Internet EXPLODES Over Trump Censorship Order

Internet EXPLODES Over Trump Censorship Order

So yesterday I did a story about the impending
crisis that has Donald Trump’s internet, right Mr Ship, executive order draft. Some of the details, uh, have leaked and we’re
learning more and more about the horrors of that executive order. And fortunately, and I’m actually glad to
see this, this story is getting more and more attention. A lot of people reacting to my clip more than
110,000 views in the first 12 hours. I got dozens of emails, more than 2000 comments
on that video. And even beyond that, I, I’m thrilled to see
that this story is getting pickup because it’s not like the sexiest, most salacious
story. It’s not necessarily the story that would
get the most attention, but it is an authoritarian nightmare. And people are noticing and put simply, this
is how the authoritarian start to use the law to control speech and to enforce speech. And you might remember, I was actually thinking
this morning as I was reading about the reaction to this executive order proposal, Canadian
intellectual Jordan Peterson rose to prominence for what he claimed was his protest of possible
compelled speech. By the Canadian government. He should be right here protesting what Donald
Trump is doing. Because Donald Trump’s drafted executive order
would compel social media networks to half to allow speech that the Trump administration
determines his so-called political speech and specifically conservative political speech
to fight back against what they claim is some kind of extreme liberal bias in social networks
and on platforms. Uh, Donald Trump believes that social media
platforms are in a biased way suppressing and blocking conservative speech. The basis for this is a fantasy, but it doesn’t
change that this is extremely dangerous. It is overwhelmingly authoritarian. The White House shouldn’t have the power to
select and choose what content has to be allowed on social media platforms. It is stunning that people like me, social
left Libertarians end up defending the rights of corporations against the oppressive authoritarian
takeover of speech that Donald Trump wants to do. So let me do my impression now of a center,
right? Libertarian social networks are private companies. They have to follow non-discrimination law. Twitter can’t say no whites allowed on our
platform. Youtube can’t say no Jews allowed to upload
videos or whatever. There is already established law that prevents
that Twitter can say, we don’t allow the n word. We don’t allow bullying trans people by deliberately
mis-gendering them over and over and over again or whatever. This is all legal content, strictly speaking,
which a private corporation can choose to allow or not to allow based on their business
priorities, their social priorities or for whatever reason they want. As long as it does not violate existing anti-discrimination
laws. This doesn’t mean I like it. It just doesn’t mean they always make the
decisions I would make. This doesn’t mean that it couldn’t conceivably
cause me problems, the likes of which we’ve been having on youtube, but we can’t be hypocrites. What Trump wants to do is to give the FTC
the federal trade commission power to go after platforms that the White House believes are
suppressing content on the basis of political orientation on their platforms, and the scariest
part is that it’s believed that there will be penalties for this against the platforms. What those penalties will be. We don’t yet know how far does this go. Do Youtube channels with a million subscribers
become subject to similar restrictions in a year. When the David Pakman show youtube channel
hits a million subscribers, if things continue the way they’re going, can the government
say this channel is suppressing certain political opinions of the right? Can we be find, can you suffer penalties and
I avoid slippery slope arguments in most cases because they don’t make sense. This is one of those cases where we really
need to think of the slippery slope who counts as a possible regulatee of this executive
order? When do we go from regulating platforms to
regulating individual shows? This is the biggest attack on a free press
since sort of all the other attacks we’ve seen under Donald Trump, but this is a really
big one. If you care about a free press, I don’t care
if you’re left or right, you must oppose this. This is the exact type of heavy handed media
regulation that we see under real bonafide authoritarians in dictatorships in on a spectrum,
right? Going from a actual dictatorships to just
countries with leaders that are authoritarian to the extreme. China, North Korea, Venezuela, Russia, whichever
version or flavor of authoritarianism you want to pick out, it’s actually difficult
to put into words how dangerous this is. If this happens, we become a country where
the government can do mass censorship on the basis of political orientation or of whatever
it wants. It lets the party in power decide which speech
is allowed on the Internet, which speech must be allowed on the Internet, on specific platforms. And this is extraordinarily dangerous. Now, I’m going to keep talking about this
because it has to be stopped. And ultimately it may be a court that decides
whether the eventual version of the executive order that is signed by Trump is legal. But that means that we have to change who’s
choosing the judges. It’s Donald Trump right now. Increasingly, this is a justice system, a
judiciary controlled by Donald Trump. More and more to supreme court justices. 25% of appellate and Superior Court, uh, judges. This is not about whether you like or dislike
Trump. We know how Trump will use this, but Trump
will be gone in two or six years. Do Republicans want a future Democratic president
telling the FTC what speeches allowed on the Internet? This is straight out of the authoritarian
dictator’s playbook. It has to be stopped. I’m glad it’s getting attention and we’re
going to continue talking about it.


  • sea green says:

    5:56 I've not seen evidence, that Republicans are aware of "the future" as a concept.

  • Sig P365 says:

    Don’t violate my 1st amendment right . But plz stomp all over my 2nd amendment right ?

  • Sharon Atkinson says:


  • Roberto Tamesis says:

    "Auti ine I Sparti" ( This is Sparta) resist no doubt.😠

  • Old Dog City Pound says:

    FUCK comrade trumpski and all who support his shit. REPUBLI-CONS ARE AMERIKAS NAZI PARTY AND MUST BE DESTROYED. 🖕

  • eekns says:

    I'm gonna Civilly Disobey this Anti-American Executive overreach with every fiber of my Free Speaking American being. Russian assets don't control me or my Americanism!!! #hoaxpresident

  • Alarec Scarbrow says:

    If we did have such censorship, what we'd be allowed to say would change every 4-8 years! xD

  • K FT says:

    Dr. Evil and Republicants have loaded up the Supreme Court with Strict Constitutionalists (NOT), that will probably back his attempts to dismantle Free Speech. Dr. Evils' idea of equal speech is when you only can find the Conservatard's viewpoint on the internet.

  • ytg50162011 says:

    So….an order that gives freedom to ALL political speech is somehow bad? This is an executive order giving Conservatives the freedom to exercise the First Amendment.

  • S H says:

    Simple Trump can't be trusted. Full stop he can't be trusted.

  • K FT says:

    Trump's dictatorial tendencies are showing. Free Speech = Conservative conspiracy theories.

  • Michael Eyo says:

    TDS they said…Its all Fake News they said…Hillary woulda been worse they said. SMH. Ive been screaming Trump is a 5 alarm fire and massive threat to our democracy from jump.

    Russia (and maybe even Israel and Saudi Arabia) interfered in our election to get him elected. From day 1 of him assuming power he has been SYSTEMATICALLY DESTROYING OUR DEMOCRACY…

    …I think its time for everyone to develop some Trump derangement

  • TOM RUGGS says:


  • Angel mendoza says:

    forgot ,chump can't read any of these .he needs sesame street

  • Dragon1717 says:

    Nope. The Internet is HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY about this! The Monopolistic Big Tech Gestapo has a stranglehold on the free and open dissemination of information on the Internet today and heavily censors Conservatives. George Orwell's 1984 is the current reality. Given that the these monopolistic tech platforms are the modern day version of the town square, that must change. We welcome this. Bring it on woot woot!

  • Angel mendoza says:

    if he wants to be a dictator, then hit him from 1400 yards

  • ytg50162011 says:

    These platforms can't claim to be platforms, and then act like editors. All opinions that do not violate the law should be allowed. David, you are really being dishonest on this topic. Twitter banned a feminist for saying 'men are not women'. Not all of us want your disgusting trans wokeness shoved down our throats. Men are not women, and I should be allowed to say it.

  • Otto Nomicus says:

    And the appointee for Social Media Political Bias Policing is…Sarah Sanders, give her a big hand everybody!

  • Skinnymarks says:

    David, I don't think many people understand the difference between misgendering someone and purposefully harassing someone via the use of misgendering someone aggressively.

  • J B says:

    If Trump wants to be praised, he needs to do something praiseworthy. Instead he's destroying our society to make himself into a dictator, and getting upset that people don't worship him for it.

  • NPC King Trump says:

    King Trump 2020

  • mikenpensacola says:

    Every single day there is something to top the insanity of the day before. I'm waiting with bated breath that in the very near future I will wake up and see breaking news "PRESIDENT TRUMP HAS CHOKED TO DEATH ON A BIG MAC"

  • M. Padilla says:

    Hopefully this news continues to spread.

  • Sideways N says:

    Forcing every major media source on the internet to effectively be propaganda networks. It goes beyond just demolishing freedom of speech. This is beyond just authoritarian.

  • Gwen30 says:

    Constitution of United States of America 1789 (rev. 1992)
    Article I
    Article II
    Article III
    Article IV
    Article V
    Article VI
    Article VII
    Amendment I
    Amendment II
    Amendment III
    Amendment IV
    Amendment V
    Amendment VI
    Amendment VII
    Amendment VIII
    Amendment IX
    Amendment X
    Amendment XI
    Amendment XII
    Amendment XIII
    Amendment XIV
    Amendment XV
    Amendment XVI
    Amendment XVII
    Amendment XVIII
    Amendment XIX
    Amendment XX
    Amendment XXI
    Amendment XXII
    Amendment XXIII
    Amendment XXIV
    Amendment XXV
    Amendment XXVI
    Amendment XXVII

    Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

  • MongoMike77 says:

    Crapping on the First Amendment to own the libs.

  • Cheryl Marshall says:

    What is happening to freedom of speech? Is this the beginning of the corruption of the Constitution? Just because Trump can't handle criticism. If he's just that petty, he shouldn't have stood for election, or God help America, stand for re-election. If he's consumed by all the negativity online, then perhaps he should try to resolve issues over which he is being criticised. Preventing freedom of speech in any form destroys an important part of the American way of life. Surely he should be focussing on the important issues like all the families detained at the border, or being returned to Mexico; or modifying the gun laws to prevent more mass murders; or modifying his hate speech, which is the cause of so much additional violence; or maybe staying in the White House and focussing on critical issues, rather than high tailing it to Mar-a-Largo to play golf and relax at great expense to the American taxpayer. Changing his behaviour and modifying his speech, and staying off Twitter would all be simple things he could do which would all have a positive impact on his public persona. Why doesn't someone advise this man? Perhaps the only ones brave enough to stand up to this narcissistic bully have all been sacked.

  • Melly Kidd says:

    Trump is the first US president who can’t handle even the smallest hint of criticism; even if it’s constructive criticism that could help him. Every US president has been questioned. Every US president has been parodied and joked about. Every US president has done things some people haven’t liked. But Trump acts as if he’s the first president who’s ever faced this, as if it’s a personal attack and bitter vendetta against him.

  • SplatterSpreeFilms says:

    Can someone just kill this man already? He wants to attack my freedom of speech? My first amendment rights? He should lose his life. Stop fucking with my country, you un-american fascist snowflakes.

  • SpidersInMyKeyboard says:

    People should be very scared. This is an effort to force private citizens to provide a platform for hate and misinformation. This from the supposedly conservative party…

  • Pyro OneExSeven says:

    North Korea comes to America, and Trump rolls out the red carpet,

  • John hendrickson says:

    Great video

  • billy jennings says:

    Its probably left leaning because…I dont know…. maybe…. the "right wing" media is outlandish and fascist. People know the difference between good for humanity and greed.

  • billy jennings says:

    This is big brother, no joke, no conspiracy. Future presidents wont roll that back, just like Obama didn't roll back Bush's terrible executive orders. Maybe Bernie would though.

  • Mark and Lucy Weyland says:

    Keep the spotlight on this diseased administration

  • henry R. says:

    If trump makes it to 2020 (god forbid) we will be living the purge/madmax lifestyle amerika's race war….

  • J. Eric Sandoval says:

    Trump thinks he's the king, he isn't. He needs to be FORCIBLY REMOVED, and I don't care how that sounds at all. Executive Orders are LIMITED in capacity and scope, and that truth is absolutely clear already. He cannot do this, and for him to NOT be removed is a threat to national security and the stability of civil society. I dislike that I've been put in Facebook jail more than once over some rude shit I've said. But it wasn't necessarily wrong of them to do that to me because I was out of pocket.

  • Bill Eichert says:

    Trump is Garbage. Someone needs to take him out.

  • d ragland says:

    If this is true and he tries this, treason is not a good enough charge. He needs to be tried, convicted, and executed. UnAmerican ratbastard. This is a direct attack on our constitution and our rights.

  • Porcelina's Ocean says:

    Thank God ppl r waking up and taking notice of this story- maybe there is Some hope for this country yet.

  • Mandy Last says:

    Holy cow

  • Mandy Last says:

    We are gonna look like Jhina

  • Mark Fitzpatrick says:

    …and people argued with me that Trump isn't fascistic/authoritarian.

  • Enrico Pallazzo says:

    I will never understand how true conservatives accept an adulterer who is famous for squandering huge sums of money and multiple bankruptcies. Not even gonna get in to the conservation of our constitution and how he is shredding it. What are these people thinking? Obviously just money and party?

  • Kinda Chris says:

    Im very progressive btw but “i hate slippery slope arguments except when it comes to me” is probably the most idiotic thing I have ever heard

  • Vicky Paulson says:

    Hitler did the same thing, with the radio, and newspapers. This is more than dangerous, this is criminal, in America. Tell me how he can get away with this.

  • Thi Henry says:

    trump is not smart enough to be a dictatorship….. he probly get overthrown in a week max, if it happen.

  • James Benedict says:

    Imprick the peach!

  • Michael Chabler says:

    Facebook is like Robespierre. It empowered an authoritarian presidency that is weighing controls that could kill it.

  • Frank P. says:

    Trump want everything 'his way' ? ; welcome to the fascist authoritarian state !

  • Can you hear me Major Tom? says:

    i haven't seen Tim Pool or Dave Rubin complaining about this….

  • lamontLR says:

    Be aware that Peterson is, at best, a second string academic and an intellectual lightweight. Everything that comes out of his mouth needs to be scrutinized with enthusiasm.

  • Terry Riordan says:

    Right now Social media can block free speech… SM is now the public square

  • MCR122568 says:

    Thanks David for this info.

  • Greg Nunn says:

    Dump Trump and his accomplices.

  • TealMjM says:

    This shatters the myth of the GOP's 'small government platform! Further proof the GOP are eternal hypocrites.

  • Jacquan Brown says:

    Rightwing nuts won’t care they’ll just explain it away like when he said “ just take the guns.” and they said nothing.

  • Ray Hawk says:

    Elizabeth Warren if she becomes nominee will WIN in the general

  • Saintkupo says:

    All you mofos on the left helped this too by hyping up this nonsense.

  • Corporations are People 2 Fascism Finest says:

    Republicans are the biggest hypocritical buffoons on the planet. They want King orange toddler pond scum to dictate their lives no thx keep your thoughts and prayers and your FAKE religious beliefs.

  • Enhancing Rice says:

    Wait, maybe I'm confused? Is the executive order to prohibit censorship?

  • Trond Zaphirax says:

    I wonder who leaked this. This means that there are at least one person left around him who are not a 100% sycophant.

  • Theresa Taylor says:

    Big brother is watching… 1984…. IDIOCRACY


    The problem is that the conservative right cannot tell the difference between illegal hate speech and legal speech that talks about ones political views. They think disliking brown people and using hateful words to inaccurately describe them is merely a political view. They don't realize that's racism.

  • Rodney Smart says:

    trump cannot comprehend the basics of the Constitution, and if he could he wouldn't like it. He's so unamerican.

  • Lenny Bruce says:

    Social media companies censor speech. Censoring speech is unconstitutional and illegal. Social media companies got immunity from Congress, whereby they get treated as platforms, and not publishers, so as to not be held liable for content posted on their platforms. But they got into the business of allowing some speech and banning others. Trump is passing an executive order to take that ability (to censor) away from social media companies, by stripping them off that immunity. He is enforcing the constitution on companies that are violating the constitution. How is this dangerous? Have you finally turned into an alarmist liar?

  • Jordan Noel says:

    Hey, remember when we had a president whose whole jam was constitutional law?

    First amendment says congress shall make no laws abridging the freedom of speech (and press and religion, too–I'm paraphrasing). It says NO laws, not "congress can make a few laws."

  • Vernice Thompson says:

    It's not just an attack on press freedom, it's an attack on the entire First Amendment.

  • Pat Riley says:

    Better be looking for that nonextradion country Dorkus Rump.

  • Nick Adams says:

    Clip the Orange Bitch’s nuts. Stuff then into his little anus-shaped mouth. Then shoot him in the fucking head. Then grab lunch.

  • Missy Citty says:

    Well, of course he wants censorship!! This thin skinned whiny bitch doesn't want to hear / read/ see the truth about his self. THAT would be unacceptable.

  • nemesis7884 says:

    i am really concerned about this but at the same time also really concerned about the control, censorship and monopoly and bias certain companies have on information – so what the hell shall we do

  • innertubez says:

    Jordan Peterson where you at?

  • Pat Riley says:

    Just tell me when you win you will walk into the white house and put your own to paper issuing an executive order repealing everything dokus dildo Rump put upon this country.

  • Gavin Puccio says:

    Spread the word, end the censorship

  • dcookie says:

    If you can't stop it in the courts, there are no other options than protest to the level required.

  • buck baumann says:

    You mean like the ads you Tube is ramming down my throat?
    Ads that are up to 18 minutes long?
    Like the ads for the Epoch Times?
    I think it's hilarious that these "intellectuals " pronounce it "the Epic Times "!
    Perfect example of right wing idiocy.

  • Salty Rice says:

    your county becoming more and more lik North Korea and Chinese

  • ringworm says:

    that kim jong un has really got it figured out, only problem is that it was handed to him on a silver platter. how do you do that from scratch?

  • Matt Calza says:

    This is what Fascism is all about: merging state power with corporate power in an extremely authoritarian way.

  • Dusty Reins Stories says:

    As a former news reporter and currently a contemporary historian, I have clearly seen all social media on the Internet restricting conservative voices in the political and social justice spectrums. The authoritarians are those who wish to suppress or restrict the freedom of expression and dialog in my opinion. The very reason why our country adopted the 1st amendment. If we can accept that people can adopt whatever gender they choose to identify with, then why can we not accept the idea that all people can adopt whatever ideas they choose, and voice them, so as long as those ideas do not cause harm to any other person or their property or incite others to do so?

  • danceswithcritters says:

    Kim Jong-un is very pleased .

  • SuttonSantiniPaulo says:

    Is there any uproar from the right or the spineless weasels in the “cEnTeR”?

  • Alex Seguin says:

    This would be especially bad because it would limit platforms ability to kick / ban bots and troll accounts, effectively making social media unusable.

  • Jake Baba says:


  • Simon Raworth says:

    Your penalty would be forced co-hosting with Ben Shapiro.

  • Narf Vader says:

    I hope that this will work out like it worked out in germany..
    The EU put in new regulations for the internet and a huge portion of non political at all young ppl got involved fighting it..
    Gaming YTers spoke out against it, it was a real big deal. Some of them are still engaged in putting out political videos, informing their quite large audiences..
    This is a chance to get even more ppl involved.. Hope It will play out that way..

  • NobleWolf says:

    We need to shut this Order down and show Trump he CANNOT do this. This is American and this isnt what it stands for, this isnt what our founders had in mind.

  • Gatsby Constantine says:

    this guy is remarkably stupid. Joe Rogan gets over 300 million views a month…free your mind fantasy ? tell that to Tulsi

  • Ajith Thomas says:

    Hey @David Pakman Show, our of curiousity, How does social left libertarian work? One would think that social democrats contradicts libertarianism. I’m just curious at what I perceive to be a peculiarity and Is be open to learn more about what “social left libertarian” means.


  • Matt Roberts says:

    Social media companies wouldn't want to exclude anyone as membership = money, the more members, the more money they make (through advertising and the sale of data to those advertisers).

  • elliot ede says:

    I wonder if Dave Rubin will criticism trump over this.

  • Dharma says:

    That's what Hitler would have done if the Internet had been around back then. Does anybody still wonder why I and many other people more than 50 years old here in Denmark call the asshole NaziTrump? We know what a Nazi is and our disgusting Queen has invited one of them. There will be demonstrations and the baby NaziTrump balloon will be here. But I hope he will never come. I hope Air force 1 will crash before reaching Danish terrotory. So if you really exist, God, please let it happen.

  • TheVirusSoftware says:

    > Jordan Peterson
    > Intellectual
    Lol, choose one.

  • Alex Martinez says:

    He David Pakman show publishes news and opinion. FB, Twitter, YouTube are platforms for those and any publishers as a public forums.

    Those companies need to decide if thay are platforms or publishers. They are afforded special treatment as platforms and shielded from lawsuits and blame with that treatment. As it should be but if they are going to censor otherwise legal speech on a platform…it is going to be problematic as the left likes to say. Those that are deemed not worthy of voice are going to get it anyway they can.

    Every action has a equal and opposite reaction.

  • Damon Tsekos says:

    I know!..Dictators don't like the Internet because it exposes them!

  • Kenny Hagan says:

    Can we all just agree that there's something very wrong with this attempt at censorship? I'm a 55 year old white male who believes that Donald Trump is a very real and growing danger to the survival of the entire human race. If I were a christian, I'd be calling him the Antichrist. As it is, I believe that he is a bigger asset to our enemies than has ever existed.

  • luis abularach says:

    So should internet providers be able to slow down websites they don't like on political basis? They're private companies too, are they not? Is he seriously using the arguement that because they are private companies they should be allowed to do what they want, we don't live in an oligarchy David

  • Cuttle Fish says:

    David your about the only person on the "far" left that I can listen to. You're not seeing the other side at all. It's not a "fantasy". Facebook founder even made this clear during his visit to congress.
    This is already happening but only from one side, the one currently in-control of media.

    When it comes to politics, I shouln't be silenced simply because I disagree with Israel. Talk to Ryan Dawsson he's been banned a trillion times from ALL platforms for years, and he never once advocated any terrorizing or so on, even make clear distinctions, between zionist and jews constantly. And then come back and tell me how this is a "fantasy".

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