iBluever Tutorial (Dial Up Networking for iPod touch using phone's data connection)

iBluever Tutorial (Dial Up Networking for iPod touch using phone's data connection)

hi guys this is johnny and i'm going to show you how to share your blackberry data connection onto your ipod touch so basically you can have Wi-Fi everywhere you go so first you must have a jailbroken ipod touch and then what you want to do is go into cydia and download this app called I blue ever it basically allows you to connect to your phone via bluetooth and connect to your internet using dial-up networking so once you download it it should be on your home screen so just tap that and then turn it to on and then go on to your phone manage connections and turn your bluetooth on and make sure that your phone is discoverable then go back to your itouch press more and it should come up just wait for you to finish searching and then wait for the name to come up there we go and blah blah blah demo version settings will be discarded yeah and then for the dial number for t-mobile it's asterisk 99 pound so for access point you type internet 2.voicestream.com and then for dial number it's a strike 99 pound then go back and then choose it and choose a password on your phone and then back to your itouch same thing and there you go you successfully connected to your phone's network so now you can just exit using the check mark there and on your phone the blue light keeps blinking which shows you that tethering is actually working so now you can use anything on your itouch with that requires Wi-Fi the only things that don't work are like facebook places foursquare gowalla and google maps sometimes works location services generally don't work on this and for me it's pretty slow because i'm only on edge there's no 3g for blackberries well my blackberry my blackberry isn't 3g capable so i don't have 3g anyways but as you can see it loads web pages and twitter here's Twitter so yeah now you get Wi-Fi wherever you go the bad thing about I blue ever demo version is that it disconnects after about one megabyte of data or like five minutes of usage so if this works for you you you really should buy the full version of I blue ever it's like five dollars from Cydia and then it'll be really worth it anyways thanks for watching guys


  • Berali Diaz says:

    daemon disconnected
    please make sure the built- in bluetooth is disabled. and there is no other applications such as BTstack, roqyBT running now. if you still get this error, ´lease contact author. please heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelp

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  • josiah merrill says:

    Hi, I have a ipad 3 and its jailbreak, and i have been trying to use foxfi with my LG straight talk phone and im getting a lot of disconnecting errors. Is there something im doing wrong?

  • Daniela Amador says:

    RFCOMM connection failed !???fiix

  • Cole Daniels says:

    I get PPP disconnected help olz

  • tiyazjah1 says:

    what is the dial number for sprint

  • Joejoeperez says:

    Does it use up data usage ? What if you have a limit?

  • Santosh Raghavan says:

    dude when i try and connect it always says ppp disconnected..any solutions to it ?

  • Kenneth Jose says:

    #waats att ppp dial numbeeer?

  • Keren Pathmanathan says:

    Hey browser I successfully connect the two together using ibluever but when I actually try to take it outside of my house. Ie out of a wifi are, safari and everything else including drawsomething. I did this so that I could play that game in the car and stuff and it never works. Please help me.

  • Peter Corduan says:

    wap.voicestream(.)com worked as my Access Point:

    Thanks Man!

  • TY DollaSignz says:

    ibluever free????

  • Shaolin Rabbit says:

    i didn't require to do anything…….i just connected it to my nokia and was able to use internet just like that(and also instead of having wifi signal i had 2 rings merged with each other) 🙂

  • Shaolin Rabbit says:

    what theme is that?

  • Lily Fonte says:

    whats the dial number for metro do you know by any chance???

  • Lily Fonte says:

    hi, i wanted to know how you would make it work when it closes, because as soon as i close iblueverdemo it will not word (as said in the little box) and i havnt found the crack… feel free to inbox me!!

  • Hamlet thats all says:

    Is this app on android market?

  • tachomnzvs3 says:

    does your phone needs to have internet connection? or your phone just need to get signal to get internet?

  • Kyle Zappitell says:

    @princess2969 its CALLED GOOGLE!

  • Joejoeperez says:

    How to i pay for iBluever with on demand because when i do the demo it does not work PLEASE HELP ME. I dont know how to pay for cydia apps!

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