ExpressVPN Support can help you set up VPN on ALL your devices

ExpressVPN Support can help you set up VPN on ALL your devices

ExpressVPN Support is available to help you,
24/7. We’re real people with a passion for internet
privacy. Trying to figure out if ExpressVPN is right
for you? We’re happy to chat about how the service
works and what platforms it runs on. Need help installing ExpressVPN on a new device? Our Support Team is familiar with all major
operating systems, like Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Linux. You can also manually configure ExpressVPN
on certain router models.  Our Support Team knows these firmwares inside
and out, so setting up your VPN router will be a breeze. Within minutes you’ll be protecting all
the devices on your home network. Support is also there for you once you’ve
finished setting up ExpressVPN. Want to know which VPN location is best for
your needs? Have a question about your ExpressVPN subscription? We can give you an answer. Reaching ExpressVPN Support is easy. Just click the chat box in the bottom-right
corner of our website and start typing! We’re eager to help.


  • A. J. Redfern says:

    "Want to know how to upgrade your Express VPN firmware on a Linksys router whilst keeping its current configuration? Our friendly support personnel have no clue and will fob you off and make you try and figure it out yourself."

  • Gary C says:

    I've had recent support questions and the feedback I received was very timely, and helpful. Over the course of multiple emails and questions, I worked with 3 different technicians/agents and all of them were able to answer my questions and, provided some guidance on next steps.

  • Scott Lovelace says:

    I'm having issues securing my wireless internet connection. I live in Korea and the language barrier makes it hard to get my internet provider to understand my needing router ssid, etc…. I do have express VPN and is there something that my VPN offers in addition to what I currently subscribe to?

  • SunKara says:

    Hi! I am in UAE and wanted co connect back to Sri Lanka. But it is not working at all! I have been trying for a few days now.
    India connections work very well. But the other one never connects. I need a solution fast please. Just look in to your server there or something and see if it is no longer working.

  • Jacob Ackom says:

    How can i purchase Express Vpn using itunes?

  • RMM says:

    Anyway you can improve the speed of one of your servers? The Las Vegas server is so slow…

  • Ray Rochelle says:

    Right now 12:15am CDT my ExpressVPN connection is disconnecting and reconnecting about every 60 seconds. I'm on the Chicago server. What's up???

  • 王素 says:

    It's expensive for me,Rmb90 a month

  • Robert Garcia says:

    I'm experiencing a conflict between VPN and windows 10. When VPN is on I cannot navigate in the web correctly. Some sites is blocked, and others a minor interruption. For instant, when I try to connect to my bank account the website is denied or blocked. Any suggestions.

  • Blackest African Human says:

    Hallo I have questions about the service. If I buy & download the Express VPN app on my computer and then buy a Router configured with the Express VPN app on it and connect my computer with it, does that mean I have double encryption for when I connect to the internet using the same server from my two devices? Or buying both not necessary? Also does Express VPN have anti-Ddos protection and Kill switch?

  • SimbiAni: says:

    ExpressVPN is ~amazing! But I do have a major question: ALL my devices use wifi *without* any router, so is there a way to get a go-btwn device that will 1. connect to ~that wifi source & then 2. use a "built-in" VPN like ExpVPN which I'm already subscribed to & 3. then act as a "hotspot" for all of my devices to connect to?? ie, particularly my LG "smart" tv!! (or even better, if somehow an app specifically for ~LG &/or Roku might be made, lol)

  • feroz chera says:

    Express VPN site is not accessible. I get an error that "connection is not private".

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