Cisco NETACAD Routing and Switching – Introduction to Networks v6.0 – Welcome Video

Cisco NETACAD Routing and Switching – Introduction to Networks v6.0 – Welcome Video

welcome to the Cisco netacad CCNA
introduction and networks video series by Jason Johnson this video is the
introduction to the playlist series I want to thank you for watching the
videos your time is appreciated I created these videos to help the
students in my courses but I decided to share them with everyone so I hope you
find them helpful in your course of study of the material the material in
these videos does cover the 6.0 version of the introduction and networks for the
cisco netacad if you find the material helpful in the videos you can subscribe
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notification button below if you have any questions you can leave a comment
below it may take a few days for me to respond but I’ll try to get you an
answer or point you in the right direction as quickly as possible
I’m not able to provide a copy of the PowerPoint slides to the public but you
can contact your instructor in the neck netacad course for a copy of those and
all my comments on these videos are my personal opinion they do not reflect the
views of anyone that employs me or that I have a contract with all right well I
hope you enjoy this video series and you should find links to the playlist in the
description below or on the right hand side and you can follow through those
and again leave comments if you have any questions I love hearing back from
anyone that enjoyed my videos or even if you didn’t I I enjoy your comments and
feedback on that so I hope you have a great day


  • Bilal Heuser says:

    Great video! As a student that is not enrolled in a formal class, but studying for the CCNA exams, where can I find the offline curriculum for the CCNA v6 course? Thanks

  • Jovon Jackson says:


  • Ali Ayad says:

    whats the difference between 5.0 and 6.0 course

  • likano278 says:

    thanks for ur vids : D are really help full

  • Jawhnny says:

    Thanks for this, I have a test tomorrow, this has me feeling more confident. Its nice to have a mix of learning resources, especially videos to summarize and recap after studying. Chapter 1 & 2 were fairly easy to prepare and study but this one seems long and important… cant wait for chapt 7 lol

  • Wesley Harkins says:

    Thank-You so much for putting together this video playlist. I am currently a student working towards my CCNA certification at Georgia Northwestern Technical College and these videos have helped my tremendously. I appreciate all the time and work you have done to make these videos possible. You're assistance is very much appreciated!

  • Usman Ikram says:

    where is this book?

  • William Pelish says:

    Love these videos. Emailed you a question (jasonejohnson31) gmail com. Please respond.

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