Indiegogo Excrement – Burning Bridges Blog Network

Indiegogo Excrement - Burning Bridges Blog Network

hey women in and beat people today we're look at another IndieGoGo excrements this one's called burning bridges blog network no that is not what the three B's in idubbbz stand for three B's and idubbbz in case you guys are not aware I got to keep updating people because we get new subscribers here on the channel every day it stands for beer bikes and booty because those are the three things I like in life alternatively big booty bitches that is kind of redundant though so I you know Alex from like some onion slay knew a thing hi I'm some flower Punk hi I'm Anya onion of Alex and honestly we were thing hi I'm the dirty nerdy it's gonna be another one of those videos guys we're good old privilege dubs ablest cisgendered white sis privileged ablest gendered dubs makes fun of the poor degenerative brain tumor Crohn's disease gay I'm a Hispanic atheist transgender woman the first-generation college students and immigrants at a connoisseur of chronic migraines temporomandibular disorder and miscellaneous digestive problems why is it important that you have miscellaneous digestive problems who the fuck gives a shit what does that even mean like I'm I'm running out of things to say okay I'm oh wow every two to three years I get a I'm afflicted with horrible cold it's chronic it happens every two to three years and oh is ma you you wouldn't like me when I have asthma Papa I am autistic and epileptic and otherwise neurodivergent I've been an ER divergents activist a very very long time and I've been springing out into other intersectional things fairly recently um Papa means that one of my parents is East Asian and the other parent is not I'm poor I'm a first-generation college student got meat and female and um I'm really tired of being places where people like me are go to insults for one or more reasons you know it's funny because there's probably a lot of project creators out there who are autistic or like have one arm or super-gay but the funny thing is none of them fucking mention it right because it's not fucking relevant you're trying to sell a product but I know why they're mentioning it it's because their social justice warriors and all they can sell is them fucking saying shitty words all day long into a podcast my daughter and I are survivors of domestic violence I grew up in Puerto Rico and now living loser chick I write about the intersections of parenting race feminism disability in poverty I share my experiences as a homeless woman talking about what it's like to raise a little girl the world said to predominant color say it's it it's set to put down women of color with like set in stone what do you mean set with a fuck do you mean you we learned in school now he didn't learn in school my parents actually taught me they said as soon as I came out a woman they said listen Billy my name is Billy now listen Billy you need a hate all women of color no matter the color yellow black or brown but not the white ones but if they have a little bit of Polack in them make sure you give them a nuggie I don't you're really uh you're really putting this in basic Neanderthal terms okay if I really think about it or if you took a course on feminism at all or gender inequalities you realize that it's fundamental the problems are systemic what you're saying silly example the problems are systemic oh yeah I hate that systemic oppression Devon you're right you're right but the systemic oppression is a bit picky and choosey like it'll be systematically oppressive to some people but not not to people like Condoleezza Rice or Obama or Obama's wife go on Michelle it won't be systematically oppressive to them I am a queer wibbly-wobbly genderqueer woman I suffer from Crohn's disease and psoriatic arthritis as well as depression abuse related anxiety and ADHD I have a background in medical science psychology and English literature I'm a Canadian and daughter Polish immigrants Atok will be reporting oh it's a medical blog I didn't realize it was a medical you just okay that makes sense now that they're listing out all their medical conditions is because they're you know they're gonna talk about medicine and their medical needs and would like to be crohn's like autistic to major depressive disorder Crohn's disease of several mental is autistic psoriatic arthritis PTSD ADHD temporomandibular disorder depression neurodivergent anxiety chronic migraines anxiety and miscellaneous digestive problems a network of women and enbe people for intersectionality in social justice good lord a few years ago I I'd be like with social justice what but that's actually the most common common vernacular in this bullshit sentence intersectionality and be people and be people what is this a sci-fi film what is it NBD people I searched it up was and B stand for what does NB people mean and I finally came to the realization that n B stands for New Brunswick and then I thought a little bit further and I was like Oh non-binary intersectionality that's a very interesting one I would say it's even groundbreaking so intersectional feminism that might mean that I you know if I can't call a black woman as she's walking by my construction site not only am i sexist but I'm also racist and he liked that one as Perez is that's pretty freakin sweet yeah fairly certain that they would probably be just living pretty nice lives if they didn't fucking attend college because not only were they probably not being debt they they also wouldn't have this all this fucking bullshit in their head about how life has fucked them over hey guys we're gonna do gender studies and we're gonna learn is how how badly you've been fucked over great by depth I don't think they did gender study this group of people I don't think they did gender studies this seems more like a chemical engineering or an economics group yeah for $20 you can request a blog topic or you can get a crochet coral not to be mistaken with a crochet coral put on your corduroys and store hoarding some form or oil your pain in my arse I really have no idea what the fuck this crochet coral is like I imagine like actually like sea coral like from the ocean like that kind of coral but I looked up Sally strange the creator of this piece-of-shit coral and there's no fucking picture it's like they don't give you anything they don't give you any pictures of the crocheted coral or the if you go down to the hundred fifty dollars here there's a crochet cephalopod and there's no picture of the crochet cephalopod it's probably a really generic thing to make if you know how to crochet I'd imagine so I mean out of all the weird abstract ambiguous things to make like coral is like top on the top of the fucking list it's like I could either make a mushy pile of like fruit and then you just like you know crochet a bunch of dumb colors together or I can you know crochet coral and you take a random fucking piece of yarn and turn it into a deformed dick hey here's here's a piece of coral for you crocheted coral you can pay them $50 for them to gender Bend slash queer up a song so far they've raised 432 dollars but they have a funding goal of $3,000 of course they did the flexible funding because they do need a certain threshold of money to get their server up and running I don't know why you need a server if you can't even fucking if you're not getting any hits on your current bullshit WordPress blogs I don't know why you fucking think you need a server how that's going to bring more views to your bullshit blog they're a long-term plan for actually making money with this thing is to do ads patron merchandise publishing and of course investment because everyone wants to invest in a feminist blog you're not gonna make money any money on ads because as you states in your description you can sell ad space to one person one person only the person who has a business that is doing the the blog with you so it's this extremely unproductive cycle that's very very much not sustainable that's gonna do it for this episode of Kickstarter IndieGoGo extra mint thank you so much for watching remember to hit that like and subscribe button remember share with a friend and I'm gonna be gone for III a little bit when he three comes around don't know when this video is gonna go up I'm in shambles right now but it's uh suffice it to say I'm gonna put some videos up and then and then I might not come comment around in five four three two one I did some fresh poop as well take a look it's in the Reading Rainbow I'd like to share a bit of a dogshit theory with you guys I've been working on this theory for a while it's quite complicated and difficult to understand but bear with me as I explain it my name is Tabitha Tenenbaum I'm a wibbly-wobbly transgendered queer autistic ChatterBait user and I'm a first-generation college student and I also have degenerative bowel syndrome and a pulmonary embolism and a bit of a coronary last semester I drown my cat in a bathtub and I felt nothing I also have sticky lip syndrome


  • Kimchi Gang says:

    No matter how old this video gets, it'll always be a timeless classic, never fails to crack me up and I'm so happy YouTube is recommending me old dubbbz again, I love these older videos.

  • TeamJella says:

    2:00 Im epileptic but i dont go around begging people for money cuz of it. Know who else was epileptic? Julius Caesar, and look what he accomplished. I'm tired of these retarded feminists trying to take money for doing nothing.

  • Harry Barber says:

    Who is neurovergent?

  • Mr Vader says:

    I have crohn’s but I am fine I’m not going around I suffer from crohn’s shut the fuck up

  • AvoidingJoker says:

    why do I gotta work at new balance to join this network?

  • OysterWax says:

    I’m Autistic. And this is the first time saying it online, you know why? Because it doesn’t fucking matter. Sick of dickheads like the ones on this go fund me who try to use it as an excuse to be victimised

  • Connor Hill says:


  • Connor Hill says:

    Eugenists rise up

  • Edward Ang says:


  • BubbleGumBabeFace says:

    Christine Weston Chandler is high functioning autistic and has been bullied over 20 years 16 of those years being on the internet.

    90% of the people he's known in his life were fake and he's had to shove a medallion up his ass that was made out of Crayola Model magic

    And HE complains less.

    As shitty as it was he didn't let all that shit stop him from making his God awful sonichu comics.

    So fuck them

  • leadbones says:

    "A network of unattractive, confused, unhappy poor people trying to monetize failing at life."

  • Jrezky says:

    So Hapa is apparently a Hawaiian native word that just means "mixed" I assume it was associated with Japanese since the population of Hawaii has so many. I do not understand why people here in CA have been using it to basically call themselves mixed race of half East Asian and half not. Sounds like some bullshit to me, but then I don't really believe in race.

    Systematic oppression isn't all bullshit, but this is. Also I looked it up and intersectionality just means people from different groups find ways to work together and further each others' goals.

  • Jonny Briggs says:

    …and their medical needs and what it's like to be Crohnslike

  • Knight Owl says:

    Why did you mention Marzia in the video description? Just curious.

  • Dick Kickemall says:

    Sounds like a very hard case of "daddy didnt pay attention now I want attention syndrome." DDPANIWAS affects millions everyday.

  • BREAD BEAR says:

    woooo i'm also acoustic, cool

  • Zack Peyev says:

    If that bitch made it to college how is she autistic?

  • Jack LB says:

    This is just modern day twitter now. I can guarantee all these cunts in the video are probably the ones complaining about Tarantino not answering a question.

  • Quickscope One Eighty says:

    Im autistic, asthmatic, diabetic, bi-gendered, queer, cis-pan, poor, non-white, Scotmish (parents are German-Scottish) , white-skinned, African-American, Native-American, woman with every feature of a man (including reproductive system), who suffers with chronic pain, oppression, weight-gain, depression, chronic sleep disorder (I'm always tired), irritable bowl syndrome, which is why I do t have a job and want everyone to feel bad for me and that I have the right to everything in the world and if you think otherwise you're an Nazi.

  • Sir Dehumanized says:

    Until now I thought all Polish people were cool.

  • Lil Vacationland says:

    Punchable faces

  • God says:

    we all know what the 666 in your name stands for

  • David Amor says:

    I have a very small penis.

  • Greenchrysopsaro says:

    I thought queer meant weird

  • Karolin S says:

    45 seconds into this video and my depression broke through the wall of anti depressants in my blood. Thanks.

  • Marshall Smith™ says:

    I have a condition that causes me to have to poop almost every day. Sometimes multiple poops in a single day, can I have some money? Thanks.

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