Inside Story – Will Moody | AT&T

Inside Story – Will Moody  | AT&T

My name is Will Moody and I’m the Retail Store Manager here at the Addison Village location. One of the things that I had heard about AT&T were all of the career opportunities there.
So, you know, I joined with AT&T because, like
I said, they had so many different departments and they were always recruiting top talent. That’d be a good place to work. This is the brand new Store of the Future,
it’s our newest concept when it comes to a retail store. Now basically, it has kind of, you
know, all the new technology that we have. With,
you know, kind of that- that warm, welcoming feeling when you come in. That way that‚ ’cause technology can be a little bit intimidating
for a lot of people. But when you come into this store it puts a lot of our customers at ease. And it just welcomes them in to come in for
an easier, more kind of consultative thing to
where they can ask all the questions that they have. There is never a dull moment with AT&T. You know, I work with the mobility sector, so
the thing I love most about my job is that things are always changing. So it helps to keep it fresh.

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