Job Fair Advice: How to Use Your 5 Minutes to Get an Interview

Job Fair Advice: How to Use Your 5 Minutes to Get an Interview

Hi, everyone. It’s Andy LaCivita, Founder of milewalk and
the milewalk Academy, and award-winning Author of The Hiring Prophecies, here with this week’s
episode of Tips For Work and Life. We’re going to talk about job fairs. So, for all you college students, or professionals
that visit these job fairs, filled with loads of companies, and loads of people trying to
get in some time with them, I’ve got one for you today. More specifically, how I would spend my five
minutes that you’re likely only to get when you go visit one of those booths. Before I dive into how I would spend my five
minutes, I want to talk about what exactly not to do, because I think it’s the biggest
mistake that people make when they go to these things. Now about a month or so ago, I did a blog
post titled The Number One Reason Why You Do Not Get Hired. I would take a look at that video and that
post, because it’s the same reason why you don’t get called back after a job fair. It has to do with the individual or the job
seeker spending an awful lot of time trying to get out everything there is to know about
them, or what they think are their highlights, or what they think are their best attributes,
or most hireable skills. It’s a big mistake. You might spend a lot of time talking about
things that, while great about yourself and you’re fantastic at, the employer doesn’t
care. The employer doesn’t need to know that. The employer is looking for something else. So, what I would do to make sure that you
can spend those few minutes where you’re getting to tell them about yourself, is I would figure
out exactly what they need to know and what they want to hear. What I would do is I would go up to the person
who was working in the both, or whoever was taking the resumes, or feeling the insight
from the job seekers. I would say, “Hi, my name’s Andy LaCivita. I’d love to share a little bit about myself
and learn about your company. Before I do that, could you tell me what you’re
looking for in an entry level candidate? Or, could you tell me what the most important
skills are in whatever position it is that you are looking to attain?” Then give them a minute or two to share with
you, “Well, we’re looking for somebody with this kind of background, or these kind of
skills, or these kind of traits.” Detail-oriented, great communication skills,
engineering students, whatever it might be. Collect that insight right there, they’ll
give it to you in a minute or two, and then when you have your couple of minutes to share
yourself with them, just highlight how you match what they’re looking for. Now what you’re doing, is you’re giving them
exactly what they need to understand about you, and more importantly, you’re planting
some bread crumbs in their mind that are going to make you memorable. “Boy, that John Smith. He seemed to match exactly what we needed. We need to call him back.” What most of them do, right then, as soon
as you leave, is they put a little star, or a one, or a two, or a five, or a 10, on your
resume, because they’re talking to so many people, they can’t possibly remember everybody. But, in that instant, they’ll put a gold star
on yours and you’ll likely get a call back. I hope that helps. That’s how I would spend my five minutes,
so just to recap. Introduce yourself, be bright, be positive. Say, “So that I can best share my experiences
with you to help you know whether I’m a good fit, can you describe what you’re looking
for in your entry level candidates,” or whatever position it is. Then spend your couple or three minutes describing
how you match that. All right. Until next week, have a good one. If you’re watching this anywhere other than
my YouTube Channel or my blog, hop over to the Tips For Work and Life. I’ve got loads of great information for college
students, professionals of all kinds, job seekers, people who need help writing their
resume. It’s all out there, so visit Tips For Work
and Life. Let me know what you’re thinking. Let me know if this helps. Until next week, have a great one.


  • Janeth Castrejon says:

    Great advice Andrew!

  • Andrew LaCivita says:

    Hey Everyone! Job fairs are tough. I know it. Let me know what you're struggling with when it comes to them and I will help you!

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    this is wise advice, thank you for sharing

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    Great advice!

  • TUTV-PH says:

    hi, i have a question sir, if I want to attend a job fair but the opening jobs are not in my line, is it good to still attend in job fair?

  • Amaw Kow says:

    Just WOW hehehe. I love your advice very much. hehe

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  • Veerendranath Korrapati says:

    Hey, I have a question. Every website tells me to do research on the company. What exactly do they mean by that? Also, suppose Company X is coming to job fair and I'm interested in that company so before the Job Fair, I go to their website to look for any internships that I'm interested in and wanna talk to them about, but when I look on their website, there are no internships posted. So during the job fair, i will have no idea what I'm even applying for apart from knowing the company name. So what exactly is the purpose of Job Fair when the companies do not post their internship opportunities on their website for students to look before hand.

  • Moneyfirst Kenny says:

    Great advice my man!

  • William Yeung says:

    Hello, I am a sophomore college student, and I have a career fair event coming up soon. I am actually trying to seek an internship. Would the tips in this video apply to that as well?

  • Sarah H says:

    Most companies actually give a pair to the school about what jobs they offer and what they’re looking for. If you can look at that before, you’ll have more of an “in” with the company and they’ll be impressed with your research.

  • Вася Горобець says:

    Good advice

  • Daily Transformation Through God's Word with Sereca says:

    Thanks for this informative video as I'm new to job fairs. Thanks so much, it really help.

  • Nicole says:

    I have been really enjoying your videos! I am so glad to have found them! A video I didn't see that covered my question is: Is it still okay to walk into a company and ask for a job? I know doing this isn't so popular anymore with applying online. However, there are a few companies that I am interested in and I don't know how else to apply or see if they have any job openings. Could you help? How would you go about doing this?

  • deli gonzalez says:

    Andrew Can I borrow This Video? Im having am activity detection in my corporate index and I do not allow that kind of activity. Your video is very educative and it makes perfect sense for the vacancies that are included within my system.
    Thank you I shared it in my company FB. After your ok of course!

  • Kartik Sarda says:

    Going to use this today at my univ's career fair. Let's see how it goes…

  • Scott Brackin says:

    Definitely using this tomorrow at my fair. Thanks, Andrew!

  • BauerBlade says:

    Got a career fair on Thursday, definitely going to use this advice. Thanks so much!

  • Ritchel Bernil says:

    So we will have a job fair this monday and im here to learn something

  • bionicbubble23 says:

    Wouldn't the recruiter rather have the candidates already aware of what they are looking for? I thought it was important to research the positions they have open before going to the job fair?

  • Kashif Shehzad says:

    gr8 video

  • Chloé Fan says:

    very clear, very well-organized, very helpful. thank you

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    I’m using this today I’m so nervous thanks for this helpful video

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    Thank you for sharing. I will definitely use this for my job fair this week

  • Jacob F says:

    What i dont understand is i was told to research the companies that will be there so you have some prior knowledge about them. But job fairs dont tell you which companies will be there. How can we prepare for that if we dont know what companies will be there?? Thank u sir 🙂

  • D. Joseph says:

    Thanks! I go tomorrow. Really nervous 😬

  • BlazeNarutoShippuden says:

    Thank you for making this video. I really want to change my life around and I hope the Job Fair I go to today is my chance and golden opportunity. I will be using your advice for sure.

  • nycbklynrmp says:

    look at the positions first on their site, it looks like you are proactive and took the time to research

  • Isidora Martinez says:

    Hello, attended a job fair used your same words and today is week 2 with no call. Lol

  • Zack Pierce says:

    Thank you so much

  • Gevinda Rizki Dewi says:

    Tomorrow, I will attend a job fair and this advice seems wonderful, hopefully it works and I'll get back to you for an update. Thanks, Andy!

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