Connect an Atari 800XL to a dial-up BBS in 2014! XM301 300 baud modem XE TERM LORD

Connect an Atari 800XL to a dial-up BBS in 2014! XM301 300 baud modem XE TERM LORD


  • Jeremy Christmas says:

    Im using my dads account to do this is not my username my real username is "The Minecraft Nerd" however for me its Commodore 64 or atari 800xl and i cant decide and whats he mean hard drive?????? its a Floppy disk drive

  • Tom Z says:

    15:05 "Empire…."

  • perplexedmoth says:

    You just met a random stranger, killed him. And then laughed saying "Eat it Skyliner!". But you had only 4 HP (nearly dead). Then you went into an Inn, grabbed a woman and went upstairs and threw her on the bed, she kicked you in the groin, and you had 1 HP. That'd be hilarious if you got killed by her kick.

  • The Minecraft Nerd says:

    OMG its Disk Drive!!!

  • Connor Steffan says:

    ansi is for graphics

  • Connor Steffan says:

    try particles bbs you can try it in a modern web browser

  • Charly Sardo says:

    Should have just demon dialed metro codes. Ok, I am pre "xl" but a 400 with 48k did the trick.

  • vap0rtranz says:

    Couldn't a 3rd party modem connected via the Atari 850 get you upto 9600 bps? The 835, XM301, 1030,were bottlenecks at 300 bps.

  • Bolling Holt says:

    Oh, that excitement from calling BBSes back in the day! My first modem was also 300 baud, but it was on my Color Computer 2. It was not an acoustic coupler, but it was not as advanced as your Atari modem. In order to use this modem, I had to pick up the phone, dial the number myself, listen for the carrier tone, and then push a button on the modem which engaged it. There was a switch for answer or originate depending upon, well, that's self explanatory LOL. I was in the fourth grade, so this was probably late 1990 or early 1991. The good old days! I eventually ran a BBS when I was in junior high, and I'm thinking about opening another one on an old 486 or Pentium I have sitting around the house 😉

  • Fuad Abu Khader says:

    stop shaking things in front of the camera.

  • The NiteOwl says:

    I used to have the modem where you had to use an actual phone to first dial, and then place the phone in the modem "cup-holder" to connect to the BBS. You had to be careful not to make any noise when downloading anything, otherwise you would get CRC errors in your downloads! Though to counter this, I made some contraption where it covered up the modem, and cut down the noise. That helped a lot… LOL

  • Gabriel Coan says:

    Heh! Darkrealms is awesome! I call there all the time.

  • banjokazooie5555 says:

    U like banjo kazooie

  • RetroPixels says:

    J, lots of Atari bbs info can be searched at Atariage forums. Happy gaming!

  • Sarah Smith says:

    Didn't everybody's parents get a ridiculous phone bill the first month or two after you got your modem?

  • RWL2012 says:

    This WAS the internet, there was just no WWW until 1990-1991

  • dklucas1 says:

    I ran a BBS from 1994-2001 using wildcat 4.11SL. It was fun and i enjoyed it

  • naytch2003 says:

    More Atari videos John!!!

  • Tech Videos says:

    500mb file would probably take 1year and really good video I'm only 9 but yep

  • summer20105707 says:

    Lesson learned. Never screw with dads phone bill. 🙂

  • a toi notre sang, ô Patrie! says:

    How come everybody that runs a modern BBS use some freaky shit like an atari computer? maybe something more "standard" like an AppleII or a unix server?

  • Duderobi Patschie says:

    1:13 it ist not before the Internet you think of the world wide web

  • mrnickbig1 says:

    That 300 BAUD modem was a fancy high speed job! I have used a 150 BAUD Acoustically Coupled MoDem (on rotary phone!) with a Teletype! And why the hell did you keep calling the Indus a "hard drive"?

  • Hellwyck says:

    A BBS is the internet, it's a precursor to the World Wide Web.

  • BoKnowsDiddly says:

    OMG!! This brings back so many memories from junior high and high school!

  • Neutronomix says:

    Wow 1337

  • John Daniel Esguerra says:

    Stop using the term Internet as the better term is the World Wide Web…. 🙁 BBS is before the World Wide Web.

  • Dan Ramos says:

    I used to be the SysOp of the XE-BBS for nine years between the 80s-90s, I started out on an XM301 (300 baud) before moving up through modems up to the K56Flex and v.90 (56K) modems. I remember running Oasis BBS on my Atari 130XE forever before I eventually went to an Atari ST running SBBS and eventually ended the whole project on a 286 running SBBS toward the end. I remember writing my own doors (module programs for BBSs, like games and story boards, etc.) It was a little frustrating to watch you. It seems as if you weren't at all familiar with how a Wildcat BBS works and didn't seem to recognize some of the terminology for terminals (ie. ASCII vs ANSI vs RIP protocol, etc.). You're right, though–it would have been far, far more interesting to see you connect to an actual Atari BBS. It might be interesting to set one up just to show both sides. I preferred using BobTerm as my terminal client of choice for years on the 8-bit. XE-TERM wasn't very good and didn't support all the common download protocols like Zmodem, Punter, etc. CORRECTION TO YOUR VIDEO: No, this is NOT the Internet. The Internet is a specific interconnect of systems into a large body called the Internet (formerly ARPANET). Please stop repeatedly calling it the Internet. It's not. Every connection to a BBS is a direct end-point connection to end-point connection to a BBS.

  • Roller Coaster Maniac says:

    300 baud is 300bps (BITS per second), one character is 8 bits, so it is about 37.5 characters per second, but asynchronous so speed would vary

  • Jimmy Wright says:

    Come on man! Let's get that Johns Arcade BBS going!

  • Madeline Woe says:

    That was my first modem. I had a 130xe as my first computer.

  • nbttl 1 says:

    I remember this as a kid my cousin had this. We would chat with people mainly and I think some malls had channels you could buy things from them. ANSI, is American National Standard(s) Institute.

  • Scott Diburro says:

    I like doing those long time ago too I had a apple two c computer

  • Pixelsnarfer [Purplesun5] says:

    Where do you live?
    Can I live in your basement?

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