Galaxy Note 9 vs OnePlus 6: The $500 Difference

Galaxy Note 9 vs OnePlus 6: The $500 Difference

– The Samsung Galaxy
Note9 and the OnePlus 6. Two smartphones separated by features, ecosystems, and about 500 bucks. But how wide is the gulf
between them, really? Not as wide as you might think. (upbeat electronic music) Okay, first of all let’s
get the obvious stuff out of the way. OnePlus still hasn’t built a version of its phone for Sprint or Verizon so at the risk of losing your eyeballs less than a minute into the video, if you’re on either of those carriers you can count the OnePlus 6 right out. And then there’s the other obvious bit, if you don’t buy the Note you don’t get the thing
that makes it a Note, the S Pen and all the nice
features that go with it. I go into most of these in
the full Galaxy Note9 review, folks so go check that out for specifics and it’s not at all my intention to dismiss the S Pen
like so many people do. I love this thing. You’re probably tired of hearing it but I use the S Pen to
renew my lease every year. I use it as a mouse to
control the software. Now I can use it as a camera remote. So if you want all the toys, the Galaxy Note is still your play. But there’s a tendency this
year to overstate the price gap by implying that the Note9 and OnePlus 6 basically give you the same experience and that’s just not true. Take the Note9’s display, it’s much brighter in direct sunlight and it’s also larger
with higher resolution and better color accuracy to boot. The Note also has a proper
Ingress Protection rating, meaning it survived dust and water resistance testing in a lab. The furthest OnePlus
will go on the record is to say that it’s phones should
survive similar exposure but apparently it didn’t wanna pay for the lab testing to certify that, so we have to take the
company at its word. Also the Note9 packs a 21% larger battery, at the end of a busy day
I reliably have 20 to 30% more battery left in the
Note than I do the OnePlus. And then there’s the little niceties, the incidental conveniences
you get from Samsung’s approach of throwing the whole
kitchen sink at the phone. If I wanna top-up throughout
the day with my Note and I’m a wireless
charging fan, which I am, I can top-up at Starbucks, or
at the airport, or at home. Not so much the OnePlus. The Note9 has incredible speakers that sing out from both sides of the phone while the OnePlus makes do
with a single bottom port. And if you’re someone who
values hardware potential, well actually it’s a little surprising how close these two get on the spec sheet but with an improved cooling system, removable storage, and far
more elaborate features, if not raw specs on its cameras, Samsung is the winner here as well. I’ll show you some side
by side camera samples as a way of pivoting
to answer the question that at this point, must be on the tips of
some of your tongues. Given Samsung’s superiority on paper, why would anyone settle for the OnePlus? Well the answer begins
to make itself apparent as you take these samples in. Sure the Samsung phone sometimes delivers the superior result but not always. In fact to my eye, not
even most of the time. And even when the Note
gives you the better photo, is it really $500 better? I put it this way, I
literally make my living shooting photos and video,
mostly on smartphones these days. And if you told me I had
to trade in my Note9 camera for the OnePlus 6’s, I’d be
over it in about 30 seconds. Again Samsung does bring
more like super slow motion and the great telephoto camera and the higher resolution selfie video, which I’ll show you at the end. But for the price difference, I really don’t think most users will care. Here’s one thing that
many users do care about, using a phone that feels fast and clean. Both of these have a lock in the former but OnePlus utterly owns
the cleanliness bit. Samsung phones come with so much overhead from duplicate apps to
a whole other ecosystem for backing up your phone. Some of it is handy, but a lot of it is already taken care of by Android. OnePlus very smartly recognizes
that and only makes changes where it thinks it can make improvements. With the exception of Google’s Pixel line, the OnePlus 6 is my
favorite Android to use from a software standpoint. It is light and fast and minimal in a way that no Samsung
phone has ever been. And while OnePlus has yet
to prove its commitment to its latest promises
regarding software updates, those promises at least show that the company is thinking
seriously about them. Samsung has not historically
been terribly speedy in that regard though
that can always change. And speaking of speed,
I’ll close on that point. The OnePlus 6 charges more rapidly than almost any phone out there. You really can plug it in for 35 minutes and get a 65% charge from zero. There are other differences. The ringer switch on the OnePlus, the iris scanner on the Note, but I think we’ve covered the major stuff. So at the end of all of this, what new knowledge have we gained? Well if you’re a smartphone
nerd like me, not much but if you’re a normal person, I imagine it might be quite a surprise to learn just how narrow the gulf is between a $1000 phone
and one that costs 530. And look, I’ll repeat it for anyone who wasn’t paying attention at the top, I’m not trying to say you
shouldn’t buy a Galaxy Note9 if you really want all possible
features, I love that phone. But before you do pull the trigger on such a massive purchase, you owe it to yourself
to check out alternatives like the OnePlus 6 and also the phones I’ll mention after the break. Because break is a thing
you can do to glass phones and both of these devices are made of that scratchable substance. So it’s good news they’re
also both compatible with the best vinyl skins in the business. You know the name, dbrand. You know the reputation
and it’s well-earned. Visit the sponsor link in the description for Galaxy Note9 and OnePlus 6 skins from marble to carbon fiber and beyond. dbrand is a great way to
protect your purchase with style and I thank them for
sponsoring this video. The Motorola Moto G, the Honor 10, the Honor 9, the Nokia 7, the Nokia 6. You can even buy one of
last year’s Pixel 2s, and once the Pixel 3 comes
out, brings the price down. Yeah, I looked at my notes, what of it? Say hi, Justice. – Hi, Justice. – You jerk. And yes, I can hear you
screaming it all the way from New Delhi where it was
launched, the Pocophone F1, of course everyone’s new
favorite budget phone. Darling, as soon as I get
a hold of one of those, I’ll take a look and let
you know what I think. Make sure you’re subscribed
to me, MrMobile on YouTube, so you don’t miss it, folks. Most importantly, thanks for watching and as always, stay mobile, my friends.


  • Tony MTA says:

    I returned mine note 9 512,gb and keeping the oneplus 6

  • Jingz says:

    Well, I can make my decision with only just that intro tbh

  • Michael Cruz says:

    Had the red OP6, but hated the massive camera hump and how the black casing contrasts so badly from the phone. Glad Samsung made attempts to keep the camera flush and the colour blend in. You can get the light OP6 OS feel by uisng a different launcher, such as Nova. Price difference is not so badly, considering you get water resistance and QHD display. Lastly, the GSM only, dual sim version can be bought for $850 online, which is only 280 difference from the 128gb OP6

  • Eli Chun says:

    Yeah the note 9 kills this phone

  • 11nith says:

    The one thing that completely annoys the living shit outta me about the OnePlus is the fucking Notch. Hey future manufacturers, please for the love of God, remove that shit. I'd rather have a few millimeters of space occupied equally than an annoying bump anytime.

  • harry andrews says:

    All the things you say the oneplus 6 hasn't got is becuase that's the point of the phone flagship specs for half the price

  • Dan Hamar says:

    I've followed you for a few years now, and I gotta say, I love your work! By far the best and most detailed reviews! From one treky to another. I have been and always shall be your follower…live long…and prosper, my friend!

  • Joku Sekou says:

    Ok evil British guy from super natural

  • TwingoLiebhaber187 says:

    I got the Samsung S9+ for 420€.

  • K. D. says:

    The most important thing…CDMA

  • Chris Daniels says:

    I still want the kitchen sink and everything in it. I would by the note 9

  • BenPBL says:

    Samsung is overpriced

  • flaming bean says:

    I'm not paying $1000 for a phone. Imo 500 is pushing it but I would go for the one plus

  • N Ac says:

    Poco phone or the mi 8

  • Osher Shimon says:

    What about Dex?

  • rajnish tiwari says:

    Oneplus 6 is awesome.. however note 9 is definitely better in most aspects ..

  • RoboRope says:

    Traded in my note8 for a note 9 for $499…which is better now? Only fools pay full price.

  • Rebecca Anderson says:

    Would love a one plus 6, I would even switch to AT & T but they wont let me ins. the phone. How does a person buy the one plus 6 and get it insured if something happens to it such as theft, loss, damage, defects?

  • MidnightRyder says:

    Too many people compare these to the iphone. iOS is its own league. But note 9 vs one plus. Clearly note 9 is over priced

  • Cinema Lover says:

    Note 9 start from 800 € not 1000 the price gap is low because Cost 500+ one plus6 and if compare it with s9 plus the gap is 0€

  • Shawn G says:

    OnePlus not being compatible with Verizon is the only reason I don't have one… Very stupid decision by them…

  • villavan kothai says:

    One plus is for average consumer who doesn't care about quad HD display, massive batteries stuff like that.
    Samsung note 9 is for those who live their life in multi media .
    Both are great phones.

  • iam Indrajit says:

    In almost all comparisons tech expert did with Samsung flagship with others, Samsung display will get back your attention towards their…the display 😍 r jst too good

  • Bluecolty says:

    There are two reasons keeping me from OnePlus. One is a personal preference and that is I hate stock android. It has shifted from being original to copying iOS to gain fans. The other is not so personal and that is tech and accessory support. OnePlus barely has a foothold in the US and if I drop and break it, it's going to be hard to find someone who will repair it

  • ms KIM says:

    It's big and important difference between OLED with QHD and LCD with FHD.

  • M C says:

    The note 9 is a smartphone for kings.
    Oneplus is for slaves

  • Anand Kumar says:

    Oneplus for me

  • Guy Davis says:

    Great comparison Michael. Being on Verizon and loving all the features on my S9+ I can say OnePlus is definitely not for me.

  • James Marrero says:

    I have an LG stylo 3 and I barely use the stylus if at all. That's why I know the note is not for me. I need a phone not a wireless notepad. .

  • axa3547 says:

    No android is worth 1000 since they loose value very fast comapre to iphones

  • Dukez Venom says:

    The reason ill never get a note 9 is because its top expensive and too large. Whete have the days gone that you could easily control your phone with one hand…

    Besides, wireless charging is still a gimmick to me. Its freaking impractical with a glass back. Now you can not only crack your phone screen but also its back to pieces, YAY! Whoever thought that was a good idea…

  • Markus LC says:

    i would rather compare the s9 with the op6, there would be no price diff atm.

  • Rohan Gigi George says:


  • manjunath y s says:

    Note 9 is the best. I've also used One Plus 6. But it can't be compared to note 9 in Display, Camera, IP68 rating, Larger Battery, Wireless Charging, Best Speakers Audio Quality and last but not the least S-Pen. One plus is good in S/W and Cost effective. Note 9 is the BEST but with a Price. And also Note 9 doesn't have a NOTCH.

  • song 2 says:

    Note 9 is made for rich and op6 for middle class peoples that's all

  • Nicolás Domínguez says:

    What I really dislike about OnePlus was not the mediocre camera but those awful mic and speaker. I used to shoot a lot of videos of live music shows and it completely ruined those recordings. I think for a 500+ device to have that bad quality isn't acceptable

  • RINGNECK 101 says:

    I got my note 9 eith tmobile and i can say its a beast yes its super expensive compared to other phones out there but it offers premium in all areas feels good and i love it so much i use the S Pen often well i draw and use Pen Up alot and its easy to say the camera is great i love it myself

  • Ainsley Wilkins says:

    #Team oneplus!

  • Mateo A says:

    When will these tech reviewers understand that the price is not for what they offer but to state a point, if you own a $1000 phone is because you have the money and to make people know it, not because the camera and specs… yeah is kind of superficial, but that't why those phones are so expensive.

  • First Pint Refreshment says:

    Man I love your reviews! You & Floss are in league of your own.

  • Calvin Hikes says:

    I have Verizon and I need an S Pen. I made it 43 seconds into the video.

  • LTZ 863 says:

    I'd rather buy 2 OnePlus 6 phones over one note that might set my house on fire 🔥! Haaaa

  • Dark Knight says:

    Hi Justice

  • j says:

    notes nice and all but never used the spen so for me at least it wasnt worth the extra money

  • epexus Guitar says:

    Why compare these two phones if the obvious winner is Note 9? 🙄

  • Daniel C says:

    Note 9 = Mercedes, Oneplus = Ford !!!

  • Sayantan Nandi says:

    OnePlus 6 or the 6t comes no where near Galaxy note 9 or even s9 plus for that matter. Samsung devices are on a whole different level and are the real deal.

  • Basel Bannoud says:

    Here in the Netherlands the Note 9 with a contract is the same price as the One Plus 6. And the Galaxy S9 is the same price cash.

  • EverydayJay says:

    HUGE OVERSIGHT!!! Why oh why did he leave out DEX??? Note 9 is a full PC in your pocket. Connect it to any HDMI screen, then connect a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse to the Note 9 and off you go into desktop land and even have full Microsoft Office capability.

  • TPpro Tovar says:

    i want one man

  • Aayush Lamichhane says:

    note 9 has usb 3.1

  • vash2pid-0_o says:

    Honestly from most of the reviews I see Note 9 might be better only if you get the snapdragon version, which is not available in my country. Which kinda sucks major balls. Probably get the 8GB version OP 6t.

  • Gift Nderecha says:

    Where i live the base model note 9 is almost the same price as the high spec OP6

  • X says:

    One plus runs smooth,but note 9 is just man beautiful,many features, i dont upgrade phones only every 3/4 years ,use regular Samsung, its only flagship that i just think its worth it

  • Richardo Milos says:

    Why compare them? Sure OP6 it's a good phone but note has much more to offer aside of all common things phones do these days. I'd love to see more companies trying to put some effort on making phones that are known for their unique features rather than their 8 Gb ram. Hey! We got it, you can give us a powerful phone, keep up on taking advantage of its power though.

  • Jacob Parton says:

    The Note 9 has all the toys, but those toys can be laggy.

  • Abigale Sunrise says:

    Each time I come back to a MrMobile video, Michael looks and sounds more and more like Tony Stark to me.

  • jamaludeen ibrahim says:

    Why compare this two the note is king of android

  • Omer Safi says:

    One puls 6 is so ugly lols

  • omega con4 says:

    The Oneplus 6 is like a Kia car. Yes, it can get you where you go. But I'd rather get a Mercedes to drive there in style. Also the Oneplus 6 has terrible haptics and vibrate mode.

  • Ax El says:

    I've used both and own both but personally enjoy the note 9 more while my OP6 sits in my drawer. I enjoy the extra features on the note 9 such as a great haptic engine, telephoto lens, super bright display since I'm outside alot and so forth

  • Josh H says:

    If I didn't have so many problems with my last oneplus phone I would of got another, but decided to spend the extra money in hopes of a longer life span. I'm really enjoying the note9 now.

  • officialpartychannel says:

    I ordered the note 9 512gb for a €100 more than the price of the oneplus 6t thunder purple.

  • Shaheer Ahmed says:

    Pocophone is just a budget phone on steroids. I would never buy that lmao.

  • Filikes Kouventes says:

    of course Note is much more premium..
    but for half the price.. I would go for this RED Oneplus 6..

    ooups I already have..

  • Juan Zuniga says:

    Software is the most important part of phones and one plus is the best

  • Dennis F says:

    I have A Pocophone F1. Galaxy Tab S4. And a galaxy s7 Exynos. Should I get the one plus 6 or note 9. I'll go with the majority!

  • YOU-5-IVER says:

    Just waiting for note 9 to go half the price, then it will be great

  • raider steel says:

    Getting The note with one plus prices
    .boom problem solved

  • Angel Christov says:

    I had an S7, then an S8. I had hoped Samsung would figure out the software issues by the 8, but I was seeing a lot of annoying lag within a month. As it stands, the only Samsung I've used that didn't have any noticeable issue was my dad'd Note 8. I thought about getting one, but the awful fingerprint scanner placement dissuaded me. After switching back to AT&T from Verizon, OnePlus became a viable option for me again. I decided to grab a maxed out OP6 and haven't looked back. Everything I need from a phone is here.

  • Ganeshram rajakumar says:

    I have not used any of the Oneplus devices, but my last two devices were running on stock android and my first flagship was Note 9 Exynos variant. I kept my friends 6T next to my Note 9 both devices were set to Same resolution. The AMOLED panel in Note 9 looks better. Note 9 checks almost all the boxes, nearly perfect phone launched this year. Love the S Pen which I daily use atleast once. Stock Android is Overrated Samsung Experience is good and waiting for One UI eagerly. To those People who are comparing Note 9 with Poco I just cant stop laughing.

  • Fab C says:

    The note 9 offers future amazing deals that u don’t have to purchase it at 1000$ that makes it king because u get ana amazing phone at a good deal eventually if ur smart (;

  • Gergely Kósa says:

    I had a OnePlus6, which was good except its camera performance. Very soft edges (only the center of the photos were sharp), awful panorama mode. So, I bought a second-hand Note 9 instead, which I love. The charging was faster on OP6 though.

  • virustwin says:

    much respect to Michael. I was hoping, though, that you would have missed the pothole so many reviewers fall into. that argument about samsung having duplicate apps that google already covers.1: the fact that the apps are there, in no way, hamper the function of the phone.. if you dont like them you can simply ignore them, or even put them in a folder and never have to worry about them again; and the space it takes up on the device is entirely negligible so thats a moot point. 2: why does every reviewer believe that most users find google's offerings more useful or enjoyable than the samsung counterparts. I, as well as many people i know, much prefer samsung's versions of the included apps. and when is it ever a bad thing to have a whole other ecosystem to play with and experiment with as an option? Michael, please avoid that trap and dont make features 'negatives' because you may not use them yourself. your fans come to get advice which, in your case, is almost entirely unbiased..

  • giant egg says:

    Now you can find note 9 brand new from 600-680 brand new compared to 580 with oneplus 6t

  • vexorian says:

    In Bolivia, my Note 9 costed me 700 usds and importing a one plus 6 would cost 8 usds. So that's hilarious.

  • Phạm Nguyễn Dũng Nhân says:

    1000$ for a phone is just too much, especially when it's only a starting price. Note 9 512GB and iPhone XS Max 512GB should cost 899$ and 999$ when it first come out and that is enough for them to make profit. Apple, Samsung and all the smartphone company need to stop raising their price.

  • David Martrano says:

    The 6t is very good especially the price. But, I'll take the note9 every day any day. All the premium features. The s-pen & stereo speakers make the difference for me!

  • John Logan III says:

    Do either of these phones provide home screen looping out of the box?

  • Avox7Gaming says:

    Under cristmas i bought my samsung galaxy note9 and i payed 7000sek thats about 699$

  • TorQue WreNcH says:

    If i had to choose a gift between Samsung and Oneplus,i had to say Samsung note 9,i love the ecosystem on oneplus,but it more harder to live in with the features they dissed off,especially the 3.5mm jack which is too damn important..

  • nicholas collins says:

    I really want a oneplus phone. Come to sprint oneplus

  • badbeatking80 says:

    Lab testing….pay me 100 bucks I'll dump the phone in a fish bowl and get back to ya

  • Dylan van de Meeberg says:

    Oneplus 6t: €550 vs Note 9 €750 in the Netherlands. The note also has a €100 cashback going on right now so only €650. For just €100 difference I’d definitely pick the note 9

  • Noobmaster 69 says:

    The op6 and 6t are both really good phones but the note 9 is really on another level.

  • thomas tzimas says:

    LG G7 is 370euro (now) and it's BETTER than OnePlus 6 in every way

  • Jay's Channel says:


  • James Band says:

    Don't compare Note 6 with garbage. It's an insult to Samsung. Just buy Chinese garbage if don't have enough money.

  • Haha You loose says:

    Why not oneplus 6t vs note 8
    Note 8 = $450
    Oneplus 6t = $550

  • Ebady Yehya says:

    I had to choose between Samsung galaxy s9 (6 Ram, and 64 ROM) and Oneplus 6 (8 RAM, 128 ROM) both had special offer price of 440$. I went for the oneplus but I am not sure if it was a good decision.

  • ImaginaryRonin says:

    I'm wondering why this video is in the Smartwatches playlist…

  • ZeyPop says:

    But what is the cost of 64 storage and 6 gb ram

  • arzan pithawalla says:

    Have you done a review of oppo poco f1

  • fadoobaba says:

    Note 9 any day.

  • Theodor Nikiforou says:

    Right now Oneplus6 is at 500€ while the Note9 has dropped to 550 €. Its a no brainer right now to get the Note.

  • Vengeful Controller says:

    For me, my note 9 was only 520 dollars.

  • Shadow Bomb says:

    I recently bought a Note 9 for myself having it replace my OnePlus 3, I won't deny I am going to miss the incredibly fast quick charging the toggle slider but at the same time having never owned a Samsung device I wanted to try something new and different.

  • Joshua Maula says:

    0:00 to 0:10 – can't get any more Tony Stark than that lol

  • Caden Churchill says:

    I personally own a OnePlus 6, really don't feel like I am missing out on anything! Easily my favourite Android phone!

  • Nailz 82 says:

    Love the Samsung better I’m getting a s10+ ceramic white 512 I’m switching from an iPhone X

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