EVH 5150 50w vs Marshall DSL 50

EVH 5150 50w vs Marshall DSL 50

hey everybody this is andrew and today we're going to look at a comparison between a new amp that I just bought the evh 5150 three smaller 50 watt version and my current Marshall DSL 50 so first we're going to take a look at the clean tones i'll go from clean to mild crunch to dirty i'll show you some of my favorite settings and some van halen style settings and hopefully you guys can get a good idea of the differences between them and the similarities first we're going to look at the clean sounds for most of the demonstration both the amps are on exactly five four all the EQ on the evh I have the resident's knob at nine o'clock so just a little bit of extra bass going on nothing too exuberant even though it is capable of pumping out a huge amount of bass the master volumes are on 1.5 just enough to get past the fizziness and not too loud in a home environment so first is clean on the dsl and this is the gain at half on the very first clean mode of the green channel you you so as you can hear I cycled through all three pickups on my Gibson Les Paul and I'm going to do that with the evh now on the clean channel but I had to knock the gain down to two because this is quite dirty for a clean Channel and I bumped up the volume okay now we're going to bump the gain back up to five so this is once again the evh with the gain on five green Channel you okay now we're going to put the gain up to ten and this is the light crunch on the evh still okay now the DSL in crunch mode with the gain at five so this is roughly the same gain settings as the evh you all right now we're going to get into the mid gain stuff so this is going to be the DSL starting off lead one with the gain at two now the evh on the blue channel with the gain also at two you once again gain at five now starting with the Marshall and okay once again starting with the Marshall lead one gain on seven now we're going to get into the really high gain stuff this is the Marshall on lead to with the gain of five yeah and now the evh on the red channel with the gain of five yeah now we're going to get into a bit of the signature sounding of van Halen stuff first we're going to start with the marshal I've got this set up for what I think is kind of like a brownish sound the presence is on five troubles at six mid is at four and the base is at five this is lead one with the gain on three and a half you and now the evh on the blue channel with the exact same settings you hmmm ok now we're going to try out a van halen style lead so this is the DSO the exact same thing as before except I just knocked the treble back down to 5 and the evh with the same settings as before you alright next this is just going to be two examples of solo settings that I've made they're kind of Bonamassa inspired not exactly dead-on or anything like that I wasn't really going for that but just the type of high gain solo tone from the evh I've got the gain at three and a half on the lead channel bass at six mid at seven highs at four presence at half and here that is and now this is just me fooling around the marvel on the same kind of thing this is lead one with the gain at six I roll the guitar volume back just off a little bit just to get rid of some of the highs presences at zero trebles at four mids are at six in the bases at eight okay and that concludes my comparison of the evh 5150 3 and the Marshall DSL 50 I've been playing it through a custom-built cabinet to buy 12 oversized made by Saxon in Ontario the speakers are 2 Celestion evh greenbacks once again the volumes were at about one and a half for each amplifier and the settings will be posted again in the description and I hope you guys enjoyed thanks a lot


  • I.E. Guitar Reviews says:

    Have yet to try the 5150 III but I have a Peavey 6505 plus, Mesa 2 ch Dual Rec, Carvin V3 and using those amps I found myself missing a Marshall so I got a Jcm2000 DSL50 and I love each one for what it does. Marshall's can get muddy if you don't dial them in right and my 6505 plus does metal and EVH great but it doesn't fill the spot for my Marshall the cleans I love from this amp and the distortion channel I use a clean boost so I dont use the gain which can get muddy but with a boost in front I love the Marshall. Everything has its purpose.

  • John Roberts says:

    Excellent Demo, Great playing 👍👍👍.
    Take care,
    Melbourne, Australia.

  • Achilles Alexander says:

    I think I finally found an amp that outdoes a Marshall.amp!

  • Patrick Longshanks says:

    Listen to them in a mix ya' mothalickas.

  • Honestmicky says:

    Excellent video, thanks for posting, much appreciated. You are very talented!

  • Leslie Tollett says:

    Great Job – Appreciate it!!!

  • TheAxe4Ever says:

    This is how I look at it. Marshall used a Fender amp topology for their first prototype amps and every subsequent amp they’ve ever made since. As do practically all tube amp manufacturers. Who makes EVH amps? Fender. So I think I’ll go with the originators. I know, I know, Fender amps aren’t what they used to be, but what is anymore. But still……

  • Winston Wolfe says:

    Excellent comparison. EVH is a smidgen ‘browner’ but the DSL sounds more velvety.

  • Mateusz Kucharski says:

    Marshall for the lose – as always xD. EVH is great, and deserved for better oponent.

  • Crixus The Gaul says:

    Its weird because the DSL is sort of a low end amp… I mean compare it to the JCM800 or 900… you can buy 2 and 3 of them! This EHV is more like a stripped down version of a very high end amp…. I'm not sure people would like the DSL if it didn't look like a marshall… I swear that look adds a ton of tone lol

  • MorGuitarz says:

    EVH all the way. DSL very brittle, with less bloom. But the Marshall cuts like a knife and in a mix of a full band… Does its thing very well. I just prefer the EVH more (I still own that one, no longer the DSL)

  • samwilcockmusic says:

    Preferred the Marshall. Nice demo.

  • Rob D says:

    Master at 1.5? that's all pre amp. crank em up and lets hear the real difference. EVH is super saturated and the Marshall is more articulate.

  • foo man 70 says:

    EVH IS brighter but that's a fender trait……..

  • David Buzzin says:


  • Maly Maly says:

    Fuck evh

  • kris.evergreen says:

    EVH is more modern, DSL is more jingly.

  • Warren Johnson says:

    Like the clarity of the evh but also like the stickyness off the bottom end of th marshall both great amps

  • Chuck Talley says:

    Why does he call the marshall a dsl when its clearly a jcm 2000 or am i just a idiot

  • nelsond1498 says:

    I don't have any pre-determined brand preference here. The Marshall clearly sounds better to my ears at lower gain (given my desktop etc etc). But once we're at hi-gain, I'm not sure there is much between them. I wouldn't mind either………but if it's either/or………..Marshall for me thanks very much.

  • cappy from boston says:

    Evh had better high gain structure than the Marshall. But the Marshall clean/crunch was better

  • AnotherFan says:

    This is exactly the predicament I was in. I wanted one of these two exact amps and I'm glad I made the choice with the EVH

  • Vito B says:

    The DSL clean channel is so underrated. I make mine chime beautifully making the Marshall much more well rounded over the EVH IMO. Theres a reason why so many pros make it their live go to.

  • Vintage V8 Muscle says:

    Besides young new metal kiddies, WTF would dime those 2 modern heads and think it sounds good at any volume. EQ it correctly man. Shit way to demo it. I see a lot shit demos around but even they tried to EQ correctly. smh A lot of them use EMG too. Totally different than say a PAF, or JB pup etc.

  • Orkhan Julfa says:

    Either sound good. No winner. But I prefer sparkling tone of Marshall

  • Alfredo munoz says:

    Evh winner chunky thick tone, aggressive gain and tighter than the Marshall. Don’t like thin tone from Marshall

  • Peter Salmon says:

    Good vid. Marshall for me.

  • Mateusz Kucharski says:

    Marshall sounds ordinary. It's simple – if almost everyone plays on one brand amps – the sound becomes ordinary. EVH sounds more original and modern, and noticeably better at crunch mode, and totally eats Marshall at lead channel. I think it's even not the same league at leads. Marshall have only good mids, and thats all, EVH too have good mids, and way better highs (the most important part of the guitar sound IMAO). Im definitely not a Marshal guy. I prefer american sounds and 6l6 based amps.

  • Google Review says:

    I think the diezel and soldano win this won…oh wait…

  • Rock & Roll says:

    It looks matter I think the evh looks unique fresh and new whereas the Marshall has always had the signature gold and that sort of stuff it may matter to some people it may not but it's just my own personal opinion happy rocking 👍✌️

  • Rock & Roll says:

    Rock on Andrew you got a great amp I don't own one but however I have listened to them and I've listened to your video and planning on purchasing the 5150 thanks for the video 👍

  • Rock & Roll says:

    I'll put it this way I've heard both they both sound excellent you have to understand Eddie Van Halen I'm pretty sure Edward is not hurting for money and that he wouldn't that put his own name on the amp or any product that I know of without it being quality Fender made the amp just like he wanted it made if you're an Eddie Van Halen fan then you're going to like the evh 5150 put it that way both are excellent but it's what you're dialing into is to what you want I personally think the evh sounds better I'm a Van Halen fan he played Marshalls to he would be playing Marshalls today if he thought they sounded better it's really simple either you like the way Van Halen sounds I know I love it that's what got me to play the guitar in the first place but I believe fender makes an excellent guitar cuz I own a couple and I love them I've owned a couple of Fender Twin amps they're great it's all in what the tone and sound you're looking for course durability and if you want to know how durable is a 5150 is here Edward talk about he turned it up all the way for three months all the way up loud as it will go and it still worked when he came back to the warehouse if you want durability well that speaks for itself and I don't know personally Eddie Van Halen but I don't believe that he would sell a piece of junk ever ……because he made guitars Marshall I don't believe makes guitars however I love Marshall amps so it's up to you what your ears like hearing and what you want to play but that's just my opinion hope this helps 👍✌️

  • Not Sure says:

    Dsl,especially being cheaper

  • Renaissance Man says:

    It says JCM 2000 not DSL 50! Why do you guys keep calling it that?

  • Patrick Foster says:

    The Marshall sounds better. Clearly Fender voiced the EVH to replicate this amp but didn't quite get it there. I love Fender amps so was really expecting the EVH to sound better but no. Although, to be sure you need to crank these amps full on to know what they really sound like. Something tells me the Marshall would beat the EVH even more thoroughly when dimed out.

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