Zippity poverty company you are now indeed my property hey ice our productions where exactly is the lazytown Marg you promised well boy don't you worry I know exactly where the lazytown mod is it's right over here by the QuickBird which I'm just too tempted to click and Jen dog yeah don't worry I am indeed still going to be doing the lazytown mark but I thought I might release that video at 300k subscribers there's not like a subscriber goal or anything like that I just feel like since it was kind of at the start of when I got popular on YouTube it should also probably be around a big milestone which is like three hundred cakes I don't I don't see me gaining more subscribers on that just from high four so I feel like it'd be a good roundabout way to kind of not so much end the legacy but it kind of you know just a celebration of where we've come from if you guys don't actually want to see that for educated subscribers feel free to let me know or if Sean else in the comments asked girl where's the lazytown video now you can just reply oh he's going to release it when he hits 300k subscribers for a big milestone feel free I'm not gonna be mentioning this like in another video it's not a subscriber goal although if you do want to see we get there quicker make sure to hit this up it's not even ironic I do want you to hit the supper so today I have another interesting challenge for hearts of mine for and today we're going to be building no units that's right we're not going to be building a single unit oh but I saw oh you could just play the Soviets and have a hundred and twenty divisions at the start of the game and just change their template so no I don't think so buddy we're going for Germany who starts with 13th so of course the premise is simple I can't build any units I could change templates and I can get units from annexing puppets but other than that other than events also spawning them in there is no way I'm allowed to build units and of course it's gonna be a more of a challenge at the start of the game but hopefully you'll be going it might be easier okay so the first hurdle I've reached is that we can't did the Angela's because we can't have 550,000 manpower in our army I'm gonna have to just change this unit template to just pure infantry so I'm using the reworked German focus tree and getting XP isn't really a bother in this which means I was able to create this fucking bad boy if you were to look up the word thick in the dictionary it would just show this and there we go Angela's completed and these are the only division sweer gonna be having for a while until we can get some more puppets 39 division so it's completely possible I think for some reason when I showed my fitness to the Czechs they only went ahead and shriveled up what the help you shall be sprung it's pretty sad when I add you have to puppet Slovakia just because I need the extra four units this is gonna be a better wild one boy the German language really is quite beautiful the Deutsch Reich and the gross wrong dish the fuck is wrong with German so my dastardly plan is to get Romania and Hungary both in my function to which then with the new DLC you can actually do a focus as Germany this isn't just in the Mart where you can actually puppet them both which means I'll be getting all their fucking troops overpowered nah nah really there are this focus trees way more overpowered you know for the supposed man of organisation you don't actually give any organisation buff so now I have Romania and Hungary both puppeted I can now request their troops and of course these aren't actually that great I can't change the division template so they're gonna be pretty fucking shit unfortunately but they will do a good job of guarding the ports and you know making sure France doesn't fuck me while I invade Poland with my actual army of thirty nine divisions sad fingers I actually need Italy in the axis because I'm that fucking weak I can't even do Danzig or war because I don't have nine hundred fifty thousand fucking manpower in the field I'm having to actually justify on them so I was pretty sure that the war the Allies is gonna be the easiest part but it all depends if I can actually push into Poland here which I'm pretty sure I can they don't seem to be any stronger and my 39 divisions are actually incredibly powerful because I have much equipment that I can't spend and now we're going around the maginot of course and hopefully we can manage to push into France and then into Britain but then again it's for and hey I can literally do fucking anything it wants yeah so I'm pretty sure even with the fact I only have like 40 yards good divisions France really doesn't stand a fucking chance Jesus Christ at least the Romanians are holding the Maginot though okay so at this time for the first time in for fucking ever I'm actually going to establish Vichy France because it's just way more troops I can use to actually guard France from the Allied invasion Center now we've just got to do the hard part of invading Britain although as soon as we get our landing it's pretty much over for those things first we just need to walk into this empty bit of space above Germany I feel like there should be a country here but clearly there is a one because it doesn't exist ah a quick detour for the invasion prison because Yugoslavia is being a bit of a little bitch ah high for naval mechanics where you can beat the number one world power and Navy by simply spamming out five battleships and two carriers really I just I just beat them like that well the British Navy is now at the bottom of the North Sea along with their European passport so now we get to have ourselves a fun old time in Britain now believe it or not that was actually the easiest fucking part okay I don't have much of a plan after this but I can now go ahead and annex um of my puppets and get their troops and then change their templates and go toward the Soviets but it's gonna take a little bit overtime and buy it by the time I've actually done that the Soviets are probably gonna have way more fucking troops I just found out that in this mod you can actually have some of Hitler's speeches in there and they actually plays a speech just maybe you should play another one do they overlap some Hitler speak Oh going through the ai's division templates really is quite something honestly just click in this one see what we got that wasn't that bad actually that was pretty decent britain we've got free cavalry division's with a fist stir what else we got in here let's check this one this tank has that's a almost good one that's more of a motorized than a tank division though I'd say and what's this little porn I wish it should 5 him for treat divisions with loads and loads of random fucking equipment a high formats are overpowered and what is overpowered about me having modern tanks in 1940 Garak armor Japan just declared war on me whatever welcome surprise clearly they didn't get the memo about me building five battleships and free carriers cured Japan so what have you missed I've got a bigger army now because I actually annexed Romania and that means I get their troops so I can actually change the templates I absolutely wrecked China and now we're trying to get rid of Japan I also just an expression and now there's all these random fucking units just all around Britain what the fuck were you doing with your navy Oh fucking typical alright I do the hard work I beat their Navy I wreck them in Japan and at the last moment America and German Malaya come in and try to steal all the crate oh wait German Malaya that hello every time I go to naval invade a port someone else naval invades it and now Italy's also trying to fucking ruin my day yeah so now the Soviets are gonna be even stronger because we've waited even fucking longer hey that's pretty overpowered got the French God in the border against the Republicans here because we reward the communists now and hopefully that front doesn't move but I know this front definitely it hasn't moved at all except for here where the Soviets naval invade me and I sent the Hungarians and the French and everyone else on my multinational peace force to go deal with it you could say I have the Soviets in my pocket by bakit how does it feel Oh considering all of my troops speak Romanian Anna were retrofitted with German equipment that is probably also in German they're doing a pretty damn good job so in this module actually get events to actually spawn troops in the Soviet land which I'm not you gonna use any of them you can't change their template anyway because I felt like I've got enough troops now I don't need to get any more and the point is to not really have that many you know so I'm just gonna go ahead and Excel them to the german raj and look out for Mongolia but that looks guys well Soviets actually wrecked I I thought this would be a bit harder than it was but then again I have modern tanks in 1941 I mean we beat the Soviets but uh America's actually built forts randomly all across their country maybe this is gonna be a bit harder ah yeah turns out it wasn't actually that hard I feel like this is a little bit overkill Jesus I kill six point three million Americans by by being offensive like actually pushing I've killed six point three million nuts yeah I'd capitulate too well I feel like that'd be a bit more of a challenge than it was but then again I did technically still get some troops I just didn't build them myself so maybe next time we'll do it so you can't actually change the templates of the divisions you get from your your puppet but I still think it was pretty fun it's pretty interesting challenge I didn't build a single unit all I did was get my puppets troops after annexing them and we're in a we're never gonna finish that war Philippines fuck that but hey oh it was what it was I hope you guys enjoyed the video nonetheless I hope you leave a like hit the subscribe button and if anyone fucking us we're lazytown is it's gonna be a special fucking video I want to promise you that much


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