Google & Verizon Killing Net Neutrality?

Google & Verizon Killing Net Neutrality?

uh… breaking news is that cool and verizon
have made a deal it is a terrible deal is a deal that might benefit uh… approval but we’re not even entirely
sure about that happily deal that it benefits arising and ideal date definitely does not benefit any of the rest of us is on the issue of net neutrality people get confused by this maybe it is a
bad were like that said a word snark clear set of words but it’s really really simple follow okay net neutrality just means that everybody is the same access online so
if we have the young turks website because the same speed as rush limbaugh’s website or as rises website all the websites right
that’s net neutrality that’s a good thing there were all equal right and the f_t_c_ they want they can regulate
it to make sure that we are all now one verizon wants to do is go another
route i have the pipes leading and was suited to the ted stevens talking about
a long time ago and so what i’m gonna do is uh… and they make my websites faster and the people who pay me more or war i favor
maybe even politically at some point they’re gonna go faster and your websites would you do don’t pay me
or i don’t like for whatever reason commercialism political reason your ominous for those that so two different speeds now this is terrible weather left-wing a right
winger or any other american now dimaggio the right wingers are crazy if they don’t
go ballistic over this what’s the stab arising from going you know
what i don’t really cadre with rush limbaugh these days one and i suppose that’s that’s a very but
if you come on his website you and in that kind of power news the white situation where the distortion definitely be on our site but the problem
is there are no real concern is up in the country they’ve been co-opted by the croydon cr ben
corporate interests so they think the being conservative it just
means what what does corporation tell us to do bryson giant corporation eighteen k giant
corporation we will do what they tell us okay we are against that because if you any
hints they can this command u and who’s to say those gave the guys on those
corporations what they won’t be big liberals bottom discriminate against you if so they can make more money an olympic plates because it is that a patient
man anywhere solvent so that briseno making clear
for those carries make more money book there’s a hundred different ways to do
that but is it the right way so if you care about equality online if you
care about the internet whichever size you want to go to as a matter any site you know what briseno a_t_t_ making those
decisions you want the government to be able to regulate
net cc to come in and go no deal everybody gives equal access now why is google arises deal so important
well they make a deal said hey you know what develop normal landline connection are we not merciful we’re gonna let you keep that and as can be
fair and equal access to everybody but if your wireless we’re gonna start to change those rules because most people are gonna be wired especially into the future so now in that regard well then we could have noon rules that rise in eighteen t in the
carriers this i don’t want to look at this right now it’s not entirely clear my guess
is they made a deal where they get to go faster in the wrestler competition and so they switch teams and all the so they’re
not in favor of net neutrality okay so they win for the moment being everybody
else gets screwed but it’s a terrible deal now people online nursing google has done
imo if other because that of course a play on
there uh… they don’t do evil uh… line right and so it’s disastrous for everybody involved because then they shot down the first amendment then the corporations they already took over the supreme court they
already took over all the politicians in washington d_c_ budgets nettlesome internet with all these
people say whatever they want to say that’s why they’re coming for and that’s why this is so important and that’s
why this google verizon deals disastrous and if the level of a rise in states okay
then they go back to see you know that since you guys who earlier when they were running as republicans
in all the democratic politicians and the regulators will if i can’t believe
what bush is doing want totally in favor of net neutrality all the little briseno video
well don’t forget we’re not gonna regulate which is a lot of what was going to go with their corporate
deal to corporations great they must be right julie jag ask you now the head of the f_c_c_
out before is oliveira net neutrality at a decent
hour in washington not so much nyserda like google verizon’s epic fail and so i you-know-what google should and earful from this man you know that that’s that’s what sort of various sometimes by burglaries
that’s why government has no watcher a corporation doesn’t have to be a bad thing and corporations hire people with advanced
corporations overall would you say that this kind of you it’s like saying i’m against middle linebacker i think it’s been a lot of things i was a
little i’ve got a guy like middle linebacker but there are no rest the middle linebackers will take everybody’s
head off that’s just the way structured rides so now there is an obscure dissolving float if
google goes the way of all large corporations went in and out i mean they are being johnnie insyaallah if they don’t protect fairness and equality ally with allen into
you know uh… what else google owns what do you need it


  • Joxman2k says:




  • aznguymetal says:

    Google browser slow down my yahoo page, yahoo video and yahoo mail.

  • Fig1024 says:

    @zmadni1 it means you can say goodbye to torrents and most peer-to-peer sharing websites, for music and such.

  • Ryan Vanek says:

    only if they are owned by rival companies

  • sotoj159 says:

    @vj198 yes…that's because views update by the hour, while likes update right away

  • tamnnis says:

    let them hang them selves

  • Donyvi says:

    I was just thinking to myself "hmm, this is when I stop using google". But youtube is owned by google, so thats impossible.

  • minnesotastategop says:

    @CmdrTobs socialism has always been against freedom of anykind. Look what happend in Columbia University! The minutemen came there to stand up against illegal immigrant law breakers who hate us and what us to become a colonial fiefdom of Spain and Mexico. and the socialists came and shut it down with violence. When Ahmedinajad, an anti american islamofascist came over they cheered him on and praised him for wanting to nuke Israel and America. THAT! Is what socialism is about.

  • minnesotastategop says:

    @yohaneuano4 right youd rather the state takes over and creates its own monopoly. What better way to silence Opposition to Obama and the left. Better yet these same companes could slip a few bribes to your big socialist governemnt and use net neutrality to their advantage.

  • minnesotastategop says:

    @niriop This from a naive college student who thnks its the state's job to care for him and remind him when to breathe. You're so stupid you equate private property with preventing people from living. They had no Private property in Russia and China! Why dont you move there instead!

  • grendelee says:

    Thats like saying people they dont like get there mail slower then other people around you, and people who they like somehow get there mail instantly. That surely would not stand….

  • vj198 says:

    ok,i didnt know that…thanks !

  • niriop says:

    @Denverlibertarion "Since when do leftards like you practice critical thinking?" Reality is itself "leftarded".

    "All you do use yur feelngs and then bitch and go ballistic when someone confronts you with facts." Like you with Ron Paul? And health-care? And taxes?

    "So when was the last tim you read a book other than Al Franken?" Hate the guy.

    "Smoking crack fries your brain kid. YOu prove it." What the fuck are you talking about?

    My verdict: you're not just stupid, you're DAMN stupid!

  • 3goals4bonzai says:

    what part of – the US federal Govt hates the internet and WANTS a total lockdown and single monopoly that 1) is a bottle neck (i.e. new age security IN CLOUD) and 2) single content provider or overseer. but hey, as ususual, just like the wars, and the patriot act and cap and trade and healthcare it is sold as one then and then "OH SHIT they doin WHAT"!?!?! will be the sound from the people decades from now. shocking. BAAAAH BAAAAAAAH goes the US people.

  • sotoj159 says:

    @vj198 no problem, glad to help 😀

  • Kish B. says:

    @treysparker thats because youtube isnt an adult website you idiot :/ some people these days men i swear. were talking about the whole internet not 1 website that is controlled by a company that has every right to do what they want with their website

  • nocrodomus says:

    i thought that net neutrality means that every one can do what they want on the net, like watch porn and watch every web page whit out the intervention of any company or government unlike china that the government wont let you visit some pages

  • Squeekie says:

    Alex Jones, fear monger and spinster at large, is part of the source of the confusion on net neutrality. He actually runs stories trying to imply that the evil evil fcc is the one trying to cut people off from the internet, and that the innocent corporations are fighting for our rights to the internet. I've caught wind of several internet related stories he's done. Total backwards bullshit. I think TYT needs to do a story about what a crock of shit Alex Jones and his lies really are.

  • WOGI5M says:

    It benefits Google. Google is just an annex of the US military system, they're plainly changing the internet benefit the opulent. Further, they're censoring the internet. They suck ass. And it sucks that no one can do anything about it. Why is the FCC not stopping this?

  • WOGI5M says:

    Google boycott net neutrality ages ago. They used Youtube to experiment on this. In youtubes earlier days, anyone channel/video could have become viral, now only videos/channels that youtube favours become viral.

    I'm boycotting google. I'm going to use other search engines.

  • niriop says:

    @Denverlibertarion I just noticed you didn't even spell libertarian right in your fucking user name. You're a fucking moron; to debate with you is to lose IQ points.

  • JakC says:

    Wouldn't competition eliminate this problem in practice, for the most part? If my internet provider started pulling this crap, I'd switch providers. Now, perhaps for some reasons I can't imagine this competitive mechanism would break down, then I might be in favor of regulating net neutrality but we should at least give the market a chance to drive out such behavior before intervening.

    Of course, the FCC has also done more to harm competition than any government entity.

  • Majic031 says:

    @WOGI5M i use bing, not much better but its got a cool new pic up everyday

  • WOGI5M says:

    @WOGI5M boycotted****

  • devildad1620 says:

    So what happens when Google moves youtube to the private web? Do they impose charges to view? Do they filter for content? Do they share any of the profit with the creators? Do they leave a free version of youtube in the public net? is the public youtube crippled by inadequate bandwidth to push people to the privet one? Do they charge creators to upload?

    This only marginalizes we the people and hands over the Internet to corporate greed. All hail lord profit.

  • John Doe says:

    In theory free market leads to more better choices. In reality it leads to BP oil disasters, Enron, the subprime Housing market disaster. In Japan they pay $55 for a 100 mb/s connection. I pay the same for 1/10 that speed and I have FIOS. I have a whopping 2 choices for my ISP. Both of them suck compared to speeds offered outside the US. Free market dictates:offer the least amount of service while extracting the most amount of profits (not for workers but for the shareholders).

  • Charlotte Katakuri says:

    Fuck verizon and google.

  • Michael Griffin says:

    Man I so trusted google. I really believed that they were not a corporation that would fuck over people who accesss the internet. But I guess I was wrong. This angers me so much. And guess what? I'm watching this on YouTube, owned by google. So in this way I am actually supporting them, along with the fact that I use gmail etc. I mean come on. This is fucking crazy.

  • olivespantle says:

    If anyone genuinely believes in the free market then they should campaign for the abolition of anti-trust/monopolies legislation. Or would cartels be a bad thing.

  • AIexKidd says:

    LOL at 'doing the robot' at 1:58.

    Who are these corporations accountable to?

    Who watches The Watchmen?

  • niriop says:

    @Denverlibertarion Smug self-righteous douchebag…

  • jasonmedrano says:

    am i living in china or USA??? i can go on any website i fucking want fuck google and verizon those companies are involved with nwo government we need to stand up and WAKE UP to what is really going on

  • Kelson Bryant says:

    Complete 180 degree turn around for google…. : (

    Don't they understand that net neutrality is the reason that they even have the corporation that they do today. Without it, their business would have died long ago.

  • Muckbucket says:

    Last night I terminated my Verizon phone service in favor of another carrier. I also closed my gmail account and no longer use Google. I know, big deal. It's just that I refuse to their services. Fuck those greedy cockroaches. YouTube is next.

  • UUB Repus says:

    damn.. i wonder why YTY channel are damn slow lately …………

  • Steve McBain says:

    I don't get it ! You really look like a Turk ! Are you a Turk ?

  • msceriseNoir says:

    very depressing.

  • Dan Archer says:

    um cenk no most people arent going wireless for their main connection.

    wired in this deal is net neutral, wireless is "for the time being" is delt with seperatly, and it has to be if your honest and understand the state of the wireless networks in this country, the networks just cant deal with all traffic being totally unrestricted to all kinds of traffic, it would lead to nobody having useable speeds.

  • yourealiti says:

    PEOPLE WE CANNOT BUILD A NEUTRAL NETWORK ON PRIVATE WEBSITE BECAUSE PEOPLE WILL BE "BOUGH OFF" GET GREEDY AND FUCK IT UP FOR THE REST OF US! WE MUST FIND A WAY, KIND OF LIKE TORRENTS TO SHARE OUR INFORMATION WITHOUT IT BEING OWNED AND CONTROLLED BY GIANTS. a few weeks ago I was able to search for W W W /demonoid . cc /(torrent website) through google and now they have filtered it out!!!!!!!!!!! my point is they are controlling they have no mother fucking right!! the website itself isnot shutdown

  • msmelancholy1 says:

    He is not mentioning how congress is passing law to shut down internet when ever they want. AND has anybody heard of Internet2 yet? yeah. Its a government/corporate owned version of the internet where they will control what is said and seen on the internet. WAKE UP!! DO YOU HOMEWORK NOW BEFORE INTERNET AS WE KNOW IT IS GONE. Also, check out FACEBOOK and its CIA funding.

  • Dev Hat says:

    @korusi lol.

  • kevingp12 says:

    how can we protest?

  • msmelancholy1 says:

    @xiilmaticx06 yeah and who knows if its really "deactivated"? I found a couple of them on youtube. About internet2- you can find info just by googling it. FB got its funding from a company called Qtel or Q-Intel and that is connected to CIA and the dept. of defense through a couple of people, one being anita jones. There are a couple of videos on it both say the same thing.

  • Zero11 says:

    verizon is a fkin ripoff, always making "mistakes" on the bill and overcharging, i wonder how much extra money they get from people who just pay ….

  • Mr.Sheep says:

    holy fuck i had to wait for like 10 min to load this vid has netnutrality not been passed?

  • TheOrganicartist says:

    i could actually understand bandwidth limiting over fiberoptic they paid for…. but the RF spectrum is and should forever be part of the COMMONS- it's part of nature and belongs to all of us.

  • Hopefulfilment says:

    Internet 2.0 The best cable network in the world! Coming soon, stay tuned…

    I'm in shock. It's amazing that ppl actually have no problem with dismantling democracy for greed. One would think they'd consider what kind of life their kids will have but no… "My kids would be so much happier with one billion dollars in a corporacy than 500 millions in a democracy."

    I stayed of YT for a long time for reasons like this, but now I'm gonna spend my time commenting till they close my account.

  • Buff Awesome says:

    So you don't like their plan? Switch ISPs then. Don't like Verizon? Use Comcast. Wow, that was so easy. Though this deal hasn't created any problems yet. The internet is still just fine. By the way, assuming you know how the internet should be for over 300 million people is incredibly arrogant and naive. I have to stress this point though that the internet is still here and it's just fine. Keep in mind that this is the same FCC that violates free speech in all other forms of media.

  • some guy says:

    fcc is a peice of shit why would we give them control over the net? Tell me when has a government agency ever done its job correctly??? have you ever been to the DMV??

  • 209Films says:

    Thumbs up if ShayCarl sent you here

  • DakotaSmithification says:

    Once again creating monopolies..

  • Selvi Aybulut says:

    @PaigeisRage You might have to pay to have a faster speed on certain websites… such as verizon. At least, that's what I understood :S

  • Steven Goncalves says:

    While I was watching this there was an ad for Verizon's new Google Phone. lol true story.

  • bfmv580 says:

    If they go through with this, LEAVE Verizon and AT&T. That IS the ONLY way to overcome this. Stop the demand. I'm sure plenty of companies will start new internet service providers, because there will be a high demand for equal internet. PLEASE everyone has to work together to overcome these corporate giants, we CAN do this.

  • PureChaosProductions says:

    @PaigeisRage were gettin fucked overrrr.

  • Life Hertz says:

    Shay sent me. Now I understand.

  • TomGino says:

    Sounds rather shit… Makes it all seem simple over here in UK.

  • krista243 says:

    I thought the government was against creating monopolies? Sounds like that's exactly what they're doing here.

  • wackywilliam says:

    This sucks how the hell can we get shut down no thanks to google if youtubers slowly leave in the next 3 months lets just see how long youtube will last no thanks to this bullshit. thanks to shaycarl giving a heads up on this I'm gonna vlog about this hands down. and if we get charged to upload on youtube then youtube will fall.

  • Sensadire says:

    @daniminehart Good job. Now get billions of other people to stop.

  • DeathbyDiabetes says:

    doesnt google own youtube?

  • DeathbyDiabetes says:

    @pandamanparty I commented before hearing the end of this video hahahahaha

  • Sarah says:

    does google even have any competition ?

  • bfmv580 says:

    @Kr1styXo I think you could be right 🙁

  • unscrewedhorses says:

    @sumgiirlxo I agree with @daniminehart . Bing is the way to go.

  • fatamorganaa84 says:

    This is scary. They are implementing this right in front of our eyes, and what are we doing? Nothing! They have realised that because of lazy people they can do this. We have to act. Just sitting here and writing will not help. Tell your friends and family about this, and protest. Don't let them do this.

  • fatamorganaa84 says:

    @jrm678 Just because you are Canadian don't think this wont effect you. This effects everyone. People thinking like you, is whats wrong nowadays. People only think of themselves, but problem with that is, the same shit will eventually hit you too. Time to act, show big corporations that this will not be accepted. If this gets implemented in the US, then Canada and other countries will be sure to follow

  • Chapadero says:

    dont worry guys, ill rig google headquarters and make it go BOOM!

    …im gonna need some help. whos with me?

  • says:

    Well, the disability of free internet access would shut down a lot of growing work that are currently internet-based. Everything involves around the internet nowadays, it opens up various possibilities ever since it was established. Well, from a consumer standpoint, I don't agree with internet neutrality. I'd probably settle for a higher internet bill but my work and my entertainment revolves around the internet so I really need the time.

  • namaste19 says:

    so what are normal people supposed to do to stop this?

  • mrsins says:

    this goes through… everyone switch to bing. sound like a plan?

  • MLEvlog says:

    Hahahaha I love that he said epic fail.
    I also like the irony of this being posted on YouTube, which is owned by Google.

  • JaMesJC112 says:

    fuck, looks like the new world order is really coming into play. fuck bush and fuck the corrupt government.

  • hlyleh says:

    The FCC just approved a few preliminary rules for net neutrality. They aren't as strong as the could be (especially when it comes to mobile internet), but it is a step in the right direction.

    And if they go through it will basically nullify this deal that Google and Verizon made, because it stops companies from slowing down certain websites that they favor.


    Thumbs up if Shaycarl sent you here!!


    Thumbs up if Shaycarl sent you here!!

  • Dahms163 says:

    @daniminehart Bing = Bitch im not Google

  • Gut says:

    wow wtf are they thinking? I can't believe they would even consider doing this! btw Shaycarl sent me

  • Gut says:

    well google can kiss my left let and and lick my right 1 while putting dog shit into their ass cuz their annoying adds won't show on firefox BTW every1 get firefox and install AdBlock Plus so add don't come up.

  • Tyrone Khalifa says:

    Shaycarl sent me here

  • Kathy Gifford says:

    on my Google phone watching your episode…why wouldthey allow that?

  • METALMAN4Wii says:

    @daniminehart Bing is owned by Microsoft and Microsoft is known for doing business with Sprint and now AT&T only. so who's to say they won't pull this crap……?

  • TheCrappyaccount says:

    @daniminehart lol microsoft is just as evil

  • Trevor Johnson says:

    I love how panicked liberals and republicans get about non-issues. The whole idea of making new laws because the scary corporations might make internet sites slow is ridiculous. The whole idea of having competing companies means that wouldn't happen. It's only the government followers and politicians who think that individuals are to stupid to search for the best for their money.

  • Ben Crane says:

    this is stupid. once again the government insulting the common people. we are to stupid to choose what services we want and or need so they are going to FIX everything for us. all we need to do is sit back and let them grab more power for themselves. don't like the way your isp handles you and your traffic? then don't buy their service. best way to scare a company is to stop paying them. give it 6 months of horrible sales and revenue and they will be begging you to come back.

  • Ben Crane says:

    being conservative is not about being against your won principals when it doesn't suit you. if Verizon wants to limit traffic quality to rush`s site then its there own prerogative. as long as they do not break the law already in place and don't violate their contracts then fine. if the costumer doesn't like it they can run the ire themselves or find a new service. if it wasn't for government enforcing laws that allow companies to have region monopolies they would be able to do this at all.

  • JImmy4336 says:

    conservative his turned into fascism in America.

  • Nick Lakshmana dasa Mason says:

    @gibblets17 You have completely failed to comprehend the implications this has on something known as "democracy".

  • marcus burrows says:

    @ThunderAppeal how is health care unconstitutional?

  • marcus burrows says:

    @se7en0fclub5 who?

  • Allyson Engle says:

    This is why I'm changing my carrier from Verizon to Credo Mobile.

  • myskillzarlegendary says:

    everyone should just stop using verizon and use comcast or other that will teach them a lesson think kanye's Taylor swift problems (even thou i hate her music)they'll well give up one there stupid pride if they value there money

  • f0revern0ty0urs2 says:

    how do i block this channel?

  • Erick Washington says:

    no free market when there are only a few companies that usually go along with each other to jack pricing

  • LogicBeforeNorms says:

    Yeah, until it takes five minutes to load a page and you remember what dial up was like. You'll fold eventually, but I agree with the boycott.

  • ParanoidPixel says:

    your audio sucks donkey dong.

  • patrick james higgins says:

    I say we mail our shit to lowell mc adams house

  • Andre B says:

    We are so fucked…

  • Michael Mcgee says:

    since Jimmy carter there are no real liberals,just fake ones.Before him political liberalism was moderate,Not 100 percent ,The recent supreme court ruling against our internet freedom is no different than the community standard ruling of 1973 .Such rule are ment to be deified and fought against,We cant let the corporate prostitutes and pimps control our internet in spite of supreme court ruling,The porn business has been fighting community standard since 73 ,We need to fight this ruling ,If this means staying of our computer until the government give us back our freedom in the internet this has to be,this would put greedy big business in the red

  • Catwoman501 says:

    your right mcGee — There needs to be some  days that people use the computer less or not at all. An effort that millions of us participate — scheduled days. 

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