Flight Delays, Crazy Fans of Rappers and DJ Khaled! – E23 | The Internet is Undefeated

Flight Delays, Crazy Fans of Rappers and DJ Khaled! - E23 | The Internet is Undefeated

Chadd focused sad the rapper he's from Baltimore he build his company card over four million dollars all on his rap career this is the most high-level nigga shit I've ever seen he's facing 20 years in prison he was charging his company American Express card and to create the illusion that he was the number one recording artist in the world so he was buying billboards saying he had Smash Hits fake streams of his songs he put tickets to his own concerts hats as my favorite was hats yo what up pump to hear more I'm patching out and this is another episode of the Internet is undefeated Oh it's a podcast is a podcast yeah sound like you got to get what up yeah what's going oh no that was a little reboot of all that did you see uh did you see the new cast no really yeah they got a whole new all that mom and the Internet is furious oh really bad verse will do it's it looks young yeah they go I feel like are all that cast was like I don't know didn't Kenan and Kel look like they were like 18 17 yeah but I mean that I mean Kenan was always big big people always look older than what they are and who else was in it Amanda buying amanda Bynes that's all I remember the two black guys and the heavyset big girls this does look younger though right but I mean you gotta think about like who they're trying to attract like it's a younger generation they're watching all this stuff on their phones so people who are 18 and 19 they're looking at other stuff like not even Saturday Night Live so you got it you gotta get that you got to get the crowd where they are man so younger one thing where they did mess up is the intro they actually had the kids rapping well that's never good instant which is like that the original had TLC yeah on this talk you know Amy's that is true that is a shout out to TLC yeah actually I'm I'm not even gonna act like I've been new that I found that out pretty recently it's like t-boz was the one rapping at the time I was just like Oh today's the day that Lisa left eye Lopes burned down her ex-boyfriends house ooh there's my days – yes anniversary are there huh look – at all what's the new one okay they're like they're like wrapping and it's like it's like it's like an original song uh yeah you either should have brought back the original or not have the actual kids around you don't really need like we're in a time where you don't really need like theme songs – come on you really could just like show the vanity card and just go with it honestly this is also true cuz I like a lot of our favorite shows don't have like real theme songs like that like the office Modern Family's just you know the the collage you don't really need a whole thing of someone to sell the show anymore what's the last good theme song there was for a show Family Guy that's a great example damn yeah you don't really need that shit no more so I don't know if the Cleveland Show not hung in The Cleveland Show I don't know it was a lot on The Cleveland Show I know my name is Cleveland Brown and I my name is Cleveland Brown it was a bear and a chick in a wheelchair and I just was like this is a lot this is MacFarlane said like by season two he was like this bear was stupid at the end of the day I'm I don't care like it's for kids like their own people we'd be growing up and then be like Oh y'all ruined Blue's Clues like yeah for you it's not if you still watch it Blue's Clues and 30s you are probably a serial killer I might check it out the new host is Asian okay that's Bigfoot diversity and it's like the top comment was there he gonna eat blue yeah I gotta stop man but in their defense when I did a shows in South Korea dog is not I haven't tasted it but they have dog forms where they literally grow and not grow but breed dogs just farms yeah they have dog forms like cows on the front like there they sell dog on the street like on a stick like that's a hot dog carts yeah yeah well like I have my windows up oh okay I was going to win DS yeah dog carts yeah yeah okay so maybe not the like they ain't like skinning the dog right there like it's already cut up this cutlet thank you but like they don't everytime they serve dog they're telling you it's dog yeah there's no like Matty's or something like that it's the same it's just on to me the same way chicken beef all that it is okay what's it called ah I didn't pay attention cuz I wasn't eating it that's a no for me I heard that sometimes cuz like that I guess they're FDA regulations are less than ours sometimes they pass off like other meats like rat and we're starting to do that now I could believe imported from China I can definitely believe there's a lot of rats yeah you seasoned it the right way yes that's why I don't really eat out that much man you know I got a little area in my apartment and I like you know grow chickens and graze him I don't believe that that's because it's a lot yeah is this a total bull fight like you would you would for sure grow chickens – I don't think growing is the right word either I think it's like well you're raising that sounds dark though it's like I raised him from when he was it was faith ain't nobody growing a cow raised to the cows I fucking a little bit see nah Betsy gonna make some good ass burgers I always asked this because they always say like vegetarians always be saying like well if you had to kill the animal yourself would you be a would you eat meat do you think you could kill and skin like a chicken or a cow I could definitely kill it I just like I wouldn't know how to cut it like my my cutlets would be all so the crazy part you're like totally you're just like dead face yeah quick go yeah tell you do it yeah I'm not gonna cock a pistol to shoot the cow behind just look back in his tongue go all on the side of his face up like I can't I can't that was detail that was dark I don't feel about the feathers though like I don't know how to like how do they do that they just yanking them joints though yeah how do we not be eatin like popcorn shrimp in like little feathers still popcorn shrimp I made popcorn chicken yet that'd be fucked up if some feathers were in your shrimp that'd be fucked up I'd be like yo what was that throwing on that would be soul McDonald has been really sipping a Jubilee but we got a bunch of good stuff on the timeline no darkness today this is pretty cool doctors gotta where I live so I'm kind of saying about feels I feels the first story is very interesting especially since you travel so much by the way where y'all at this weekend ah this weekend we are doing Atlanta Atlanta both shows sold out Memphis sold out do you have to promote yes all sold out then we go to New York we gonna be in New York for like three days have some time off before we do Bridgeport New Jersey and then New York so how much how much time do you guys get to actually enjoy the city in Sam's not most times we fly into the city you go straight to the venue right and we go to the hotel drop back Chinese clothes get something to eat then go straight to the venue and then we fly out the next Warner so do they feel like different cities it does because the hotels are different it's a blur a lot of times I might laugh this differently in Chicago than New York is it like man I like the Bailey laughs in New York as opposed to the nasal laughs smaller Marcus I feel like sometimes more appreciative because they don't have the big names that come through they're bigger Marcus like Chicago to New York LA you know they're typically used to they're like LA is garbage for merch if you're on tour unless you're a rapper or singer or something like that at the stables you're gonna have horrible sales in LA because LA just doesn't so everybody's doing their own thing they see Eddie three in the fucking grocery store so they're not as enamored by Europe I think Eddie Murphy's shops in the gross well I mean you get what I'm saying they see you they see DeRay Davis they see my when I say Mike Epps Mike you see my gums I've seen my picture comedians like famous comedians shopping in like full leather outfits even when you thank you this how excited I am I went shopping yesterday at Macy's because it was friends and family so it's 30% off and I have been a 3830 for probably like the last ten years or my 38 pants yeah 38 waist 30 if it's American Eagle not American you go Urban Outfitters anything like that might be a 40 if this shit a slim but yesterday I got it to a 36 slim so just throwing it out there you boy you know I can fix it Zhora you know I'm like I've only been able to like wear scarves and Cologne oh damn scarf that's a ski mask when you put it on you need a neck that's step one first James Brown's closet there are no caves here when you lose weight does the neck come you like my next coming yeah you know what it is you get better posture so like I posted that picture on Instagram and people like you look like you got I put it up pull it up the split screen of you yeah you see it you see you see the neck flourishing right there you get better posture so even the color scheme behind it you see you're in the shadows almost 20,000 likes on it one picture I feel like a superstar almost that's crazy for a picture right now all right now well good shit speaking of traveling I want to get your opinion on this all right cuz it came out this is story this lady on a flight mm-hmm she opened the planes emergency exit thinking it was the bathroom oh this dumb bitch hangover Houghton how I mean I know it's difficult to get into plain bathrooms but ain't it like don't you need some upper body strength the whole thing a latch right like turning that's no way you could mistake this little knob for this big ass that's what I'm saying and it has four yeah and then you have to like you have to turn the latch in the air to lift up the door you have to actually like lift up and then push out like it's for three different steps to get out of an emergency exit that's what I'm and then it's like okay either you reached over walked over and reached over three people who let you do this right or I'm assuming she was sitting at the emergency exit and it's like even so who has a bathroom a personal bathroom right there not only that like if she was sitting there like that was her plan for the whole con it was like ma'am do you agree to all the rules that you have to do to sit as well she was like yeah well she might have been like well shit if there's a personal bathroom I don't never gotta go to the one in the back and where were the people sitting next to her just like ma'am ma'am ma'am nobody stopped there at all bro like that one but that's our video over do like he was sleep and then he like I don't know like just like just unconsciously started smoking a cigarette like oh wow I saw the hey just lay back and it was so casual yo my favorite part of that video is the snitch yeah behind it was like immediately he saw it like he was like excuse me I feel like in that situation though you got a you got to do it yourself yeah you cannot flag us a Stewart is down cuz like every puff there ain't no windows ain't no windows you gonna be inhaling every single pollen not above putting somebody cigarette out I mean and then break it and step on it black no no I got child yeah and then come get this nigger but I obviously think that was just like muscle memory like we've been smoking that long you just wake up like firstly well cool it I don't think he did it on purpose I literally think well his remorse was crazy he was like oh my god that's why that's why I think it was real like I don't think that he had to be drunk neither that yeah that could be that could be another things he must have been like whoo man I remember my whole shit okay well the best that nigger was going through but the wildest thing about this emergency exit story is she opened it to the point where the slides deployed and then the plane had an eight hour delay wait had they taken off yet no Oscars when they got off yet all right but that's that's good Lisa's day and I'm thinking like air pressure in the air yo this bitches while and yo she should be in jail but she probably just had to pay a fine to get banned right also who's using the restroom before that it takes off right that's a lot well I mean I do it like if I get on I will like you got my back go straight to the bathroom go and get that out the way it's easier than like trying to do it once you're in the air cause like sometimes you'll be on it that that the tarmac for like anywhere from like five to an hour five minutes to an hour and now like now I could hold it if we had took off immediately but we've been here for 45 minutes bitch I got a pee well then that might be when she did it she might have put her stuff down and then hit that emergency exit because that makes more sense as to why people more people weren't like me yeah but even steel like just just the layout of planes how would you think a bathroom there's no exact way there's really no like that's that that doors flush with the wall of the plane all the bathrooms they protrude under a window too there's sometimes there's a little window sometimes say is it even so yeah like the latch it's really kinda so hot cuz imagine if you were just going to Vegas it was a 40-minute flange ride that turned – 1000 every other nation with me every fucking oh yeah they said they'd get a free dinner but like nigga you know what free dinner in the airport is Quiznos is it usually it's fuckin Quiznos is usually a sub they usually give you some weird options like you want pasta salmon don't get either one at all okay it's never good not even like JetBlue status No nonetheless is Delta in the first class everything else no it's just like frozen food I wouldn't do it yeah well I would have fish open heated that in eight hours added to any you already at the airport all that at least thirty thousand points I would have got thirty thousand mile SkyMiles for show for some shit like that you can get points that way oh yeah you call it go play especially with my status hell yeah what's your status platinum diamond are you platinum what does that mean they give you like golf clubs on the plane or something nah they just automatically bump me up to like if there's first-class seats available automatically get bumped up what's the one with prizes I thought isn't there like prizes for points I mean you can't like what with Delta SkyMiles you can like book special concerts to them cuz like they do advance this shit – hmm and like when you first first class from like LA to New York you also get like this little me bag full of like shit like earplugs face wipes lip balm all that type of shit comes along yeah what it will you gotta test it mm-hmm this is the same thing right isn't I'm thinking a lip gloss I got a lip gloss I was like why they give you lip gloss I was waiting for a little mama joke speakin of childish yes pretty good transition right there did you hear about this Baltimore rapper dude who charged his car at 4.1 million dollars this motherfucker bought a billboard in New York Times yo okay so this dude his name was a Chad focused Chad the rapper he's from Baltimore he build his company card over four million dollars all on his rap career this is the most high level nigga shit I've ever seen he's facing 20 years in prison he was charging his company American Express card and to create the illusion that he was the number one recording artist in the world so he was buying billboards saying he had Smash Hits fake streams of his songs he tickets to his own concerts hats as my favorite was hats oh thank you for heads Chainz crazy music videos the craziest thing is I still haven't heard of him right the craziest thing would have been like if he had made it right if he had made it and this was his backstory yeah this is like the baby's backstory yeah yeah right like put 4.1 million dollars and still nobody knows you like if you steal faking streams at the for point 1 million dollars of embezzlement not you can't you're not good we can't know if you just from the fraud charges that's it it has to be backwards like oh this dude blew up out of nowhere oh it made sense he committed fraud yeah but it was just like who did what what was a 15 year old dude who killed somebody and then he was on a run he made a video while he would take hey yo his song was actually good he made something yeah he was on the run for a while you spent 4.1 million dollars in we still ain't gonna get a free feature from prison probably that's probably not gonna happen take Hayes at his fucking in Jackson shit I don't know if anybody's gonna jump on his wagon cuz like this is the type of shit he was posted on Instagram during the fraud he's the CC I was posted up you know laying back in a suit the caption is they focus on becoming famous I focused on becoming successful you focus on protecting your asshole you can't do you can't do motivational quotes in this scenario that is that level of devilment Jesus Christ that name is the one thing that you refused to do you'd dude he was doing like motivational videos talking about like how to be successful in top minutes shit like this I think is like how did they catch it earlier like these charges are showing up like I know it's an MX so you can charge it as much as you but how did they like unless he was in the advertising department like how did the Billboard not register like sizes no like what the fuck so how it was explained to me by some criminals I don't really know but i assuming it's not they're not like direct like i don't think that on the company charge it was like nigga microphone speakers like i think he was doing third-party agreements with companies who then supplied him with that so the charge was to these companies as like a business transaction or something and then in return he was getting all of these things so it was definitely like some cooking the books type of shit by for mill is a lot a lot half a hit yes that's the saddest part is what million dollars you know that amount of features that you could have got for for millions that why you just saying focus on that why you ain't focus on paying Grand Hustle as a company and so it just looks like a business charge and get like three TI versus that's true like that would have been smarter and it came out way cheaper and on the best mate now you would think you would only be looking at like five years five years you're not going out and just advice yeah you wonder what it did three with good behavior cuz you only need to serve like seventy percent of your time we should have like a segment for criminals where you just give like advice to the black mom I'm just saying like like situation where I thought I might have to do something to young man I'm like alright well shit if I shoot him in the hand or the thigh is in the hand the hand or the thigh why would you shoot a nigga in the hand because you just want to disable them you want to stop him you don't want to kill them it's really game yeah so I mean she like put your hand on the table nigger yeah yeah just like what's up you put a pistol he put his hands I'll just shoot him in the hand but if when he's doing this shooting the hand or the thigh imagine the trust issues that we come to know it's aggravated assault is that attempted murder unless you shoot in the chest like if you let any for cinema so but if you shoot him in the hand when he's doing that that's above the waist right you could have he could have made the point that you're shooting for his head no I was like he was like what something does that what you want to do hey what you want to do super weird see the head to see the gun go down into those you're doing that now keep your hand like that I mean like I'd shoot a nigga in the dick or something that's fucked up right that's the closest in a mass isn't a it's in a master get you better get you five five to 18 years I thought that's below the waist though it is but it's still cinema oh you were saying center mass okay okay I've learned to just roll with it and then maybe like things you say after I'll be like oh you just got a set of mass just said a mass like I'll get this in the next minute or so so you learn how to like in when you reading and you come across a word I don't know what that is okay so no dick shots maybe like ankle shots a four that should be crazy foot shoot did make a pinky toe shoot don't shoot a whitey I don't like it some expensive shoes so like the Travis guy it's like oh yeah not even mad at the injury what are we talking about what was it it's not focused and he coulda just did it so much better got it and then he posted up in front of the billboard I hate I don't hear none of the noise I see results I embrace my fear okay his captions don't even make sense not in retrospect he should he sit next to like one of those the scooters around the city scooters are talking about like to see results what do you talk about Court results yeah guilty is the niggas are bold if anything we you know that niggas are bold I would never think that we're always justify anything that ain't meant with one saying niggas gonna make that's true because opportunity he don't need he had nig up and down your timeline but even if you make it I'd be worried about that in the back of my mind so once like cuz niggas think that after a certain period of time talk charters are just gone that's why they be surprised a year later when they like oh shit yeah there are certain crowns with limited statute ations but a lot of them can go most of them go up to ten years so there's like old people getting convicted oh yeah as they should but that's some bold ass shit cuz I would I would the first thing I would think of is making it finally getting all this shit that you worked for and then that charge hitting and losing everything everything it's like I mean that's Takashi 101 whoo that's basil yep he can't like it doesn't matter how much time he serves it does not serve he can never rap again he can never like live in a major city again he can never just go out in public he's basically George Zimmerman well actually George Zimmerman has more freedom so what's everybody out here signing bags of Skittles he's a gun nigga 35 K how is that racist you paid a hundred and thirty-five thousand dollars for a gun that just killed a nigga that's crazy and the fact that you put it up for auction is just like fam y'all niggas a shooting at xxx testosterone and this Nick is right around the corner selling signing skittles this nigga be in like fuckin restaurants just chillin don't want back beers and shit and just having a good old time and it sucks cuz every time I bring this up I'm I don't want to say somebody like Florida y'all doing everything but that I'm seeing headlines of everything else Florida man eats a homeless niggas face okay Florida man eats some bath salts okay Florida man kills another Florida man what George Zimmerman shit subway yeah that's his that's his headlines George Zimmerman signing skittles I'm like he's living his best life right now ain't nobody like I don't think Laura lives in Florida only I know he'd be moves around I read this this article in this magazine about him and his family cuz it it he had to uproot his whole family like it was him his sister his dad nothing for the mom but they always have like a bag of guns with them and they call it the baby or the kid and so if they had to move randomly anybody got the baby anybody got the kid and like that's cold for grabs it says they have to live so Lee's contract itself so I guess in in retrospect it would make no sense for nobody to try anything we probably just haven't heard about it like all the tips that are made on presidents lives like they get numerous threats and there are numerous times so people have tried to enter the White House or you know do some some foolishness covered up it's just always covered up mhm because like that type of stuff is like ah Iron Man 2 when oh boy was uh on the racetrack and Tony came around and he bust up the car and him like he's I just want to show that there's blood in the water that Giants can't be attacked who's like I gotta do nothing else now other people don't try so they try to go so nobody can know all is that easy to get to the president is that easy to get to George Zimmer so they just don't mention it so it doesn't spark more of a revolution of people trying to do that I hope nothing happens I really really hope nothing happens I just want everybody figured Scott I just want everybody live in peace everybody nothing happens I hope nothing happens immerman and fruitful life and that he grows old to see his grandkids to take a break in the middle assets yeah I mean shout out to Ironman you don't want to wear this pain on anybody pain and anguish on anybody's family not no Trayvon's family wouldn't want that for him I know they feel like justice was a sir but I also know that they violence only begets more violence so you don't want to encourage that type of stuff but like if somebody was to beat the fuck out of him I wouldn't be upset about it I'd read about it yeah I wouldn't want nobody to kill him because I don't think none of us have the power to determine who lives a dot but if somebody just beat the entire shit on it I mean like he had no bowel movements for like three months I might repost it I might just for the culture at least yeah you know it's just for awareness shout-out to Ironman dance around I've used these gay you could be like yeah yeah yeah okay by the way I never saw George Zimmerman in subway let me just say that cause I don't want fuck up any future endorsements that I my eyes well speaking of niggas getting too bold the amount of the amount of people just walking up on rappers has increased quite a bit I feel like the people just want to get a little moment on social media right this dude who walked up to 50 cent is the PI one of the funniest stories yeah 50 cent is the most entertaining rapper hands down for a moment I was like Takashi is getting pretty entertaining but if you think about from get rich all the way to now actually before I get rich how to rob he has been consistently hilarious and amazing being entertaining off the mic before I get it to the story do you have you know you see I believe awesome that mean there's like today finish it was slap shot today marks 11 years that 50 cent was sawed shot in the face you wanna try one more time okay it stuck twisted okay what's that it says it says something like 17 years ago 50 cent was shot in the face or shot nine times and every day he reminds us why he absolutely does let's go to school that's a hilarious meme that makes me think that the nigga that shot him was just it wasn't gang-related he was just like shut so a rapper came up to 50 cent yes Wow 50 cent was on a date yeah it is mistake number one yeah yeah that's just a weird if you're just like walking or with paparazzi or whatever that's one thing but like he was on a date with a very very fine chick Jesus have you see her and I also saw that 50 was he was dressed like he was barbecuing yeah I didn't like full uncle out a full table where's the shit that's your partner mr. Graham like what did the fuck of these Old Navy cargo shows no disrespect to Old Navy because I take an endorsement with them too but like haha fuck you doing with them car why do you why do you ever need that many pockets also short and you can't even get away with the fact like man I was just like you were on a day-to-day this was your fly out fit you got on the long sleeve button up with cargo shucks nothing screams dad mom dad a Prius driver more than long-sleeve button up we know he's rich for a fact yeah absolutely well he would have been dead he said I'm gonna get rich or die trying' yeah just by his logic he would be dead or this rich so this dude came up to him hmm I don't think he had a mixtape or anything to show him he said look at my ig so like yeah he said you ain't check my ID a slot check back and it didn't say sing oh he had been scented yeah I guess he said that already in 15 a protector so this was the follow-up I thought he was on something like check my IG out right now I admire the follow-up that is an aggressive that's a good aggressive but it's like fucking I got sir you know what it is it's this is what I've justified this has like because people see me care Tony out in airports on the road they're ketches mid-bite literally four-in-hand bout to go to bed excuse me I really hate to do this like you don't you don't hate to do it because you're doing it and I understand never like I don't know when I'm gonna see this person again I have to take this opportunity right now I do they taking a shit but hey listen when you get out and wash your hands you think I can get a picture it happens all the time Tony was literally sitting down he put his bag up and he was right here in this position this is on the plane on the plane the dual walked up pulled him by Saul's out you let me get this picture real quick oh that's nice cut him up and was like what Tony's very buff too yeah but I would not try this and people just they don't have tact in that moment cuz they just like I don't know if I'm ever gonna get this opportunity again I have to shoot my side but there's still a respectful way today is even what you are saying with eating you know I mean even if it was just like yo after you're finished eating can I get a pic if you choose to as opposed to like right now on the spot I think you just have to I mean that's just life you just have to assess every situation and figure out the best way to do it Hamas's ain't common dope at well not in this situation you know it up even in the freeze frame right now that's that's an international niggas I know forgiving it because when you actually just have to pull your pants up you don't pull them up like that no it I feel like it's an angle – yeah it's like an angle of the elbows in like a stance you see how he has the foot forward like a ballet dancer but also 50 cent isn't that tall no this dude is at least a foot smaller than producing so I guess when 50 cent was like I'm on a date know what what you gonna hit me because I Got Talent wait he startled walk fifty started walking toward oh yeah but look he's like what's up what's gonna be his walk is he's like it man I got the camera he's like oh we could turn the camera off but they never turned the camera off fifty knows better yeah like this is not a situation you know house every now and then a rapper get run off on and you like oh I thought he was a gangster rapper that was kind of not what he talks about I have no doubt that fifty has slept this nigga but he's a businessman too so he knows how much it would be gone oh yeah if that camera caught that last season the power you would never get it that's true but then you also would have blown up this dude like cold game Kells cuz the fact that they didn't fight I mean this guy's probably just gonna but fifty cents a straight I've told him he was just like this shit ain't gonna work no shit ain't gonna work you see you see how you approach me right now you ain't gonna make it and it's crazy they pulled up an interview he did on The Breakfast Club not too long ago where he was basically like saying people approached him not in the right way they basically said they'll see somebody like old and white like Jimmy Iovine and they'll come up to them with like a presentation a PowerPoint but then when you see like a rapper you just think you can do like any old thing like listen to my mixtape or like pull up my ig and he was like he just wants that same respect as somebody like he that his presentation was wrong that's why I'm saying your shadows are completely completely understandable and justifiable however your energy and your actions have to show that – it's like when I talked about her in terms of 50 yeah okay yeah when I talk about courtesy and I'll talk about how you know these rappers getting fights at their concerts and getting change snacks and people testing them you putting out that music like I'll fuck anybody up you can't run up on me people gonna try it by a final entry the same thing will babe with the baby like you know you can't talk about like fucking these niggas bitches and all that shit and not gonna get out without somebody trying to test it like I want to see be really about that cuz if you have you not thought of that logic makes no sense it but but it happens all the time but like currency a rapper like Carson who only talks about smoking weed chillin and riding in lowriders he can walk through his crowd at a time I don't smoke weed like you said niggas will nig it don't matter if all you talk about I feel like even this nigga Kyle all he talks about is smiling and you know positivity but if he had the wrong chain on around the wrong niggas niggas will Nick but those niggas won't be at Kyle's concert cuz they look at him like an emo rapper so you're saying the the niggas who try um will buy a ticket and go to the front row just to test somebody yeah that's a superfan but no it's just the easiest way to get to you I can't get behind it's how hard it is to get to the front at one of these constitutes not I've seen it happen deuces moved by they don't even say excuse me watch out oh and a few that nigga I guess you that nigga you why would you not like funny and hood I'm trying to push his way to the front of the baby like so my whole thing is like fancy the way he trolls people the way he'd be on the internet like talking shit and all that type of stuff like if you put that energy out there you can't expect people to come to you no other way except for what you putting out because they look at you like okay this is the only thing he respects like you didn't try to you didn't respect when oh boy I tried to have a conversation with you about the money he owed you and you know just getting in an accident all that's all you didn't respect that you came in him also gangster shit so they feel like I I gotta come in here I'm on some gangster shit otherwise he's gonna Sun me or not even respect me so so you think if you put that energy out and you come up to them respectfully like yo I'm trying to make it my but they'd be like this the gangster you think so I think so cuz the gangster way didn't work at all I mean the humble way didn't work for Jayco Jay Cole said he waited outside of rock nation for four days on air for jay-z and tried to hand on this demo and James like nah like he don't get no more respectful than they like didn't Jayco rap for somebody though and get put on like that sort of like Big Sean I don't I don't know about no yeah or somebody now that was big shine a trap for ya okay yeah he went up to the radio station to rap for yeh because it's homeboy worked at the radio station he was like yo yeah on his way up and you need to get up so cold didn't do no whole sit outside of the rain waited for jay-z to go but did it really rain or snow no Jake the story in hey hey Jake confirmed he was like yeah it was raining remembers like I remember us yeah had on a black t-shirt a low-cut you said he's playing ball shit I was like fuck out of it that's that's in the car yeah that's a hard swerve if it's raining also yeah that sucks that's that's the movie plot right there like that that's the fight to glory right there's rain in CD flies up well I think we talked about this before how nipsey did something similar the humble way in it for sure worked for him well he gave it to snoop he was like don't frisbee my shit oh yeah yeah and they both listened to it knew it just like go hard but yeah I mean I feel like there's there's good and wet bad ways to do it another bad way we can the gangsta shit somebody walked up on little zan if you don't know you know I'm assuming some of our audience doesn't know who little zan is little zan is he's a rapper he's yeah he's a rapper a looser he is rappers a loose term nowadays – he's like I don't get it I don't get it I don't want to say nothing just cuz you know I don't know if anybody's working with him right now in our music not freelance but I have no direct affiliation I am just a contract worker so I could say what I want he's kind of what you think about when you think of a soundcloud rappers yeah well white kid bunch of face tattoos you listen to it and you're like that's the same dude but somebody walked up to it was like you know bitch blah blah blah which I don't get these people doing this I think I think he also said the person that walked up to him said something about he called him a bitch because of Lillian's comments about to pop not being a dope rapper or something like that so I think that's what's initiated this on a connection I will say this some hood niggas just need an excuse yeah – like he probably didn't like those hands for some sweetly selfish or hatin reason and was just oh oh so you don't like to park-like is not right riding for Tupac like that president Rossville to park like that is trench from not about an I believe that and it is weird but not gonna hold you but he also seems like a nigger who just looks for a reason yeah and he could use some nice takes a nice day again I'm a fire there's so many people like that there's so many people like that but either way little Sam pulls out a burner and it is the most unconvincing thing I have ever seen first of all he what he's wearing a beanie that says depressed if you if you play on the this mental health thing that straightforward it's like okay alright fam but the funny thing is is like if you pull out a gun and niggas don't care niggas keep laughing you got some really do some image they just no angle to us pause but they know you ain't going really about their life I mean it's little sin and he was like the way he was holding it was like I'm about to shoot you yeah come on bitch what if it was all a publicity thing it did not work exactly like he's well it did not because he for sure is catching a case from this people just and that's how I know he ain't gonna use it like this cuz like if you you would see a lot more gut like rappers pulling out burners to see cool guys on either like okay you will be bitch he said look at my car that's everybody's last resort if you're a per and if you get if you get caught up in something you don't know what to say shut up broke bitch I'm rich I can buy you know you can't I need my cell ho are you stupid I just you know what so many people so many of these rappers own guns and they've only like let off a couple shots they but not going to a gun range haven't fired it properly like you try to fire a girl like this is the stupidest shit ever okay like unless you're a trained person shooting with one hand is some of the hardest shit you can ever do in your life and when you go to the gun range for the first time that shit as loud as fuck like the Gunray just really loud like the shit that they showed you on TV has no it does no justice and yeah earmuffs are for sure oh my god if you had no earmuffs at the gun range it would sa fun when I was there when oh no it must that shit sound like I was on the set of fucking Pirates of the Caribbean it's like I don't this is too loud house are the Caribbean yeah cuz it sounded like cannons oh I seem to know if it was this loud right you think that that would just like those are just like to help the sound but that's like no if you don't have these you're deaf yeah like even if you try to adjust them and you and somebody fires up it's like oh well there goes my ear hearing Texas I was when I went to the one that Texas shout-out to my boy game because he has like a small Arsenal it was kids there like it was doing school I was never like eight nine year olds they're just letting off with a parents like yes Joe they were small it was this is in Texas Dallas Texas one dude came with a gun he spent ten minutes putting this motherfucker together and then he just sat down like almost Indian style and was firing it cross legs bro that motherfucker gunman damage bro wait what kind of range was that where I thought you had to be standing up and looking over the years he put the chair up and he just was like sitting down prospect on a chair yeah yeah at the tripod so the gun was on a tripod were he's firing and I was like yo this is different anyway wait wait wait this nigger went to the gun range yes and started busted like that yes dad nigga is different role it's different down the Texas boy I'm not even hold you why that's an assassin that's for sure an assassin there might be I can't think of any other reason why hussies comfortable hunting hunters don't hunt like that but I mean those niggas who are maybe it was his dream to be an assassin then he had a family like fuck I can't work for the CIA now well the Secret Service kills animals yeah like the bit like he gets dressed at all that's hilarious serial killers who didn't get to live their dream right they're like man one two that they got like posters a Ted Bundy like man one day you have a kid like I can't even kick can you kill niggas like I used to oh that's why I wanted to be an assassin in high school when I was like I want to do Secret Service I want to do CIA I want to do undercover work I want it like just muhfuckas never see a comment then I was like you want to be an assassin I want to have a family so I just let the dream go I always thought about that especially when gold and I was popular like all it took to be like a spy and the consequence is when you get caught oh my god you can't have any attachments because baby immediately become liabilities like you can't have a family like Darden oh yeah like there's too many liabilities and then when it comes down to doing your work you have to choose between if you have to bring your family your work you gonna choose your family but your job knows that so that's why they look for people who don't have families but even that I'm more concerned about you know if you get caught in Russia they'll torture the shit out I don't ever want to be in a situation where I know something that I could get tortured for just like don't tell me I'd rather be the nigga who doesn't know and this is why Patrick never joined a gang and I get hurt I don't I don't want they torture and gangbang do they yeah I mean it ain't like torture I sign you to a chair but you can get jumped in get beat the fucking number when they make they made that nigga sit on a chair with a hole in it naked and his balls went through and they just BAM and they hit his balls till he was walk but he acts a little to the left wait a minute he's like I got an itch no tortured I will give the torturer what they want I almost shit myself just thinking about how painful that had to be for your balls bro cuz you won't clinch up because they want to break the dudes who are like yeah I'm here you out you ain't getting nothing from me huh yeah that's that tickled like they wanna break yeah people yeah I might as well start where you want me to go cuz then they won't you know day five they're like yeah broken look at him crying if you start in the fetal position crying they're just like I feel like they'll be like alright fam get up little bits of paper man that's good transition speaking of sad boo I try to like grab onto low-key words speaking of sad have you been seeing DJ Khaled's tantrum no I know nothing about it what's going on EJ Khalid who backstory for a long time was like our positive mentors right they don't want to see you win they don't want to see you succeed they don't want to see you Bob niggas are saying he became today we lived long enough to see him himself become the day because he threw a tantrum temper tantrum and is hating really hard on Tyler the Creator because his latest album debuted at number two who Tyler's on DJ Khaled Igor's number one right DJ Khaled shit is number two and he is big man he started posting and deleting like rants talking about like I make music you hear everywhere you hear it in barber shops you hear it in your cars next to you not this none of this mysterious shit he called her Igor Igor I mean I guess it is that's a good yeah it's like some mysterious shit which is interesting because you don't really hear a lot of people bump in Tyler huh it's it's really like a personal project you listen to by yourself but it still beat Khaled and Kalyn hyped this up is like his best album ever like the hype around this album was every artist does it every time and it's using not that height it is it doesn't live up to the height and Khaled also needs to understand that like like you make songs for the club so yeah DJ's are gonna bump in this here like that but like when like I've never really found myself riding around just listening to a whole Khaled album but I was like flower boy I would listen to no I'm saying what was the one before flower boy Cherry Bomb I like those out I got like Tyler and what he's doing right now is exactly what Nicki Minaj did with Travis Scott yeah and it makes you look so actually look here's the thing they're fucking Chad focus he's not on anybody's bail more yeah not bad he had to buy his own billboard to get on the Billboard number two is not bad you're a millionaire once you get to that level your ego is just out of control though it is I get it but it's like roads like you sometimes you got to take a step back for the situation and realizes that's what's crazy about it bro they say there's two types of people the ones that like hate when somebody goes in front of them and the others that applaud it and this going number two and this is just in general not even just in music if you're number two you have probably the best position or opportunity to celebrate number one you know I mean because I go up or down but you're the you are the person that they're looking at to hate first you know I mean nobody's looking at seventh place like man look at that nigga hating you know I mean like you have the biggest opportunity to celebrate he could have went hard for Tyler and still been promoting his own album absolutely you know because all you had to do is like find one more single get the right video and make that single pop get it everywhere and now you're number one right yep but instead you chose to hate and it's like what is this now it's like I kind of don't even want to give them a chance yeah I was just listening to Igor I literally have it on my phone to heaven listen to it yet but I'll listen to Igor and I gave it a run through I didn't I didn't go back to it but you like it I like someone to track something it was different it was different but I go back to like four songs which is great for an album for me I see when I was 12 I usually go back to like one boy still is raining right now flower flower boy and it was one at the Cherry Bomb I feel like the one where he was a wolf was before a wolf so but that one in flower boy probably my favorite because I really is getting better yeah and it's and it's becoming like artistic which DJ Khaled's never been know you know and he all he doesn't have a method like big names high tracks and it works a lot of the time I'm not even trying to hate on dj khaled like he makes bangers it's like like you said you listened to it in Vegas you don't really listen to it on the way to Vegas yeah but like we said he had a great chance to you know celebrate his number two position and do better you know what he's doing instead having a temperature no he's suing billboard isn't that Wow didn't know you could do that number one ah some wonderful what like getting the stream so he's basically saying that he did a bundle deal with his energy drink he has energy drink but apparently there was about a hundred thousand sales that came from that bundle deal and billboard allegedly went back on their agreement adding the Downloads I guess they said that they were kind of flubbed numbers billboard didn't do it because they thought that there was something fishy going on with it but here's the thing with this it's a lose-lose for called– because number one there's still a chance that Tyler sold more than a hundred thousand sales from him so imagine this gets reversed and he still doesn't go number one this looks terrible it looks Tara and if it gets reversed and he does take the number one part then it's just like okay good job you know what Tyler always comes back with number one because he stays in his lane you never see him trying to do or emulate what someone else has done you never see him throwing fits like this he has a music festival he has the clothing line against a store he stays in his landing focuses on him when you are too worried about like exterior forces external forces that are going on always lose sight of what's important that's exactly what's happening with the situations very true he should have focused on losing weight continually to build his sneaker collection and if anything like you you should Khaled should have partnered with Jay because they should be owning like title should be a hundred percent black home like his Khalid is that tight you're you come from a DJ background you're known for finding new talent you're known for breaking rappers careers like starting them why wouldn't you do something like focus on something like that and now you can't help but get the what if I we the best what the his record label hmm you still could do that only this is investment everything else is that I see what you mean like focus on something else like all the other shit falls into the to the wayside if you focused on yourself and that's why Tyler's women in this situation cuz he ain't worried about nobody that's true he just put everything into his project which happened to go number one and now DJ's Khaled is putting all his effort into why he's not number one no no I'm gonna be honest with you Callen has a I mean Tyler has a better track record of making rappers famous girls sweatshirt Frank Frank Ocean did him a lot famous yeah Frank was without future yeah but he was kind of big yeah but like what umbrella was he under and who was the who was the face of it it's like Nellie Nellie was the face of the lunatics so everybody that comes after Nellie they look like there's nothing even if he didn't it looks like Nellie broke everybody else and there's the same thing we got cuz Tyler introduced us to Odd Future which introduces to Frank Ocean which introduced us to Earl Sweatshirt we introduced us to the Internet which introduces us to the sea let me to see it from the internet like all of that falls on the Tyler and our future yeah so Callie introduces to Ace Hood who is who is undoubtedly good but still never had that one record dead like yeah put them over the T can do uh I woke up in a new Bugatti yeah that would that bang for that summer but ain't nobody still talking about it right now what what's your favorite Ace Hood album exactly Ace Hood nope The Revenge of every rapper does a verse himself that's not saying like Tyler focused on him and building his clique Callie was everywhere and reasonably so you know working with Cash Money didn't get paid by baby working with Rawls working with Justice League working with all of the southern rappers which is great but you gotta focus on YouTube because like rap it like I say rappers a loose term now and it has so many genres now it's like are you good for club music but what else can we expect from you that's true what I like I live a club music it out a little bit yeah I just go to like when I mean you know something to turn up to but like tie Lac and go to to bump it I can go to when I'm feeling a certain type of way because he makes music for moves and for people who live real life simple as that I know he's such a Tyler fan that was a pretty legit review I like Tyler bro cool little breakdown actually you do those every now and then alright so that brings us to a pretty hilarious hits blunt fact Oh oh yeah is ready and willing this time what you got Pat change the voice alright this is coming from look away at Bret world he's pretty funny how the fuck does advil know what part of your body her shoulder can hurt I got a headache and that's it take Advil go straight there like that's a good point man because I've often wondered that but I guess I just never said it aloud sometimes you have to say something loud yeah think about it because it's like what where Ennis and it's an aesthetic seizure anesthesia I want to say numbing anestine up so what's that winning you forget dementia and leisure ok with anesthesia I was wrong when they shoot you a to Dennis in a jaw like they know I'm did your jaw first and then they shoot you with anesthesia in your jaw so they can start the work first right how come it doesn't go to other places is it because is the injection right yeah but it gets in a blood flow and the blood goes all through your body so why is it your neck your chest and all of that numb so it's like I wanted to say like when they inject it that immediate part goes numb right it does but it but it gets in your blood right I mean anytime I guess it's in the blood so how does it stay right there because it's the same for surgery right uh-huh like okay for that little area okay what about non dentist stuff like for surgical stuff do they inject it in the part they're about to go in or do you take it some way and it just numbs the area that they're well usually if you're doing something that requires that type of anesthesia you usually go under but like what's it with yeah well with the sleep like is it anesthesia in the gas – like in a sleeping gas that you don't feel it or like I've been hit while I was asleep and I woke up immediately so I don't understand why just going to sleep right it's so it's gotta be social gas yeah something in the gas it that's a good question now like I need to break down or does it release does it go everywhere like the damn suit maybe just before the inside-out so you've been in but only on the inside of your lungs though but you only feel the part that hurts because that means that I don't know I was laying awake Advil and Tylenol is crazy it's got to be the chemical makeup that releases coz but maybe goes to like where the nerves are firing cuz wherever your pain is happening nerves a foul like there's a weaken that like yeah I sort of speak like to do in the layman's terms like it goes to wherever those nerves are being fired at to relieve the pain I guess I don't know I would have this is also a real doctor this is one of those hits blunt facts that just actually has a answer like just not recap is watching this please let us know in the comments cuz I really want to know most hits blunt facts are like huh but thanks every now and then I'll ask something like how does a bus driver get off it's like well if you look at a fucking bus answer you're just high alright so that brings us to our country coronary music Hey witches head there's all this stuff in the dark and I'm pulling up on all these witches oh who is that she got a cane Hey whoa she's done she done rolled up on me Oh back the car up am i a police officer or a pussy-ass bitch whoa I thought that I couldn't fight a witch but I could not Hey what where are we dr. Stan hey now so out of car only know the story yeah I was hella out of context if I'm being completely honest that's my favorite part of the show will Pat the store's wrapper like that because he really fucking writes that be pressed every week and I'll try it at home without like I will fuck up at the lets six words shit equally funny as it is really really creepy this is one of the videos there's there's for the next few weeks I'm gonna start doing videos off of the dark web I've been I went on a couple of dark black holes and one of them is just like these super weird videos that are on the dark web they have no explanation but have gone viral in every way possible none of that surprises me about Pat like if you see the way he dresses on a regular basis you like yep that's Bollywood searches have a dark web outfit on today yes thing he has on moccasins he has on moccasin I hate with niggas show out there and their outfit like this just got to take the picture kneeling down or when they have the shoes on the bathroom sink they like know what it is under here you know Nikes you know saying oh these these are socks ruin it oh the sock you gotta have a good pop sock with it though the socks ruin heart just a good pops ah grow alright so this is you just gotta watch it alright cuz it's really creepy so and we'll play it for you guys – it's a lot of build-up so this is this video taken by the Saudi Arabia police they're driving in the middle of nowhere and they come across this whole screen leverage this thing and the Internet is seeing this as a witch or a potential which sighting I'm just gonna play it it's very if you if you're watching at home or just listening to the audio damn watch our visuals hey Deb calm yeah she was smart enough to get out the road or whatever it is so first off they just rolled up on her by herself in the dark with a very white nightgown what what is that so the scariest part is her posture right her posture is very hunched over she has a cane okay now see and eventually yo they are backing up in a car this is note of what a woman with a cane this is a police officer and he's the funniest part about the video because it's like nigga be a police huh right so I are a warning shot of something throw your baton edit alright let that watch this at night by yourself that does be a lesson to you black people just keep a witch in the car don't let it be a black widow shit yeah how walking is kind of throwing me off dying on Eva hold you he sound like he's getting kidnapped the whole time I fully understand cuz if it was this dark and late and this was happening I'd probably freaking out too but it's also like your police officer you gotta just make it sure this could just be a real woman right is that worse or is it in the comment it's saying like translating like back the car up oh my god hello can we help you oh yo she's moving kind of this bitch saw it galloping like a like a goddamn horse here's a creepy part oh she just go off she's going off into the black these police officers oh she came back no oh did they turn the car they keep going toward it oh oh that was her but it's funny cuz like this equally freaked people out but then it's like on the other half is just like what makes that a wish ain't no powers it was just super freaky spider Oh bro like like just get out his feet like if you throw something at her and it goes through her I get I got it right I'm but if she stops that won't like oh fuck he was okay I'm sorry someone since she was just checking to see if that was her uber these are the comments are funny bro but it's just like I watch this in a dark room at night and between the run the screech and her just being out there at night yeah it just freaks me out and then there was a couple of points in the comments that are just like our police allowed to do pranks you know I mean like our police allowed to like use their dashcam for a prank or are they allowed to do like hoaxes like alien hoaxes cuz like that's I mean that's that's one thing of one of you and me do it but it's like you're a cop right that allowed but like we really don't know those were cops like we didn't see anything that was signified from the – I feel like that that you know justified there being cops or anything like not in the video that's just all the folklore around it but yeah they're saying that you know he was saying go move the car go back it's coming for us where is he that one of them was just the driver's name uphill Roman by the name of God yeah he was he was very freaked out oh you gotta be super scared you say by the name of God is that what he said oh damn no when you start praying what would you do if you saw somebody walking by themselves in the middle of the night on a dirt road my other fucking business I just keep rolling what if it looks like they would needed help wait for they looked old and I mean it's better than the old I can do I could change the tire but it's got to be light outside I'm not gonna back my car up so even if they were like there Oh cuz that could be a tramp yeah I doing it fam I'm sorry I'll call somebody hey I saw somebody back at mile marker 46 looked like they needed some help maybe you send somebody out there it's not my job maybe you say maybe don't I don't know what y'all operation but I don't I think yeah you're right I feel like that's just a good rule of thumb yeah I'm not Jesus I'm not here to say this was all you had you added another syllable in that but this was like one of those black there's another one I might do on the show – that was a gnome it was like a gnome sighting it was kind of the same presence but it was like one of those things where oh here it is I might as well do it right now goddamn no a little person in the clam oh look at the little shuffle that freaks me out though he's in a Klan outfit that freaks me out for some reason when they're sightings in foreign countries and you don't understand the commentary it makes it like a little bit more believable yeah as opposed to like oh shit nigga tson uh look at the little shuffle I hate to travelocity commercials not a contact also Knigge is upgrade they cameras if they doing these siding things like damn this little pixelated pixelated midget with a cone hat zoom in trying to get the whole thing cuz you see it with your eyes perfect but you're trying to get it but that's what happens like when you feel stuff looking at it and not looking at it through the camera mm-hmm like fights and all film it looking at through the camera because you'll get better shots of it I love citing videos even like the creepy one with Bigfoot and he like looks over like I don't even care if I believe in it or not it's just not like alien sighting videos that's my god no the one in you seen signs yeah you know the the Brazilian sighting where they like it was like a party and everybody was running and then like the alien like walked past the alley and like turned and they froze that was such a convincing seen that people ripped that and just started posting on the internet like in an alien sighting is when the alien Reese under the door when it was trapped in it oh yeah it's come from underneath the door right you like no just okay absolutely not I don't want to see a commercial from him he tried to throw a twist in that like you thought it was a tide commercial or you twisted the story of commercial reveal I think Sixth Sense messed him up man it was so good he just tried to top it but I mean I don't I still believe in him I feel like anybody still can pull a rabbit out their hat I feel like he might still have a movie in him I feel like he could surprise us all there have been crazier turnovers in entertainment in other news make sure you check me out this this Friday on Comedy Central a resident of heart of the city represent for the st. Louis oh well shit nothing you on Comedy Central is special yeah well now it's a heart of the city that what Kevin Hart goes to the cities and finds like top comics of that city are you LA or st. Louis st. Louis okay my boy Vincent Bryan and my boy Princeton do understand I mean it's a 22-minute show so we probably do maybe six minutes of material or maybe five minutes of material each and then they do like a like an interview style ring with all of us I'm gonna be pulsing all week so make sure you go to my page and what's the air time I think it's 11 p.m. Eastern Standard Time I mean Easter Easter time okay 8:00 they don't like that yeah I guess so yeah hey p.m. PST I don't know what this show and make sure you guys check out our new show on the channel is that what the kids say where we got these people guessing all of the crazy young lingo on it if you don't know what a rusty trumpet is you should watch out you should watch that show I get all my lingo from my daughter my daughter my daughter cheats me the lingo and the dances that sounds so old but I know cat yeah well I do know camp because I listened to enough Atlanta rappers but she be teaching me like what is it don't do that but they did they say switch it up she said they do something different like they look at ass God yeah was that it other that did I look too stiff maybe we should do a show also called is that what the kids are doing with the dance move yeah the blue phase blue phase dance looks like something's wrong with you yeah you got crabs that's that's what I think what every time I see somebody doing the blue phaser like they got crabs so pointment dance yeah you still going yeah don't like it also Crips don't like the word crab so and that has been another episode of Internet is undefeated I have been Patrick loud out to hear war and we will see you next week with the innit undefeated oh under feet hope it'll it undefeated whoops internet under feet Oh internet under feet that might be the theme song ran that back a couple times that's what's up and we will see you guys next week yeah yo thanks for watching another episode of the Internet is undefeated make sure you like the video share the video and if you just want the audio make sure you follow us on Spotify iTunes and Google Play


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