Connect to wifi with this excellent 3G mifi mobile router modem for wireless internet

Connect to wifi with this excellent 3G mifi mobile router modem for wireless internet

Why not “ditch the dongle” and get a Go baby
mobile 3G MIFI, Our 3G MI-FI is ultra slim, looks smart, and
is easy to setup using ANY data SIM card from any network, this excellent little device
puts all your wireless broadband internet in one simple, compact solution, giving you
your own mobile password protected WI-FI hotspot that you can take anywhere and use with all
of your wireless enabled devices. The Go baby mobile 3G MI-FI package contains
the wireless 3G MI-FI, a 1500 mAH Li-ion battery that gives you up to 5 hours connection time
and more than 280 hours of standby time, a mini USB charger cable and a quick start guide
also included is a USB in-car charger. The mini 3G MI-FI works with any data SIM
card from any network worldwide. Just remove your existing SIM card from your old dongle
(or you can use any data SIM card you wish for that matter) and insert it into the 3G
MI-FI. Creating your own mobile wireless hotspot
has never been easier. There’s no set up required just press the power button for a few seconds
and it automatically connects so you’re ready get on to the internet with any WI-FI enabled
device including laptops, smartphones, I pads and tablets, regardless of their operating
system. The OLED screen displays all the details you need like network signal, battery life,
connecting time, data usage, WI-FI SSID and password. Then you just select the Go baby
mobile connection on your device and you’re ready to go, it’s that simple!
The 3G MI-FI can also save you money because you won’t need multiple data contracts for
your separate devices; you can connect up to 5 devices simultaneously with one data
SIM. It’s ultra-compact; at 9.5mm thin and weighs
in at just 80g. Slip it in your pocket and you’ll hardly notice it’s there whether you
want to take your personal WI-FI hotspot with you on business, holiday or even in the car
or van. Remember, it works with Any Sim card on Any
network Anywhere in the world with any WIFI enabled device. You can take your 3G MIFI
with you everywhere. The 3G MIFI is available from


  • Eduarda Ramos says:

    Sorry whats the name of that modem please awnser
    thanxs and where can you get it because i clicked in the website you gave didnt work

  • Tosh Lubek says:

    Hi Eduarda. The link is correct for the company selling the MiFi but as you say, it doesn't seem to load at present. GoBabyMobile have not indicated they are taking the site down so I assume their server is down at the moment.

  • 03isub says:

    I have an GSM sim on my iphone with a service carrier and it allows me unlimited data. Would I be able to put it my iphone sim and use the data?

  • Tosh Lubek says:

    Hi Eduarda. The GoBabyMobile website seems to be back up and running.

  • Isaac Daniel says:

    I tried to buy this because I just got my new tablet but was not able to buy this through the website please fix this!

  • Tosh Lubek says:

    Please contact the seller through their website if you have a question about the item.

  • Tosh Lubek says:

    If you contact the seller through their website hopefully they will be able to help you.

  • hadihadi222 says:

    How is the ping time and load balancing on this device? Does it work exactly like a regular ADSL Wifi router?

  • Tosh Lubek says:

    I'm afraid I cannot answer that. Please contact the seller through their website, the link is in the description.

  • Adam Saifullah says:

    Does it cost when we are using 3g wifi

  • Fundi kembo says:

    i cant contact the seller plz need some help when i open this website i see nothing related to this product

  • Prima Donna Going Off Grid says:

    This is not a real website. Just a blank page. This item looks nice, but I notice you are instead pushing the verizon jet pack, probably better but want to look at other options.

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