Get Hired: Do this in Your Job Search to Stay Happy and Get Results

Get Hired: Do this in Your Job Search to Stay Happy and Get Results

Hey everybody its Andy welcome to my
weekly show where I help you build a career you love great to have everybody
I’ve got a great session for you today I am very very pumped about this one we’re
gonna talk about how do you stay positive in your job search and how do
you work on the right activities so that you do get hired so we got a lot to
cover and for a long time I’ve been wanting to do this one this way you know
it because job searching is super super tough and I want to talk today about why
it is that people get frustrated how you can almost immediately change your
perspective by simultaneously either altering the activities that you’re
doing or at least the way that you look at those activities and and I can’t wait
to share Stephanie’s story Stephanie was struggling for months she was somebody
who joined then joined my job search boot camp we in a coaching session and
the formula I gave her she used this same formula to surface her job within
two days two days she altered her approach and within two days surfaced
the job that she ultimately took so I can’t wait to share that story with you
and speaking of – there are two things I want to get out of the way right away
and two things that I want to talk about that I want to keep in the way for the
rest of this discussion the two things that I want to I want to get out quickly
is you know because we’re talking about positivity and happiness and things
related to your outlook in your attitude the first thing that I want to say and I
think a lot of you would would probably agree with me on this and some of you
might not but in my opinion happiness is a choice positivity and a positive
attitude is a is a choice it’s not something external it’s not something
that happens to you it’s it’s not something conditional it’s something
that you you choose to be butt butt butt butt-butt-butt
I am hugely empathetic because I know how difficult job searching is I mean
job searching is ridiculously difficult to do it to do it well and to do it the
right way and I want you to think about this not to make you feel worse before
we make you feel better but think about this you know you don’t job search very
often you’re not sure what the best practices are you’ve been given megatons
of bad advice from well-intentioned and well-meaning friends and family members
and others and and the fact that you are like well-adjusted normal humans make
you make assumptions about what’s a tacit or appropriate or not appropriate
to do behavior you should have in the job searching process with which many
times is incorrect is incorrect so you have got a highly stacked deck against
you okay those are two things I want to get out of way but the two things that I
want to keep in the way then I want to make a central theme for today’s
discussion is and regardless of whether this job searching or anything in your
life there’s there’s two things that generally get people unhappy I mean
there’s a lot of things that can get you unhappy but there’s there’s generally
two and and I want to I want I want you to keep these in the forefront of your
mind as we go through this discussion today because you need to be aware of it
so that you know it’s happening to you and you know it’s doing it and you know
you’re doing it the first thing the first thing is whenever somebody has
lack of control or lack of choice or they feel like their options are limited
I feel like their options are limited they tend to get frustrated they tend to
get frustrated so whenever you feel like you’re backed into a corner or there
aren’t really any opportunities or there aren’t really any choices or you’re not
in control a situation people get nervous people get upset the other thing
is oftentimes how you look at your situation and what you use to measure
your progress and your success could be faulty so the other thing that tends to
get people unhappy is they’re using the wrong metrics they’re using the wrong
metrics to know whether they’re making progress or how close they are how
successful they are so we’re going to talk about
these things because and I want to talk about I want to talk about the control
issue first and think about this justjust think about yourself for a
second and think about as you’ve gone through your job search whether you’ve
ever said this to yourself I’m gonna give you maybe there’s a lot of these
but I’m gonna give you my my top my top five or so here’s what I get a lot from
people and I’m guessing you’re going through this too online this is a
limitation so what’s out there and available to me is what I can find
online the opportunities that organizations publish what’s available
that I can see I’m limited based on that or how about this one get this one a ton
my location Andy I live in a city where there’s only government jobs
there’s only oil and gas jobs there’s only insurance jobs automotive jobs you
name it auric I live in a rural area there’s
just not a lot of jobs okay so we get this we get this one a lot makes you
feel limited how about this one you ever think about this well my degree is in
this so I need to stay in this or I’ve been in this career for a few years or
10 or 30 or whatever so I really need to stay in it even though I don’t want to
because I need to be able to get a job you start thinking in those limits how
about this one my network is limited I don’t know a lot of people I haven’t
really kept it up or the network that I do have they’re not getting back to me
or when they get back to me they don’t really know of any opportunities limits
limits limits here’s another one the 80s hates me I can’t get past it I can’t get
to the recruiters or I can’t get past the recruiters or recruiters don’t like
my resume or whatever it might be or whatever it might be these kinds of
things generally generally create this lack of control these limits that we
place on ourselves we don’t give ourselves as many choices that are truly
out there they’re truly out there so here comes Stephanie I want to I want to
bring Stephanie in in and we’re gonna kind of leave her little case study
throughout the rest of this lesson she was somebody who was struggling for
months she thought a lot of these things okay she was putting her Res
in the applicant tracking system she’s a sales executive lives in the mountain
area of the United States a kind of West kind of west coast and where she was
there wasn’t a ton of opportunities and she’d been struggling she joined my job
search boot camp started going through some of the lessons and reached out to
me and she says you know these are great I think I want a coaching call I think
that would really help push me over the top some no problem we got together
first thing I asked her was okay I’d like to understand the history where you
been what are you been doing just kind of walk me through it and then let me
know what adjustments you’ve started to make as a result of some of the the
videos you’ve been watching in the job search boot camp or some of the lessons
that you attended so she told me that a lot of ATS submissions and those kind of
things okay so okay let’s write that’s done just put that on pause here’s
here’s exactly what I want you to do and obviously she was very frustrated she’s
been doing this for a number of several weeks months in fact and so I said
alright here let’s just break it down so it’s very easy for you to manage let’s
make the activities very bite-sized but very powerful so first thing that I want
you to do is I want you to take a look at your target company list she’d
already started building one of these if you’re not sure what that is I’m gonna
share more about how to do that a little later but she had a list of companies
that she was researching that she wanted to potentially join so she had some of
those I said take the top ten just take ten just take ten this is Monday Monday
she and I are speaking Monday midday just take ten of them then what I want
and I want to use whatever criteria you want the type of company where they’re
located if they have an opportunity or not doesn’t make any difference whatever
your criteria is use that pick your 10th then what I want to do do a little
research see if you can locate one of three types of people either in these
are mostly mid-sized companies you know I don’t care if it’s the sea levels or
the Vice President of Sales somebody who could he or she could potentially be
your boss or the HR person or recruiter somebody that we can put a face on and a
name with that you can send a direct email to that’s the second thing so find
the companies find the people third thing that we’re gonna do is we’re gonna
tailor a message to based on who it is if
it’s a c-level we’re gonna do this if it’s a V if it’s a potential boss we’re
gonna do that if it’s the HR person we’re gonna we’re gonna do that script
it up her cover messages slash emails or whatever we were gonna send I don’t need
to send those ten out and then let’s check back at the end of the week and
let’s see what happens so she she sent those out here’s what happened she
caused me on Friday she’s so cast the first thing I said on
my mouth give me the stats what happened she said well two of them never got back
to me that’s fine five of them said thanks but no thanks
so far so good right I were betting about the percentages than I thought she
says three of them got back to me I have three interviews and one of those
resulted in a job one of those resulted in a job so within less than two days
she was able to surface that and that sounds like a great story
except I think there’s more to it from a lesson standpoint when you think about
the interactions that occurred to no responses she can’t do anything about
that but five bongs came back that’s 50% of her outreach came back and said no
now what most people would do is leave it at that and say thank you or not
reply but but what did she do she can control her response in her outreach
slings back to them and says thank you for considering me if anything changes
please let me know because I’d be happy to come visit for a discussion because
I’m really interested in your organization and as and as you can see
I’m in the middle of my job search is there anybody that you know that you
think could use my services whether that’s an individual or a company
somebody that I might be able to reach out to of the five to got back to her
and said you should talk to this person I know the vice president sales over at
that company is sort of in your area you should reach out to him I think he’s
looking for people so think about she sends ten messages 50% responses were
know but of the 50% she was able to get two responses to continue
the dialogue because she reached out with some tactics and would that take
her four minutes no it took her 30 seconds because we’d already written a
script because we knew people were gonna get back to her and say thanks but no
thanks so she literally copied boilerplate didn’t even have to change a
word and could send it to both of those people that reach back to her the point
is what you need to focus on what can you control you can control these three
things your content so your resume your cover letters all those good things you
can control the output or the outflow of them or the continuations the follow-ups
or whatever you send your stuff any where you want nobody is stopping you
and the third thing that you can control is your response to it how you react to
it but also what you do in reaction to it it to it because you don’t know
what’s gonna come back but we knew that people work in respond and we knew that
people are gonna email her back and say thanks but no thanks
so that’s networking just because she did I mean it’s not like they were
people that she had in her network previously but that’s networking network
is not limited to people you already know or people they know you start
developing relationships the minute somebody responds to you so I want you
to keep that in mind so from a control standpoint we focused on what she can
control focused on her outflow and then bring everything we could out of that
okay so that that’s that’s a key point that I want you to take away but now
let’s talk a little bit about the metrics because you know she was feeling
miserable and I know a lot of you are because they get a lot of emails and
actually somebody Stu just on the you know on the the chats and he applied to
400 places what a lot of you are doing is you are considering your value your
worth and your emotions are sinking because what applicant tracking systems
are not letting you through what the dumbest systems on earth even when
they’re set up properly that filter in maybe 2 to 3 percent of the applicants
you shouldn’t be measuring yourself against that you shouldn’t be measuring
yourself against how many recruiters are responding back to you that has nothing
to do with the value that you can contribute to this world but I see how
in a job search a lot of us get lost in those
numbers and we start to feel pretty badly but here’s what I’d rather you do
and here’s what I’d read I’d rather you look at it because if you could do these
five things or measure these five acts you’ll have a much better indication of
the health of your job search and whether you’re on the right track or not
not to mention you’re gonna get real live data just like Stephanie did she
got reactions that she could work with that’s helpful
accidents serendipitous stuff happens when you are engaged when you are
shoving your resume into an applicant tracking system there’s not a lot that
can happen other than yes we’ll we’ll be happy to talk to you so here’s the five
things that I want to make sure that you do / look at the number of companies
okay so I don’t care if you measure yourself by the hour the day or the week
but one metric that I would look at or that I ask my one-on-one coaching
clients is how many companies did you identify to target here again if you do
not know how to build a target company list I already created the video for you
I think we did it in a live office our session it’s called how to build a
target company list for your job search it’s in the description I’ll also for
the recording I’ll put it up in the card when when this recording is all done but
that’s that’s the first metric that I would look at how many companies are you
are you surfacing because those are the number of that bats you have second
thing is how many people within those organizations can you identify that you
can send your message to this is people that you are targeting that are within
organizations of that you would like to work for
so in Stephanie’s case we talked about can you find the sea levels can you find
the HR folks can you find the VP of Sales that would have been her hiring
official I don’t care what you need to use use LinkedIn use press releases if
it’s a publicly traded company and your senior enough you look at the 10 KS and
the 10 Q’s they have people in them you can figure out who to target
that’s another great metric the third thing is but then we have to know what
to do with those people are you building relationships so I’m not talking about
how many LinkedIn connections do you have I’m talking about
have you done something to open up a relationship whether that’s you sent
them an email that says I’d love to connect with you I don’t care if you
want to have coffee with them if you want to send them your resume if you’re
opening up some dialog and you’re trying to network whatever it is people that
you would consider could ultimately leave you to your next job or lead you
to somebody that can lead you to your next job and
so forth but keep track are you building relationships if you don’t know how to
do this I’ve got a video for that too it’s called business networking how to
build professional relationships I’ll put its in the description I’ll put it
in in a card as well that’s the third thing that I would look at and the
fourth thing now the rubbers really starting to meet the road
how many thoughtful emails and calls are you sending out each day each week
thoughtful I had to ride to squeeze that up in the note card because I’m not
talking about blindly sending your resume or your email to a whole bunch of
people that says undisclosed recipients or whatever I’m talking about I found a
company I found a person or I’m truly trying to get to the person a thoughtful
email could be to an email to somebody to ask you to introduce yourself to
somebody that’s thoughtful but are you sending the right emails and
you’ve got all the ammunition you need for that if you’re not sure if you’re
not sure how to do this to reach into people that you don’t know I mean I know
a lot of you like my four sentence cover letter but when you are navigating
through your job search at this level i am i favor the video i created about how
to apply when there’s no job opening and I created the no job opening cover
letter for you it is seven sentences it is my favorite piece of collateral
related to cover letters out there you can tailor it but it is really sweet and
you can send that anywhere nobody is preventing you you are in 100% control
of sending that thing wherever you want to any company that you want wherever
they are whether they have an opening or not so I’ve given you I’ve given you the
the script there as well and then Oh ultimately we need to get to some
interviews so you said not thoughtful emails are you getting
interviews in relation to the thoughtful emails you’re sending out I would rather
you be tracking the percentage of interviews against the number of people
that you are actually targeting I’m not talking about submitting your resume to
an applicant tracking system you’re gonna bat three percent at best
so if you stick your resume into a hundred different companies and you were
actually qualified for the job three of them might call you back that’s not a
good ratio that’s not a good ratio so sorry I would I would rather you look at
the number of interviews that you were getting in relation to your thoughtful
outreach those five metrics the number of companies the number of people the
number of relationships the number of thoughtful emails and the number of
interviews are going to give you a much better indication of how you’re doing in
your search now one other thing that I have for you that I’m glad and hugely
smiling to bring back if you want more of this if you want more of this some of
you might be familiar with my job search master class I have brought back this
little beauty too so if you don’t if you’ve not seen the
job search master class as of a few hours ago I rereleased it out of the
mile walk Academy it is a three part video series that takes you down on the
three most important things you need to know about your job search and inside
that workbook are different job search work plans how to allocate your time the
things you should be focusing on they’re kind of an extension of what we talked
about here so and the other thing is before we before we sign off is if
you’ve not grabbed interview intervention when you get those
interviews on the line I’m still at the time we’re recording this or shooting
this I’m giving away interview intervention the entire collection free
it’s the $29 book it’s the ebook and audiobook which are 27 bucks and I’m
also thrown in a bonus ebook how to interview the employer 75 great
questions to ask before you take any job that’s another $27 and all I ask is you
pay seven dollars shipping and handling anywhere in the world I’ll ship you that
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I’ll see you next week for everybody else who’s with me let’s go to the chat
I’m solo today so I need to look through the chat my trusty partner Kara is not
here with me so hopefully everything worked I had green lights the whole way
through which is always really nice but let me let me say hi to the the folks
who are here Daniel boot campers Stu congratulations on getting your job
offer I was absolutely over the moon thrilled with your email I I actually
printed it out and it’s it’s it’s sitting on my desk I loved it Stu for
those of you who don’t know Stu is in the mile walk community and he’d been
looking for awhile and he is 69 years old and I can say that because he typed
that in the in the chat before we we started and I loved it and I loved it
and sunny day good luck on your interview huh this episode is brought to
you by the leadership podcast and hey Jim vessel oppa let’s hope you’re out
there all right all right Stu wait so we got question let’s get let’s start
getting into the questions it’s pretty good we got about 40 39 minutes
we got 39 minutes for questions folks if you’re loving this share this out
because we’re gonna be on until noon and I got 40 minutes and I’m gonna I’m gonna
talk really fast and I’m gonna get a lot of these questions in Stu is 69 he’s
been offered a job at the lower end of his requested range only offer after 400
applications so he submitted his resume into 400 applicant tracking systems or
submittals of some way should I even bother trying to negotiate if I kill the
silver not golden goose so Stu and everybody else Stu and everybody else I
don’t care if you’re 69 109 29 makes no difference any time you get a job offer
that does not absolutely blow you away which in this case you did not it was
lower end I would negotiate and if you want to know some of the best tactics to
negotiate I had two videos that I would send you to one is how to negotiate your
job offer after after you receive a job offer
the other one is why you don’t get paid what you deserve that’s a live office
hours session that I did so the first 20-30 minutes of that program are the
tactics that I would employ so I would check that out and it is historically
proven not just in my opinion but stood a mile walk my executive search firm
that I’ve been operating for 15 years and all the stats that we collect that
everybody who’s made a counteroffer it works and you do have a shot of getting
some because employers typically do not come to the table with their final offer
why because isn’t it better for them to give you a slightly lower offer for you
to then ask them for more them to actually give it to you and you feel
great that you got a little something they want it they want to make sure that
they have that I would I would immediately whenever any of you get an
offer I would immediately ask if there is any wiggle room that’s the expression
that I like it sounds better than can I have more or is there more but is there
will room to you know is there any you know is malleable and and I would go
from there but Stu and everybody else I would check out I would check out those
those videos cool hope that helps all right Tammy Ann great to see you
Racer X Rex hate man I’m gonna be emailing you with some options to talk
next week Charles good to see you I do Charles thank you for the emails I have
those in my inbox and I need to go through them in more detail but I love
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I answer a lot of my YouTube comments in my blog comments and we always look to
see what’s on people’s minds and if whether I answered your question or not
we always try to use that too for future lessons so I always love we do look at
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of that so please let me know Ron I know how to pronounce your name good to see
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let me know how long that gap is or go into my Academy and and in the bootcamp
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good to see you Connie Cotter from the cheese State and I will email you later
today because we’re gonna get together I’m excited to get together with you Pat
great see Tracy art has a question hi Andy thanks for what you do do you have
any tips on closing the deal in the in the face to face I like I make it to the
final round but don’t altima to get the offer okay wow that’s you know what
that’s a great question I want to reread that one and then and then and then
we’ll roll mmm so Tracy our asks hi Andy thanks for what you do do you have any
tips on closing the deal in the face to face I make it to the final round but
don’t altom utley get the offer Tracy and everybody else there’s there’s two
or three tactics that I absolutely love to use in almost every interview and I
say almost because some of these questions are a little bit rough for the
early stage interviews so here’s what happens you you know you fill out your
application or you send your email or you do whatever you do you get the
screen let’s say for most of you you’re interviewing with an HR person or
recruiter or whoever somebody’s trying to gather some information from you I
want you to have a good discussion it Tracy it doesn’t seem like you’re having
any problems there you get into the discussions and you start meeting people
who are more in a hiring capacity or maybe on your team or have much more or
senior management who has much more influence over whether you get the job
in those interviews the first suggestion that I have for you is if you have not
seen it yet watch my free webinar it’s about an hour it’s called three keys to
ace any job interview that what that will do is that will help you understand
how what the communication issues that are going on in the interview how to
overcome them because a lot of times you might think that the communication is
going effectively but the interviewer is making some inaccurate assumptions about
your ability to do job do the job or how you might fit in okay so that will help
with your responses your storytelling and your and your asking of questions
okay so that’s that’s that portion then as you get toward the end of the
job interview so not the end of the process but the end of each interview
where you are meeting with somebody of substance meaning somebody who’s really
gonna have great influence over whether you get the jobs you’re past the screens
you’re already on to those people you want to make sure that if you watch the
three keys to a sin a job interview webinar I talked about the way that
there are misunderstandings miscommunications and so forth and a lot
of times that leads to reservations that the interviewer has about hiring you so
I actually want you to ask them in the interview you can say hey I know we’ve
only been talking for an hour but based on everything we discussed do you have
any reservations about hiring me a lot of people say well geez that would make
me so uncomfortable it’s really not you’re just asking whether there’s
anything that they’re concerned about but you need to be very clear that you
ask them specifically about reservations because the reservation is going to come
in one of three forms the reservation is either going to be something that that
they misunderstood that you said in this in which case you can now knock that
down and clarify it they might have made a faulty assumption about something you
could not do or they said well geez you didn’t have the experience or whatever
because you did an investigator and they didn’t ask you and you didn’t know to
tell them if that’s the case and there’s a gap you can fill it in okay so you’ve
handled those two or it’s a reservation and it is an actual reservation it’s a
reality but at least now you know you have to overcome that and here’s where
you can kind of dampen that so that’s the first thing if you the mistakes
people make is at the end when they say is there any additional information I
could provide you is there any additional information I can give you to
determine if I’m a good candidate well at that point I’ve already I’ve already
made these conclusions I have these reservations or whatever I’m not
necessarily thinking I already made a decision so if I let you go because I
want to be polite that’s what a lot of interviewers do and you didn’t do
yourself any favors by being vague you need to ask them for the negative and
then overcome that objection when I ask you do you want to buy something you say
to me I don’t have the time I don’t have the money
I have to know how to handle those in advance I know what those are gonna be
you could anticipate what those reservations are going to be before you
even get into the interview then try to defuse them and then ask at the end
explicitly to make sure that you can’t that you do defuse them then what I
would do is I have a little technique that I like to call you know kind of
confirm assure and close it up because interviewers need repetition about the
glorious stuff that you’ve done and they need to be reminded that it’s okay to
hire you I know this sounds ridiculous but this is true so what I always coach
the candidates to do is when you go and when you get down to the end after you
ask the reservation question you say okay I want to confirm my understanding
of the position and that this is what you need okay boom boom boom
we’re now on the same page so you’ve just reiterated what it is they want you
to do I want to assure you that I’m the right candidate because boom boom this
is like putting a little summary together right at the end to close it up
and if you are in the portion of the interview where you’re asking your
questions normally at the end you get to ask the questions you can use this as
one of your questions at the very very end and if you have more questions and
you’re running out of time and you can see it’s top of the hour they’re gonna
close you up what you do is you erase all the other questions you go right to
this one say I just I have a question I would like to confirm that this is true
yes it’s true okay then I want to assure you that I’m the right person because
and I want to reiterate my interest in this and I want to know what’s next I
want to know what’s next if they’re not a person who can ultimately tell you
what’s next then you say I would what would be next if I was to proceed or if
I was and you want to keep moving it if you do that along the way when you get
down to the end meaning the end of the interview process so you’ve been doing
this in all the interviews you get down to the end trust me when I tell you you
will get that job offer you will get the job offer
so watch three Keys ask the reservations question use the confirm assure and
close technique and if you or or tray see just go get this and read this and
what I just told you is all in there okay so it’s all in there it’s on the
interview book folks if you don’t have it grab it into the description links in
the description but what I just said go read the book it’s a hundred and you
know eleven pages or something you can get through it in an afternoon
but it’ll really help you so I hope that helps all right Keith how are you Jen
how are you all right I’m assuming everything is fine I’m
looking at let me see here I’m looking at I got a lot of people here and
they’re still here and everything’s green so I’m assuming a jan how are you
rosemary boot camper Houston rosemary are you can you tell me are you safe
with the with all these fires geez I worry about you guys match traveler how
are you Tomas any tips on IT networking event not an IT networking event I love
this ok Tomas this is great you know what’s so
great about it I love when people ask questions what I just shot a video on it
so I literally and you know what forgive me because I shoot these a lot in
advance and and I don’t know always what comes out when but I know I just
released one about the best use of networking groups literally I it has to
be within the last two three videos that I released and we lease them every
Tuesday and Thursday and sometimes on Sundays so it’s in it’s in there
somewhere and regardless of IT regardless of IT I
would just make sure all of you that want to leverage networking groups or
associations that you are going to networking groups that are offering
educational services it’s a huge distinction so some of the networking
groups are for jobseekers and ninety-eight percent of the people in
the room are looking for jobs if all of those people are looking for jobs it’s
going while not totally worthless it’s going to be a less effective use of your
time to go to those types of network networking group meetings I would rather
you go to a meeting where 98% of the people are employed they are in the IT
industry or wherever you’re you know finance industry HR function whatever it
might be and they they have a guest speaker I’m going to speak as an example
in February – a group of HR folks and finance folks
it is a it is a tailored networking event that they do at the second Friday
of every month in the morning they have a guest speaker I’ll speak for an hour
then they’ll have something else a little show-and-tell and then you’ll
have a little breakfast and then they’ll spend time walking around the room
shaking hands and passing out cards go to those because that’s educational so
I’m gonna teach them a bunch of stuff about hiring and I’m gonna teach the
finance guys about some other stuff that’s pretty cool and then you know
then they’re gonna interact with each other and if you can get into those kind
of events those would be valuable because those people are working and you
can you can talk to them about potential opportunities within there within their
companies so I’m about edge it needs to be educational and most of the
educational groups want you to have some experience in that industry so for most
of you if you’re an IT person you’re a finance person your HR person your
accountant or whatever marketing you can get in pretty easily and you don’t need
to have loads of experience they just liked it the fact that you’re in there
because then you can offer something to the group but that would be my guess
and that’d be my suggestion and my tips and then I would work the room like
crazy like crazy and I would try to I would try to understand you know who’s
working where and what they do and all that good stuff all right Dee good to
see you Kristin nice to see you it’s happy Friday oh happy Friday evoke you
know my wife and I had a conversation in the bathroom the other day and I told
her I don’t ever know what day of the week it is
and I just rely on Kara to tell me when I had to show up in front of a camera
alright hey Beth how are ya Chris thank you Rachel ladies I’m glad I’m glad
you’re getting some traction there that’s awesome hey by the way so okay so
I don’t know if you guys caught this and I don’t mind telling you this why shoot
so many videos I mean I’m shooting recorded videos we do these live shows
we cut out q and A’s you know I don’t know five days a week I’m in front of a
camera talking to somebody live so what I’m what I’m trying to do
is because these live office hour sessions are so lengthy a lot of people
they don’t always they don’t always watch the session when it’s recorded
so there’s 112 you whatever rhyme right now but when this gets recorded and they
see it’s an hour long they don’t always want to watch it so what I’m what I’m
trying to do now is cut out just the teaching portions so you might see some
of these like I don’t know six months from now and and in just a more
bite-sized video but I think they’re hugely valuable and not everybody gets
to catch them and not everybody wants to spend that kind of time when it when the
reality is that you know a good portion of it is QA and only only so much of it
it’s the lesson so Pat what you saw the other day I think was a cut up from a
live office hours I did on executive level job interviewing and that might be
my that might have been my finest live show ever ever I dare I say and so I’m
glad you like that and everybody everybody loves the note cards I don’t
just this is way easier than trying to keep flashing back on the on the
controls all right Daniel I reached out to a local company that had no jobs
posted but is a perfect fit for me awesome I got a reply from the hiring
manager awesome who said that even though they have no open positions at
the moment she is very impressed with my background and wants to schedule an
introductory phone call so that we can get to know one another our call is
tomorrow morning I really want to work for this company and need to start a new
job ASAP I would gladly take an entry-level position to start out
because I know I could advance quickly how should I approach the call tomorrow
to get my foot in the door I love this love okay folks let’s this Thank You
Daniel for sharing that because this is this is really important for everybody
to know and I’m really glad that you saved me from a point that I forgot to
mention in the teaching portion of this show so you see okay you see we you see
what he did I reached out they had no job posted guess what every company is
hiring all the time if if so in Stephanie’s
case what the example I gave you the case study from the boot camp she’s a
salesperson if she contacts a company with ten salespeople and no job posted
openings there’s still two openings because there’s not a company in the
world that wouldn’t trade out its bottom performing resources for a better one
okay so even when you don’t think there’s an opening there’s an opening
when they say when you think well they don’t have but these are the assumptions
I’m talking about that you make as a natural human that when they when
there’s no job opening posted if they got eight engineers there’s openings
okay so they don’t need to create new budget you will take somebody else’s
dollars and they will trade out somebody theirs oh great companies are always
hiring they’re always hiring so in Daniel in your case I would I
would there I have no different advice assume you are speaking with you know
the hiring official or the recruiter or whoever it is and you are doing your
phone screen do prep prep everything you can if you don’t have a job description
or whatever you know the kind of functions that you could you could
satisfy for them so you want to be prepared and as you’re prepping pretend
that you’re interviewing for a specific job that you might be in alignment for
it could be one of any three or four or five different jobs perhaps based on
your background and then what I would also do is when when you all and Daniel
have the good fortune of the company getting back to you and opening up that
interview to you you need to make sure that you are stressing that joining a
stellar company is the most important aspect so you don’t need to say so
Daniel was very effusive there and open with his situation and I know a lot of
you have a similar situation you don’t have to say I need to start working as
soon as possible and I would take an entry-level job just to get back in the
game what you can say is I’m evaluating my options I’m interviewing and whatever
you’re doing and the things that I that are most
important to me are I want to join a Super Bowl team and I’m confident that
if I join the right company that whatever you know opportunity or entry
point that I have to get in the job that I start with I’ll be able to work my way
up you know to where you know to where I am now or however you want to phrase it
but you just want to stress that it’s most important to join a company I
joined a company I don’t join a job and if I join the right company I don’t have
the job I joined for for very long and I mean that in a good way cuz you’ll work
your way up in great companies know how to elevate the people just I would treat
it like it’s a regular interview I would do all the stuff we talked about in the
bootcamp to do that and then and just from an articulation standpoint why
would you be open to an entry-level position or something else that you just
need to package up I’d be interested because I’m interested in joining your
organization it’s a wonderful company here’s what I’ve learned here’s what
I’ve gleaned from the site and the documentation you’re you’re located in
my area which is important to me I have a family and so on that’s okay that is
totally plausible that’s totally plausible so that’s how I
would handle it and it is about getting your foot in the door it is about
getting your foot learned so I hope that helps all right Laura filler they oh hey
Eddie that Laura I don’t know that I know your name
so I don’t know if you’re new to the program or if you’re just shy but
apparently you don’t appear to be shy thank you it is so frustrating
intimidating to see limits having an education a BS can feel like it is
worthless when trying to seek jobs outside of education you know what um
I’ll tell you what my wife’s a teacher and I know a lot of her teacher friends
and I know a lot of people in administration in the education in those
institutions and I even coached some people who are in the work for
universities and other you know institutions in that arena and trust me
when I tell you a good employer will recognize that your skills are
transferable in many ways so don’t you know don’t think that you have to just
get a job in the educational field I really would encourage you and Laura if
you have not gone through this guy the job search master class and for
everybody’s benefit the first session of the master class is all about it’s all
about you your needs identifying the right virtual environment virtually
nning quasi environment basically all the parameters you need to thrive and
every video in the job search master class is 30 minutes or so about 30
minutes and I give you the workbook that’s free just download it all it’s a
wonderful thing and I get will get you right on it will get you right on track
dear Ali from my backyard how you doing be alright how do you get feedback from
hiring persons for reasons they chose not to hire you I ask however I keep
being told there there was no feedback and they are not able to provide it from
recruiters and HR D that sucks and you know what no I mean it it stinks and the
fact the matter is that not all companies are going to give you that
feedback so my I have two suggestions ask for it and just say hey I’d be I’d
be open to it just curious want to know you know if there’s anything I can
adjust for my future interviews don’t make a big deal out of it okay don’t a
lot of times they won’t pass that along however however deep if you have not
seen the video on how to get the job after you’ve been rejected I created a
video how to get the job after you’ve been rejected use that formula and I’m
not gonna go through it because everybody can go grab the the video but
basically when you get rejected for whatever reason assuming you didn’t do
something grossly inappropriate in the interviewing process I give you the
exact language of what to say and how to say it
that will elicit a good response and that could receive for or for something
else in their organization that’s what I would do has more to do with you in a
very classy way putting a little bow on it it’s kind of like it’s a and I
mentioned this in the video it’s a combination of a
thank you email like your last thank-you email and a cover letter squished
together and I go through the exact words everybody should check that out
and everybody should have that in their arsenal just like I said
Stephanie case study again had the packaging already ready for when she did
not when she got a no back by the way this I’m not talking about
self-fulfilling prophecies here like your account and I’m not getting the job
I’m just saying be ready I give you that I give you the exact language she knew
it was coming you guys are going through this process if this is happening to you
you want to have that script that says thank you it’s basically an appreciation
letter it’s also an acknowledgement that they know what’s best for their company
and you know they’re gonna be successful here’s why I wanted to work here here’s
why I know I was awesome and let me know and I go through the exact words and
that same formula three people new jobs cuz of that it was likely the last month
so in like last month that video came out so I would I would totally check
that out and my good man how you doing by the way folks folks in Corzine if you
see a man here at 11:09 he chatted any of you that need legal counsel well and
he he does a number of different things I don’t know if he does employment
agreements or whatever but and if you could let me know exactly do a lot with
copywriting and fraud and a lot of this other stuff but I’m guessing he’s out on
the west coast of the United States and if you guys should check out his channel
check out his channel and it’s called Ian Corzine heart of the matter and he’s
an awesome dude lots of great videos does legal work on
the west coast and I don’t know if he does employment law or whatever but he
could clarify that for you but you should check out his videos and buddy I
hope you’re still here to hear that all right Patricia how are you alright
Kristen is chatting with D all right Pat is just check ok gyasi
I don’t know if that’s how you say your name and I really would like to know
would long to hear some advice for recent grads going in to ensure
internships and tree level positions hmm all right so I do have a number of
videos out there for college students and recent college grads so one of the
things that I would do is I would make sure that you check those out they’re
related to resume interviewing and so forth the other thing and I don’t know
if you guys know this or not so I have a youtube channel which you all are on but
I have a blog with over 400 videos podcasts articles and a bunch of
inspirational stuff and all that great stuff and it’s sectioned by employers
employees college students motivational stuff and so forth so it andrew la
subida comm or you can go onto the mile walk website either which way either
which way go ahead and check that out and what I would do is I would check out
the college student section and there’s loads of articles and everything from
how to win the job to also just your your interactions like how to how to be
polished as you go to your internship or your new job
so loads of stuff out there for that I really would love for you to check it
out Ian thank you for that my man 95 watches
houses it was 100 Donald’s 120 or something but we’re down to 105 now
that’s okay man as long as there’s one person watching then I talked to that
person that’s that’s all I care about all right Pat you said nine minute mark
oh because they’re not we got to embrace those control points let this let the
stress yeah the rest roll over I know it is easier said than done however if you
reshape the way you look at it and you you just slightly alter the acts you’re
doing and folks so and I know Pat this wasn’t a question but but this is this
is worth reiterating I know how hard this is I know how hard this is I go
through the same stuff in my business everything
that I do as a coach and a trainer is exactly analogous to what you’re doing
in your job searching I have to send emails out there like your emails and
cover letters I have to teach you have to advertise what you know and how you
did stuff in interviews you’re interviewing me now you know there’s
lots of I’m on I’m on trial all the time which is why I totally appreciate your
attention I know there are lots of trainers and coaches out there that you
could oh I don’t like the air quotes thing but you could hire whether you pay
them watch their stuff for free or whatever that’s you know so a lot of
what we what we go through in my business I need you to ultimately buy
stuff it’s just like you getting hired so it’s there’s a lot of similar
analogies and I know that I have to constantly rearrange the metrics that
I’m looking at to know whether I’m making progress so instead of how many
dollars am I making I look more at how many people’s lives am i changing right
so I have to just I have to recalibrate my metrics to to know whether I’m on the
right track and so I don’t throw in the towel and I don’t want you to throw in
the towel so it is easier said than done I struggle with it every day which is
why I know that how hard this is all right I know I was preaching a little
bit there okay break some farid points high five I’m trying okay any tips on
overcoming moment Thomas Mann I don’t know about that man I don’t know about
mumbling but don’t mumble are you talking about your mumbling or their
mumbling I’m not sure about that and Kristin thank you yeah you know what
since since I’ve been starting to clip these up I’ve been stuck I’ve been
skipping some of the housekeeping stuff but I appreciate you mentioning that I
know a lot of you guys know what I and Alex yes go watch how many questions is
too much in an interview Thomas there is never too many questions I don’t care
what any one tells you here’s here’s what I would suggest
here’s what I here’s what I would suggest so I’m not gonna give you a
number I’m gonna give you a technique in the job search master class that I
pointed to in the first video I teach you how to identify your requirements
your requirements should be the backbone or the foundation of generating the
questions that you’re going to ask to the employer some people are gonna have
more questions some people are gonna have less questions any employer that
thinks you’re asking too many questions is not worthy of you you need to make
sure that you ask whatever questions you need to I don’t care what the number is
and candidly the more the better because that means you’re making a thoughtful
decision because you’re getting information and at a minimum you’re
making an educated decision because you have the information okay so that that’s
the way I look at that so I will not give you a number and and I don’t also
don’t think you need to ask all your questions in one session
so if you watch the job search master class and you watch the first video it’s
going to talk about how to put your requirements together and how to put a
list of questions together that match up with your requirements the the goal is
to get those questions asked throughout the entire interview process they don’t
all have to be in the same session you could ask the same question to multiple
interviewers if you want if it’s a thing where you’re looking at you know are
they are they in sync are their cones pointed in the right direction or you
might want to say I’m gonna take these questions for the HR people or recruiter
I’m gonna take these questions for my boss I’m gonna take these questions for
my teammates the point is if you interview for five hours you want to
have five hours worth of data not not one hour not ask the same questions do
you know and to put this in an analogy for the employer if if you talked to
five people at the employer and each one of them asks you or says to you please
tell me about yourself and you just tell your same story to five different people
they’ve just wasted about four hours of their interviewing we’re dated golden
data they could have had from you but they but they all asked you to tell me
about themselves and so you repeated yourself five times so that’s you know
15 minutes of insight across the board and that’s all they
instead of let’s say you know another whole hour of insight so it’s the same
thing with you with the questions you want to make sure you’re maximizing your
time to get the most insight so if that helps I know I didn’t give you a number
but a lot I would have a lot alright folks wait four minutes um hey wait I
know I know some of you so we went through a whole job search boot camp
last month and there’s about I don’t know four five six thousand of you that
you have a special on the boot camp that ends tonight to night so there’s a
there’s a small fraction of my folks in my community who’ve more recently joined
within the last week or two and you’ve been given an opportunity so if you have
any questions email me it make sure to grab this guy make sure to grab this guy
go forget to do this guy okay these are really really helpful and I’m gonna be
back next week I think yeah I don’t see any reason why I wouldn’t
on Thursday at noon Eastern and so you know check this out YouTube will have
the recording here in a few moments you’ll be able to access this and if you
like it hit the thumbs up button share it check out Ian’s you know check out
Ian he’s a great dude he’s a youtuber and a lawyer and he might be able to
help a lot easy he’s on the west coast and for everybody else let me see if I
can sneak one more in here Oh Mary Jo are you Lita
how Oh wonderful Bev you’re welcome Pilar welcome Kristin let me see if I
could squeeze one in now that no one is home phones phone screens are done on
cell phones today was painful I made sure I had a good connection but the HR
recruiter also on a cell phone kept breaking up advice um here’s my Sears my
suggestion that is a fantastic Kristen a fantastic question
I we I still have one okay because I do not want dropping calls and all that
stuff for for you job seekers I would never let cellphone reception be an
issue because it’s it’s really frustrating for the job interviewer if
you’re in a loud environment if you can’t hear if you keep dropping calls
there’s not a whole lot you can do with with with the employer to be able to
control you you can’t control them right so I just my advice is don’t you be the
one with the poor connection if at all possible and even you know it might be
worth for some of you that are job searching if you are actually doing a
lot of interviews and phone screens either get up get a home phone for a
short period of time I don’t even pay for that phone it’s
rolled in with my internet and it’s kind of bundled and it it literally was
cheaper for me to get I had moved last year but it was cheaper for me to get
rid of my ATT and go Comcast or whatever but it it’s not too expensive and you
don’t want it to be the reason or or borrow somebody’s phone or be somewhere
else or have a temporary office or whatever you might be able to do but I
strongly suggest that you are not the one whose phone is breaking up trust me
when I tell you it is it is very very painful and you don’t have to keep
repeating yourself and all that good stuff and if it’s you know if it was on
her end or his end at the recruit the recruiter or the HR person or whoever it
was you know it’s not a whole lot you can do about that but I would not let
that be your issue I really wouldn’t all right folks noon straight up this thing
will be recorded in a second or you can zip the rewind button or whatever if I
did not get to your question if I did not get to your question go pop it in
the comments I really try to get to these I do I do my my level best to try
to answer all of them or say hello to you or give you advice or get you to
videos I’ve shot that will answer your questions and until next week have a
great one hat I hope everyone has a great weekend and I’ll see you next
Thursday actually see you next Tuesday with the video and a Thursday with the
video and then then I’ll be live here Thursday all right be cool see you later


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    Hi Andy! I like to watch your videos and always try to catch the replays, but can't catch them live. I have been trying for five long and arduous years to find a job and haven't found one yet. This year I have tried to start networking more, and have recently hired someone to rewrite my resume, but I am completely lost and now I am being asked to leave my living situation by January 1st, without being able to afford a new place on my current pay. How do I kick my job search into high gear and at least get into a management position at a restaurant if not a job I would love?

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