HireVue: How to Ace Video Job Interviews

HireVue: How to Ace Video Job Interviews

Arvin, How are you? I got an interview
through HireVue. HireVue records and sends videos for the interview
they sure do without a person any thoughts on HireVue interviews?
Arvind, I would definitely watch you here’s my
thoughts do everything that I show you in the video titled Video Interviews for
Job Seekers so I have a couple of videos out there but go to the one that says
video job video interview tips for job seekers it’s packaged it’s cut it’s just
a lesson it’s like 20 tips of how I would go about that and what happens in
the HireVue or other similar similar sessions or video recording to basically
if you’ve never been through one of these is it terrible I mean they’re just
no I think it’s awful that employers use them they’re not gonna go away because
employers they think they’re efficient this way they don’t have to actually
talk to a lot of people but here’s what you do
get your watch the video everybody should watch that video I give you 20
points on everything you need to do to look awesome on camera okay and all that
good stuff the other thing that you that you can do is used to make sure you got
your environment set up obviously I want you to be prepped with all the other
interview stuff that I’ve created for you but basically what they do is they
you open up your computer you got a webcam or a you know or your little you
know laptop camera or whatever it is they give you a few minutes to get set
up they give you a few minutes to move around the vehicle to make sure that
you’re set and in the window and then what they do is they usually give you a
question and then with the question you know you have like a minute to think
about it and then you know one two or three minutes or however long they want
to allocate to allow you to answer now here’s the thing about video interviews
if I was gonna take a video interview I would have this set up right here now I
have a 27-inch monitor that you all can’t see I’m talking to you through a
web camera okay or I could be talking to you through the Thunderbolt camera or I
could be talking to you through my laptop camera
doesn’t matter but if I was doing a video interview I would have all my
notes sitting right in front of me because as soon as they give you the
question you can look at your notes and then then talk
hey when they asked me this stupid question I’m gonna give him that great
answer when asked me it’s a stupid question
and he said give him that great answer you know I mean so like that’s what I
would do on those video interviews and and and they’re usually pretty
straightforward so those are those are like I mean you get down talking to a
camera like did one of the tips is like to practice you’ll smoke those things
because everybody else hates them and everybody else thinks they look funky on
camera because they do because they’re not used to this so that’s what I would
do and go get ’em! you


  • Engineer Paolo says:

    I DID IT! After failing 148 times, I made it to the final interview.

    I was looking for a coach to help me with my interviews, and I found you.

    I also followed your tips in "How to Answer: Tell me about yourself".
    And in "How to Ace your Job interview: One Trick that can get you hired."

    Your videos are Godsent and a Big help.
    I wish I met you right after I graduated from my university.

    I have one more challenge to face. I hope this is it.
    – Engr. Don Paolo Navarro, CIE AAE
    – University of the Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City, 2017 Industrial Engineering Batch.

  • Abdi Qani osman Alin says:

    Video was too short we didn’t get any profit or profits

  • rocky mountain lass says:

    Hey Andy, BAGGED my job, off the hunt for now-phew. Took the lesser paying job because I like the culture, the mission, and the owners are really good hearted folks. With the other it was more salary, bad reputation, very icky vibe. I could see myself being miserable quick even though it had more $$$ and benefits. My happiness comes first, it is a newer small company and I think they will soar soon. You basically gave me "permission" to prioritize according to my mental health vs the bottom line. The "freezer" might not be as stocked, this will let me have a life outside work, not just putting in long grueling hours. THANK YOU!!!

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