How To Fix Opera Vpn Not Connecting – Solve Opera Vpn Not Working

How To Fix Opera Vpn Not Connecting - Solve Opera Vpn Not Working


  • Nougat Andoid says:

    hi by chance could you tell me how to clear the MB of the vpn? starting from 0? thank you

  • Michael Hobby says:

    Opera website has been discontinued, that is the reason why the VPN Server does not work properly no more. So why don't you try the new Brave Browser if you care about your privacy.

  • Michael Hobby says:

    You are so stupid, why would you want to disable the https. s means "secure"

    A secure connection between your computer and the site's server. Without this security, hackers and identity thieves would eavesdrop on your session and steal valuable information. The browser encrypts data passing through the network, rendering it meaningless to anyone who doesn't possess the correct security codes. To identify the encrypted connection, the site's Internet address begins with the special prefix, "https," where the "s" means "secure."

    Internet protocols that format your data and dictate how it's used, for example, programs use the File Transfer Protocol to upload files to a Web server and perform maintenance tasks such as renaming files and creating directories. Browser programs such as Firefox and Internet Explorer use the Hyper Text Transfer Protocol, or HTTP, to load most Web pages. HTTP, however, is not secure; a motivated hacker can monitor your data traffic and see which Web pages you visit. To solve this problem, network engineers developed the HTTPS protocol, which moves data using secure methods.

    When you log in to an online bank or retailer, the Web page addresses use a prefix of "https" in place of "http." The HTTPS protocol ensures that the session is private and secure. Before the server sends a requested page via HTTPS, it first scrambles the page using complex mathematical methods; the browser receives the data, decodes it and displays the page. The process of encrypting each page imposes a computational burden on the server and your PC; it takes time and makes the session slower than an unsecured one. For this reason, only Web pages that must be kept confidential get the security treatment.

  • Tariq Masood says:

    not had an antivirus. not a single extension installed in opera still didn't work over University Wi-Fi. I allowed the opera app through firewall though its not working. Any suggestion.?

  • Pablo Ibbo says:

    disabling anti-virus scanning on https and updating opera did the trick!….many thanks for your help!

  • Yiu Wong says:

    Mine was working yesterday and then not today. I disabled an extension (amazon assistant), everything is working like it should be now.

  • Chris Nixon says:

    none of these tips worked πŸ™ I have Trend Micro and not the demoed AV program so i cannot find the same tips. Any one else tried anythng?

  • Suck It says:

    If I delete the cache files should I enter my all social media accounts again?

  • Gidwens Moline says:

    im at a loss idk why it doesnt work i tried everthing

  • Ayaanle Siciid MG says:


  • Doug C says:

    Worked for me, but I had to watch the whole video and pay attention….
    Thanks SoftTrick

  • Earn With Augustina says:

    God bless you. It worked.

  • Stefen Wiranata says:


  • Hari prasad says:

    thank you

  • Beats by Overturf says:

    thaaank you! disabling the HTTPS scanning worked for me. i re-enabled it as soon as I got the VPN connected and boom its all good

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