Fluke Networks Pro3000™ Analog Tone and Probe Kit with SmartTone

Fluke Networks Pro3000™ Analog Tone and Probe Kit with SmartTone

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  • Justin T says:

    The method of shorting the cable to verify you have the correct cable is one of the most dumbest ways to verify you have the correct cable. 
    Ive been using the pro3000 for years. But to ensure there's no damage to any equipment in the event the wrong cable is detected do to crosstalk and a POC or POE device is on the end of cable. 
    1)touch the conductive part of cable you have transmiter connected to on the far side of Cable with finger with one hand2)With the probe in the opposite hand, and one finger on a conductve tip of prob (not the b.s.non conductive tip that comes with the kit) and with same hand press button to activate the probe. The light and tone will only activate when the cable conductor in the opposite hand touches the conductors that are connected to the transmitter.
    This method works far better than even the intellitone200. Its faster, cheaper, and safer than the method shown in this video. Because theres no no possible shorting out equipment or possible fire due to gas buildup in a utility closet if you short the wrong wire.
    FYI any ceap Tone generator and probe as long as it has a conductive tip on the probe works this way. And once you figure it out youll run circles around around guys that cant think out side the box. Because you dont even need to strip the cable back. Just press firmly on the cut end of the cable .

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