How to Zero your Rifle | 25 meter vs 50 meter | AR Rifle | Tactical Rifleman

How to Zero your Rifle | 25 meter vs 50 meter | AR Rifle | Tactical Rifleman

hi guys Phil from t1 g right here today
zeroing Syd’s m4 Syd’s chosen to go with a 50 meter 0 which is a good 0 it works
out really well for the trajectory out to about 250 meters he could go with a
25 meter 0 36 50 or 100 it really doesn’t matter what 0 he chooses as long
as he understands the trajectory of his round at any given distance some of the
advantages to the 50 meter 0 or that it’s a very flat trajectory it’s never
more than about two and a half inches above or below its line of sight out to
about 250 meters so it takes out the need to really know the exact range out
to about 250 a lot of units will prefer to go with a 25 meter zero which is a
good 0 as long as you understand the trajectory of your around and where your
rounds going to be at any given distance going out of a standard m4 with a 14 and
a half inch barrel at 2900 15 feet per second muzzle velocity 25 meters 0
you’re going to have a maximum ordinate 10 inches at 180 meters meaning that
your rounds going to be about 10 inches above your line of sight at about 180
meters which is fine as long as you know that and you know the distance you’re
shooting at with a 50 meters zero the difference is going to be that we’re
never more than two and a half inches above or below our line of sight out to
about 250 so for a lot of guys they prefer that because it does give them
the advantage of not having to worry so much about range all the way to 250
other units will prefer a 100 metre zero because they know they’re only going to
work within zero and 100 meters so they want a very flat trajectory out to a
hundred and they’re not worried about what’s beyond that so for them it works
out well so whatever distance you choose is zero you’re going at it works for any
system as long as you know the trajectory of that round
alright guys that’s it on trajectory if you have any questions or comments just
leave them below and we’ll get back to you


  • Dr. Tautology says:

    Unfortunately 25m is the longest distance range I have available to zero my rifle. So if I'm aiming at a bad guy's navel 180m out, POI will be at or near center mass?

  • Ibrahim Tsdmr says:

    how many meters a 5.56 bullet go parallel line ? ı mean a shooter stand and keep rifle (a r 15 16'' barrel) parallel the ground and shoot then that bullet how many meters goes parallel the ground.

  • Rob says:

    36yard my favorite, hit a 12in ar500 plate from 0-300yrds no adjustment on sights, just a lil hold over

  • The PNW Rider says:

    The newest ( latest greatest ) seems to be maximum point blank range.

    I set mine up as 2" high at 100 yards as that's what I have at the range. I am not a soldier but I like to plink in the high desert when I can far away and shooting far away things is fun LOL

  • Axel Caceres says:

    100 meters zero fam

  • Joshua Blomberg says:

    can you show how to zero and him shooting targets at different zeros from the same/different range(s)

  • L B says:

    Awesome work guys, I have my 10.5 416 upper zeroed at 50 also. I don't plan on going past 250 yards but 2.5 over or under sounds great and high speed. Thanks again

  • Mike Yob says:


  • evan marks says:

    The trajectory of a given round doesn't change, you sight the rifle so that it crosses line of sight within the rounds trajectory, also 180 meters seriously guys do your home work, my stag m8 is bso 25 and is 3" low at 300m, so is my spikes, s&w, and the twisted sister, obviously the 5.56 is a lot more flatter shooting than you or your team are aware of, hopefully you simply misspoke if not shame on you if so please readdress and confirm…..reeeeecon

  • ifell3 says:

    This reminds me of arm chair pro software!!

  • Jesse says:

    hell yeah, thanks , Graphics really helped visualize it

  • Liam says:

    Is there any websites I can use to calculate this data to identify where would suit me for my application to zero my rifle. For example, something I can plug in my pill weight and muzzle velocity to identify these arcs and make the most informed decision possible?

  • tackytrooper says:

    I wish I had known about the 50m zero when I was in the army, and how to readily convert to it from a 25m zero (without anyone on the range being the wiser, of course.) Now that I know about other zeros the 25m zero is a real loser to me.

  • LoneStarPrepperOfficial says:

    How can I find this information for a .308 out of a 16 inch barrel?

  • Leethal W says:

    What about the 36/300 zero, shouldn't that be included in this discussion?

  • Dylan Rutan says:

    It really depends on your optic. If you're running an acog RCO on your m4 or m16a4, or SDO on an m27, the optic is specifically designed to be zeroed at 100 meters. For engagements less than 50 meters, you can utilize the 400 meter stadia line for a fairly accurate reticle.

  • MaxMan says:


  • HawaiiRebel says:

    Error. Does not compute. Where the heck is Karl?!

  • Chris Rambarran says:

    I know how to reconcile both sides…..Chinese clone rifles….now everyone make friends and harrass the Chinese.

  • Ben Sal says:

    Am I right in thinking that the bullet does not actually rise after it leaves the barrel, but the barrel is angled up slightly to compensate for the drop in trajectory that happens as soon as it leaves the barrel?

  • Walter says:

    For my Kalishnikov, it doesn't matter, it's going to be a foot plus or minus at any range over 100 m

  • Snake with a Gun says:

    Why not 100 yards?

  • Robert Kubrick says:

    25 was the A1 with the L/R sight leaf up.

  • Sweet_jmd Funvels says:

    Wow I love shooting gun. I miss the place where I start shoot use gun

  • mikeyb byekim says:

    I've asked this before but no answrrs, does the weight and/or type of ammo effect the trajectory?? Zeroing m855 be the same as a hollow point? Or 55gr same as 77gr? Etc.etc

  • Toothpaste Juice says:

    Video is called "how to zero" but it doesn't even show how to zero.

  • Tactical Review says:

    Sorry to resurrect an old discussion, but I have a question.
    I know that I should be shooting with both eyes open, BUT Karl discussed that we're more accurate with our weak eye closed… Should we be zeroing with our weak eye closed so that we know that our weapon is accurate for our training, or using even zeroing as an opportunity to practice good fundamentals?

  • Charles Ludwig says:

    Folks, the author's suggestion that a 50 meter zero will produce better short range accuracy does not mean a hit vs. miss, just a more centered hit at short range; thus, it's a BAD idea, since it precludes calibration of the sight for a bullet drop compensation function for good hits beyond 300 meters. For better accuracy at short range there's an alternative, just zero at 25 meters with elevation adjusted to place bullet grouping slightly below center of mass. With such adjustment, targets in the 150 to 225 meter arena can be easily hit with center of mass holds, since high shots will still be in body area rather than head area when shots go left or right. Also, maximum ordinate at 175 meters is not a foot but only 10 inches. Creds: CMP-USAMU certified MRI coaching SDM/TTT/SAFS.

  • greed fox says:

    look at the good dog sitting for his master…

  • James Edward says:

    The 50yd zero is actually a tighter group than a 36yd zero up to 250yd but after 250yds, it’s drops drastically whereas the 36yd zero is a tight group out to 300yds.

  • Anthony Shepard says:

    What is 50 meters in feet or yards?

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