GitHub + Comcast | Microsoft Ignite 2019

GitHub + Comcast | Microsoft Ignite 2019

[MUSIC].>>Comcast is the world’s
leader in media and technology. When you need to attract
developers into a company you first have to start with empowering your own developers
with the best tools. GitHub is that tool for us.>>GitHub is where we store our code. It’s the platform that we use
to do reviews of our code, and to also manage the versions.>>The tools I think
that GitHub provides allows me not to think
about the tools. From project management,
issue management, just pull request reviews, everything makes my job a lot easier.>>It allows us to collaborate
not only within our own teams, but also allow others outside of Comcast to contribute
to our projects.>>One of our developers developed
a tool called Trickster. Developed it for himself,
using GitHub Enterprise. But then realized
that the world could probably benefit from
using this project.>>When I contribute
back to the community, I feel like I’m giving back
to somebody who’s sacrificed time to build a project that they
know will benefit other people. Using GitHub everyday between
myself and my colleagues definitely allows us to
be more creative just because of the breadth of projects
that are available on GitHub. [MUSIC]


  • E girl Respecter says:

    Bro I really want to code and stuff. I've been making firebase GCP and Azure apps like crazy.

    But I keep suffering, I keep having these horrible medical issues.

    I'm in my *&%$ 20s. This should not be happening to me.

    I feel like someone/something some force idk is trying to population reduce / eugenics me.

    All I want to do is code, but I can't because I keep having to go in and out of the hospital.

    I used to be all strong and athletic, state level wrestler, could run 4 miles a day without getting that tired.

    It's like something is trying to eugenics me.
    It's like something is trying to population reduce me.

    I don't get what I'm doing wrong.
    I would really like it to stop though.

    Just got really good at the structure of web apps (in different languages too) full stack JS, python, C# (the one you all like)

    I would appreciate it so much if I could feel normal again.
    I just want to be able to code without all these issues.

    Only issues I want are on my github profile.

    I really just want my life back.
    I'm a simple guy. Please don't moderate this comment.

    I've always loved coding and wanted to do it as a career.

    I can no longer get those 10-12 hour practice days in for the level required to actually get hired somewhere.

    Let alone not be sick.

    I wish whatever is trying to population reduce me Would see that I'm viable, and just let my health be fine, let me code and enjoy other aspects of life again:(

  • 0M9H4X says:

    Not a good example company to use, isn't Comcast repeatedly elected #1 or #2 as the worlds worst company? They are literally universally hated by basically everyone who knows them, whereas GitHub is universally loved. Should not have used them for PR, find a cool company next time.

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