Dear Internet… | Treesicle

Dear Internet… | Treesicle

Elon Musk calls the internet “the nervous
system of humanity”. An interesting metaphor. The internet has been the driving force behind
virtuality all innovation since its creation and that exaggeration only proves to be more
true as time goes on. On a not-so-unrelated note, the Silicon Valley
in California pulled in a higher GDP last year than the rest of the United States. And every company in that gentrified “valley”
of prosperity (plus exactly the opposite) makes or designs technology that uses the
internet. This..nervous system. It’s a network which connects every slice
of humanity who’s able to tap into it, and so it’s a natural framework for us to build
the next technologies upon, to push our culture and economy in directions that are completely
unprecedented. Actually that’s already happened. You could say there’s a lot a lot of crazy
shit going on in the early 21st century. Since this strange threshold on the calendar
was passed the number of billionaires more than octupled. Octupled. That’s a slightly pretentious way of saying
it went up by more than 8 times. Most of these are from Finance. But a lot of them are from technology! The revolution has happened and it’s just
gonna keep happening. Exponentially faster and faster I might add. The biggest titans of this decades-long scramble
for innovation and sweet dollars all rely on humanity’s nervous system. So does the bulk of society, in fact. You rely on it to keep doing your thing. I rely on it to keep doing mine. Net Neutrality is now a buzzword at the center
of this technoeconomicyberspaceual revolution and it’s a concept not looking to be law
of land for long after the FCC votes on December 14th. Net Neutrality is..technically an American
issue…but America has the unfortunate position of driving the global economy with our impressively
sustained, capitalistic orgasms (our huge corporations). Therefore, the rules by which America’s
massive companies are allowed to play, plays a huge role in the future of the global economy. Net Neutrality of those rules. A rule not meant to keep you, the individual
in check, but rather corporations. The double N’s is the main reason an internet
service provider doesn’t make websites they own faster to access than the ones they don’t. In the 21st century, speed is everything. Would you still go on youtube if it took three
times as long to load as Verizon’s mediocre but probably passable streaming platform? I bet you wouldn’t! And that’s exactly what they want. Anyone can make anything as slow and shitty
as they want without Net Neutrality written into established law…so long as they’re
the ones controlling your stream of bits to and from the internet. Your reality online will be the one they want
to you see because what better way to maximize profit? This isn’t a rant against massive corporations
and it’s certainly not one against capitalism. Me and the other treesicle dudes are small
business owners technically..and that means we love true competition because it makes
it possible to do what we do. More than anything this video is a..big picture
view of Net Neutrality and the new era of cultural, social, and technological innovation
it aims to protect. Even if it fails to uphold next week, the
idea itself won’t die. That’s because the idea behind Net Neutrality
is simple. Simple and correct. I’m talking about true competition. A term I just made up but almost certainly
exists in some econ book somewhere. Indeed true competition is the key to almost
everything western society holds dear. True competition is when whoever has the “best
idea” and a good enough execution of that idea..”wins”. Being small has no advantage to being large,
having “connections in the industry” isn’t a make or break requirement to getting recognized. An individual or small group of them can have
an idea, make a living off it and even potentially dominate the entire market and get rich doing
it. That’s the true goal of capitalism. Not…dominating the market but having a free
market so the best businessfied ideas bubble to the top. It’s best for entrepreneurs, it’s best
you and it’s best for me…who wouldn’t want the greatest, most dope stuff for the
lowest price possible? Probably some mouth breathing, hammer-sickl…ing
communists! Capitalism is a societal good when the self-interests
of many individuals are allowed to compete fairly for your dollar. Indeed, somehow by everyone being selfish
and getting what they want…society overall gets what it wants. That’s how capitalism is supposed to work. That’s the invisible hand! Don’t think I’d leave you out of this
Adam Smith. Bringing it back to Net Neutrality, the main
argument against keeping it the law of the land is that it’s government regulation
of the free market. It’s an awkward mitten on the invisible
hand. Ajit Pai, head of the FCC, essentially used
this same argument to justify his proposed killing blow to Net Neutrality. How could the double N’s, enforced by the
government not stifle innovation and keep individuals and companies from pursuing their
selfish interests to the collective benefit of society? Just look at this misleading data to see for
yourself! How could this law be anything more than bureaucratic
gobledeegoop if it tells business doers what they can and can’t do? What is the government if not a giant bureaucracy
of paper pushers ever on the lookout to further increase its large scale system of control? With paperwork! Really I think that’s exactly what the government
is. And my good friends on the left should be
more honest about that. Likewise my dear acquaintances on the right
could use more nuance in their thinking about what the government’s role is rather than
sticking to the principal of less is always more! Remember that when it comes to serving our
beloved capitalism, serving the idea that the best, hardest working individuals are
rewarded for their efforts, true competition is what’s needed to have a truly free market. The state of the internet without Net Neutrality
would be…you could call it false competition. Internet service providers would be freer
to compete how they please, but their newfound abilities to maximize profit won’t end up
serving society, they’ll end up serving them. Sure, the FCC won’t be telling AT&T and
Verizon how they can package the bytes and therefore the websites available to you when
you fire up your browser, so in that sense the market will be freer. But what does that mean for you? If you’re like over half of Americans, you
have no choice in who your ISP is and only 38% of ya’ll even have 2 options…one almost
always being vastly inferior to the other (DSL vs. cable). That means Time Warner or I guess… Spectrum can sell you internet services with
just packages of websites. Pay $15 for your favorite social media platforms! And another $20 for your favorite video streaming
platforms! Also Netflix is $15 extra. And even if you still have the whole internet…there’s
no guarantee it’ll all load at the same rate. When a better service loads five times slower
than a crappier one your ISP owns.. is that true competition? No. But it’s an extremely effective way to maximize
profit. Verizon owns go90…a pretty okay video streaming
platform. Better believe they’ll be pushing as many
eyeballs towards it as corporately possible compared to…anything it may be trying to
compete with youtube. This isn’t true competition because you
don’t have much of a choice in who your internet provider is. If you did, you could simply choose the one
who wasn’t trying to screw you and your hard earned dollars over. The reasons for your lack of ISP choice are
rather complicated and when you sum them all up you get the reason why google fiber stopped
expanding it’s awesomeness onto the world. Somewhere between highly paid corporate legal
teams, poorly thought-out government regulation, and the cold reality that laying down internet
infrastructure is expensive AF, you’ll find the reason competition between ISP’s isn’t
great. So then, the next best thing to keep the virtual
marketplace of ideas as lucrative for the little guy as possible, is keeping Net Neutrality
intact. Even if you’ve only got one choice in getting
to the internet, at least everything you see on there is treated equally. And at least everything’s available. If you’re all about the technoeconomicyberspaceual
revolution, then support Net Neutrality. Go to (link in the description)
where it makes it super easy to write your Congressman and even attend a protest in your
area! Or go to where it’s super
easy to call your congressman. We have until December 14th to make our voices
heard. If that doesn’t work, then prepare to say
goodbye to the internet as you know it, however long that process may take. There’s always the next election cycle if
the worst happens, but let’s not rely on backup plans shall we? I’m Grant and, let’s try to make a difference. Bye everyone! See you all next time.


  • Treesicle says:

    Hey guys! If you want to help a statement visit these websites to contact your Congressmen and attend a protest near you!

    See ya in a few days for some more video game related shenanigans 🙂

  • Mega Darkrai Guardian says:

    Not treesicle, this is serious SAVE US

  • Kite Man Dan says:


  • Kite Man Dan says:


  • Kite Man Dan says:


  • Kite Man Dan says:


  • TheDingusIsopod says:

    i really dont understand how people can be against Net Neutrality, without it the internet would suck, and who would see that as a good thing?

  • DuplexAsteroid says:

    I'm scared for tomorrow this was written in 12/13/17

  • One Night At Gina's Official says:

    this is just a fake thing

  • Brumski says:

    welp, time to sell my pc and phone and get Nintendo switch 🙁

  • BL1TZKRI3G says:

    well fuck

    at least i'm in canada

  • Diddz' says:

    i say we vote everyone in congress out and burn down the cable disctibution centers if this net neutrality dies, and also everyone who's essential livelyhood (not addiction) doesnt depend on it just drop their internet service altogether (until they start pushing for law to require every home to have internet and incorperate it into the tax)

  • Eh, Canadian Gamer says:

    Okay, run with me here. In case we lose Net Neutrality, this is a last resort type shit okay. If we lose Net Neutrality, I think we should all take a stance and I mean EVERYBODY! Everybody who uses the internet extensively, anybody who is a content creator, especially big ones. We should all simply go dark, maybe take a "break" from the internet. Will say "maybe we should quit the internet for a bit and go back to reality" when in actuality we're just voting with our wallets. If you're going to continually fuck my wallet just for a service I've been paying for years, then fine. Fuck the internet, we're going dark. And I know it's a hard thing to say or do, given how dependent we are on the internet. But it can't hurt to just simply, not pay for ridiculous internet plans and the throttling of internet speeds to get more money, censor, or to kill competition. At the end of the day, it's all about making more money. You want to stoop so low just to make that additional billion dollars? Okay, fine, you're not getting it. I want to show these fucks that they wasted they're time and effort getting rid of Net Neutrality. We will simply go dark, if you want to really make an impact we're going to have to temporally sacrifice the internet. This is of course in case we lose it, or if it comes up again in the future and then we lose it. It's the only way will get they're attention. It's all about the bottom line. With Net Neutrality gone, we all go dark. It's that simple. If we lose it, WE ALL. GO. DARK. It's the only way. Bottom line, it's that simple.

  • Link Draws says:

    Hey treesicle ! I have a few theories on Monika from doki doki and could you check them out ? It might help with a MONIKA : THE STORY YOU NEVER KNEW

  • GamerNation says:

    The people that dislike these videos on net neutrality have their heads miles up their own ass.

  • LinkandLink says:

    You're right we need true competition and that's the main problem with net neutrality it's lacking true competition however we still need it so people don't get screwed over but why can't we just do a compromise?

  • Dill Tuber says:

    bye my life😥

  • Dill Tuber says:

    bye my life😥

  • Dill Tuber says:

    I am poor af

  • Monikelp Yeeter says:

    it was nice knowing you guys

  • justin sooroojdeen says:

    i wish i had your voice

  • Dominoot says:

    Rest In Peace the internet, you will be remembered, friend.

  • Andrew 1010 says:

    Were fucked mate fucked.

  • Animals are better than people says:

    As of today: Yes. The FCC voted to repeal Net Neutrality. HOWEVER. They have not won indefinitely. This was the first phase. They still need to take it to the Supreme Courts and Congress, seeing how this is the third time they aspire to make it pass and failed afterwards – surely they're reciting their downfall as the last time. They may not care, but hopefully Congress does not screw us over this time ( like they did with Trump ).


  • ChaosInvoker says:

    So, how many people will not pay for internet plans in spite of this horrific change to the web? Personally as one who uses the internet as my main source of entertainment between news and silly videos, I don't want to support this bullshit! Goodbye internet, you were fun for the first half of my life!

  • Legacy Beta 1.7.3 Server says:

    ajit pai just put a bullet into the the brain of the internet lets see if we all can survive

  • Supercharged Chevelle says:

    As of today: Yes. The FCC voted to repeal Net Neutrality. HOWEVER. They have not won indefinitely. This was the first phase. They still need to take it to the Supreme Courts and Congress, seeing how this is the third time they aspire to make it pass and failed afterwards – surely they're reciting their downfall as the last time. They may not care, but hopefully Congress does not screw us over this time ( like they did with Trump ).


  • Christopher Szabo says:

    I call "ancap".

  • marshall branin says:

    If all the ips companies for you to pay, someone will make one that doesn't make you pay for different sites, and everyone would switch to it. This is a bad time, but one innovator could become a billionaire overnight just by creating a net neutral network

  • The Ian Show says:

    well guys, it happened. they voted to repeal it today. goodbye internet. I'll miss you

  • Who has time to make names says:

    Nothing has happened so far on this fearful day, I'm scared so far but nothing has gone wrong yet, I'm so scared I don't want to have to pay for my internet.

  • TheDragonFox says:

    alright so i told my dad that i loved net nuetrality and wanted to keep it, HE CALLED ME A FUCKIN NAZI

  • Mono-Si Engineering says:

    Timeline of how this will help us:

    ISPs see the unstable mess that is YouTube
    ISPs throttle YouTube
    ISPs start video platforms
    ISPs give their platforms fastlanes
    ISPs get money
    ISPs pay their video creators
    Mass abandonment of YouTube
    YouTube gets shut down by google

  • Suleiman The Magnificent says:

    We lost

  • Suleiman The Magnificent says:

    I have Google fiber

  • Miraak says:

    I got some bad news…

  • Evan Starevil says:

    We've lost the battle, but the war is not over.

  • Fuks MKoud says:

    Nobody stand for this. Please. I beg you. Stand up and resist.

  • Krossfade says:

    huh, fuck… it actually happened…..

  • Emm says:

    It's too late.

  • Freelancer says:

    The internet as we knew it died today.

  • last gen richtofen says:

    What about Microsoft

  • Richard Cheese says:

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  • Level 2 Chin says:


  • Cedar Bolam says:


  • DoctorVaseline __ says:

    Well shit, time to start stockpiling porn and memes

  • Joi Ann Gelo says:

    Well… Goodbye 'Merica

  • Braian Baniqued says:

    we lost the battle but WE CAN STILL WIN THE WAR

  • Bomberninja says:

    Have fun america

  • Ultra necrozcorviknight says:


  • Red says:

    When ur fucked

  • Cherri Splash says:

    and we got fucked even though most of the country fought for it. how sad.

  • 19822andy says:

    OOOhhh under 2 minutes in and you have either a) LIED or b) misinformed. If a broadband provider has promised not to throttle and DO throttle they would be in massive trouble. Also if you have been promised an internet speed which isn't close to being fulfilled they're in trouble too. There will be no throttling of bandwidth.

  • KroneYT says:

    This is a perfect example of how there doesn't have to be one dominant "Good guy" American political party. A short example?

    Pro of Republican Party: Gun laws
    Con of Republican Party: Internet Laws

    Pro of Democratic Party: Internet Laws
    Con of Democratic Party: Gun laws

    I feel that guns should be (mostly, not entirely) legalized and available to the market but Democrats say "pfft, you're a stupid." That's just my opinion though because I don't think guns hurt people because it only hurts somebody if there's somebody operating it. The same way a kitchen knife can't kill somebody unless somebody thrusts it into somebody else's face.

    I feel that internet laws should include the un-revocable right to a neutral internet where no one company controls what the consumer see's because it's better for the company in question. I'm not even really upset by the whole "EUEGH, YOU CAN SPEND $5.99 A MONTH ON THE YOUTUBE PACKAGE. MYEAH!" I mean, I am a little upset by that but not as much as by the fact that Verizon (My ISP) may start taking YouTube away from me so I can pay more attention at "go 90" which I have, and I can not stress this enough, absolutely ZERO interest in.

    The only reason I write this is because, as a person who's felt more conservative, or to the right, or the bad word "republican", I have to admit this change to the internet was nothing more than a piss off for everybody involved. And the worst part? This wasn't even really true capitalism that happened yesterday. True capitalism is when a vote is placed, like during a presidential election, the PEOPLE vote for who/what they want. In the 2016 election in Massachusetts, they also had a vote to see if people wanted to legalize marijuana in the state, which they did. Had we done a similar thing with Net Neutrality, I can tell you with certainty that the vote would have been so unanimous that the words Net Neutrality would never be spoken of again. It would simply just flow into the mainstream and, as for Americans, just become something that we all accept as everyday life and would expect to be the same all over the glove, even if it really isn't.

  • whydoievenbothertoputthishere says:

    If only the founding fathers could see this bullshit…

  • JELLO says:

    Well its too late now😩

  • Tushant Mirchandani says:

    The BEST pro-competition / pro-market argument for Net Neutrality! Good video, dudes!

  • VentGarden says:

    I know the Internet is the place that full of Entertainments and Cringys things
    But people still want to have Fun with them.

  • Robbie berg says:

    the grinch who stole the internet

  • Robert Stoll says:

    The reason we don't have many choices is because internet involves major public works projects to do. Laying lines, often times underneath and over major roadways, isn't something a small startup can achieve and if you want the cheap rout (wifi only) good luck getting a good enough connection to more intensive tasks like streaming or online gameing.

  • Meteor Smash says:

    We're fucked when Net Neutrality ends.

  • Black Zac says:

    rip internet

  • chicken clone 2 says:

    ¨sooooo Im a free man I am in norway

  • Xenny says:

    You, know, i think that this situation is that it must be stopped and i'll explain why. Just beca- oops! Rest of the comment is deleted. Pay 29377186$ for keep reading. Pay at Have fun and enjoy your (short) stay! 😉

  • john minor says:

    Wow ashit pie for xmas.

  • Vladimir Putin says:

    Please help DDos the FCC:!5Gp3wIIR!z4y3q5fUbBK1ZzmaoFJeGKwzy9PaQ2aqXcO9TuAzPRg

  • KraggleWulf says:

    Wanna know my opinion, weather you Democrat or Republican which I am neither how long has it been since the government or companies have been looking out for us?
    fuck em all.

  • phung tran says:

    Tomorrow, our nervous system rots
    December 14, 12:00 Saturday 2017 in the 21st century is a day of Pearl Harbor and 9/11 multiple by a factory of 100

    America the Fee

  • Ghost Fungi says:

    I don’t know if anybody has commented this yet but the term he is referring to is actually “perfect competition” which is one of the four market types.

  • Nice Cream Dubs says:

    Heyyyy, guess what happened yesterday

  • Jish the Fish says:

    I replaced Ajit Pai's voice in his awful PSA video and replaced it with the WAH sound from Charlie Brown.

  • Trailtracker says:

    Behold the end of the internet era.

  • Hyrulean Hero says:

    One of those billionaires is notch

  • Luke Kinder says:

    The Internet is Dead! Long Live uh, I guess Playing Outside!

  • Felix Fathead says:


  • Spork Master says:

    Time to download hentai to fap with no internet

  • Towoh says:

    Do you feel it? The fire of the internet is building up.

  • CuteC3 says:

    Anti Net Neutrality nerfed this video's views.

  • City of Roses 1845 says:

    Thank you for your insight good sir.

  • Ruins says:

    Weren't we always paying for internet?

  • Kail says:

    Fuck this. This is just…sick. What do they think they’re doing? Do they think that what they are doing is smart? Heh. No. It’s not smart. This will RUIN Businesses. Schools. And since they’ve repealed it, they are going to have a lot of burning, hot rage coming from a lot of angry people. Including me. I am very, very angry about this. It seems like all that anyone in Congress cares about nowadays is money. To those stupid, Money-Hungry people up there at the White House, Congress, etc…I say FUCK YOU. 🖕🔥🤬

  • carkeyss says:

    Are you also alternate history?

  • hFg says:

    with the upcoming net neutrality destruction the best gift for your loved ones is a buttplug many many buttplugs….

  • lt_ulquiorra says:

    Those 117 dislikes must be from those who suck corporate dicks.

  • MiiTRI says:

    They will never make me use go 90, never!

  • MiiTRI says:

    Time to pull the plug on isps if this happens. I would rather have no internet than a fascist internet.

  • NotSoYeet says:

    Watching this after the vote ended,

    Welcome to Hell ladies and gentlemen.

    Enjoy your stay while you ca-

    *starts buffering*

  • Ahmet Sayvan says:

    Rip guys

  • Chaplain Mihgros The Wrathful says:

    Chaos so much chaos in ajit pai's life held never think of killing net neutrality


    Net neutrality must live forever!!!

  • Ki Ice says:

    Fight it. I'm not even in amarica and I can see how badly this will efect the world in the long run. DON'T let Pai win!

  • Pac3r says:

    No Net neutrality = no cool math games. No Cool Math Games = no nut. No nut = no porn. no porn = no video services. no video services = no youtube. no youtube = no social interaction on the internet. no social interaction on the internet = no twitter. no twitter = no memes.

  • hikarou soulless says:

    i know whats FCC means

  • Aryan Hegde says:

    Hey America so is net neutrality dead?

  • The Yakking Wakko says:

    less is almost always more, I like net nutrailty, but I don't like government control, cause power corrupts people, and the more power the more corruption, and I'm on the left, sorry amount of power is not left and right, it's authoritarian and libertarian, I'm libertarian witch means less government power, authoritarians believe in more power, Hitler, and Stalin were authoritarian, but on opposite sides of the spectrum, and both committed horrible things, I'm only for net nutrailty cause it takes power from ISP's without giving power to government power

  • Kyle Kirkpatrick says:

    While I agree with what you are saying, Net Neutrality was introduced only 2 years ago. Not I'm not saying this stuff didn't happen ever before NN was in place, however why didn't it happen on such a big scale like everybody keeps saying it is going to? This seems to be one question nobody can answer for some reason…

  • Pie 4life says:

    How can someone control the internet but has no idea how to make a web page cough

  • warpxppy says:

    an here we are, two months into 2018 an we ain got net neutrality. the world still goin on how it was.

  • Avery Summers says:

    I'm not sure whether to be relieved or not.

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