Multi Channel Networks (MCNs) – YouTube Pros' SECRET to MEGA💰MONEY!!!

Multi Channel Networks (MCNs) - YouTube Pros' SECRET to MEGA💰MONEY!!!

so you're ready you've heard that multi-channel networks can really blow your channel up and bring in the big bucks well they really can but have you heard that there are some dangers to entering into badly structured MCN agreements my name is Ian Corzine your social media lawyer and I can protect you from these dangers let's hit this I want to start off by defining what a multi-channel network is plain and simple it's a company that you hire to increase your views to increase your subscriber count and to increase the popularity of your channel so you get your channel blown up but what is the MCN get well generally they take about 20 to 40% of your adsense revenue and any other revenue that your channel or your account generates they also get a percentage of the brand deals that they locate identify and allow you to participate in now I know that's a lot but I got to tell you that big name creators like PewDiePie Major Lazer david dobrik they all have MC ends in their corner why because MC NS can provide you as a creator with a tremendous amount of value let me show you if you sign up with an MCN they will likely advertise you in their vast multi media networks some M CMS have over 1,800 outlets to be able to push your content to and increase your channel or your accounts popularity MC NS will cross promote you with other larger accounts or larger channels they will also have access to big brands so that they can get you bigger brand deals and get you paid more amounts of money MC NS can help you with design of your merchandise so that you can move more units and make more money that way they also have graphic designers on staff that will help you design really good thumbnails banners logos whatever graphic design needs you have they can help you with also if you sign up with an MCN you'll likely get free access to apps and websites that will make it easier for you to make your videos or your content some of these apps are epidemic calm story blocks you'll have free access to these sites to be able to get stock audio sock fulla CH royalty free audio so that you can make the videos the best content you possibly can and this is just the tip of the iceberg to all the benefits that MC NS provide their creators you may be thinking all this for a measly 20 percent of my ad sales well some things that are too good to be true yes there is a flip side to working with MC ends and that flip side usually appears in the MC n agreement the fine print the hard to understand agreement that you're required to enter into to get all these benefits that's why it is highly recommended that before you sign any multi channel network agreement that you hire a social media attorney to do an in-depth review and also to explain it to you step-by-step so that you don't get caught not understanding some of the obligations of the agreement this is recommended by all the major social media platforms including YouTube Facebook and Instagram they all recommend that you consult a social media attorney before you sign away on the bottom line you as a social media creator have to know and fully understand all the details of the multi-channel network agreement so that you can get paid and more importantly so that you can protect your rights so what are the downsides with working with a multi-channel network well first you have to understand that there's two types of MCN arrangements the first one is called an affiliate arrangement the second one is called an MCN owned arrangement in the affiliate arrangement you own you as the creator own all the content for your channel the MCN does not take any responsibility or liability for your content on your channel the MCN own type of arrangement allows the MCN to entirely own all your content you act is almost an employee of the MCN for producing content on your channel or your account I always tell my clients that if they want to do an MCN agreement that they focus on doing an affiliate arrangement and not an MCN owned arrangement that way they entirely own their content regardless of the status of the contractual relationship with the MCN alright some of the disadvantages to working with MC ends first assuming an affiliate arrangement with the MCN you're only taking home between 60 and 80 percent of the money that your channel generates that's a lot to give up if you're used to making a thousand bucks a month from your YouTube Adsense revenue you're only taking home $600 a month and so that's a lot to give up for the benefits that the MC NS provide however you do get free access to epidemic sound most MC ends require a two year long contract and it doesn't sound like too much but you got to remember that in this online social media age two years twenty four months is a long time you do not know how many subscribers you're gonna have two years from now you don't even know what kind of content you're gonna be doing two years from now so it's a lot to live with signing on the dotted line for two years is a big commitment multi-channel networks are careful to put on their websites that they don't guarantee any results you know an MCN wins when you win so they're motivated of course to help you succeed in your channel but they don't always do that and sometimes you're not doing that well but they're still taking the ad revenue think about it in a two-year term even if you're not doing well you're still generating dollars for your channel and they're still taking 20 to 40 percent so even though they're gonna do their best to help you out the results are not guaranteed some brands are not gonna want to work with you and it may not be a successful relationship the other thing that happens with M CNS is that they do put some pressure on you to cross-promote with other channels and to do collabs with other people sometimes you don't think those people are right for your channel and then you want to resist well that's okay usually in the MC n agreements there's no requirement that you cooperate with their efforts to be able to increase revenue for your channel on your account however the more you turn them down the less apt they are to be able to bring you more brand deals and to increase their efforts to popularize your channel so it's really important to understand that even though it's not in writing MC NS will put pressure on you to be able to cross-promote and be able to do collabs and to do advertisements for things that may not be in your best interest you've got to make a decision at that point do you want to go along and hopefully get more revenue and get more brand deals from the NCN or do you want to resist and risk the possibility that they don't want to do more deals with you and there's always the threat of the defi media such if you didn't hear earlier this year defy media was an MCN that went out of business and took a lot of creator's money in the process it mysteriously disappeared and it's very possible that if you ever did business with an MCN that maybe it's not as reputable as others that you may be in a situation where they go out of business and they take your money so it's very clear that MC ns are not for the faint of heart they can help you totally crush it or they can crush you so if a multi-channel network recruiter approaches you or you just have interests in MC NS make sure you request from the MC n a draft copy of the arrangement of the agreement that you'll be expected to sign then hire a social media attorney to go through that contract step-by-step explain to you all the details of this agreement so that you'll be familiar with the obligations that you have and the things that you're entitled to after you fully understand the details of the MC n agreement it's time to negotiate use your social media lawyer to negotiate the agreement on a lot of MCN websites they state specifically that the terms 80/20 split 60/40 split are negotiable so take advantage of that use your social media lawyer to come up with some negotiating points so that you can get the best deal you can to be able to maximize the dollars you recover and also protect your rights finally don't do business with diss reputable MC NS there are a lot of thieves out there we'll make some upfront promises to creators Ben won't deliver they'll take your money and then they'll run for a list of quality MC NS that I think you should consider that my clients use on a day to day basis go to the link of the description section below and to maximize the amount of money that your channel or account makes you're going to need some more information for your social media business to be able to maximize your business opportunities and comply with the law I've put together a playlist that you can watch right here that will help you maximize the amount of money that your channel makes if you're new to the channel come join us I would love to see you here hit the like button consider subscribing and join us for more discussion on the discord server there's a link to the discord server in the description section below okay that's enough for today we'll see you next time


  • Ian Corzine says:

    Hey Creators! Do you have any experiences with MCNs? Tell us about them so we can learn from you

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    Very soon Epidemic Sound will be coming with popcorn in the cinemas lol
    Excellent video Ian, MCNs is something new to me ..

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    Ian. This is awesome stuff. And dam your videos are really getting on point and well done. Bravo my friend.

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    Do MCNs do business with channels that have under 1k subscriber? Also, is it better to join an MCN or to get something like tubebuddy to grow the channel?

  • Olga Nadal says:

    Amazing info! So an MCN is like getting a manager for your youtube channel? I can def see the pros and cons, especially if you dont get legal help to ensure your social media lawyer negotiates the best terms for you and avoids you headaches down the road. Thank you so much for another great vid MA 😉

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    This video is LEGIT!!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥 Thanks Ian!!!!

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    Yeah no thanks.. I'm small anyway. . And wish to be paid for my efforts. Not to pay others to give me success. I got to know it was me… thank you for this information. Nicely done

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    Gus Johnson made a really interesting video on his experience with an MCN. Definitely need sound advice before getting involved with something like that!

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    Fantastic information sir… i had never heard of an MCN. I am now smarter because of you and i thank you for that.

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    Great info. Gotta read the fine print. There are so many horror stories with MCN's.

  • The Mushroom Maiden says:

    I only just heard this terminology yesterday, so it is so wonderful so to see this video this morning. I am struggling with growing, so of course part of me would like the help with that. However, the entire point of me wanting to start a YouTube channel was to stop working for someone else's dreams and start working for my own dreams. A MCN sounds like you'd be signing away the freedom you are so close to obtaining. And considering we pay taxes, if you add this fee on top of it, then likely you're losing half of your income. I'm not saying it doesn't work, because obviously it helped the people you mentioned. I, however, have that inner spidey sense going off, most often triggered by corporate greed, telling me it's probably not the way to go.

    Oh, and btw, it's Maiden X, Ian. I'm going to be on this channel from now on, but I'll still run through with the Maiden X account for likes. I seriously always want to support you! You're the best! 😀

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    Missed you!

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    Hello Ian, I think my account was wrongfully suspended. On my videos I did not have any sexual or scam propaganda. I did not spam on my channel or other people and I was wondering if you would review my channel. My channel URL is: . I don’t know why my account was suspended and I was watching a video on trusted flaggers. Thanks for the help.

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    SOOO helpful! So many don't realize what they're getting into and the consequences!

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