LinkedIn Tip: How to Get Noticed

LinkedIn Tip: How to Get Noticed

Then Claudia asked for LinkedIn profile, would
you suggest to make it exactly like your resume? Claudia, the first thing is I hope you got
my surprise in the mail. Hopefully you got that and you enjoyed that
little extra thing I tossed in there. The LinkedIn profile, I would suggest making
it consistent with your resume. Consistent is different than exact. I would try to reduce it … Oh good. I’m glad you did. I would try to reduce some of the content
in each of the sections of the LinkedIn profile so that you’re really just highlighting what
you did for that organization. You want to specific and accurate, but you
don’t necessarily need to have every single bullet that’s on your resume. What you do want to keep consistent is the
company. If you worked for this company from 2000 to
2005 and then this company from 2005 to 2010 and so on, it should look exactly like that
on your LinkedIn profile. You want to make sure that that is very very
consistent. As far as the detail within the companies
and the roles that you played, just highlights are good enough. You want to make that within those highlights
you were using the key words that are likely going to be used by recruiters or people that
want to network with you. Whoever it is that you want to be attractive
to. The other thing, actually I didn’t say this
and actually I probably should have. It just dawned on me. When I was talking about the LinkedIn profile,
I was talking about LinkedIn using the search, the indexes and the names in your title or
in that title under your name as a way to track you down through keywords. They use the keywords in the body as well. One of the things that you should do is pretend
you are a recruiter looking for you. Go into the search bar and start typing you
know, project manager, product manager. See what comes up, see what kind of profiles
come up quickly and toward the top. Look at what those people are doing and see
how they’ve highlighted their profile. What you might want to do is don’t look at
first connections, or second connections. Look at third connections so you have an opportunity
to check the first connection, second connection and third connection or someone that you can
pick the level of relationship to you. Go to the people that are furthest away so
that your search isn’t being distorted by people that you know closely if that makes
sense. You want to search for people you don’t know
that have similar backgrounds to you. The people that come up at the top of the
search, you might want to look at some of the way that they’re highlighting the keywords
and what made them attractive when you typed in project manager or product manager, sales
exec or account exec or whatever it is that you are. I hope that helped.


  • Andrew LaCivita says:

    Hi Everyone! Let me know what issues you're having getting noticed on Linked? Not sure about what content to put where? Ask away!! I'm here to help!

  • Jodi Cohen says:

    Hi Andrew! I feel so lucky to have found you right before a VERY important interview with a big company I am very interested in working in – I used so many of your tips and I believe it was one of the best interviews I have ever had and I have been in senior roles for over 20 years! But, I would really like you to have more podcasts on LinkedIn, for those of us who rely on LinkedIn for new positions, contacts, networks and freelance work, I really need more tips on the following: 1) When you are in between jobs, what is your tip for a headline under the name to get noticed? 2) How long and what should each job description include? 3) After an interview with the hiring manager, is it a good idea to send an invite to connect? 4) A key word podcast for LinkedIn since it's different than say keywords for a resume going into the black holes…and so much more…I think it would be a great addition to your execellent advice to have a series focused on LinkedIn and the power of the tool

  • Jodi Cohen says:

    I saw this video: and it was good, but I would really like for you to do this video as I trust your advice and those of us who are heavy users of LinkedIn would really welcome it

  • Self Made Millennial says:

    When I added more industry relevant keywords to my profile, I got way more views/connection requests/messages. Wish I had done it sooner!

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