Dlink Adsl 300 DSL 2750 U Wifi Router USB Host Unboxing – iGyaan.in

Dlink Adsl 300 DSL 2750 U Wifi Router USB Host Unboxing - iGyaan.in


  • Prem Kumar says:

    Dear Sir, Hope you are doing great. Even I use the same D-LINK 2750U WiFi router and I want to know (can we connect "Jiofi" or "Jio 4G dongle" to this router). I am waiting for your answer PLEASE answer.

  • Mahesh Bhati says:

    Mere routar WPS button nhi hi

  • Gamere r says:

    Which pack you recharge in router

  • Tony STARK says:

    I bought it just for 1500 so cheap!😎😎😎😀😎

  • Code X says:

    I have seen same model with no USB port what is the difference if model number is same?

  • vijay magdum says:

    where to buy

  • Siddharth Chhajer says:

    bro is this router still available..?? your video is 6 years old

  • Ankit Tewatia says:

    Sir..tplink adsl or dlink adsl 2750…which 1 is better…

  • Sharik Mohammad says:

    ek number

  • alpesh upadhye says:

    Hey Bharat, need to know something. i know this is a pretty old video but i use same device and planning to get a jiofi and would like to know if that jiofi would connect to this via that usb port or what? Please answer of you can

  • Mausam Shrimali says:

    HI SIR I am having DLINK DSL 2750U W/O usb port and I want to share my internet connection of DLINK USB dongle with DLINK DSL 2750U as I do not have Broadband connection is it possible.

  • abing tamuk says:

    can used in bsnl connection?

  • Spoorthi Rajavijaykumar says:

    hello iGyaan
    can you please make a tutorial for converting a dlink dsl2750u as repeater

    waiting for your reply

  • abing tamuk says:

    can it be used in bsnl connection?

  • vedant zalke says:

    still the best wifi modem router in the price range????????pls reply

  • Lake Nokomis says:

    I have an internet antenna (C-Crane Internet 3) with a built-in network adapter that I plug into the USB port of my laptop. I then use an old router connected to the laptop's LAN port. This device then serves as a wireless internet access point.

    Can I plug my antenna into the USB port on the reviewed Dlink router and use it as a stand alone WIFI access point?

  • Muzammil Shaikh says:

    can we use this router as repeater

  • subhash saini says:

    this video is. very good

  • sethu ganapathi says:

    SMPS adaptor- output 12 V DC /1 amp [input 100 to 240 V AC 50 Hz ] compatible to D LINK modem DSL 2750U
    Required adaptor only for me since original one came with modem unit puncher-ed due to- high voltage AC.
    ..where it will be avilable/online etc .anybody can guide help/tell me to acquire one

  • Gopi Da says:

    Got this one for 1600 INR in amazon and its pretty good.

  • SIDS FUN VLOGS says:

    will the RJ 45 cable work in this….

  • Abhishek Dhingra says:

    dlink dsl 2750u mein bahut drawbacks hain. tp-link td-w 8968 is far better. prices are almost same. tp link mein koi bhi adsl, fibre, wan sab chalte hai aur saari dongles supported hai with failover feature. par d link mein sirf ADSL chalta hai aur sirf d link ki dongle chalti. printers bhi bahut kam model chalte hai par tp link mein almost saare common printer chal jaate hain.

  • saurav kumar says:

    hey how i can connect ethernet cable as input line in router….my ISP gives me a ethernet port not a rj 11 port

  • guru datt says:

    is this only a router or a combi of router n modem

  • Mukul Pareek says:

    can i use this router with both RJ11 & RJ45 BROADBAND

  • adarsh sikarwar says:

    can we remove the anteenas


    can anyone tell me is it working wi-max… broadband…

  • Anonymous Geek says:

    can someone please tell whether this can handle wd passport 2tb hard disk

  • Sushantha Rg says:

    purchased 2750u dlink and successfully installed it.but wireless connection shows strength is strong and wifi icon on router isnt blinking and i am unable to surf on my wireless devices . wat to do plz give soln

  • ABIN CHACKO says:

    hey bro please answer my simple question.
    can we connect any wifi dongle to its usb port and share our broadband connection
    or do we need a dongle with activated data pack

  • Ninad Patil says:

    I have 2 Questions
    1) Is the CD really needed to install the Router?
    2) I heard that USB Port only supports DLink Dongles, and HDD, Printer…
    I want to make sure it supports Other Dongles (Idea, Reliance,etc)

  • Zeth Natividad says:

    Can someone help me, my wifi has no internet access.. What should i do???

  • Syed Zuhair Khalid says:

    I have the same dsl modem/wifi router. I have an issue with it regarding its power light being turned on as red rather than green. I have tried to factory reset it but still no luck. Has anyone got a solution to this?

  • Kevin Nihal says:

    Broo How to Connect HDD to USB and how to acess them on MacBook ? in router

  • Swastik Tiwari says:

    i have Dlink Adsl 300 DSL 2750 U Wifi Router i want to connect it through data card using its usb.
    please let me know the way how could i can do it.

  • S'busiso Mbambo says:

    are antenna dbi removable?

  • UltimatiGlobal ViD says:

    DSL 2750E i use it. very good

  • Dushyant Seth says:

    hi i want to know how to use the usb dongle 3g

  • Leo Gerald says:

    hi i want to know how to use the usb to connect to printer 

  • FUCK YOU ALL says:

    does it need any external modem?
    does it need PC on or it can without turning the PC on
    can i avail internet on both pc and wifi machine like mobile phone, simultaneously.
    what the wifi range?

  • sumit thorat says:

    hi i have D-Link DSL-2520U ADSL2 Ethernet/USB Combo Router but usb port is not there how can i connect my usb dongal to router can i use usb to rj11 converter 

  • Abhinav Tiwari says:

    How do I access my external HDD on my android mob through this ?

  • Saurabh Amin says:

    how is this router now ? does the antenna use the 2.4 ghz band or 5 ghz band ?

  • Ritvik Agrawal says:

    Hey can this modem could be connected and use with an apple airport express/extremes.??

  • Srinivas krishnaraju says:

    TATA photon +, 2G and 3G will not work on this Router…

  • schultz makita says:

    thank you very much

  • Mangal Yadav says:

    is the antennas are 5dbi?????????

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