Inside Story – Michele Rudolph | AT&T

Inside Story – Michele Rudolph  | AT&T

My name is Michele Rudolph and I’m a Lead Channel Manager. Right out of college, I joined the Business Sales Leadership Development Program in Atlanta. I did that for about 6 months. After that they said, “You could
go anywhere with a a sales job!” So, I decided
to come to Dallas, Texas, where our headquarters was and did small business sales as an Account Manager for about three years. And then moved over to Emerging Business Markets in the Marketing department. I did a little research and I actually loved not only the culture,
but the people, the loyalty — how they treat
their employees is phenomenal. As well as what we
do: it’s technology, it’s always evolving.
My favorite part of AT&T is how they develop
their people and invest in their people. It’s
one of the greatest places to work for.

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