Chef Wan – East Bites WEst – London

Chef Wan - East Bites WEst - London

one is a huge star in Southeast Asia but now he's coming quest to take on us because life is beautiful your voice should be beautiful too he wants to persuade us that his Asian recipes are nausea quicker to the pear and his battle begins in Britain Homer Big Ben big red buses some of the biggest backsight in Europe but I'll be in the West ready for him if you eat like a pig you're gonna make a pig – oh yeah and his spicy dishes us delicious you proved me wrong he's out to convince us Westerners everywhere to ditch the junk I'll try anything I can see home cook Asian style oh I love fire brigade I will fire your needles in today's epic Patti said one jamesy every second team as far as her to get creative with rice in a spicy congee and bravery tackles our traditional roast dinner in his latest street food challenge I know you're big I'm small but never join double by the camera hold on to your chopsticks here comes Jeff one he's right one's gorgeous multicolored catering van to London motivators culinary adventure a vibrant capital city of bright light speaking a second culture history wow what a beautiful ship and packs full of colorful characters the Royal Borough of Greenwich for his latest quest quite appropriate really it's the home of the Greenwich Meridian a line that separates East from West welcome to Greenwich market to start spreading his East bytes west message across London he needs to meet up with today's willing volunteer we'll be happy to let him loose in their kitchen do you cook a lot I cook alone and why is it important to cook your own food and if you some French we don't know to do it any other way eat well all the time I know I know why do you like to cook I've got a young family so I try and prepare as much my fingers like hands we can eating fresh is very important I won't say we didn't I can say they although we don't get it on top of the cakes okay I work put the knife away and so it's important that you eat well now yeah quality is great I mean you exercise it all do you wanna end up in the bed like that good hmm okay game or your April on ah lovely fish simple or healthy healthy stuff seems like these market shoppers already share his being that fresh is best but there's someone who needs subtractive creativity in their cooking and your stopping you you cook a lot at home yeah we yeah we could come and why sort of food you know me cook uh I hope makes you my husband's half chinese half French so we could give em choice but a French bit of Indonesian is oh really well you do mean I have one or two recipes which I cook a lot and like he's getting a bit bored is your dad cook Joe yeah really well what does he do he does the same thing that my mom does every every Saturday same thing every Saturday okay would you like that I come to your house and I teach your mom a couple of Asian dishes I can make good food really yeah you want to this is okay with you yeah why not you can let me have you me the back and you let's go okay chef Juan has found today's vertex kitchen partner third challenge isn't calories or cost of variety and Beth I'm mom of three children Maya Thea and Zak and we live here in Greenwich and I have set up a children's wear brand Myers 10 got some East End attitude Theo is the crazy one he's just terminate and Zak is the baby at four we try knee together at the weekends Saturdays and there's definitely we have a traditional English roast on Sunday best children love the food cooked by their Chinese grandmother but when mums busy she relies on quick and easy meals when he gets home from school a boat of fish fingers faster complete and usually hits a spotter I can cook if I've got time I love it if I've got time and if I've got time to look at recipes but that doesn't happen very often I feel I am stuck in a rut I know what I know I cook what I know and I have recipe books but I just don't have the time to sit down and pour over them and bring in new recipes so I'm hoping chef one will really inspire me again because I feel like cooking at the moment is becoming a bit of a chore well Berta inspiration is the missing ingredient chef Juan is just the man to provide it thank you Oh neighbor owner before he gets cooking fifth one wants to take a sneaky peek through bits covers BAM I love your kitchen Wow thank you you mind if I take a look at your cupboard yeah maybe okay oh my goodness look at all the spices I don't even have this much of spicy lime series huh I need to move very really but you know you know what the ones at the front but sometimes not really long as well maybe you don't look at them as you know oh let's have a look at these wonderful Asian sauces fish sauces I can see all their ketchup money's you have all the chilies and stuff and now looking a future you nice veggie you love greens huh yeah yeah so what is your problem only when it comes to cooking I kind of have to cook so much that I get stuck right I get the same food and I want some more Eastern influence but the kids they like they like the food that my mother-in-law cookies you know they never fear everyone is yeah to give her cooking some spicy inspiration chef Juan and Beth are going to prepare a congee with prawns later they're making Indonesian gado-gado mixed vegetables with a spicy peanut sauce I am really excited to show you this wonderful recipe congee having eaten congee before no never know congee is basically a rice porridge should i when you get yours you know I know that kind of part is that kind of thickness some way we'll see a bit runny like a risotto you can see that you know it's lovely the key ingredient for chef worms congee is jasmine rice this is Langkawi up in the north of malaysia near the border with Thailand a chef Juan has come to a rice farm which is keeping traditional methods of bird alive it made look like a humble little plant but rice is probably the single most important crop on the planet rice is a staple food for half of the world population and the feathery country not only minerals but also rich in vitamin and here in Malaysia we have many variety for example if the white rice for example like Jasmine and a few others we also have the glutinous rice or something known as a sticky rice with white as well as the black rice this pressure staple food is a kind of cross the grows up to four feet tall we eat the Seas it's reckoned there are thousands of varieties of rice its cultivated in paddy fields covered with water after harvest the brains are driving Mills to breeze the edible white kernels that we all know from the time it is planted to the time is harvested it takes four months rice is incredibly versatile it's used in both sweet and savory dishes and crops up in everything from baby food to beer this is called the famous seolleung very traditional and as you can see the rice has many many kinds of herbs and another creative way of using rice the famous buddha pangong made of glutinous rice yeah you see bits and pieces of prawn can see that it's a great savory item first the glutinous is steamed and coconut coconut milk then edit the filling and stop it and then the gridded Hey the first thing your eye on is you know stress that making a good kanji is the minute you take one scoop into your mouth it's like wow where is the wow factor number one is all these wonderful spices in this case we're doing the Thai version a bit so I have a bit of all this you know sure lon no garlic ginger which you're gonna pound them together okay okay so let's do it we also want to add some lemongrass to perfume and then for flavoring some dried shrimp as you can see you're the shrimp we fight a little bit with olive oil and nice lovely and after this we are going to pound them we also have look cut an onion oh yes we're gonna get some lovely fresh prawn oh look at that they're fresh jumping away woohoo okay and so why you need to do here remove the shell like that don't get the shell because we're gonna boil it because you know why I boiled the shell and that really improve the storm okay okay I'll be back at your while okay I want you to peel all the stuff already can you do that for me okay all right I wasn't sure whether by well neck killing Rome's chief one is elected ready to market prospect for his latest Easter fights Western challenge with a produce classic my name's Eddie and I'm at Greenwich market and this is Red Cow covering any suitable runs one of the most popular takeaways on the market is carrying out robbery comes comprehensive first roast potatoes your pudding and what happened was it was only for the beef sandwich and then we had looked serious and could we have the melted cheese on top of the roast dinner laughing well Who am I to argue with them it's not traditional but let's go ahead with it and it that's when he went mad for it so that's how we've done the roast beef with a cheese on top sometimes I use 22 creighton people D we have customers from all over the world who hear about on the forums incoming bad roast beef dinner you know so I wrote good products I know he's if he's gonna give this robot I work with confidence of our products you know a red log hustle okay look good feedback so I think it's gonna be a good competition so can you explain what Yoshio pudding is all about this is like a butter mix of a black egg flour milk in an oven at high heat and we just use it to soak up all our gravy forever it look like he is set on it yeah okay good sleep hmm all right this is it I'm gonna try my best okay all right yes Eddie okay I know you're big I'm small but never join double by the cover my challenge today is to show you our Malaysian traditional roast chickens now for next 5 days I have prepared all the usual ingredient used in many Malay cuisine for example lemongrass as you can see here chilli then some galangal fresh tumor in here I prefer fresh meat and dry tumeric plenty of shalat as you see I've sliced them so I can grind them easily some garlic as well as my lemongrass now all the spices going into the blender always remember when you grind something like this the important thing to do here is to add all the soft ingredient at the bottom because they have liquid so therefore they do grind faster so instead lemongrass and all the hard woody vegetable will go on the top yeah so you need that liquid first to move it all the ingredients are whizzed up with a couple of lime leaves and a cup of water to make a smooth paste now that the chili is all grinded finally we are going to add some coriander powder and cumin powder and lastly what makes it stick and really super delicious I had wonderful fresh pineapple and I'm going to grind part of it I'm putting meat to the sauce so can you imagine when all this beautiful sweet pineapple goes into the sauce and then finally you cook them with coconut milk and then you base them on the chicken by the time you grill them is so so delicious and so aromatic okay now the first thing we need to do here we're going to fry the spices that the many ways of preparing this iron pan Campeche some of them just pour all the chicken and the spices all together and simmer with the coconut not even frying it can be done too but I like to fry my piece because it smells really wonderful you're back in Malaysia this spice paste is also commonly known in our language as rum pum pum Wow I'm stirring these fighters if I'm not careful the chilli can go into my eyes but I love my British glasses now remember when you cook the spices you know all these remember you need to toast them for just a few minutes 5 or 10 minutes until all the water is evaporated and finally the spices start to toast that's the correct way to do next is to throw in the chicken now what I'm doing here is basically studying my spices yeah so let it cause all over the chicken and leave this for about three or four minutes here with all the lovely spices now the next thing that we're going to add in here is my lovely coconut milk here so if your coconut cream is very thick remember you can always thin down with a bit of water and what makes the chicken project more tasty is my lovely bits and pieces of pineapple which has been crushed inside so imagine when you throw this on the grill when you grill the pineapple that lovely crush pineapples just smells beautifully and you can also add some more pineapple imagine any of their sweetness from the brown sugar the palm sugar of the gula melaka they also we have that and then the richness clearly coming from the coconut milk and now you have all that wonderful spices chili lemongrass galangal over to Gadara the chicken come and get my chicken it's an epic battle of the roast dinners and wad is pulling out all the stops he needs to if he's going to be Teddy's classic beef combo but it's all about the taste so can II stright West first off it's Jeff ones for lazy and roast chicken and rice delicious really nice and tender chicken that's sweet I think yeah really really really nice yeah I like the spices with the chicken and I like a bit the fruit he's put the pineapple lovely that is good I don't know what it is but it's nice it's not too spicy either plan that's why it's gopano too spicy wonderful for a great start for chef Juan Eddie's supposed to be for dr. pudding with that cheeky cheese topping some catching up to do somebody told me date their classically there's no cheese on Tom right Yes Mother you just want to be their face like you it's very difficult to be good very tasty and very nice and eats on this different way of doing are you out your pudding oh my love I mean I was gonna like that it's the first time I've ever tried a roast in our team but I actually quite like it's decision time which way will the votes go I prefer the chicken meat chicken as well I like this like this it's uh you can take the spices with this one I think the business of its dish I think is good I prefer the other one gonna have to be this film rice all day long no I'm gonna have to go with chicken really why no don't no no no the rice some of the road yeah yeah yeah I go school but victory goes to I have to be honest okay I love what I add from your bowl just now I'm sure everybody but I I was thinking about how to even compare such a beautiful traditional classic English roast beef compared to my chicken you know they're two different things thank you my problem thank you yes thanks something tells me chef Ilan is pretty pleased with himself enjoyed the competition you know he was good my food was good so you know who is equal meaning muscle just beating it by the skin of his teeth so no up no time to rest on his laurels chevron has more work to do back at face hi hey Luke well I think well yeah this time together great first face the kanji is fried in hot oil on it remember when you want to file the kanji you cook slowly until it's nice and fragrant yeah and then of course we throw in the lemongrass yeah I think once inner circle be making it small portion here oh we're gonna kick it just for a few more minutes yeah you take this out out later you can say tomorrow because you can fish them out then we're gonna add in here I would from young big Tom Yum paste is a ready-made blend of herbs and spices we don't want you to excite he don't put too much from your big yeah yeah and a lovely onion caramelized onions fresh prawns and a good splash of fish sauce and then you put a bit of this surprise drop become a nice dish you become a deeper yourself look at it right yeah and then we have also chicken stock yeah so that means has so much flavor huh and then we have the coconut and look leg and you will further cook all these yeah until it's nice and thick next half a cup of cooked yellow lentils and a couple of lime leaves now Beth sometime you know when you boil the prawn you know too long it can be very tough as well so what I do is sometimes I take up some of the prawns because you know why I want the flavor of the front and later we throw in the project before setting you can really smell the caramel then then what about the Tommy among all the Tommy on businessman and Abdi I sometimes also Bev like to put some chopped tomato lastly I usually add in some coriander leaf so wonderful to see all the fresh herbs are going through the whole thing you know will take about maybe half an hour to cook to go with his kanji chef one is serving an Indonesian dish gado-gado with lots of vegetables eggs and tofu spiced up with a rich peanut sauce the first thing I want to do is we're gonna fry the onion yeah you can fry the onion hole and you put some Chinee yeah some oh yeah about what we see today some garlic yeah and then we have a bit of posted blackened shrimp is yeah you stood it okay okay when everything is nicely softened it goes into the blender now we're gonna grind all these spices yes you see bath and this goes in the tamarind juice okay and so the temperate makes a wonderful flavor so you have all that sweet sour and in the brown sugar as well okay now sometimes what I would do is the chili is not so fine enough because of it watery we can always add the peanut see this peanut has already been toasted you can toast it in the oven about 15 20 minutes round them costing at least here once the mixture is at the right consistency it's ready to cook with more tamarind juice ground peanuts palm sugar and salt simmer the sauce until is nice anything and usually when I cook this song would think about when you're 10 minutes on the menu tonight Chitwan and bath atai kanji that savory rice porridge with prongs to go with it an Indonesian mixed vegetable salad with a spicy peanut sauce gado-gado okay are you ready Ken Bess was looking to give family mealtimes a makeover so what do husband Febreze and the children make of shet ones tasty Asian meal hey from dinner looks like we've got her it doesn't let me take that yes I think it's the Asian risotto salami well I definitely love it yeah it's really good do you know how to make this now I think so I think I need to write the recipe down so it's easy there's lots of bit that's something to eat shall I make this again yeah I wouldn't need to make her pension better than this very tasty yeah there is a little chilly in the peanut sauce chef wine in this yeah how do the numbers add up time is best big problem she rustles up fish fingers pasta and ease in about 15 minutes check Wong's Thai kanji and guard oh god oh dick corporal five minutes but he's made enough for two meals Beck spends about 1 pound 44 head chef ones fresh ingredients are a little more extra bombs 10 this dish contains about 500 calories per person chef wadis comes in at around four hundred seven five but this challenge wasn't really about calories or cost of although great taste and fresh ideas on that score East typically bites West bath tank is so thank you for coming yeah yeah teaching me this yesterday sir yes ornithology for you and some presidents that is very cheap in yeah bye-bye ticking on the back yeah buddy all right take care bye but it was inspirational I'm looking forward to trying the recipes they were delicious the kids like them which is fantastic so what I needed


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