How to set up and install the Google Nest Hello video doorbell

How to set up and install the Google Nest Hello video doorbell

SPEAKER: Welcome to Nest. We’re going to show you
how to setup and install the Nest Hello video doorbell. There are a few simple steps. Check that your
current doorbell chime will work with Nest Hello,
begin setup with the Nest app, install the Nest
chime connector, install the doorbell, then
finish up with the app. Everything you need to
get started is in the box. You’ll also need some
simple tools and a ladder if your doorbell
chime is up high. For setup with the
Nest app, you’ll need a compatible
phone or tablet. A Wi-Fi network with a
broadband internet connection that has at least 2
megabits of upload speed is recommended to connect
Nest Hello to the internet. Be sure to have your
Wi-Fi password handy too. Go to
for more information. Nest Hello is
designed to work with low-voltage doorbell wires. Before you try
installing Nest Hello, use our compatibility checker
at to check that your current doorbell
wiring is compatible. We recommend that you
get a professional to install Nest Hello. You can contact a Nest
Pro installer in your area with our online Pro Finder. They can check your wiring,
setup and install Nest Hello, and answer any
questions you have. Once you’ve completed the
compatibility checker, you’ll use the Nest app to
install the chime connector inside your chime
box, then you’ll take Nest Hello outside
for installation. If you’re new to Nest, go to the
Apple App Store or Google Play to download the free Nest app. Launch the app to create
a free Nest account. Once you’re signed
into your account, tap the Plus sign to
add your Nest Hello. If you’re already
a Nest customer, tap the gear icon in the
top-right corner of the app Home screen, then
select Add a Product. You’ll scan Nest Hello’s code
with your phone’s camera. If you’re having trouble
scanning the code, make sure you have good
lighting and that you’re not casting a shadow. Start with your
phone about a foot away and slowly move
it closer to the code. It doesn’t need to fill
the box in the app to scan. You can also try
scanning the QR code on the envelope in the box. If you still can’t
scan the code, tap Continue Without Scanning,
so you can type it in manually. You’ll find the six-character
code on the back of your Hello. The Nest app will then guide you
through each installation step. Go to your home’s breaker
box and turn off the power to your doorbell and chime. This will protect you
during installation. Try ringing your doorbell
to confirm you’ve turned off the right switch. If you need to, you can also
turn off the main power switch at the breaker box. Now, remove the cover of
your doorbell’s chime. You may need a
ladder to reach it. Take a picture of the chime’s
wires with your phone. This will help with
troubleshooting later. Next, you’ll tell the app
about the wires connected to your chime. Most doorbell chimes
only have two wires, but yours may have more. The labels are usually on or
next to the wire connectors, but they can also be on the
inside of the chime cover. In the app, select the number
of wires in your chime, and then tap on what
the wire labels say. Now tell the app which
doorbell you’re replacing, so it can show you how to
correctly connect the wires. Next, the app will walk
you through the steps to connect your chime wires
to the Nest connector. Installing the Nest
connector is required. If you don’t install
the connector, it could damage your
doorbell system. The wire colors
aren’t important, but where they’re connected is. We’ll run through a
simple wiring example for replacing a front
doorbell with Nest Hello. Remember because chime
wiring varies so much, you’ll need to follow
what the Nest app tells you to get the right
wiring instructions, but you can always have a Pro
install Nest Hello for you. In this basic example,
disconnect the wire from the front
terminal on the chime. Straighten the wire
ends if needed. And trim them so there’s no more
than 1/4 inch of exposed wire. If you have stranded wires,
twist them until they’re tight. Next, connect your chime
wires to the Nest connector. Push the wire into the
terminal until it stops, then gently tug it to
make sure it’s secure. Then put the chime
connector’s white wire into your chime’s
front terminal. Do the same for the trans wire
on the chime using the grey connector wires. Once the wiring is
done, find a place to put the chime connector. Make sure the
connector and wires don’t touch the chime
or any moving parts, or the chime may not sound
right or work at all. It may be easier to attach
the connector to the outside of your chime cover. Now, replace your chime’s cover. Next, you’ll disconnect
your current doorbell and replace it with Nest Hello. You can bend the
wires or tape them so they don’t slip
back into the wall. If you want to change the
angle of Nest Hello’s camera, use the included wedge. This can be useful if your
doorbell is located in a corner or close to a wall that
blocks the camera’s view. You can flip the wedge to
reverse the angle if needed. Now, you’ll mark the screw
holes with the wall plate. Make sure the Nest
logo is at the bottom. You may not be able to reuse
an existing screw hole. The wires must come through the
bottom half of the wall plate’s hole. If they don’t, they
can prevent Nest Hello from locking onto
the wall plate. Use the included masonry
bit and wall anchors if you’re drilling
into stone, stucco, or other hard materials. Now, attach the wall plate. Start by drilling pilot
holes with a 3/32 drill bit. Again, make sure the Nest
logo is at the bottom and that the wires come through
the bottom half of the wall plate hole. The horizontal screw hole will
let you straighten the wall plate if needed. You can use a level to
check that it’s straight. Connect the wires to Nest Hello. It doesn’t matter which
terminal you connect a wire to. Make sure the wires
point down, not up, so any excess can be
tucked back into the wall. If the wires are too short,
use the wire extenders that are included in the box. To attach Nest Hello, simply
slide the top onto the wall plate and press down until
it clicks into place. If it doesn’t seat properly
or you don’t hear a click, recheck that you’ve tucked any
excess wire back into the hole. If you ever need to
remove Nest Hello, use the included
tool to release it. Now, you can switch
the power back on. Nest Hello will turn on and
its light ring will turn blue. If it’s not, let
the app know and it will help you troubleshoot. If there’s no light
on Nest Hello, go back to your chime
box and double-check that you’ve correctly
wired the Nest connector. If the light is
yellow, Nest Hello isn’t getting enough
power to stream video. You’ll need to contact a
Pro to upgrade the voltage of your doorbell system. Now, you’ll finish
setup with the app. Make sure you have
your Wi-Fi password. Tell it where you
installed Nest Hello. The app will connect to Hello. Select your Wi-Fi network
and enter the password. If you already have a Nest
product installed in your home, Nest Hello will try to get
your Wi-Fi info from it. If Hello can’t connect
to your Wi-Fi network, you can try moving your
router a bit closer or adding a Wi-Fi extender. Now that Nest Hello is
connected to Wi-Fi and the app, the app will test the video. Ring the doorbell to check
that your chime is working. You should also get a
notification from the app that someone’s at your door. If you have an electric chime
that doesn’t have moving parts, you may need to adjust
the duration with the app so you can hear it ring. If you have a mechanical
chime with moving parts and it didn’t ring or
didn’t sound right, remove the chime cover and check
that the wires aren’t touching any moving parts,
then test your chime again. If your chime still
doesn’t sound right, try installing the
connector on the outside of your chime cover. Once you’ve confirmed
your chime is working, you’ll choose some
more settings. You can try out
Nest Aware for free, pick a language
Hello will speak, and turn on audio recording
and familiar face alerts. That’s it. To learn more about the
Nest Hello video doorbell and how to use it,
visit our support site.


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    One of the constraints of the Nest Hello is the lack of a battery. This means that if you do not have a doorbell already installed you can't use it. We created a plug in power supply to make it easy to power your Nest Hello anywhere you have access to an outlet. Check it out:

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