Google Fi review vs Mint Mobile review and compare video

Google Fi review vs Mint Mobile review and compare video

hello everyone once again this is Noah
with save green here and I wanted to compare the difference between mint
mobile and Google 5 as far as their plans and their pricing and what they do
because it’s not all about the money if if you pay for a plan for example and
your coverage is not so great so I’m going to dress that now if you are in an
area where t-mobile has excellent coverage both where you live and where
you work then mint mobile is for you because for
what you’re gonna pay whether you deal with 2 gigs 5 gigs or 10 gigs of of data
along with the talk and text you really can’t get a better deal better bang for
your buck now if you notice their their rates are structured so you have a three
month plan and that’s what you would pay both on the left side here you have your
two gigs in the middle you have the middle plan which is five gigs and off
to the right you have the 10 gig plan so it’s 15 20 25 if you go with 6 months
it’s 18 24 30 now this is an intro offer you can see the orange triangle here so
this is just to get you started and see if you like their plan after 3 months
it’s more than enough you you’ll know if you like now you could have gone with a
2gig plan and after three months realized that hey I need much more than
two gigs I’m gonna move up to the next plan or even go with the 10 gig plan and
then after you’re done with the three months they’ll give you an option you
can go for six months which means you have to pay it all at once for instance
if you go with the middle plan you got to pay 24 times 6 right here 144 you got
to pay that up at once one credit card charge one credit card payment charge of
1/5 44 but notice if you go with a 12-month plan they save you about 4
bucks a month here may not seem like a lot but times times
12 months look at the difference okay now you’re gonna pay 240 split up over
12 months is only $20 a month versus 24 so you’re gonna be saving about $48 $48
a year going with this plan versus this one it’s good it’s 48 bucks I mean it’s
it’s like if you were getting to 3 months here same thing goes for the 10
gig plan 300 bucks here for a whole year versus $180 for 6 months now
here’s the good the bad and the ugly the good mint Mobile’s gonna give you great
bang for your buck so you’re gonna get a great value for here Google Phi let’s
say if you went with a 2 gigabyte per month plan they’re charging you 20 bucks
for unlimited calls and texts for each gig they’re charging you $10 so 2 games
will be $20 but what if you don’t use the two gigs okay and let’s compare that
to here so let’s say you don’t use the full two gigs let’s say you use one gig
and you can see here it’ll be 40 bucks so obviously it’s a lot more here than
what you would pay here okay for a year but let’s say you don’t use the two gigs
I say use one gig 1.3 games okay what one gig plus 300 megabytes it’s only 13
bucks so now your bill be $33 so who might this work for over mint mobile
there’s different scenarios here the first scenario I will point out is
Google Phi and I went over this and another Google Phi video I believe where
I compared against consumer senator they use t-mobile’s towers they use Sprint’s
towers US Cellular tower so they’re using both CDMA and GSM networks so you
are gonna get a better coverage with Google Phi then you would with mint
mobile who’s using only t-mobile’s towers so if you work in one area and
live in another you have good in one place but bad in the other Google
fight might be the better option for you even though you’re gonna pay a little
bit more but a lot of people keep telling me this you pay what you get
what you pay for and not that mint mobile is bad necessarily but Google
fight will give you much better coverage because they’re using more antennas
they’re using towers both from Sprint t-mobile and US senator and both US
Cellular and Sprint will roam to Verizon so you’re kind of using Verizon there as
well another area where Google if I might be better for you over mint mobile
is when it comes to being a mega Giga Byte user they don’t have anything more
than ten gigs and after ten gigs they don’t shut you down but they show that
they slow you down dramatically so your speeds are gonna be really slow after
you go over ten beats of data if you have Wi-Fi at home there’s a possibility
you’ll never go over this unless you’re just like all-day streaming music and
videos and you just don’t put your phone down for anything you’re live on your
phone then you might just eat this up in no time with Google fine and then folks
this is where it’s back to you get what you pay for Google file look at this
what it starts happening your bill will just start going up now after you go
over six gigs okay there’s my six $60 so $10 per gig and you’re plus your 24
limited calls in text here at 80 but notice what happens off here to the
right it stops at 80 so data is free after six gigabytes with Bill protection
so you’re gonna have unlimited data okay and and you’re not gonna get charged for
so the worse it can get here is 80 bucks with mint you either be at 25 or 30 but
you don’t have any other options after 10 gigs if you’re a big data user after
10 gigs that’s it you got to rely on Wi-Fi only for the rest of your bill
cycle whereas with Google 5 after you hit 80 bucks that’s it you’re not going
to be slow down or anything they’re just gonna
continue they’ll just stop you at 60 and that’s what they call their bill
protection okay so Google Phi is kind of thinking
outside of the box they’re using different providers and tennis signals
just like mint bubbles using t-mobile’s antenna signal google fight also using
t-mobile plus sprint Plus US senator so you get a little bit more coverage and
so those are the two people that might want to go with Google Phi / mint mobile
Google Phi will give you more coverage if you are in an area where t-mobile
might not be so good or it’s good where you live but not where you work then
Google fight would be an option for you and you’re the best data plan here is 10
gigs that’s it they don’t have anything better than that whereas Google Phi will
let you use as much data as you want you’re gonna have to pay for it okay but
you use you you can still use Internet they won’t slow you down drastically I
mean the space here are really slow after you go over your data camp on any
one of these plans mind you so that’s why I always say try it out for three
months monitor your data there’s ways to do that on your phone and then see what
if you start with this plan you might want to jump on this plan after that or
if you’re on this planning year you know you went over five days to jump on this
plan ten folks if you start on the 10 gigabyte plan for three months and you
see that you were eating this up in no time
when you’re three months are up then you might want to go ahead and try Google
Phi because you know you’re not gonna have the slowdowns after ten days you
just you’re gonna have the same 4G LTE speeds no matter how much data you use
other companies like AT&T Verizon they really although mark all of them differ
in how much you know they say quote unquote wink wink that it’s unlimited
but they do slow you down and you’ll see that on the fine print I mean you have
to read your fine print to know it but with Google Phi you’re actually again
you’re gonna pay for it but you’re gonna have the ability to use it so I just
wanted to do a comparison between mint mobile and
Google Phi when it comes to pricing there really is no comparison because
mint Mobile gives you the better bang for your buck when it comes to coverage
and how much data you can use Google Phi is the better option again you do have
to pay for it nothing is for free so keep that in mind when it’s time to
change from your current provider where your whether you are on AT&T Verizon
Sprint t-mobile whoever you’re on if you’re under contract then you’re kind
of looking out there seeing if the grass is greener on the other side it is you
just have to read the fine print so here that you’re seeing it right there in
front of you on your current contract or whoever you decide to go with after that
or even renew your contract you have to look at the fine print because they do
slow you down they do throttle you down I don’t know how many of the providers
out there are still actually shutting off your internet altogether
I think Verizon does I’m not sure but you want to read the fine print again
you always want to inform yourself as much as possible it’s your money you do
want to protect it as much as possible but thank you once again for watching
this is Noah with save green here you all have a fantastic day and have a
fantastic weekend take care


  • David Karle says:

    After 15 GB Google Fi will slow your speeds! You are not limitless high speed, as you point out ATT slows yu at 22GB.

  • Ridwan Maulana says:

    Mint Mobile is the best!

  • SaveGreenHere says:

    Here is a SaveGreenHere promo code to use at the Google store….
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  • Jose Santana says:

    I got lucky with a Verizon prepaid double your data promotion. I get unlimited talk, text, and 6GB for $40 a month. I buy the $40 refill cards on eBay for less than $30. Since the plan carries over I normally get 9GB a month. Mint Mobile is still a better deal if you get good coverage with T-Mobile.

  • Yashai 83 says:

    You were very informative great vid

  • Alexander Alexander says:

    MintMobile NOW HAS 12GB

  • Fidel Morillo says:

    Dude with mint mobile you can buy more data and you still get cheaper that Google Fi

  • Sethu Senthil says:

    Mint doesn't support RCS yet

  • Carlo de Guzman says:

    they allow hotspots, like tethering? i know mint can't, i wanted to see if google fi does. cause if they google fi does im gonna see if it can replace my cable internet, if the speeds are good enough.

  • kinster02 says:

    You are forgetting that you can add more data on Mint Mobile $10 for 1 gb and $20 3gb. Now all the data plans went up and the prices are the same. $15= 3 gb, 20= 8 gb and 25 12 gb.

  • Bitoy004 says:

    Actually you have a option to buy more data if you go over 10GB. Mint has that option on their apps.

  • me nkat says:

    If you use that much data you need to get a life!

  • GoDolphins34 says:

    So for 8 GB… Mint Mobile $20/month, Google Fi $80/month.

  • Tony DNY says:

    I personally think mint is the way to go for seniors for $15.00 a month. They not heavy internet users compared to teen and younger adults

  • Miguel Chavez says:

    I've had Google Fi for a couple of years now and the service has been great! I don't use much data when I'm away from my home WiFi and use on average about 2GB of data. I still plan to try Mint mobile just to compare.

  • John Redcorn says:

    Mint's data doesn't completely run out after reaching its cap. For example, if you purchase the $20/month plan with 8gb of data, it will slow down after reaching those 8 gigs but it won't be inaccessible. So it's unlimited but slower after reaching the limit.

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