How Much I Spent in September 2019 | Budget Recap + Expense Breakdown

How Much I Spent in September 2019 | Budget Recap + Expense Breakdown

today we are going to do our September
budget recap if you want to know how much I spent in 2019 and all the
previous months please check out my playlist I will link it down below and
also up there I have a playlist of just everything in detail down to the cent how
much I spent and I know a lot of people might feel uncomfortable sharing this
kind of information but I’m a pretty open person open book and I want
my channel to be really transparent especially when it comes to money I
understand the frustration of understanding vague concepts without
actual numbers so on this channel I will show you exactly how much I invest how
big my portfolio is what is my growth and also how much I spend I usually
don’t film in the morning but today is a special kind of occasion because I know
tonight I’m not gonna have time to film we’re trying to do a quarter end right
now so quarter end is pretty busy so as a
recap I have some fixed expenses to me fixed expenses are just like expenses
that will go out regardless like as long as I’m living, breathing these expenses
will go out so my fixed expenses includes my rent and also my car
insurance so these two are kind of like the basics I can’t really imagine myself
like not paying rent or not paying car insurance and currently my rent is $1100
and there’s also like some utilities probably under $50 every single month and
there’s my cat and then there is also my car insurance which is currently $299
and after I return the meter thingy the mileage tracker that tracks how much I
drive every single month this might decrease to $207 so we’ll see after I
submit the meter thingy today the mileage tracker and then I also have my
phone bill and my phone bill is actually fixed at 60 but I actually recently
switched to Mint Mobile so I’m going to try it out if it’s good I’m going to
share it with you guys so these three are my fixed expenses so let’s take a
look at my September spending so how I do my budget is just I categorize
everything by credit cards since I put like 99.999% of my purchases all my credit cards I also have a template that you can use
in the info box just click the link and download it this is the template that I
use personally and you can modify it with like the credit cards that you have
and your own personal spending habits and so my first top line item that is
rent that is fixed at 1100 car insurance also fakes at 299 and 92 cents to ninety
nine dollars and ninety two cents and then my Amex gold card is 100 dollars
and seventy two cents and this is from eating out with Franz yeah this month I
did a little more socializing I also talked about this and my Instagram story
about how I should stop feeling guilty socializing with friends often times
like you know as human beings or social creatures we do need to talk to someone
and so I did some socializing with friends so that’s why it went from zero
from August to a hundred a hundred dollars and seventy two cents this month
and then there is also my IMAX platinum this is just for uber rides going to
places and also go into events I went to Jade’s event so that is super super
awesome Thank You Jade for having such an awesome event the swipe up la was
definitely something that you know it’s a highlight of my month and it’s
definitely worth it it was like 60 bucks and I get to meet a lot of creators and
it’s just like pretty magical because being a youtuber being a creator it’s
kind of lonely because you film alone in a room and you edit alone and sometimes
you need that human connection so with Jade’s event I’ve got some creators and
OSHA’s pre awesome and also every FX everyday blue I had zero dollars here
and then IMAX every day silver I also have zero dollars here Chase Sapphire I
have sixty four dollars and 99 cents and then there is also Chase Amazon which is
a hundred and eighty two dollars and eleven cents so this Amazon bill is so
high because I wanted to automate some aspects of my life because I feel like I
just waste too much time doing meaningless things that don’t improve my
life my youtube channel so I actually got a
vacuum robot I can’t believe I’m saying this but after I got the automatic cat
litter box it was like totally a game-changer I definitely understand why
people would buy the automatic cat litter box now because it is just and
make my life so much easier and so with the automatic vacuum robot my life also
changed significantly and honestly I’m just really happy that I bought it it
was like 127 and 41 cents if you guys are interested I’ll link the vacuum
robot in my info box and that like Amazon link because I get everything
from Amazon but honestly I think it’s pretty worth it it’s like among the
cheapest vacuum bro but you’re not surprised because yeah I always been
super cheap about things like that the only part that I’m not cheap is on
self-education like anything education related knowledge related I am not cheap
I will happily spend $2,000 on knowledge but I’m not spending like $2,000 on a
vacuum robot I think Roombas are like four digit straight from what I remember
hell expenses and there is Wells Fargo I sent zero dollars and then discover I
also spent $0 Bank of America MasterCard I spent five
hundred and eighty seven dollars and 76 cents so whoa this is like the biggest
biggest bank statement so far and this is because of several things okay okay
one of which is because MIT mobile I did like a prepaid thing so it’s 15 bucks
every month but in total it’s like 200 something because it’s 12 months mint
mobile that’s $1.99 a hundred and ninety nine dollars and 51 cents and then there
is also my Panama long-distance call so remember how I missed my flight in
Panama and I was like panicking and calling the freaking call center and
there were not helpful at all and they just like it would end up being like a
two-hour call so that was two hundred and fifty two dollars for my
long-distance call so that’s like my long-distance call plus my monthly sixty
dollar bill so that is also the like I guess the key motivator why I wanted to
switch am it mobile because like Verizon it was actually through my friends kind
of sketch but um he’s like not transparent at all with like chargers
and whatnot so did not know calling to Mexico this
expensive I have like no visibility to how much the bill is gonna cost and he
never told me that it’s gonna cost money or how much it’s gonna cost and so in
the end it’s like he’s charging me two hundred and fifty two dollars which is
just sad like real sad there is also the metro
Fast Pass which is 50 dollars and then I also paid for J’s available to $60 and
so like yeah that added together that’s like five hundred and eighty seven
dollars and seventy six cents so that is like my largest bank statement so far
and I’m using the Bank of America MasterCard because it does have the 3%
cash bag for all online shopping and the majority of the things that I do are
online so yeah that is what’s good about this card but as I talked about in the
past the name of this card is pretty misleading because it’s saying world
MasterCard but it’s still charges me a foreign transaction fee for world travel
so just to keep in mind don’t use it for travel it is not a travel card and then
car payment zero or like harbor light expense zero other cash probably not
zero but it was so small that I don’t remember anymore so I’d say zero so
total my did it done the total is two thousand three hundred and sixty four
dollars and sixteen cents so it’s like an overall trend like almost every
single month something comes up it’s either like travel or something related
to travel like my phone bill and MIT mobile which is also a one-time thing so
in the end I might just break mid mobile down to 15 bucks every month because
technically speaking I am using it every single month it’s just that I prepaid it
in bulk so it’s kind of like car insurance I like to break it down and if
I break it down it is going to be to around like $180 less $185 less from two
thousand three hundred and sixty four dollars and sixteen cents so that is my
September budget I hope you guys enjoy this video and I hope you guys can’t
hear the construction outside because it’s like real annoying like real
distracting I’m really starting to understand why Graham would film his
videos in garage because it’s more soundproof than
like freakin bedroom but like yeah I really want to like either move or buy
my own place so I’m going to make a promise to myself and also to you that
the next time that I move is going to be the time when I buy my own place
all right fingers crossed yeah fingers crossed like that will be my next move
like I’m not willing to move to another place I have to rent and move out again
it’s just too much hassle even though I am living a minimalist lifestyle I still
don’t see why it’s it’s a logical thing for me to do to move again it’s so much
hassle every time I move I feel like I’m losing like a couple years of my life
and so I’m not willing to move so the next time I move it’s going to be a
quiet place and I’m going to own that place all right let me guess why you’re
here you’re here because you care about money you’re here because you want to
improve your financial status and upgrade your net worth
you’re here because during over achiever and you want to do better than all your
peers you come to right place in order to serve my cord viewers more I am
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guilt-free I don’t know about you but I am personally not a day trader and I
hate to waste hours every single day closely monitoring the stock market and
having a mini heart attack every time one of the stocks go down by 20% and
yeah that happens quite a lot I’d rather spend my life doing something that I
love like making these YouTube videos and admiring pretty handbags this course
is not for those who enjoy day trading this course is not for those who dream
of overnight success and overnight wealth this course is not for those who
don’t care about money this course is not for those who are not willing to
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thank you so much for watching if you enjoy this video as always smash a
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and I will see you in my next video I upload Monday Wednesday Friday 3:30 p.m.
PST and I will see you there



    My new favorite YouTube finance personality 😍😁

  • Adi says:

    I personally use "Money Manager Expense & Budget", it's easier, faster and gives more insight. I'd recommend you too to try some money management apps, they're extremely useful.

  • Cherry Tung - Finance & Fashion says:

    Expense Tracker using Google Sheets | September 2019 Spending Recap
    Free Budget Template for you download :
    Guilt-Free Money Personal Finance Course :
    Instead of separating by line items, I've decided to separate by credit card since all my credit cards serve different purposes, according to the different rewards. For example, I use my amex gold card specifically for restaurants (dining out), and my amex platinum card specifically for traveling. This way, I can just grab the number from my bank statement and finalize my expense allocation in minutes. In addition, one extra thing I did after reading Ramit's book "I will teach you to be rich", is I called all of my banks and made sure to realign all the statement cycle end dates to the 28th of each month. This way, I can get an even more accurate view of my expenses since the statement cycle is closer to the natural month end. unfortunately, the banks could not make the statement end date fall exactly at the end of each month, so that's why I requested the 28th, which is the closest they can get.

  • allyson says:

    Car insurance is $299 a month? or is that for 6 months? That seems so high if that's per month. That would be $3,600 per year. I have a Ford Focus hatchback and a scion and it's $300 for both cars every 6 months with C&C $500 deduct, I live in New England and use Progressive. Sorry If I'm the only one thinking this. Love your videos!

  • Freddy Rod says:

    Hi Cherry. Quick question. My girlfriend and I will be going to Beijing for two weeks later this month. How do I stay frugal in Beijing?

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    I didn't have time to watch the whole video but I let it play in the background for your watch time. I understand the grind. Keep it up!

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    I like that you share how you use churning with your purchases, especially your online shopping.

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    |―-∩ Cherry is my cutest and
      |  ヽone of the favourite girl
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