How to Easily Install Your Ignite WiFi Modem and Setup Network Name and Password | Ignite WiFi Hub

Welcome! Today we’ll show you how to install
your Ignite WiFi Gateway modem. Let’s go! Follow these step by step instructions on your phone
and get ready to enjoy your best WiFi. Before getting started, make sure you’re registered
for MyRogers. Once ready, download the Ignite WiFi app from your app store. Open the app
and sign in with your MyRogers Username and Password. Then select “Get Started.” Next,
check the label on the bottom of your Ignite WiFi Gateway modem. Select “Use Camera” to
scan the QR code and you’ll be asked for access to your phone’s camera. Now, place your gateway
upright, off the floor and in a central area, close to where you use your WiFi or Ignite
TV. Connect your gateway to a coax outlet then to an electrical outlet using the cables provided. Make
sure the connections are snug and finger tight. Use the Ignite WiFi app to create your WiFi network
name and password. If your devices are already set up to connect to a particular WiFi network
name and password, you can use these for your new WiFi network if you’d like. Select “Confirm”
and “Finish Up” and your gateway will complete the setup. This process can take about 10
minutes. Remember, if your phone was connected to your old WiFi network name and password,
you will need to re-connect to the new settings. And don’t forget to update the WiFi settings
on all the other devices as well. That’s it! Now you can use the Ignite WiFi app to personalize
and protect your WiFi right from your phone, whenever, wherever.

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