Internet Setup Of Hikvision Dvr || Hik-vision Dvr/Nvr Network Configuration

Internet Setup Of Hikvision Dvr || Hik-vision Dvr/Nvr  Network Configuration

Hello Friend’s, Welcome to my YouTube channel “MyTechnoSoup” . My name is “Ajay Maan”. Friend’s Today we will see how to make network setting for our DVR/NVR to access it from our computer on the same network. So to do this attach a network cable on network port on DVR. Login in and Go to “Maintenance” then “Network” in “System Info” Check the IPv4 address, Subnet mask, Default Gateway and DNS server settings whether it is same as per your network or different. Now go to the “Configuration” then click on “Network” Enable DHCP by clicking on check box and apply to know your exact IP details Now restart your device so that it can pick IP Address from DHCP If you are using DHCP in your network. After Restart Go to Maintenance to check assigned IP Address. As you can see IP address is assigned by DHCP as per your network. If IP address is not assigned then add IP address manually. From here note down IPv4 address, IPv4 Subnet Mask, IPv4 Default Gateway, Preferred DNS server and Alternate DNS server. Now Go to Configuration tab to add this IP address as a Fix IP. Go to “Network” Then “General” and uncheck “Enable DHCP” Now Add IP Addresses details as you noted from DHCP server. IF you have not DNS server then you can use google DNS server. For India i.e and After adding these details click on apply button below to save the changes. Now lets check the accessibility of DVR/NVR on your Network. Enter the assigned IP address in any browser. A login page will be open if all settings is OK. Enter User Id and password to login on DVR Great … All done, You don’t need to sit in front of your DVR. Now you can manage your DVR/NVR from anywhere on same network. In my next video i will show you “How to configure DDNS setting to access your DVR/NVR from any where on another network” So Don’t Forget to “Subscribe” my channel. Also share this video with your friends and leave a like if you find it helpful.


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