How to Change the wireless channel on your Shaw Modem | Shaw Support

How to Change the wireless channel on your Shaw Modem | Shaw Support

Some modems included with your Shaw
internet service also function as wireless routers. Wireless routers allow a variety of devices to connect to the internet without using a network cable. A wireless router communicates with wireless devices much like walkie-talkies. By using a network that communicates on distinct channels to minimize interference from competing devices and other networks. Channels take a wide frequency like the 2.4 gigahertz that is common to most wireless home electronics and break it down into smaller parts like the channels on your TV. If there are too many local devices using the same channel you may experience degraded wireless internet performance. While your modem will automatically change channels in an attempt to minimize interference you may be able to improve your local wireless performance by manually changing the wireless channel for your network. There is no one universal best channel, and the process of finding the optimal channel for your home will require some trial and error, as interference will vary from one home to another, and the channel will need to be selected to suit your home environment. For more information and specific walkthroughs for your modem please see the additional information
below this video.


  • holly shum says:

    It doesn't say how to change the channel

  • Evan E says:

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  • Steph Ss says:

    The whole reason why I'm watching this video is so I can change the channel. Why is this video even recommended on the shaw website if it's not helpful? The written how to is on the website

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