
alright it was delayed for a few seconds okay so Anna you know this is that I’m
getting ready to go run outfit so you guys are catching me so because this I
wanted to be ready for you at 7:00 and I get up at 5:00 I you know I only had so
much time and I never would have been able to get out get back and do all this
stuff and set up in time all right there oh they reached out and
I don’t get what’s I don’t I don’t either Carrie at like I said I would
just I know it’s hard I’d mentally move on Alexandra how are
you hi auntie recent graduate be a product design London I was wondering if
I can have a ward section on my resume first and then experience in school I
would highly recommend that you do not have an awards section if those awards
are for school awards I would put them in the education section and what I
would I would also do is I would I’m I title it education and awards if
if those were school related if that’s the case what you could do Alexandra if
you’ve seen my collegiate template for all you college students or recent
college graduates I have a different resume template for you if you check out
the video this one trick will make your College resume
stand out although the template you can get in a lot of videos but go to that
one because it talks about how you lay out your career profile and for the
college students I was overly generous and actually wrote your career profile
for you and you just need to take out the pieces and put your pieces in
Alexandra for you what I would do is you could put one of your biggest awards or
the one perhaps that you know I don’t want to say most proud of the one that
you think the employers will find most attractive in your resin your readiness
as an employee candidate for them and put that up in the career profile maybe
it’s the last thing and you know one an achievement award for and make sure you
put in what you did but that’s how I would approach that to get that up at
the top I would then I would have so your profile you don’t call it a career
profile you should call it a profile then you put then you put your schooling
then you put your professional experience and then you put your sorry
you put sorry put career profile then you could put
education and awards in that section so yes I guess effectively it’s the top and
then you could put your professional experience that’s that’s okay I don’t
know how many awards you have but if it is a lot of them if it is a lot of them
then I would I would actually split the sections and have education and I would
put awards at the bottom okay hey guys I’m not my screen is locked so I can’t
see me in but I know that the timer’s running if you guys are if your screen
is locked just refresh it I don’t know why that’s the case
it looks like it’s the stream health is okay but I want to I don’t want to lose
the chat so I’m just gonna keep going all right Evelyn oh if interviewer asks
why you are changing careers how should you address this
Evelyn oh and everybody else much like I always say it’s a backbone to my advice
always be honest number one number two right control what you can control and
number three in these situations when you get into the kind of the
hand-to-hand combat with the interviewer you always want to talk about what you
are not what you’re not you always want to talk about where you’re going not why
your leaving someplace so why are you
changing careers I did some selfs covery you know I wanted more I thought about
what I wanted to do I evaluated I did some research I decided this is an area
I want to go it’s I want I want I want if I want to move toward that it’s about
your needs no one will ever argue with you about what you should like or at
least they should not ever I will never tell you what to like I’ll never tell
you what flavored ice cream you like or what kind of coffee to like or whatever
you like what you like right so you’re just you’re articulating why you’ve
chosen it now if somebody’s interviewing you they’re open to it right there open
to you joining them in whatever capacity so I mean you got it you you got to make
some assumptions like that very positively though I mean but I would
approach it very positively all right Amanda how do I handle a top grading
interview process Amanda from Dubai Amanda top grading is one of the
absolute worst interviewing techniques known to man and woman I here’s my best
advice for top grading just be calm just don’t get flustered just don’t
worry about the repetition of those questions and so on I mean top grading
is about your composure so so keep it the questions that they ask you are
going to be in alignment with all the other questions that you’ve generally
hear interview interventional help and all that good stuff but that’s where I
would start with that I would not and for those of you who don’t know what top
grading is don’t worry about it all right IMed some tips for a big gap on
the CV for instance five years but during this years I was studying
wonderful all you need to do I meant is check the video out on how to handle
employment gaps that’s it just go check it out and I cover it there Tammi H how do I handle no recent
experience and I don’t have a degree Tammi same thing check out the video on
how to handle employment gaps michelle DiClemente how are you italy love it evelyn don’t talk about disliking your
old career talk about wanting more leander great to have you from the
netherlands point master you’re welcome Mick you know what what’s really funny I
know you know what if I was at work like isn’t what I don’t know what you know
like I don’t know where all your times are just put me in the earbuds right you
got them just put you know watch the phone it’s so funny so pinaki it’s a pretty general question
how to handle 15 years experience seems no one is interested in hiring
experienced candidates nowadays due to budgets that is not true again let me go
back to the theme of this morning’s message about controlling what you can
control and making sure that you are spending your time finding people who
are organizations that are interested in hiring somebody with experience believe
me they are their we true story in the last three workdays we made a placement
of a woman twenty years of work experience we’ve got we had an interview
with a guy 30 plus years of work experience today we have a candidate
going in different guy thirty plus years of a work experience this is not that
whole that no one is hiring or people you know don’t seem to be interested is
not true is not true you got to keep looking you got to keep
going your time is better spent looking than it is trying to fight with people
who are not open to it and the other thing is if you are stuff in your I
don’t hear again and there’s so many things about your search I don’t know
but pinaki if your stuff in your Reza – applicant tracking systems and
spending a lot of time doing that you’re not going to get a lot of responses that
doesn’t mean people are not hiring it means that you know they’re there your
resume is not getting through or they’re looking at people through different
routes oh there goes the mower guys I don’t know if you guys can hear that
shout give me a tap tap if you can hear it
wait if you are liking this give me the thumbs up on the little like button make
sure you’re subscribed so you know when I’m live this Tuesday morning thing this
time will likely vary a little depending on my schedule and depending on the
length of the video this video this morning happened to be three minutes
some will be thirty minutes some will be fifteen minutes so I want to give I’m
going to watch it all right Alena love it 4:30 wake up no coffee I
knew you were in SoCal cuz we talked about me missing you in my Orange County
thing hey Melanie my boot camper alright let me see I keep going man I I’m
feeling pretty good this morning wait we got all those retrac hanging here we go
Mick if you were told you were being
considered for a Supervisor position at work
but are still in the same position despite asking for updates after a week
past should I stay or go no Mick you should stay Tara says she can’t hear
the mowers okay you should stay I wait it’s only a week
and and so so wait there’s a couple couple things I have caveat Stu the
things I can tell you so I say always control what you can control what can
you control positive attitude asking for insight being a little patient you know
you’re still in the same position after a week past I have no idea what somebody
out did somebody not get to somebody who they needed to talk to about an approval
for the supervisory position or whatever that’s a short amount of time but Mick
tell you what I’m here tomorrow but that’s only tomorrow I’m back next week
on Thursday Thursday whatever that Thursday is I’m guessing it’s the 8th
and you can you can pop in and check in with me and let me know what happened
I’d love to hear that all right Nikita I’m not sure if there’s
a question I was looking at my job feel it’s desperate yeah I’m not sure this is
a question so I was looking for a job in my field for two years as a result I
lost my technical skills once I made it to an interview I was desperate to get
this job and then the boss asked me how much do I want
so Nikita I don’t believe that you lose your technical skills in two years I
understand that working with something and doing something and not doing it for
a period of time a lot of what we do is perishable skills so to speak practice
and so on but I I would ask for as much money as you think you are worth it if
somebody asked me how much I wanted all right to clarify they told me they need
to find a replacement for my current position first
okay submit that’s not a bad thing Warren Coyle how you doing my boot
camper good morning Jim keen check the video out it’s only three minutes Warren
you missed it you missed the puppies they kind of come in they kind of come
and go you guys know this about these bought this YouTube and the way I set
the thing up is I have what YouTube allows me to or not set this as a DVR so
that means whenever you join you can scroll it all the way back to the
beginning up to 12 hours which I will never be live for 12 hours ever never I
can say that comfortably and you can scroll it back so if you miss anything
and you want to see it just check it out Isis how are you he can’t how you doing good morning to
you my boot camper van how are you this is what I meet you know I just love this
stuff I’m not sure what vans ask Debbie cluck Blue Ridge Mountains is that like
John Denver song country roads actually true story you want to know the trivia
question to the first song and II could play on the guitar John Denver’s country
roads or uh it just uh yeah that’s when I learned how to play the guitar see you
all kinds of crazy stuff you learn about me when we do this stuff at Tuesday in
the morning 1:30 in in the UK okay that’s good Tammy H how can I find
corporations or industries where I can learn and teach their proprietary
accounting software reporting software’s soft skills to their global customers
Tammy so there’s a number of things that so if you want to teach proprietary
accounting software and so on you do a couple things you it my first reaction
to that is are you looking for the organization’s who sell accounting
software that’s what I would look for I mean that’s mr. Google and talking to
people in the accounting space and who run the accounting departments and what
software they’re using and I would think that that’s a pretty easy list to find
if I understood your correct question correctly shaft I’m guessing that there
are a lot of people in this chant that would be happy to share their
experiences with you and one thing that I do with trying to get you guys some
some testimonials just a social proof so to speak is I don’t I don’t just type
the testimonials for I just show you screen shots so hopefully hopefully
somebody else chime in so this is a good one for cat cats new
to the bootcamp so it’s it’s a most efficient way to get all the info and
get yourself organized van that is it’s a good good thing and shaft it’s a good
good thing also also I have a 30-day money-back guarantee
um 99% of my stuff there’s a few few things that are a little weird like a
subscription program stuff like that but my programs are backed Christie B boot
camper and absolutely loving it so Christie is in the boot camp and the
leadership monthly live program that’s really a great combo Gabriel John any pages you recommend a
scan for keywords to pass the HR screen job scan Kara can we drop the job scan
link in there oh man so this one Evelyn oh you can say I decided I didn’t
want a 22 year old to pick my career for me not even a 22 year old version of me
okay cat is quoting me it’s in interview intervention it’s in the first chapter
it’s on page 11 or 12 there’s the quote so I talked about don’t be afraid to
change and some people spend their entire lives in a job that they don’t
love collecting a paycheck waiting for their Social Security to arrive and I
think a lot of us forget that we picked our careers at a very young age and then
I said I don’t want a 22 year old picking my career for me today
not even a 22 year old version of me so yes cat was paying attention in the book
it’s in there folks ebook audiobook and hardcover book you
can hear me you can look at on your screen you can turn the pages or you can
listen to me in your ear any which way you want for seven dollars shipping and
handling okay I’m just zipping through Diana’s
boot camper lovin them one time yeah some of you folks are you know this is
probably really good there may be better than my 11:00 a.m. you know Tony
handling grand school interviews is it for a program oh it is it is for a
program that that will pay for it I need to give reasoning to why they should
back me I study history and the program is in Japan the reason anybody should
back you is never out of the goodness of their heart and always about what that
will enable you to do for them so your focus Tony when you’re talking to
organizations that are interviewing you to pay for grad school is what you are
going to be able to do for them when you are finished that’s the value to them
focus on that all right Loreena hello Andy changed from a resume
didn’t get a job offer but definitely got responses okay that’s good well
that’s what the resume is supposed to get interviews right it is a big change
for me as I was used to no answers at all thank you do you have any advice on
how to handle the wave of rejections without losing confidence Loreena if you
are so a couple couple things come to mind if you are getting rejected in the
interview process that I do have a point solution called how to get the job after
being rejected check that video out if you are not getting as many responses to
your new resume I have a different response for that I have a 14 day
challenge it you just go to my site search 14 day challenge focus on that
here again going back to the kind of the theme of
everything that I give you guys focus on what can you focus on putting your
resume together put your covers together targeting companies targeting
individuals outreach and so on the 14 day challenge reconditions you to focus
on the high value activities that are most likely to lead to job search
success not shoving your resume into an applicant tracking system in those
things so I would highly recommend you check the video out where I talk about
staying positive in your job search I go into the things to focus on and what to
do in the metrics but I would also make sure that I watch I have a video out
there on the 14 day challenge you’ll be able to find it it’s a it’s a segment of
a live office hours you don’t need to watch the whole thing but I would focus
on that that will definitely elevate your confidence and your enthusiasm all
right Kirsti be recommending the bootcamp thank you my dear Liz Eastlake
how are you Andy my spouse and I are having dinner tonight
with the college president and her spouse excellent I see you’re trucking
along then I have an interview tomorrow with the new VP all for the job that
doesn’t exist concerned about limited executive expertise I’m not sure what
I’m not sure what the question is I I would not be concerned about that you
were not having you are not having dinner with the president and her spouse
because you don’t know what you’re doing I would not be focused on that I would
be focused on what is it they need don’t worry about executive level anything
what is it that you need how can I help and then you need to highlight the areas
that are in your background that close the gap to what they need to what they
need do not do all you need to be thinking about is how can I help you
what is it that you need how do you see my background aligning let me help you
understand what I can do for you and I we talked about I believe we talked
about this already we’re with you we talked about there’s
two ways to go about a situation where a position doesn’t exist what is it that
you need and here’s how I can support that versus here’s what I can do how can
you fit that in so you never want to go with the ladder it’s always about where
is the biggest areas and the gaps where you need help and I can
I can provide value the high-value area for the employer is your best thing to
focus on because that’s selling to their gap and it’s helping them overcome an
issue that they have or accelerating the generation of new whatever it is ideas
money products anything that that that helps them catapult forward or fixes
something that’s broken focus on that don’t be concerned and
you’re having dinner it’s going to be nice believe me and I’m sending a good
big auntie vibes Tim Andy your awesome negotiations for internal employees our
signing bonus is common for non management supervisory positions they
are or would you focus on salary only I wouldn’t really appreciate your insight
okay Tim and everybody else there is no I mean this in the nicest possible way
there’s just no standard anything right we we have gotten signing bonuses for
people with two years of work experience in signing bonuses for people with
twenty and then there’s no signing bonuses for executives in some cases it
makes no difference I what I like to do in Tim and I don’t know which Tim you
are if you’re in any of my programs but I would check out the salary negotiation
playlist I would look at the the areas where I talked about when you go back to
the employer when you are countering one of the principles with you countering is
making sure that you are giving them options so as just as a quick example
with the stuff that you made there sorry with the points that you made hey this
is great I am so grateful for your offer I’ve had a chance to look through it
right based on my experience based on the value I’m going to contribute based
on what you need me to do I think you know this number is a little more in
line with what I’m looking for and worth okay so you offered me a hundred I
really want 120 okay so I want 120 now that’s a $20,000 increase from what you
offered now I’m open to how you get me to the 120
so if you have options from your end that can make up that $20,000 you know
gap in the first year I’d be open to them whether that’s a front end signing
bonus Oh Inc you know a ten thousand dollar signing bonus and a ten thousand
dollar a salary increase or if you can’t do a signing bonus
maybe there’s a base pay increase and a back-end bonus or maybe there’s an
entire twenty thousand dollar piece or whatever I’m open to different ways to
for you to accommodate that and then you want to listen to them then you want to
discover if there are levers that they can pull you don’t always know what it
is they have flexibility with so I would go that route I have tons more on this
in that salary negotiation playlist Natalie hey Warren Coyle however so far
I’m very happy with what I’ve learned the way my resume has changed in all the
future tips Warren is a boot camper for those who are asking can’t will you
address my hoop sorry will you dress my question I posted in the boot camp I
believe you posted it yesterday afternoon normally in my I’m usually
about within 24 hours will you dress my quest I posted the boot camp about the
industry conference coming up next week and how to prepare I will I haven’t read
the question yet but I know it’s because it’s in my queue and it’s actually up at
the top cat loves the 14 day challenge 14 day challenge is the secret sauce so
there you go I mean check that out alright John it’s never too late to get in the
boot camp the boot camp is open at all times and if you all are having
heartburn on the rate then you email me at support at my wife comm and I will do
what I can to knock it down a little bit all right
Sarika great times I love it AJ hi you’ve helped me have a good
interview recently no job offer but my best interview yet I love it
Lorena you’re welcome Jim Kean while watching just heard back about a
gel-like that’s interested in instead of upping the position and pay to meet my
requirements they decided to downgrade it even further not sure how that well
we’re not sure how that will work for them I’m not sure what all that is our
hand just buzzing through oh my goodness am i to the bottom
hey we’re like an hour and five minutes I wanted to go 30 minutes today I just
can’t seem to do it all right hey okay you guys are awesome okay how about this
I’m on tomorrow at 11 a.m. Central Time you’d know that if you read your email
this morning the one I sent at 6:30 my time central time in the u.s. normally
my live office hours slot is on Thursday but my wife is making us with the
puppies and me go to Lake Geneva for the afternoon before she goes back to school
so I got to do it cuz I got it you know we got to keep harmony in the last Evita
house plus I love my wife and I love spending time with her and I never do
stuff like this so I moved it a day earlier because like I said like to say
better early than never so I’ll see you guys tomorrow
cat I will go in the system here today and let you know my thoughts or I can
answer you live tomorrow either which way but I hope you guys enjoyed this
circulate it share it hit the little like button make sure you’re subscribed
and I’ve got I’ve got live sours tomorrow got a new video next
Tuesday got live office hours next Thursday all that is in the calendar I
will see you tomorrow


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