How to Answer Interview Questions when You Lack the Experience

How to Answer Interview Questions when You Lack the Experience

For anybody anywhere that has an
interview question about something that you do not know you do not have
experience with or anything of this nature so this also goes for what do I
do if I don’t have the experience when you are given a question like that in an
interview you need three parts to your answer to the interviewer number one
I’ve yet to do that that’s it you do not need to say anything more I’ve yet to
have the opportunity to do that I’ve yet to get that have yet to gain that
experience you do not need to say anything beyond that that’s it end of
that part the next thing is but so but even so you can you can say even so you
can say but you say whatever you want but you need to transition into what you
are not what you’re not and if you do have some experience that you can draw
on any analogy I’ve never worked with the software product but I worked with
this other software product that’s just like it I’ve never done that business
process but I’ve done this business process that’s just like it I’ve never
used that program management methodology but I used this other one that’s very
much like it whatever it is anything you can draw from I’ve done the school
project that was gone I don’t care what it was but but this is what I have done
and it would allow me to get up to speed quickly and I would take what I’ve
learned and be able to draw quick analogies so that I could assimilate
quickly that’s the second part of the answer and the third part of the answer
is and when I’m ever faced with something like we all are faced with
something every day right we as adults as we go through our professional lives
are constantly bombarded with things we’ve never seen before so this is not
hard for them to digest and just like whenever I’m faced with anything that
I’ve not encountered before here are the steps I go through in order to get up to
speed quickly here’s what the interviewer heard okay maybe you didn’t
have the experience and you know what the interview probably should have known
that if by looking at your resume because you didn’t say you had the
experience right that should be first and the second thing is oh but she does
have something she can draw on and third you know she’s got a pretty good plan
for getting to speed I like that so I’m not gonna really worry because the trade
is always easier to teach than the traits remember that in any and any
employer who tells you otherwise doesn’t know the first thing
about what really makes an employee successful so so that’s what I would do
Evelyn and anybody else and what I just said if you get if you get this guy if
you get this guy this is this is free when you chip in seven dollars for
picking packing and shipping because that’s what you’re actually paying for a
fraction of that it’s it’s in the sixth chapter which is my silver bullet
interviewing chapter it is question number ten and the question is how do
you educate yourself and then there’s variations of that what I just said to
you this little clip that’s where that is so if you want to grab it you could
read it you can get the entire script all written out by yours truly when I
wrote it in 2011 you


  • Andrew LaCivita says:

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  • Agatha Ezeani says:

    Thanks alot. Am currently unemployed I believe your tips would help a lot

  • Banupriya R says:

    Thanks sir. You r teaching like anything. I am pretty much grateful .

  • Anika Wilson says:

    Thank you for this tip, this is very helpful! I'm curious, what if you don't know what the software is? It may be hard to say you've work with something similar if you're not certain about the software they've asked.

  • Jeff Norris says:

    Hey Andrew, you should do a YouTube video on How to approach people at a Job Fair. I have one coming up and that would be a great video to watch.

  • la_morena_explorer N. says:

    Thank you so much! I need this. You explain everything clearly! 😊

  • Kelly Brackett says:

    I applied for 6 positions at Walmart. One being Asset Protection. And of all the positions I got an interview for Asset Protection. At first I was so nervous because I had to research what it was. I had no clue. I had a great interview and it went extra long. I got a call the next day and was told I didn’t get the job because one person had 4 years experience and it was a hard decision because I interviewed so well, and the manager said, they hadn’t had an interview like that in so long. I far exceeded their expectations. So he sent my resume to another Walmart 25 minutes from here and I could interview there and about 99% sure I’d get the job. Or they had a position where I applied for door person that paid quite a bit less. What would I like to do? He recommended the other position because of the pay, but it was up to me. I thanked him with heart felt gratitude and decided to go for the position I half hour from home . I never got a call and I called them and didn’t get a call back. I then called my local store to see about taking the less paying job and work my way up. Since we talked a lot about this during the first interview. I haven’t been able to get ahold of the manager since. It’s been about 2 1/2 weeks since the interview. Would a hiring manager just tell you that to make you feel good or did he mean it? I’m surprised that I still haven’t heard back. I’ve interviewed for a couple other companies, but realize they really were not for me and one I didn’t qualify for. So my main question is with no experience as Asset Protection I got the interview and all other positions I do have experience and got no call. Also the fact that he raved about how well I interview and that I should walk out of most places I interview with having a job very quickly!! He and a female manager were the interviewers . It almost felt like family right away. Why does this happen and do they tell you things just to say it??? I’m confused!!
    Thank you for any help. And I apologize for a repetitive comment. 😊

  • Pablo Straub says:

    Funny, I had this situation just yesterday in an interview. I did almost the same as Andy suggested, but maybe I took too much time instead of shifting the conversation fast to other topics.

  • Jelo Cee says:

    The page to enter my card informatiom does not look secure☹️

  • ßiTE SiZE ßAяßiE says:


  • rocky mountain lass says:

    Andy, I need you to be the voice in my ear when I interview, you can yell SHUT up when I get nervous and ramble…HA!!

  • Amy Kingsbury says:

    Thank you!

  • lubna sultana says:

    I soo needed this. Wish I could have you as my boss. I Thank You from the bottom of my heart.

  • John R says:

    Thanks. I have hit a rut in my insurance career and I want to make a change back into the field my college degree is in and work experience in that field i had in the 1990s. I figured there are going to be differences and new processes in the last 20 years that I will not have experience in, but I want to sell what I have learn in the last 20 years that may be similar. I think these interview tips will help a lot.

  • greypug says:

    I'm a self-help junkie (ive read them all) and ive yet to come across someone who is remotely as generously helpful as you, Andrew. Wishing you a prosperous last half of 2019.

  • Gevinda Rizki Dewi says:

    Hi,Andy! I've bee drowning in self doubt this past few days, because I'm worried, if I got an Interview and I don't have a certain technical experience that they want, I'll fail miserably. I do have many job experiences but sometimes companies require specific technical set of skills which terrifies me when I got phone calls for interview. But your video gives me hope. I will tailored this concept on my own circumstances and hopefully it works! Thank you.

  • Eliot Axelrod says:

    Gold. this is gold advice. You're always going to be asked about something you haven't done before.

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