Do I Have To Be An Internet Social Justice Warrior?!

Do I Have To Be An Internet Social Justice Warrior?!

– Hey YouTube world, it’s me Evelyn. (groaning) I want to go to Mars. We’re here, we’re doing this. You know those times
when like, every force is working against you. And that’ll do one that’ll
stand in front of this camera. Alright, he tried everything, he tried! I was sick, what’s new? I been having to need to film a video, but I sounded like trash,
sounded like a wet hamster. So, now I’m filming something last minute, that I had something to film
and I didn’t like any of it, like, it was all trash. I’m just like, this close to
gonna go and get Whataburger, so instead, I’m gonna talk
about my responsibility as a YouTuber, as an internet cousin, as someone you just know
from within the confines of this screen, of this
box, of this device. Through the ones and zeroes,
you know what I’m saying? Or the algorithm, amen,
that brought me to you. What is my responsibility to you? In these trying times,
trying, they trying me! Alright, I feel tried! Recently, one of my internet cousins asked me to make a video about on what’s being going on lately
here in the United States, considering all the executive
orders made by number 45. Hey, I really need, I
would really like to hear your opinions about this particular thing. I need somebody to cry and
I need somebody to feel me. And I was like, scurrrrt! But what if I wanna be happy, today? What if I need to be happy? Now, my assignment is to,
you know what I’m saying? Feel all these things
to make sense of things on all of ya’ll’s behalf
and I’m just like, that sounds pretty self-sacrificial, and I don’t really want to. She’s not the first internet
cousin, love you, mwah! That has asked me to react to something or to post about something. I always can ponder, I’m always pondering my role on the internet, you know, what am I supposed to talk about, what am I supposed to be here for? And I had whole like,
Twitter thread about this I’m not gonna go find it. I am here to give you a Capri Sun when you’re thirsty. To make you laugh when, you know what I’m saying, you wanna cry. I cannot engage in the same way that everybody else can engage, or that your favorite
educational YouTuber can engage. It is their job to educate
you, to inform you, to make you aware of things, and it is my job to make
sure that that person doesn’t like, throw
themselves off a building, you know what I’m saying? It’s my job to give you the Capri Suns, it’s my job to reel you back in. You know, and we need each other. I can’t exist without them
fighting on my behalf. You know what I mean? And they can’t exist
without people like us telling them hey, have
you drank water lately? Have you like, closed your laptop? Have you taken a shower? Does anybody know where
you are at the moment? Hey, I saw you went to the protest, do you wanna talk about it? In a non-scripted video sort of way? And I feel like that’s
what I’m here to do. And I feel like that’s what I’ve been doing, and I feel like you
like it when I do that. And of course I come in with my little my little something, I say my
little something something. It can be very easy to get
consumed with the tweets and the livestreams and the everything. I’m not saying ignore any of that, I’m saying consume wisely,
consume efficiently, and consume responsibly. I deleted social media off my phone. It’s very easy to read reactions before you ever get to the news. I know what everybody
thinks about everything, without even clicking to read the story. And I’ve already
internalized it, taken it in. If I’m supposed to come on
here and make people laugh, kiki, gesticulate in a joyful and playful way, I have to take care of myself. And the way I take care of myself is I have to distance
myself from the emotional, albeit deserved, reactions to things. But I know it’s happening. And so, I usually go on NPR, their podcasts, they have
an hourly news podcast. Every hour, they post five
minutes of news updates. That’s it. I also get my daily dose of fake news from the New York Times morning briefing. It’s literally bullet points of what happened in the world. And it’s a great way
for me to stay informed, it allows me and empowers
me to hit my Googles, alright, shout out to our
failing education system, ’cause I do not know how
some of the most basic of things work in politics. And then again, when I’m ready, open it up to the opinions
of people and journalists and commentary and analysis and all these other important things. I don’t know if this video is coherent, but it exists, and now it is in your eyeballs. And there’s nothing you can do about it. I wanna hear from y’all,
how are y’all doing? Is we good? Like, is we good? And if you not good, it’s okay. Tell me about it. This video, however chatty it was, is sponsored by Audible. I’m working with them throughout the year. Shoutout to 2017 goals! To bring you more video
content, better video content. Audible has a massive selection of books, fiction, non-fiction. So, right now in Audible I am listening to Between the World and
Me by Ta-Neihisi Coates. I know, I’m lame, black
woke card revoked, blah! There’s quote that really sticks out, Ima share the quote. “This is your country. “This is your world, this is your body, “and you must find some way
to live within the all of it.” Right? slash Evelyn to
download my recommendation Between the World and Me, or you can get your
own book for free, yes. And the book is always yours to keep even if you stop using the service because they not trifling
and they care about your mind, alright, and the things you consume. I’m gonna go like, suck on a lozenge. And you know, I hope to hang
out with you in the comments. And I’ll see you on the
internet somewhere. Bye!


  • Robyn Ravenclaw says:

    Can I suggest the podcast Civics 101 I also realized that a lot of people, myself included, are confused by the most basic civics they take 1 topic esplain it in like 15 minutes and you're like…oh!! thats how that work! It's great, its from New Hampshire public radio.

  • Nicole Evans says:

    super late but totally appreciative of this post ladybug!

  • Jennifer Lopez Salcido says:

    I LOL when I watch your videos. Thank you for the laughter and I hope you're feeling better!

  • Bindi J. Marc says:

    GIRL. that is so very very very very true. i mean… just spot on.


    I LOVE YOU, EVELYYYYYYYYYYYNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN! Capri Suns!!!! damnit you have a way with words. You do an excellent job of that. You make happy. You're a beacon of hope in this ocean of diarrhea. Take care of yourself and thank you.

  • Tani says:

    We Good Couzn. 😉

  • kks086 says:

    Donald Trump has spent his life marketing and branding the Trump name to be synonymous with luxury, wealth and class. To not say his name and associate it with his horrible policies and behavior empowers him.

    Before the rise of the Third Reich there were regular decent people named Hitler in Germany. Three generations later that surname is almost dead. Say his name, let the name Trump be synonymous with racism and hatred forever.

  • hideTurtle says:

    I recently cut off my cable and have been totally out of the loop and at a loss for where to get news in a digestible format without my boob-tube… so thanks for that… 🤗

  • L Flowers says:

    We good!

  • Chevetta McFarland says:

    we good. love your channel the way it is. I am going to always be open to change as we all should be. I think I just rambled. whatever. you do you boo.

  • hislilmama143 says:


  • musiclady0711 says:

    It's march, and the
    Government is still a circus. I got to eat crawfish last night though, so life doesn't suck too much.

  • Devon Mitchell says:

    i just happened to be drinking a caprisun while i watched this

  • Ayoka Afolabi says:

    Late on this. Like a month or so much, but simply yes to all of this. Be any and everything you need to be, when and however you want. You choose your cape, your cause and your means. Evelyn and Chill. 💗

  • Kiara Arnold says:

    Hey Ev! Haven't seen you on the Internets in a while, I hope all is well.

  • vavou951 says:

    "Consume wisely, consume efficiently, consume responsibly" Love it !

  • shallog2004 says:

    i feeel the saaaaame way. My coworker asked me that and I stared at her like…we are not friends lol

  • Shawnda Jennings says:

    I am like 3 months late, but yes we is good. As a kid, I used to watch the news about four times a day and we the Sunday paper religiously. I always made a point though. To read the funnies and defuse. It is funny that even them
    N I learned to balance the "wokeness" ( yes I said it/ made it up). I don't know why I had such an intense ritual, but now with so much access to information, fake an real, it is more overwhelming. Also it is a more interactive situation because I can read the news and see opinions of others and also engage and it makes it more stressful. There Re times where people frustrate you with the passive aggressiveness because they don't agree with your opinions and then you find yourself in a battle of words and someone wanting the last word and you have to find something light hearted to cope with the seriousness of it all. Thanks for being a happy outlet, always be true to yourself.

  • Juanthesecond2 says:

    Yes! This is exactly why I came to watch your videos today! To laugh, to get my capris sun lol! Love your concern to be invested in matters going on in the US. Hola from Austin! And yes love NPR.

  • kteixeira88 says:

    You are so necessary for my soul girlfran! 🙌🏽 I needed this THANK YOU

  • Jynae Clark says:

    Lol why r u so crazy?! Huh? Tell me… Anyways keep doing what u do best internet cousin and that is making us laugh. U definitely always have me cracking up!

  • AzureAnie says:

    I deleted my Twitter right after the shooting in Dallas. It was also before I came to college and I've realized that I used to get most my news from Twitter. I used to know what the big story is before my (who watches CNN 24 hours) hears about it. I guess seeing everyone's reactions at once can cause you to take up those feelings and emotions as well before forming you own opinion on the matter. I like what you suggested: finding a brief news update from a reliable network before exploring the Twitter, comparing thoughts.

  • Samantha Holthaus says:

    Just found you! But I think you bring an insightful but comedic interpretation to issues surrounding minority communities. And that type of delivery is necessary just like an educational interpretation is necessary!

  • PerpetualMotion&Pizza says:

    Riiiggghhhtttt!!! within the all of it!!!

  • dee2thedub says:

    I have to admit, I was worried about what you'd say when I read the title of this video. I am, after all, an armchair activist. But I must say – you broached the topic with ease and finesse. And I completely get it. And I am better for finding you. Forget cousin. You are my twin sister.

  • Tanya EJ says:

    Congratulations on the Audible deal!!!

  • aloof poof says:

    I definitely understand where you're coming from with this video, I can also feel why people would want you to talk about certain things, you have a way of articulating and explaining things that we as viewers can, not only understand but we can laugh and relate to as well. You have a gift miss. But thank you for this!

  • Yasmine Bedward says:

    YES! Consume responsibly! I live by that, I open 1% of the links people send me, "you NEED to see this!" Actually….nah

  • SMiiL3Z says:

    I don't even need to listen to the rest of the video. Just hearing you refer to the president as number 45 was EVERYTHING for me. LOL

  • A. J. says:

    👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾 just discovered your channel yesterday. I really like it. It makes me laugh. I agree with you. Everyone needs someone who can help keep them sane and happy

  • Alice Cairn says:

    Just found you Evelyn! You're hilarious and I love your honesty.

  • lelechim says:

    I think this election season has made a lot of people want to take a break from social media. I've never seen anyone this hysterical over two presidential candidates. I deleted my Instagram back in August, partially due to that, but mostly due to general SJW nonsense. Most of my followers were friends/sisters from college that I haven't spoken to in years, so I didn't consider it a big loss. If they were people I still spoke to regularly, I'd be willing to put our differences aside, but at this point, one less thing we have in common is enough for me to want to go away.

    A few months ago, a buddy of mine and I both removed a former coworker from our Facebook friends because he kept calling us names for our political beliefs. So tolerant.

  • NatouCBS says:

    i can respect this 100%

  • Destiny Ma'at Hotep Daniels says:

    I come to your channel for the laughs. I know where to go for social, political info. Keep up the awesome content.

  • Princ3ssLanae says:

    ❤️ Yes and Amen! Self care is an act of resistance. ✊🏾🙌🏾

  • Alpha Oka says:

    How does ONE become an Internet cousin

  • MsKaleigh2010 says:

    Okay but I really hope you still got Whataburger after.

  • Traci K. Wallace says:

    This video was so helpful.

  • Bekah says:

    These are really good thoughts & I really resonate with them. Thank you!

    (btw. Hank Green sent me over and I've just subbed <3 )

  • RG says:

    Thank you for being a ☀️ in this dark time. And for sharing where and how you do get your news and input. You rock all the socks. ❤️❤️

  • YdeDios GyeNyame says:

    "Or the algorithm, amen." This had me dying, yo. Thanks for the video, cousin.

  • Yellow Sun. says:

    Laughter is the best form of education, my caprisun packet runneth over Evelyn!

  • Jayy Sanders says:

    Oh How I've Missed You On The Internets Evelyn 😌

  • Effiecacious94 says:

    I agree with this video to be honest.

  • Asha [] says:

    Right on, girl. Protecting your own health and happiness is not something you should feel is wrong in ANY way. I'm the same way, i'm definitely the caprisun gal in my friendgroups and it's tolling to be made out as "uncaring" or "ignorant" solely because we don't have the energy to put into constantly… REACTING.

    Thanks for this video, it really helped me rationalize my "social justice conflict avoidance" thought process <3

  • Cameron Georgette says:

    I just fell in love! Lol
    You're awesome!

  • Cinthia Jaimes says:

    I'm crying. this was so funny but so needed!

  • NoOvernightGuests says:

    And I thank you for your contribution Evelyn.

  • Zakarriyah Burns says:

    Evelyn your charisma is refreshing.. I am glad i have found your page. I have laughed through the roof this day.. 🙂

  • hayes gauthreaux says:

    Whataburger is always the answer

  • alohahola says:

    I love you!! ❤️This is my stance on "staying informed" as well!!

  • Anna Herlocker says:

    I really like this capri sun 😉 but also your serious side too

  • Rachel Marie says:

    Yeah, we good. You are so righteous, and speak for many of us. Tonight I introduced you to my husband. It's early Friday night and we're unwinding with our wine and relaxing and hanging out with who I watch online. And no, you weren't rambling.

  • Hannah says:

    I agree with you so much. Thank you for giving us capri suns when we're thirsty bahaha

  • ashley crippens says:

    i dont think ive ever had a time when i really agreed 100 percent, with what someone i internet rocked with and also genuinely thought was my comedy twin , like just yes

  • AhShah Newell says:

    This is my 1st Evelyn vid. Instant fan!

    Yes, this is very similar to how I contribute to the raising of collective consciousness. Self care, spiritual reflection, laughter. I don't want to feel bad about what I observe or consume so I don't focus on things that feel bad. What a blessing! Thank you for this one Evelyn!

  • Art Hoe says:

    how do you sound like a wet hamster😂😂😂

  • dionnedlc says:

    Thank you!

  • Shaina Lee says:

    A Capri sun when you're thirsty 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Carlisle Huntington says:

    Wow. I did not know how much I needed to hear this. You are a gem 💎

  • Kinfolk68 says:

    Thank you, Evelyn!

  • BÄLÆGDĒH says:

    Activism and recharging are both mutually, incredibly important. As someone who is a voice and an agent for social justice, I can personally confirm that it is very easy to burn out in the fight, and get jaded. So we need to let ourselves know that we need love and happiness, and a break once and a while. Fighting for social justice should not, if done right, drain you. It should uplift and make the world a better place for EVERYONE. Even you.

  • conpoet says:

    just a comment to show mad love.

  • Anushka GVO says:

    girl! where have been in all my youtube feed! I'm brand new to your channel and love it so far! Yay me! for finding other voices to listen to and not my own internal voice! woo!!

  • kaguth says:

    Everyone should have their own opinion and perspective, whatever it is is fine just as long as it's YOUR opinion. When stuff happens, take your time, think about it, and react to from a place of honesty. Don't go to your local "Tell me how to think" channel to get your opinion.
    Thanks for the vid, btw!

  • idkyoutellme says:

    audible yass

  • Desiree Cristine says:

    You are a breath of fresh air

  • okanomode says:


  • Jill Terwilliger says:

    Evelyn I'm so happy you're hear on these here internets, being a bright spot in some dark days.

    I feel like I have to keep up on this stuff, so when my fool ass parents start 45 praising (mom doesn't like 45, but voted for him because Pence seemed like a nice christian man vomits eternally)I need to be able to say "but do you see this nonsense? Do you see the terror on my face? Do you see what it's doing to everyone, what they want to do to everyone? Everyone being people like your broke-ass no-insurance-having selves?

    I feel like I have to know this stuff, and tell it, and actively resist largely on behalf of my entire family.

    Like it's my job.
    Even though I'm kind of bad at it.

    But you're pretty great at your job. So keep being awesome that way. Please keep being.

    I first saw you on a Wash and Go reviewing Get Out.
    Then I watched your Pretending video.

    And today I watched this.
    So I just wanted to say thank you, Evelyn. Thank you for doing this job. It's some important work. I didn't know how much I needed that little drink of sugar water.

  • Maniacal Laughter says:

    I'm good…God is good 💗

  • IntersectionalOdysseus says:

    I am well, thank you.

  • jembers1114 says:

    but Evelyn (shoutout to you being in Austin, Im from the H) your vids are like snippet skype calls, im here for it.

  • Madly Espinoza says:

    So blessed to have found your channel, sis!!!🙌👏 In terms of being consumed, it's easy to be consumed by all of the implications of being A Latino/a because of how complicated our history is! Can you believe that i have had people attempt to tel me what I am ethnically and racially? Patience is just what I am learning to embrace in the process of learning about myself. Also, patience is great when everything is shattering apart. 🙃 Anywho, keep inspiring!

  • amber o says:

    i love your articulation. it makes me so happy.

  • Brooke Meisel says:

    you're so real wtf

  • SoulBrotha91 says:

    "Black woke card revoked" Lol that's a new one. Shoot I'm willing to bet most pro blacks and fake woke citizens never even heard of that book. SJW's are just illogical and bitter people who go overboard and are unhappy. Don't become one and continue being awesome

  • Joaquin Turley says:

    LOL YESSSSSS Now it's in your eyeballs

  • Steven Roberts says:

    Seems like you are only feelin "tried" is because you push identity politics and your "team" suck. VirtueHashyTag butt go on…

  • Steven Roberts says:

    Nope. None of those things are your j o b. GimmeSamMore

  • Steven Roberts says:

    I've been to all of the brkly protests… wanna talk?

  • Steven Roberts says:

    Derp "I know everything"

  • Lauren Ashley says:

    Amen amen amen!

  • Rae Peronneau says:

    Very wise woman.

  • Amy Taylor says:

    "Because they not trifling…" Voting for this line to be in more advertisements.

  • Ari B says:

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  • LOREM says:

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    timed "rigghhht" lmao

  • Idada Kuyinto says:

    I CONSUME the news and whatever the humans are doing in this world, but I take in enough well maybe just past enough (cause sometimes I read one too many articles) to be aware of if I have to go find a bunker somewhere underground, cause y'all humans are crazy. Anyway I take in enough then I go find a video of some cute puppy being saved from under a house or better yet someone to make me laugh. Hey Evelyn girl….And a PSA, don't ever read the comment section! Yeah I know I'm writing in a comment section now.

  • Mell C says:

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  • Library Minnie says:

    This is from two years ago and I put you on today to get away from the Mueller testimony. Your outlook, your intellect, your energy are inspiring and uplifting. I just found you, as I am an old and I don’t have my finger on the pulse anymore. Say it Loud, Smackyolip, and Naturally Curly help me learn and laugh and escape, and I appreciate you for all your facets. You keep right on being the Evelyn we love, and keep it light unless outrage overtakes you, then bring on the truth. ✌️

  • Library Minnie says:

    This is from two years ago and I put you on today to get away from the Mueller testimony. Your outlook, your intellect, your energy are inspiring and uplifting. I just found you, as I am an old and I don’t have my finger on the pulse anymore. Say it Loud, Smackyolip, and Naturally Curly help me learn and laugh and escape, and I appreciate you for all your facets. You keep right on being the Evelyn we love, and keep it light unless outrage overtakes you, then bring on the truth. ✌️

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