Meeting My Internet Best Friend! 3,945 miles ♡

Meeting My Internet Best Friend! 3,945 miles ♡


  • Katie Rhi says:

    Is there anything else you would like to see from Taylor n I? Give us some ideas. We could make vlogs or create videos about our lives etc, let us know what you think❤️

  • MisskittyShannonkat says:


  • DirSparkle Rafiqah says:

    My internet best friend lives in the same country as me and I really wanna meet her.

  • YS BM says:

    Anyone 16-18

  • the emo kid says:

    Can i have a bff
    I'm a girl
    I'm 12
    I live in Texas
    I have brown short hair
    Brown eyes
    And i like wearing cloth that r to big 4 me and i like wearing boots
    Sometimes i can b kinda emolish hahaha
    I'm lazzy
    I like anime
    I like playing vídeo games
    I can b cringe but im working on it
    I'm hispanic
    My bias is my little kittien suga
    No one ever listen to me thats how im here
    I have more info but I will rather tell someone close to me by that i mean someone i trust
    I like to sing

  • JOANNAxEENHOORN msp says:

    21 may i'm meeting mine bestfriend and somewhere in jule a whole group (gang gang IF you see this guys, you're the best)

  • Francisco Aguirre says:

    So happy😃

  • HappyPotatoUnicorns :3 says:

    Me counting the bts comeback days until it’s uploaded like:

  • jasss jasss says:

    i almost cryyy

  • Kaylee Bielema says:

    You're so lucky, I'm not even allowed to talk to my ibf but he's literally my everything😭

  • Potatoes Are Awesome says:

    Hi !! My name is Huibing and I'm from Singapore 🤗 I'm currently looking for an IBF and here are some facts about me…
    • I'm 12
    • I'm a girl
    • I lovee food !!
    • I consider myself as a potato
    • I do have alot of friends in real life
    Things I'm looking for in an IBF
    • Must know how to speak English
    • Age range of 11-14/15
    • Do know that I would not reply immediately as would be doing my homework and stuff hehe
    • I can only facetime on weekends!!
    • Appreciate me for who I am 🙂

    That's all I wish to find a IBF soon !!

  • Ya Girl Bree says:

    Y’all subscribe to my channel more content coming soon

  • Rainbow Kitten says:

    hey. nobody's going to read this but… i have four very amazing girls that go to my school, they're my very best friends and these types of stories make me so happy. i've never had to break the distance, but i'm so happy for you Katie (and Taylor, of course)! i'm not giving out my friends names, but i love them so much and one of them is moving away but i won't let even the smallest distance seperate our squad because best friends are forever <3<3

  • Teigan Donnelly says:

    Just me who cried 😂😢

  • Subscribe to get a cookie says:

    Hi so um I have a Gacha channel and this completely inspired me to make a video out of it so hope you don’t mind names will be changed you will be mentioned love u 💗

  • Lilly Breeze says:

    eek today I called my IBFF for the first time it was funny lol

  • another shadow says:

    Omg I'm so happy for ya
    U posted after ma bday

  • Madysen Herbert says:

    I had an IBF and we were supposed to meet today but on the way they got in a really bad car wreck and died.😭😭 She was my best friend and we were planning on meeting for almost 4 years

    R.I.P Abigail I love you so much and meant so much to me.

  • Dymie J says:

    idk but it’s like after you meet your ibf y’all start to drift apart ..

  • ƈlαяιƈε αllмαяк says:

    this made my cry bc i have an ibf and ive known her for three years and havent seen her face b4 and i rlly wanna meet her

  • XxDUH_itz WolfiexX says:

    My bff lives in Florida and I live in Illinois and on July 27, 2019 she’s coming back. When I heard the news I cried

  • Belastet [GD] says:

    I wish i can visit my best friend in roblox ❤ CurlyLilRuthy_Ruth (girl)

  • Mia 07 says:

    I have a ibf but we live thousands of miles apart and I’m so sad 😭 I love u Kylee 💖

  • Safa Ibrahim says:

    I'm so jealous rn, all the people get to meet their online best friends, I wish I could meet mine but our parents won't let us, were gonna have to wait until one of us gets a car, we're not even teenagers yet…. 😭😭😭😭 I wish I could meet her she is such a nice person I love her so much 😭😭❤️❤️

  • Kara Espinal says:


  • Nikola Lepak says:

    What is this song???

  • Savannah 53! says:


  • ashlee says:


  • ashlee says:

    I know I’m late as but Congrats!

  • naia naia says:

    Who needs a young ibf?
    10 -11 not tellin yet
    Loves roblox
    Super lazy
    Can get shy


  • Xx WHATEVER xX LoL says:

    Shit i cried.

  • # LEGENDS says:

    I'm so jelaus–😭😭😭😍😍💔💔

  • XxGalaxyGirlPotatoxX Playz says:

    😢😢😭 I had a internet bff too but I never see her online now


    1476 miles apart from my ibf 😭❤

    💝 surprise her with a gift in front of her house's door ✅ (it really costs a lot but did i care? mood lol)
    💝 meeting her 🔜 (hopefully! it will be more fun if we attend blackpink's concert together 😭)

  • cristina • says:

    me amd my ibff there are 3042
    we spoke 'bout the meet everyday
    I wish i can meet her 🖤😞

  • Gacha Girl679 Yay says:

    My names Katelyn which is close to Katie! And my best friends name is Taylor!

  • Zoe Was Here says:

    My ibf lives in the us and I live in Australia so we are a while away! I want this to happen to me

  • Erclipse says:

    cOuGh okay Ima do it

    Age: 11

    Birthday: march 9th 2008

    I have Instagram yourdailyweirdperson

    I play roblox, msp, Minecraft, fortnite.

    Billie Fan

    Im goofy and sometimes say dirty jokes

    Anyone wanna be ibf's? 💞

  • HoneyBlossom says:

    I’m in tears. I can’t hold it!

  • C h e l s e y says:

    My internet bestfriend and I are close to each other— like we’re only a city apart yet we aren’t meeting yet lmao

  • Cristina Fetalco says:

    It inspires me what a heart melting video i almost cry

  • Ava Wooz says:

    YALL get to meet internet friends but for me my parents be like "is that ur boyfriend?!?"

  • Ally Salazar says:

    I have a ibsf idk should I meet her?She lives in Europe I live in LA.

  • Comfyyaree says:

    I wish I could meet my bsf 😖

  • Xxx alya says:

    My ibf and i it all started by being a bts army we kept on talking day and nights we became bestfrnds and here we r i hope to meet her so soon i love her and i cant loose her.😭❤

  • Alice_i_guess says:

    Me and ny ibf have been friends for 5 years! WE HAVE WAITED FOR FIVE LONG YEARS AND WERE MEETING IN 10-11 DAYS 😭😭❤❤

  • ShadowKiller CP says:

    I'm crying all I wanna do now is see my online friend in real life

  • xXYTXx ROBLOX says:

    that bass boost doe

  • SingingMK says:

    how did u tell ur parent because i would love one but idk how my parents to react x

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